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Perfecto® Steerhide Motorcycle Jacket



Perfecto® Steerhide Motorcycle Jacket


Heavyweight Horween chromeexcel steerhide "Perfecto®" jacket,

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    We're not kidding that this jacket is heavyweight. Put it down and it can stand on it's own. However that rigidity is exactly what you want when you look forward to breaking in a jacket that will live for generations.

  • 25" Length
  • Heavyweight Horween Chromexcel
  • 100% Wool Buffalo Check or Herringbone Lining
  • Plain Black Snaps on Lapel and Pocket Flap
  • Black Star on Epaulets
  • Bi-Swing Back
  • Sleeve Gussets
  • U.S.A.

    Model is 6'1", weighs 175 lbs, with a 37" chest and is wearing size Medium.

    Interested in more? Learn about the history of the Perfecto® by clicking here.
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    Published: Mon, 3/15/2021 by Yves

    I ordered it from Sydney, and it arrived in less a week. I opened box and hold in my hands, it looks like a shining armor. I put it on and I feel like a KING. This is my first Jacket and it is the best cloth I ever bought! Great work SCHOTT.

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    Published: Mon, 2/15/2021 by Kings
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    (I'm currently 173cm height with 69kg weight, a regular slim guy, not skeleton skinny; I ordered the jacket in Small size)

    It is absolutely a heavy jacket (4kg in S size) which is stiff as a card board right out of the box. However, the cutting and design of the jacket is top notch as I didn't find it too difficult to move around in the jacket (even if it is a CXL leather). Smells good, Feels good, certainly made me smile when I put it on.

    For a Handmade jacket, imperfection could be acceptable to me. The losing stitching is not quite a serious issue but you find some spot here and there. Can't be too confident to say it is a tank, but definitely a solid structure so far.
    The hardware especially on the metals of the belt buckle and holes, are easily to be "distressed/discolored"(depends on how you view it, but not so cool for a jacket with just a few days of regular wear without actual riding on bikes).
    Other review did mention about some wrongly punched holes, but I got none of those.(Lucky me, just saying for the record)

    Weather & Temperature:
    It is now 17~18C ish in Hong Kong, it is not too hot to wear this jacket, only a little bit sweaty in the armpit, but the jacket is definitely heavy.
    The wool lining is breathable, no big issue of being too hot so far.

    Due to the thickness of the leather, the jacket look a bit bulky for a 5ft7 person unless you are already bulky.
    The leather look extremely shiny when it is new as it will draw a lot of attention. Be aware for that if you wanna stay low.

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    Published: Sun, 2/14/2021 by Tyler Jones

    This jacket feels like Taylor made for me and it has that exotic look about too. This company here is True to its works. I want to say thanks again to Schott for your standard of Quality.

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    Published: Sat, 12/19/2020 by Jordan Q

    This is my Third Jacket from Schott and it is a great jacket. This jacket is on the heavy side. The leather is thick and stiff, but after a few days it started to break in. I ordered a Large. I’m 6”, 190lbs, 42” chest. It’s a slim fit but I can fit a lightweight hoodie underneath the jacket. This is my first Perfecto and it does not disappoint!

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    Published: Wed, 12/9/2020 by Gene Bordegaray
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    I own 8 Schott Perfectos. A few 618’s, 118, 519, 625,626VN...and now this P613S. This is by far the best perfecto I own. The fit is perfect, I am 6’0”, 158 lbs., 38 chest and a 31 waist. The small is a slim fit, and fits me perfect, and will fit better after it stretches out a bit. I like my riding jackets to fit snug, so I am glad I didn’t go with the medium. This thing is so thick, but not uncomfortably’s ideal for cool weather riding here in Northern California. I can’t wait to see how it looks after a break in, as my other Horween CXL products look so great broken in.

    Thanks Schott, it’s an expensive jacket, but worth the will last so long that it’s going into my will:)

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    Published: Sat, 11/28/2020 by Adam Shub
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    This jacket was very tough to move in the first few times I wore it and still is a bit tough to wear but I knew ahead of time the break in process would be a brutal one. All of the America’s top boot manufacturers make boots out of the same leather and it says right in the description that “it’s literally tough enough to stand on it’s own”. That being said Horween chromexcel is some of the finest and toughest leather in the world & I know this jacket will be handed down for at least 2 generations if taken care of. It’s absolutely beautiful and extremely well made. The blue Buffalo Plaid liner is even cooler looking in person! I’m just going to keep wearing it at least 3-4 days a week because I know the break in process will be well worth it.

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    Published: Mon, 10/5/2020 by Dave M.

    I bought this jacket about 2 years ago from the L.A. flagship store. I deliberately waited before writing this review so I could provide some longer term insights. I own the black version.

