Men's One Star Perfecto® Motorcycle Jacket - Slim Fit



Men's One Star Perfecto® Motorcycle Jacket - Slim Fit


The Schott 613S black biker jacket made of heavyweight water resistant steer-hide leather with a large back panel design and an asymmetrical front zipper.

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  • Rider inspired 25" length biker jacket
  • U. S. sourced, drum dyed, hand cut, heavyweight 3 - 3.5 oz. steerhide leather
  • Large back panel design, a signature of Schott's uncompromising Perfecto® Jacket quality
  • Asymmetrical center front zipper pattern for added warmth and protection
  • Vintage Schott Perfecto® Bull Label
  • Snap down lapels and shoulder epaulets with the classic one star
  • Bi-swing back panels - No underarm footballs
  • Traditional zippered sleeve cuffs
  • Attached half belt with heavyweight nickel plated square buckle
  • Three outside zippered pockets plus small functional coin flap pocket
  • Lower inside map pocket
  • 5.5 ounce fixed quilt nylon poly insulated lining
  • Water resistant leather finish
  • U.S.A.

    Model is 6'1", weighs 175 lbs, with a 37" chest and is wearing size 38.

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    Published: Sat, 7/20/2019 by david s diaz

    I've purchased many leather "biker" jackets in my life time and I finally decided to buy the originator of the biker jacket, so I did. upon receiving it, looking at the quality, construction, smell and feel I was in LOVE! Then I put it on and it was a game over! This jacket is truly better than all the others, PERIOD. After that I sold/got rid of all my other leather biker jackets. The Schott 613s is all I need and want in my closet.

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    613S HEAVEN

    Published: Tue, 1/15/2019 by Jules medina

    This jacket is beyond amazing!!! It fits like it was custom tailored, right off the rack. Leave it to Schott to keep making the best jackets in the world. Thank you. -Dottore

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    Published: Sun, 12/2/2018 by Michael B

    It used to be if one was 6 foot 4 and 200 some pounds and wanted an awesome Schott MC Jacket a 141L and 118L were the only choices. Not to put them down as 141L was an iconic choice for Tom Welling’s “Red Kryptonite” character in Smallville, and the 118L is a pretty versatile jacket with its soft texture and underarm footballs and padded kidney back. Supposedly the 585 and 1928 would have worked, but those options are gone – Regretful I didn’t give the 1928 a try when it was around (maybe 2028?). There is the route of going with the Jeff Goldblum or G Eazy route of an YSL where the sleeves are two inches away from where they should fall around the wrists - $5,000 is a lot to spend to have clothing look too small IMO..

    I currently own a 118L and a 519. The 519 is an interesting jacket in that it is extremely soft and comfortable. Though it does have a finish meant to evoke horsehide, it is extremely soft and very easy to wear. If anyone has seen a broken in horsehide of steerhide they notice the break in lines in the finish. The pebbling helps evoke that shinier but broken in look. No break in required. The 2XL fit very well. My weight fluctuates between a 46L and a 48L.
    I was hoping the 613S would be similar to the 118L and the 519 in being to meet the challenge of fitting me. There were elements of the 613 I always liked – The snap free collar, the amazing heavy steerhide finish and stiff look. Its 23.5 inch length of the standard 613 was an issue though. I am not JG, so I wouldn’t be able to pull that off. Surprisingly the 613s fit much better than I expected. Though I was warned the 613S is short it seems to me that it is the same length up front as the 118L (that rear padded kidney on the 118L accounts for its specification length), though not as long as the 519. Fit was almost like a glove. No, it is not a soft jacket like the 519, but it has a much edgier look. The stiffness is difficult to explain. The 519 and a broken in 118L feel supple when worn, the Heavy Steerhide feels like one is occupying it.

    I like that Schott is keeping us tall guys in mind. Actually there is another Perfecto choice for a tall customer – a true horsehide 613SH, and some other slim fit XL/2XL models.
    For my Perfectos here is the difference:

    118L: Best for riding.
    519: Great for comfort.
    613S: Not as soft as the other two, but an iconic jacket that looks incredible.

    If you are tall like me and want a Perfecto don’t forget to ask the nice Schott people for help with sizing.

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    Published: Sun, 11/18/2018 by Martin

    After owning a Brown 519, I wanted a black leather for an edgier look. I found the 613S to be very simple looking, not too much hardware, and slim looking.

    I'm normally worried for the fact that I can't find any schott related stores around my area and of course to be lucky enough to have the 'off-the-rack fit' as altering leather is really expensive as is.

    I followed Gail's advice on the 519 which became a perfect fit at '42 chest ordering medium but the 613S is designed slim as well and come in chest sizes. I read a few reviews stating to order one size up but I stuck with my 519 size of '42 medium, mind as well order my correct '42 size.

    One I opened the box, I noticed the weight of the jacket is heavier than the 519, leather is stiff (definitely protective thickness) taking a while to break in, and the fit...PERFECT.

    The chest felt perfect having just enough room to put your fist into the jacket and rotating. You could wear a button down, neck tie, and a thin cardigan pull over sweater for this size, not sure if a really heavy thick sweater could fit unless one size up.

    Armpits were tight but that's to be expected since there are no footballs but will contour with your body stretching the pit area out comfortably.

    Shoulder to shoulder, neck to hip length, the slim fit around the waist area makes you look slim and not boxy/bulky, and most importantly the sleeve length were just on par with passing my wrist and ending before my thumb joint from the wrist AFTER the BREAK-IN time accustomed to my elbow creasing.


    It's better to have longer sleeve to work with before break in time to alter afterward than altering the sleeves before break in time having really shorter sleeves after it has adjust to your arm length, you'll probably have to purchase another set of sleeves!!!

    Wearing it due to its simple look and design makes it very flexible for any attire from dressing up to dressing down, definitely is a closet staple item. I received numerous amounts of compliments of the design, zipper hardware being thick, and just looking expensive as to other 'fashion' brands designs that even costs up to $5k.

    ONLY ONE CON of this jacket would be is that the buckle doesn't a have a snap-on button that keeps it in its place like the 519. That should be a standard must have part in the design, it's very convenient not to have the buckle dangling around making noise, scratching something you're holding, whipping onto surfaces, etc. when unzipped.

    There's no need to spend more than $600 - $1000, if the quality is there. Schott is the most iconic brand for their styling and quality that's made in the U.S. all for under a $1,000 when there are $5000 jackets from YSL fashion name that it senseless. It wouldn't surprise me if Schott went that route to fashion line of their using thinner leathers and charge 2 or times less.

    You can't go wrong with this jacket, it's one of the best slim fitting designs.

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    Published: Mon, 11/5/2018 by Pete M.

    So I've waited around 15 years to buy this jacket, and it completely lives up to my expectations. The 613S is probably less functional and more fashion (not having the under-arm footballs makes movement a little tougher, which for me is fine, I don't own a motorcycle nor do I intend to) and when they say slim fit, they mean it... which once again was fine for me, because I'm slim, like a tight fit, and want to stretch it out a little myself... but if you're going to ride in it, you probably want the underarm footballs. The jacket feels and looks amazing. You can just feel the quality and I love knowing I'm supporting American made apparel. I can't wait to re-review my jacket after I've beaten it up a little more and broken it in.

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    Published: Sun, 9/30/2018 by Tommy Damone

    This is probably my 10th Schott jacket. I’ve had 118, 613, 113, 519, 618, and this is my favorite of all! Fits exactly how a leather jacket should. I’m 6’1, 183 lbs and I ordered a 40 for that Dee Dee Ramone fit!

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    Published: Sun, 8/12/2018 by Joe C
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    The recommended size was a 44. When received it was huge in the chest and the arms were way to long. I am 5'11 and weigh 140 pounds.

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    Published: Thu, 4/19/2018 by Jaime Freitas Bastos

    The jacket is oustanding. Just didn’t give that 5 stars because the sleeves were to long for me. I had to send it to a leather tailor to get them fix and spent 130 CANADIAN dollars for that. