Classic Perfecto Steerhide Leather Motorcycle Jacket
STYLE: 618
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618 - Classic Perfecto Steerhide Leather Motorcycle Jacket
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Classic Perfecto Steerhide Leather Motorcycle Jacket

STYLE: 618
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    The classic Perfecto Steerhide Leather Motorcycle Jacket is the original that defined the standard. Each individual rider-inspired jacket starts with US-sourced, drum dyed, hand cut, heavyweight 3 to 3.5-oz steerhide leather for long-lasting durability. The asymmetrical front zipper, belt, snap-down lapels, and traditional zippered sleeve cuffs help resist the elements. An insulated nylon quilted lining provides comfort and softness against the skin, and you'll find the three outside zippered pockets and lower inside map pocket handy and useful. Signature elements like grommet vented underarm footballs, bi-swing back panels, and large back panel design allow a freedom of movement unusual in leather jackets, illustrating Schott’s uncompromising dedication to quality. Once a symbol of anti-establishment, now a classic icon of craftsmanship, the Perfecto 618 radiates attitude and undeniable cool.


  • Rider inspired 25" length moto jacket
  • U. S. sourced, drum dyed, hand cut, heavyweight 3 - 3.5 oz. steerhide leather
  • Large back panel design, a signature of Schott's uncompromising Perfecto quality
  • Asymmetrical main zipper pattern for added warmth and protection
  • Snap down lapels, collar and shoulder epaulets
  • Custom embossed “SCHOTT” snap faces
  • Bi-swing back panels with grommet vented underarm footballs
  • Traditional zippered sleeve cuffs
  • Attached belt with durable nickel plated square buckle
  • Three outside zippered pockets plus small coin flap pocket
  • Lower inside map pocket
  • Sewn in fixed 5.5 ounce nylon poly quilt insulated lining
  • Water resistant leather finish
  • U.S.A.

    Leather Type, Fit and Construction:

    We consider the Model 618 as a close cousin to our popular Model 613 with just a few subtle differences, namely the 618 has Schott logo snaps and no stars on the epaulets. Perfecto Model 618 leather jackets for men are made with U. S. sourced, chrome-tanned, drum dyed, heavyweight steerhide leather. This hide has a medium to firm “hand” and a matte finish. It is chrome tanned and processed to provide many years of use without the need for treatments or conditioners. Right out of the box this jacket will have a stiffer feel and fit. We always tell our customers that to make this leather jacket their own requires a profound commitment. Wear it often, explore the open road and watch how it conforms to your body over time. This Perfecto model 618 leather motorcycle jacket was designed and built for the long haul, the short ride, whatever you decide to throw at it!
    Schott NYC uses steerhide to help your leather jacket or “second skin” resist the elements. Motorcycle jackets need to be as tough as the people wearing them. You will enjoy the benefits of stain resistance, sturdy protection and water resistant leather whether you are riding on your classic motorbike or venturing out in the chill of a winter storm. For wind protection and added warmth the 618 features an attached belt, zippered sleeve cuffs and a durable insulated nylon quilted lining sewn into the body of the jacket. Our bi-swing back panels and under arm footballs ensures that this tight fitting jacket moves with you eliminating that restrictive feel often found with other leather motorcycle jackets. Nickel plated brass hardware complete this timeless American made classic that is built to last a lifetime.

    As with all Perfecto leather jackets, Schott only uses the best, highest quality leather available. In the same tradition used in the 50's, highly skilled workers hand-cut each panel for the 618 from patterns that date back to the early Perfecto leather jackets. In keeping with their original custom style, Schott designed this jacket to fit tighter than most for that classic bold and streamlined look. Offered in sizes 32 to 54, we suggest you carefully check our sizing diagrams and measurements to determine best fit. Many of our customers prefer to “size up” in this style due to its classic, close-fitting cut. Ordering based on your chest size will give you that snug, t-shirt only, bad boy look pioneered in the 1950’s.
    The Schott Perfecto Model #618 is still proudly made in the U.S.A. Our customers know that the quality and construction of our jackets are unparalleled. From the heavyweight nylon thread we use to the strong American hands that do the crafting. We build our leather motorcycle jackets to the same indestructible standards as the old style leather medicine balls. One-hundred plus years of being the best is your assurance that Schott Brothers stands behind every jacket we make.


    The three pocket design of the Schott Perfecto One Star dates back to the late 1940's. In those days this leather motorcycle jacket was referred to as just “Perfecto” or “Beck model 999” (manufactured by Schott). The small coin flap pocket started out as a custom option offered in the early 50's. By 1955 this coin pocket became a standard feature of this biker-style jacket known as “the Perfecto One Star".

    Considered to be the best motorcycle jacket it caught the mainstream public's attention after Marlon Brando epitomized the coolest of cool, wearing his Perfecto in that iconic classic film “The Wild One”. Originally referred to as "the One Star", it was officially banned from schools across the US for an entire year in the mid 50’s. Some believe this action served to make the Schott Perfecto even more desirable to America’s young renegades with their “Wild One” tendencies. School Boards wanted to burn it and youthful rebels saved every penny to buy one. At the time, this jacket retailed for close to $50 which amounted to roughly 100 hours of work if you were a gas station attendant making fifty cents an hour!

    The customized asymmetrical leather motorcycle jacket worn by Brando became the must-have anti-establishment symbol for 1950’s youth. The orders skyrocketed for this leather jacket causing Irving Schott and his son Mel to increase their workforce and expand the Schott factory. By the mid 1960’s the Perfecto mens jackets had also caught on with the emerging rock n roll movement. Once again, due to increasing sales, Schott had grown out of their current factory on King Street in Perth Amboy, NJ. A few new factories later and still in New Jersey, Schott proudly continues this iconic American classic motorcycle jacket as the Model 618 for the wild side in all of us.

    Interested in more? Learn about the history of the Perfecto by clicking here.

    Free shipping for all orders over $100 within the continental USA and APO.


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    • 118L
      from $850.00
    • 618M
      from $95.00


    9 of 10 people found the following review helpful:


    Hello from Belgium

    Finally i found a store in Belgium that sells the Schott Perfecto 618.

    I am so glad i finally got the original one. It is a jacket for life....!!!

    Published: Tue, 3/24/2009 by LAMBERT
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    7 of 8 people found the following review helpful:


    First off, this jacket is tops. The real deal. Nicer than the US-made knockoff I owned branded by a popular American motorcycle maker. I'm very happy to have the real deal. It's an heirloom, for sure.

    The vendor I bought this from first mistakenly sent me the 118 (a beautiful jacket in its own right), so I can pitch my two cents into the well as to the difference in fit between a 118 and 618.

    I'm 5'11", about 170 lbs and am between a 40 and 41 Regular. I ordered the size 40 because I was looking for a classic, trim fit.

    That's the hook, folks. The 118 is a modern fit whereas the 618 is what I'd call true to size. The 118 is roomier in the body and underarms and 1" longer in length. I think the most noticeable difference in terms of comfort is probably in the underarms, but your miles may vary.

    My recommendation is this: If you're looking for a form fitting jacket, go with the 618 in your normal size. If you want more room, size up. If you have a long body or really muscular arms/shoulders, the 118 may very well be a better fit for you. But if you're a guy like me, pretty slender and tired of trying on cloths "in my size" that end up looking and feeling way too big, go with the 618 in your normal size.

    One final caveat: If your waist size is larger than your chest measurement, I don't think the 618 is the choice for you. The 118 is probably a better bet in that case.

    Published: Thu, 3/19/2015 by Uncle
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    6 of 6 people found the following review helpful:


    I finally bought a 40" Schott Perfecto 618 from Silvermans in London - a UK military store. I'd tried one on in Nice, France earlier in the year. I'd looked at the Legendary Black Stallion and the Aero Leathers "Elvis Harley", both copies of the Buco original, as worn by Julian Casablancas, singer in The Strokes. Well, the Aero Leathers jacket costs £635, or about $900, so bollocks to that. It also weighs about 5 kilos or 12lbs, which is ludicrous. Plus it would take 5 years to break in. I put on the Steerhide Perfecto, and it was er, perfect. Instant Brando Wild One. I have worn the Wild One look (white t-shirt, Engineer Boots, narrow jeans with turn-ups (cuffs) since 1979, and I can honestly say I was not doing it justice until last night. But be warned, you cannot get away with wearing this style if you are remotely overweight.

    Published: Tue, 10/25/2011 by Mark Mark
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    5 of 6 people found the following review helpful:


    I just received my Perfecto 618 jacket. I can't believe how fast it was shipped. I only ordered it on Ocotber 30 (Saturday), and it was delivered on November 3 (Wednesday) here in the UK.
    It is such a terrific feeling when you open the box and see that iconic jacket for the first time. Make no mistake, this is a premium jacket. The craftsmanship is impeccable, and the jacket is so comfortable, and is built to last. It looks outstandingly cool, and keeps you warm.
    I am definitely a fan of Schott NYC, and would be purchasing more of their products when I get a chance. This is a premium product, made of the finest materials, and is definitely very hard-wearing. I would recommend this jacket to anyone. I know mine has made me a very happy chap!!
    I hope Schott NYC continue with the good work, and it is so good to finally buy a US jacket actually made in the US. I would give this ten stars if they were allowed.

    Published: Wed, 11/3/2010 by Imran Ali
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    4 of 4 people found the following review helpful:


    Fedex delivered my 618 yesterday (11/17/16) and I took it for a test ride today. Such an excellent jacket!
    I got the brown color because I have another jacket in a really dark brown that looks almost black and I really that color. It looked like the 618 was that same kind of color from the pics on the website but I wasn't sure. So, I took a chance and it was just what I was hoping it would be. With the brass zipper and snaps it is just totally gorgeous. None of my other jackets come even close to this jacket in the level of quality and I have had some expensive ones. My riding buddies are totally envious ha ha!
    I am 5' 11" 205 lbs and normally wear a 46 but took the recommendation to go one size larger so I got a 48 and it fits PERFECTO on the bike and off. I am very happy with it.
    I have been riding motorcycles for 40 years and have had a ton of jackets and it seemed like there was always some problem with them. I wish I would have known about Schott a long time ago.
    BTW I have seen others complain about the leather squeaking and the jacket being too short but I personally like the squeaking and the length is perfect. Thanks Schott for making such an excellent product.

    Published: Sat, 11/19/2016 by Rick Thompson
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    3 of 4 people found the following review helpful:


    I was interested in buying an asymmetrical leather jacket and after my search I discovered Schott NYC. My first reaction was that these jackets are out of my reach but I saved money and finally ordered it from Silvermans here in the UK. I had considered some cheaper alternatives to this jacket as well but the history of this jacket and positive reviews made me want to go for it. Well, this jacket is just amazing! Few months back, I got myself a G-Star Raw leather jacket which cost me a few hundred pounds less than this, but that jacket doesn't even come close to Schott's quality of leather and overall feel.

    I ordered it from Aberdeen, Scotland on Friday. It was dispatched on Monday morning and got delivered the same day. I didn't expect the delivery time to be less than 10 hours! As far as the size is concerned, I was quite worried about it. The many discussions on Schott NYC forum regarding sizing problems and queries made me apprehensive about the size. I emailed my chest measurement and height (37' and 5'8" respectively) to Schott NYC and they recommended that I should order a 38. I ordered a 38 and it fits me perfectly!

    Well, if you're considering buying an asymmetrical leather jacket, I would highly recommend the Perfecto 618. Don't go for cheaper alternatives. Save the money and go for the Perfecto, you won't regret. :-)

    Published: Mon, 10/1/2012 by Muhammad Zaid Wani
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    3 of 3 people found the following review helpful:


    Woohoo wow! i must say i was an avid fan of a world famous vintage british made motorcycle jacket for many years untill purchasing this baby! the schott perfecto 618-SH far out classes that one on the hardware side and leather quality,the zippers are far superior in ruggedness as all i remember from way back was the zippers failing after one year,i have absolute faith the schott hardware will not,breaking this baby in is gonna be like a bucking bronco ride,yeehargh come on lets roll!but seriously,i am very pleased with the quality from schott,and believe you me,i take a lot of persuading to change brands and was almost tempted to stick with the former british one,i did a lot of reading up on the company's history and checked out real vintage ones to see how they have survived the test of time,i will mention i was completely impressed,then i took a look at my old motorcycle leather in it's forlorn state of thirty years of wear with it's dilapidated hardware,or what was left of it,ie:zippers replaced and broken pullers,and thought ,hey!i have made the right choice!but let's be fair to the old jacket and it's makers,it was great in it's time,i loved it,i probably still do,but one niggling fact is always the factor of choice,yes, you got it,price and value,schott beat the price by a long way,and gave the best quality possible at this very time,so here's to a very American product,fantastico brilliance,and thank-you,sorry old faithful british leather,but i still love you too!!!and to schott,i will be in touch for that faux fur collar soon(well,you gotta have the gismo's as well ain't ya!!)regards from,Jacqui.

    Published: Sun, 2/12/2012 by jacqueline spicer
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    3 of 3 people found the following review helpful:


    I bought my 618 about 3 years ago through a local retailer who sold Schott jackets, with the help of Gail i was able to get the right size and i thank you for that. This is truly a work of quality American craftsmanship and even a work of art thats hit pop culture in so many different ways, just take a look at all the knock offs and youll see what i mean. I love knowing that the classic jacket on my back is the first of its kind, Schotts are are like the way Levis are to jeans, they are the creators of a truly famous and original style. If your looking into getting a nice jacket, dont fret about spending your hard earned dollars on these, you REALLY WILL be satisfied, ive always told people (after they compliment my jacket!) don't let the numbers scare ya, with Schott you really do get what you pay for! Support great people making great products!

    Published: Tue, 9/28/2010 by Nick.
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    3 of 3 people found the following review helpful:


    It might be hot in our country but still..damn this is the best jacket I ever had! The fit is perfect, it's just the right size for me! I would definitely use this everyday! Thanks Gail for helping me out!

    Published: Mon, 9/6/2010 by Clyde
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    3 of 3 people found the following review helpful:

    WHAT CAN I SAY !!!!!!!!

    Tanks for a great jacket it`s "perfecto". Fits like a glove, tanks Gail for your patience! The jacket is one of the best craftmen ship i have seen and the quality it`s outstanding ! GABBA HEY

    Published: Wed, 4/15/2009 by KLAS IN SVANSKOG SWEDEN
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    3 of 3 people found the following review helpful:


    Hello from France,
    I received the Perfecto, I am very very happy, it's all I expected! I'll wear it all days!

    Thank you a lot.


    Published: Fri, 3/20/2009 by Alex
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    2 of 2 people found the following review helpful:


    I'm a lady and ride my own. I needed a durable jacket and didn't hesitate to get a Schott 618. The name "Perfecto" does say it all - finest leather and materials, beefy hardware, durable stitching, timeless classic design that is made for serious motorcycle riding. Made for riding in all sorts of conditions, it vents well when left open and encompasses you in a protective cocoon when zippered up. The thick steerhide keeps the wind, rocks and bugs out and despite its thickness, breaks in and molds to your shape nicely and gets better with use and time! I get tons of compliments at rallies especially from other lady riders looking for a classic looking leather jacket. It stands out in a crowd and I'm proud to own a piece of American history.

    Published: Mon, 5/29/2017 by Jessica
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    2 of 2 people found the following review helpful:


    A fantastic jacket with true attention to detail and top tier craftsmanship. Everything about this jacket is excellent from the feel of the leather down to the way it smells. The fit is exactly as described. I'm a size 35 chest so I ordered the size 36 and fits just right, slim through the body with with enough room for comfortable movement. I strongly recommend a Schott leather jacket to anyone looking to add a great outerwear piece with some attitude and undeniable cool factor to their wardrobe.

    Published: Tue, 8/18/2015 by RyanVVB
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    1 of 1 people found the following review helpful:


    My Model 118 Perfecto Jacket is aptly named-perfect in every way! The leather and workmanship is top notch and the details like the chromed solid metal buckle and totally functional snaps are superb! Please pass on my kudos to the men and women who designed and made this beautiful work of art! It fits perfectly and looks sharp. I can't wait to wow my riding buddies with this iconic jacket!
    BTW, I ordered it Sunday evening and received the jacket Wednesday which is amazing in itself-I'm on the west coast of Canada!
    Thanks for this piece of American Cool! I love it!

    Published: Thu, 10/13/2016 by Ross Lane
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    1 of 1 people found the following review helpful:


    Hello from Italy
    I finally got my 618. I had already bought a Pefecto 629 d pocket size S and 618 size 38 is right for me. The jacket is simply amazing, it fits me like a glove. WOOOOOWWWW...!!!
    You can't get any better than the original 618.
    Definitely worth the price.
    Thank you from Rome!

    Published: Mon, 3/14/2016 by Gianluca
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    1 of 3 people found the following review helpful:


    I just bought the 618 today, and I'm loving it. It's a well crafted jacket, and I feel great wearing it.

    I initially thought I'd have to size up (which is what the website recommends), but when I walked into the store, the salesperson Natasha suggested that I actually go one size down. My chest size is 38, and my H&M "Perfecto" knockoff is a 40, so I assumed I'd be trying a 40. However, when Natasha took a look at my frame, she offered me a 36 to try on.

    I mention this because when you're shopping for a Perfecto, it'd be wise to try a few jackets on before buying one. I don't doubt the website's suggestion to size up for the 618, but my frame necessitated getting a 36. Your experience might be quite different from mine.

    I also tried on a 613 and a 118. Natasha said the 118, while it looked good on me, shortened my body a bit. I'm only 5'9" tall, but most of my height is in my legs, so a 118. The 118 made my torso look longer, and apparently shortened my legs. Even though the 618 is only one inch shorter (at 24"), it still made enough of a difference to change my perceived height.

    Natasha said that tall people shouldn't be frightened of the 24" length. If most of their height is in their legs, the 618 might look better on them than the 118. The opposite is true. Natasha told me that there have been several people (around my height and shorter) walking into the store with their hearts set on the 618 only to discover that their torso was too long for the jacket.

    The jacket itself is made of a tough steerhide. It'll take several wears to break it in. Some of you might want something more supple. If you do, it might be a good idea to look at the 626 or the 118. The 618 is a very stiff jacket that will soften over time. If you don't have the patience for breaking in a steerhide jacket, you might want to look elsewhere.

    The only issue I have with this jacket is the side pocket placement. I have to strain my arms just to get my hands into the pockets. It's certainly not a deal breaker for me, but it'd be nice to have the option of putting my hands into my pockets comfortably, particularly with the insanely cold temperatures we've been having lately.

    Anyway, to wrap up this review, I'll say this: I love this jacket. My torso is short enough so that the 24" covers my frame nicely without rising too high. If your height is in your torso as opposed to your legs, you might want to look into the 118. The jacket is very stiff, so if you plan on getting it, you'll need a bit of extra patience in order to break it in. For something a bit easier to break in, I'd suggest trying the 626.

    All in all, I'm crazy about my new jacket, and I can't wait to wear it everywhere! It's incredibly durable, so I pretty certain this jacket will last my whole life and then some.

    Published: Tue, 2/10/2015 by Everything is beautiful.
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    1 of 1 people found the following review helpful:


    When I was shopping around for a new leather jacket, I had a few things in mind. First, I wanted one that would be durable that I could wear it constantly, and it would still last me for years. Second, I needed it to be fairly weatherproof, so I could wear it in the nastier months. Finally, I also wanted to get one in a classic style. So after doing a little research, I decided to go with the 618.
    In all respects, I am not at all disappointed. It was clear from the outset that this is an extremely well put together jacket, and it breaks in beautifully. The leather does its job of standing up to wind and water just as expected.
    I can tell that this is a jacket that I'm going to be wearing constantly, because not only is it comfortable, but it's warm enough that I can wear it with one other layer in the winter, and breathable enough that I can get by without sweating to death in the warmer months.
    All in all, I have nothing bad to say about the Schott 618. I can't say how it compares to their other models, since this is my only one, but if you're thinking about buying any of their jackets, I would urge you to do so. Their reputation is well deserved!

    Published: Fri, 1/2/2015 by Victor K
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    1 of 1 people found the following review helpful:


    I just got my 618 today from one of the shops listed here on the site, and I couldn't be happier with it!! This is my first Schott and definitely won't be my last! Super thick and heavy leather (I don't have a scale handy, but I'll guess it weighs more than 6 pounds!), everything feels solid and well put together, and the fit is great! I don't ride, so I'm using mine strictly for fashion...which it does very well!

    Only complaint I have is, since I'm a small guy (5'5" 150 lbs), it's very roomy in the biceps. I'm debating having the sleeve taken in to fix that issue but other than that, I love it! I'm gonna have to brave this California heat because nothing's gonna stop me from wearing my sweet new jacket!

    Published: Sat, 10/4/2014 by Tony Mitchell
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    I bought it from online here in Hong Kong at 31/3/14. And I received it at 3/4/14. It was really fast! The jacket is fit and slim! I love it and maybe will buy the 618 later! Hope that there will be a shop here in Hong Kong.

    Published: Wed, 4/9/2014 by Roy Yu
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    This 618 is truly AMAZING! A little stiff at first but trust me, you wear these jackets and they mold to your body. It is becoming buttery soft with a cool grain to the leather. Compliments everywhere I go, dont hesitate buy this brand it is the only one, Number 1.

    Published: Fri, 4/4/2014 by Michael P
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    Just got new jacket at today's warehouse sale. Only one thing is better than the price and that is the quality of the jacket. Got a #618. Size was fairly spot on...I wear a 44 or 46 and I purchased a 46 and it fit like a second skin (but comfortable). Today in NJ it was 35 degrees and I wore it riding without a heated liner and was warm. This jacket is bullet-proof (but don't try it literally). My father sold Schott products when I was a boy and I remember the brand. Glad my local paper ran an article about Schott and also mentioned the sale. Great day for Me!

    Published: Sat, 12/7/2013 by Jon Radin
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    Just received my 618. All I can say is WOW! I've been on bikes my whole life and have owned some really nice jackets but this one beats them all hands down. The leather is perfect. No scars or bad spots. It's thick enough to keep you warm and protect you if you lay it down. I ordered one size bigger than my Schott 740N peacoat and it fits perfect. Worth ever dollar. Thanks Schott!

    Published: Sat, 10/27/2012 by David Suratt
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    1 of 2 people found the following review helpful:


    I usually wear a 38, but this jacket ends up fitting me best as a 36. I'm a bit of a smaller guy with a bigger chest, so the length and width of the sleeves worked better on the 36 and there is still plenty of room otherwise. It fits me snugly and I prefer a fitted jacket, but honestly I could probably go down to a 34 without much problem. I am 5'8', 145 lb for reference.

    Got the brown one and it's a great, dark rich shade of brown.
    At first I had the 618HH in the 38 but it was just too stiff and bulky for my frame, and there weren't any available in 36. I know HH is nice but I actually prefer the finish and the leather in this jacket over the 618HH, now that I've got it. Customer service was great, prompt and when paying this much for a jacket you should be happy with it. I am for sure. Looks like it has many years ahead of it.

    Only 4* because I've only owned for a week. We'll see how it is down the road and if it holds up like it seems like it will I'll happily change to 5.

    Published: Thu, 9/13/2012 by peter
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    1 of 1 people found the following review helpful:


    Wow, got mine in the mail just a couple hours ago. Totally, 100% perfect. The leather is better than anything else I've ever seen. It's like the interior of a fine italian sports-car. For those wondering about this inside of the jacket (which I did, when I was considering it), it's pretty damn good. There's one 'mesh' sort of pocket on the lower left hand side. Reminds me of military-grade waterproof nylon. It's not really a 'reach in and grab it' pocket, like certain other jackets, but it's still great, and easily fixable, if anything goes wrong.Plus, it doesn't weigh down the jacket at a funny angle wen wearing it open.

    Let's see. What else... Oh! My only complaints. The belt. Overall, it's leagues better than my other two jackets, but it's probably the weakest part of this divine jacket. The end of the belt, the pointy end, was sewn well. I'm not worried about it, necessarily, but the stitching could have been done closer to the edge, as I have a bit hanging over. Nothing serious, just a little tip. The rivulets could be a little more solid too. Again, grades better than a lot of other jackets, but I would feel a little better if they were more solid. I don't know if the 618 has the snap on the buckle that keeps the buckle from swinging around, but mine doesn't. That would be useful, especially in the summer, when I'm wearing it open. No big deal, I can just tuck it around itself.

    Overall, 10/10. I realize this is a "heritage" style, which means you try not to change too much about it, and I'm totally fine with it. If you want modern, you're probably buying a 118 anyway. Thanks Schott. You've really got a great business, and I feel proud to wear my perfecto. Not only because of it's iconic and striking style, but because it's American made, with American hands on American soil. For me, at least, this was a feeling reserved for fine military clothing, until now. I'm going to love telling people about you guys.

    Published: Fri, 6/8/2012 by Elan Spector
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    1 of 1 people found the following review helpful:


    I ordered it on 8/12/2011 and i received the jacket on 12/12/2011 here in Hong Kong.
    I was satisfied with the perfect quality of the jacket, the customer service and also the delivery time of the jacket!
    It keeps me warm when I ride on my motorcycles.

    Published: Mon, 12/19/2011 by Tomy Cheng
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    After 20 years of owning knock offs, I finally caved and got the original 618. I don't know why I waited so long. Out of the box it was stiff of course, but I know in no time at all I'll break it in.

    You can't get any better than the original 618. It just screams "Gabba Gabba Hey!" Not sure if even want to puncture the hide with all my punk buttons or keep it raw a la Joey Ramone ca. 1976...

    I'm even more thrilled that after all this time, it's still made in the 'ol USA. HEY HO, LET'S GO!!!

    Published: Sat, 4/23/2011 by EnnuiEffect
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    Hello from singapore

    i would like to thank the people of schottsnyc in producing such an amazing jacket. received the jacket today and the leather is beautiful and immaculate. the fit is perfect for me. leather is still stiff but i believe it will season over time. shipping was lighting fast and many thanks to Jerri for being patient in answering my many queries.
    this is the best jacket ever and the quality is second to none. i hope to get another one in the future and i know that my first choice will be SCHOTTS...

    thank you from singapore.

    Published: Thu, 3/17/2011 by Mohamed Fauzly
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    I was skeptical about the 618 due to it's reputation of being short and rigid but I went ahead and bought it instead of the "roomier" 118, since I wanted to have that classic and uber-cool silhouette.
    Honestly I couldn't even wear it properly the first time and I liked that feeling as the leather was so fresh, stiff and thick. It needs some good breaking-in.
    I also read online about getting used Schotts for way lesser prices but I am glad I got a new one as I am loving this process of breaking-in this jacket and making it mine. (Just my opinion)
    And oh if this helps anyone reading these reviews I am 5 ft 9 inches tall with a 36.5 - 37 chest and I got a size 38 and I believe this is the right fit but cannot exactly say for sure as I ordered online and did not have a chance to try.
    I would recommend this to anyone who loves the motorcycle style jacket in genuine leather over many of the overpriced fashion brands.
    But one gripe was I could not access the side pockets on both sides with my hands no matter how hard I tried. I don't know if it's because of the new condition of the leather or because of this classic fit but it kind of annoyed me a little.
    And it was also a little difficult to raise my arms and the armpit areas seemed a little too snug, I guess it's just the fit as I read the same type of reviews online.
    Other than these, I am in love with this jacket !!
    The details, stitching and hardware are very well done.

    Published: Fri, 5/24/2019 by HC
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    This is the first true leather jacket i own, when choosing a leather jacket, it’s all about the fit! If you have the chance to visit a Schott NYC location in person to try on snd see the products i highly recommend you do so, if not, i’ve read only good things bout their customer service.

    You will appreciate the materials and craftsmanship in this as soon as you put it on, i’m having trouble wearing any other jacket, i wanted a biker jacket for so long, for riding and as a fashion piece, i couldn’t consider any other brand but the original and i was not disappointed, looking forward to my next purchase from Schott NYC.

    Published: Thu, 5/9/2019 by Antonio CG
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    Fantastic coat made in America received with great service. Totally satisfied customer;

    Published: Fri, 4/26/2019 by Mike Iserman
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    Love this jacket!! I just received today.Paid the taxes and it took only 2 days after the order! To Finland! Amazingly fast delivery, and thank you Jerry also for helping with the sizing. Fits like a glove!! I’ m 6 feet 250 lbs and size 48 is perfect!! I’m really happy!

    Published: Fri, 2/22/2019 by S
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    I never pictured myself as a "motorcycle jacket guy." The Pefecto has changed that. I love this jacket. I get tons of compliments about how it looks. I wear it everyday -- walking around, driving, the grocery store. It is very comfortable and warm (the weather where I live is currently 35 to 40 degrees F).

    Published: Fri, 10/26/2018 by Daniel McGuire
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    I've been wanting this particular style jacket for the last 2-3 years,
    In July before my 53rd birthday,
    After slaving &working my arse off. I at long, last saved enough brass razor, dosh, dough, Pacific peso/quid,
    To acquire, buy, obtain, purchase my dream jacket. Excellent &1st class communication, shipping, customer service &quality,
    Highly recommend you do yourself a favor &buy one,
    You WON'T regret it! !!
    Couldn't be happier,
    Best clothing choice/decision I ever made,
    Ecstatic, extremely+ pleased! !!!

    Published: Thu, 9/6/2018 by Adrian Robertshaw
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    Overall the 618 is a great quality jacket and is really second to none. The only issue I had was that I had to exchange the 42 I bought for a size 48. I am 6ft tall and around 195 and that seemed to be the best fit for me. Schott’s exchange process was easy and I received my jacket as soon as possible. Great company would buy again.

    Published: Sun, 8/19/2018 by John A. Cimino
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    Perfecto servicio, una chaqueta preciosa, una piel muy agradable, estoy encantado con la chaqueta! compraré mas en Schoot . GRACIAS!

    Published: Wed, 5/23/2018 by vmgc
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    i got the 618 just as Schott said it would be and it is the most beautiful jacket iv'e ever worn just to wear this jacket makes you feel so extra special and the quality is so beautifully made well done Schott and thank you GOD BLESS MADE IN THE USA .

    Published: Wed, 5/2/2018 by liam
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    High quality coat, keep up good work.

    Published: Mon, 3/5/2018 by Kevin Mortimer
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    I’ve waited 40 years for this jacket. Been thru countless knockoffs. Nothing compares to this treasure. “Second skin” is the perfect description. Like you measured me before it was built. Absolutely true to size. Thank you.

    Published: Fri, 11/24/2017 by A-Man
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    Bought it from the official italian site on october 27, received it today 8 november and what can i say?? it's beautiful!! I was worried for the size but it fits perectly.. my chest size is 34,4 so i get a 36 and i'm very satisfied!! Thank you Denise for your help in choosing the correct size :)

    Published: Wed, 11/8/2017 by Paul
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    wore my jacket twice seems to be pretty warm well made the only thing I don't care for is the way the extra belt hangs there and curls over for 800.00 they could have installed another loop

    Published: Sun, 9/3/2017 by mike shier
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    I can remember the moment I first put it on. Me first putting on bleached jeans and army boots. I open the box, getting lost in my passion for this particular moment. I avert my eyes from the jacket, wanting to savor the moment for when I actually get to put it on. I put on the shirt first, removing the seal that embodies it. It is the softest shirt I have ever worn. Then, I gaze upon the work of art that lies before me. There it is. The one thing I have been waiting for. The one thing that will define and perfect my image. First, I feel the leather, trembling at the touch of its raw texture. Then I smell it, and it reminds me of how my love for leather jackets was born, and how I first imagined what my initial jacket would be like. I smile in joy at the sight of all this. Finally, the moment is here. I close my eyes while I get ready to put it on. I bite my lower lip while I slip my arms into the sleeves. The fit is unlike anything I've ever experienced before. This is what I've been waiting for. I groan in delight. Excited, I say: "It's perfect." I stroke the leather of the jacket I have just become one with. I zip up the sleeves and jacket itself. I strap the belt, almost fainting at the loud, metally noise the buckle produces. I walk up to the mirror, admiring the person looking back at me. This isn't me. This is someone different. I love it.

    Now that you've got a basic idea of what this jacket can do to a man, let me move on to the technical stuff. I have been iffing a lot about which size to get. I usually wear a Size 36/Size 38/ Size 40. Every jacket wears differently, and not all measurements are the same. I have a slim, athletic build. I weigh about 140 pounds, my chest size is 37-37.5", I'm 17 years old and my height is 5 feet 9 inches. I e-mailed Jerri measurements, and I was advised to order a Size 38. This is one inch bigger than my actual chest size. Once I got the jacket, I found the fit to be beyond perfection. I could have gotten into a Size 36, but that would've been to small on me in a year or two since my body isn't fully fullgrown & I work out a lot. I need to thank Jerri for answering all of my many, many queries (believe you me, there were a lot).

    Schott NYC is an amazing company, who deserve to have been business for so long. They truly are the best in this area. I cannot stress that enough. These jackets are quite expensive, in my case it was 7 times as expensive as the jackets I usually buy, as I always buy my jackets second-hand. But not anymore. Oh, no. I've already got my eyes set on the legendary 641HH, one of Schott's finest & classiest jackets on the market. Now, I can not emphasize this enough, so bear with me here. BUY. THIS. JACKET. This jacket redefines the word 'badass'. Not only is it extremely tough, wellfitting and of the highest quality leather I've ever experienced; this jacket is cultural heritage. You owe it to yourself to purchase this bad boy. I had to wait 6 weeks till I got my jacket, seeing as how my size was out of stock on the day I decided to order it. I would have waited two years, if I had to. If you call yourself a true envisioner of what manhood's supposed to be like, I know you'll do the right thing ;).

    Published: Fri, 3/22/2013 by Mendel Boaz Brandt
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