    As stated by other reviewers, the photos do not do the leather justice. It has a much richer and deeper in appearance than most other leather jackets. This gives it a look of quality that stands out - even compared to other jackets in Schott's line. For example, I tried on the normal steerhide 618 one star, and this jacket has a much better look. It is vastly superior in appearance to similarly priced jackets from major labels.

    The blacked out hardware is a feature which looks really cool but also makes the jacket more versatile. The black hardware doesn't scream 50's greaser every time you wear it, yet still retains an understated Marlon Brando "Wild One" aesthetic. I get a huge amount of compliments on this jacket. I literally get multiple compliments from total strangers every time I wear it. I don't need other people's affirmation, but it does give you an idea of how striking this jacket looks.

    Because the leather is so heavy, the addition of the wool liner makes it really warm. I also initially disliked the way the liner grabbed at my clothing when I put it on. So I sent it back to Schott after a year and asked them to swap the lining for their standard sateen. They did this at a reasonable price, and now the temperature is perfect and grabbing issue resolved.

    The weight and quality of the leather is a double-edged sword. On the one hand, I am thrilled to own what I feel to be the coolest leather jacket ever. I am excited to wear it for the rest of my life, knowing that it will only get better with age. Perhaps my son will cherish it one day too. On the other hand, it was extremely stiff when new. The product description line about it standing up on its own is actually true! Until very recently, even with regular use, it was too stiff for me to wear while driving a car. For a long time, I moved like a medieval knight wearing clanky breastplate armour. The jacket's stiffness actually became a running joke with my wife and friends.

    The weight is another significant issue. The jacket weighs a good 7lbs and was initially fatiguing when worn for long periods. However, the weight concern has resolved as the jacket has broken in - the more broken in, the less noticeable the weight while worn.

    After two years of wear, the jacket had somewhat softened and broken in. I was not having the significant mobility issues described above. However, it was still uncomfortable and I felt like I was fighting the jacket in some ranges of motion, particularly in the arms. I was starting to doubt my choice purely because of the comfort issues. As a result, I decided to condition and oil it in an attempt to soften the leather. I used Lexol conditioner and oiled the jacket using a natural boot oil (Redwing all natural). Success! The leather finally relaxed and softened considerably. It is now fitting like a glove. It has become so comfortable that I no longer think twice about throwing it on every time I go out, and the weight disappears as soon as it's worn.

    In conclusion, this jacket is a no-brainer if you can commit to a process of breaking in, and look at it as a long term investment. I have no desire to buy new jackets every couple of years.
    I take pride in owning high quality pieces and caring for them. As such, this jacket is a perfect match for me and I am incredibly happy to have discovered it!

    SIZING: It runs a little tight. I am a size 38 blazer and got the S. Per my comments above, it was quite restrictive for a long time but has ultimately shaped and relaxed to the point where it is very comfortable. I would say that it fits more like a 39/40 now. Don't bank on it stretching significantly.

    CAVEAT: I think the Schott staff frowns on conditioning/oiling their jackets and says to just wear them. But after 2 years of struggle I am really glad I did this. The leather seems to be totally unaffected and retains its original look and feel.

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    Published: Sat, 10/3/2020 by Abraham

    As a German, I admire and value very good quality and perfect craftsmanship. This Perfecto Jacket is the combination of both. Furthermore, it's the most iconic american Motorcycle Jacket you can get.
    Worth every penny. I love to wear it!

    Thank you SCHOTT, keep up your excellent Work!!

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    Published: Mon, 8/10/2020 by Andrew

    After research the vast selection of beautiful Perfectos Schott has to offer I settled on the burgundy P613S. From the generously sized interior pocket with snap closure to the rare snap for your belt buckle to stay securely in place when the jacket is open I was sold. I’ve had the jacket now for about a month and love it! The quality is outstanding as expected. I was a bit hesitant about the wool lining because wool can sometimes irritate my skin but love the insulation it provides. Luckily the wool lining is very high quality and finely woven causing no irritation. This jacket is quite heavy I weighed mine at 7lb. When worn it feels more like a second skin when you wear it and the weight isn’t an issue. My build is quite slim and found the medium as recommended from the fit guide to be a perfect match. Because this jacket lasts a lifetime it still has room to grow if I do during covid. To break in this heavyweight jacket I conditioned the crap out of it with the otterwax oil and it gladly absorbed allowing for a faster breaking period while strengthening the jacket. The only complaint I have is with the coat hanger it comes with. It’s a bit wide for this slim fit medium jacket. The ends of the hanger are much wider than the jacket.

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    Published: Wed, 7/22/2020 by Thierry Duquerroy

    Very good quality

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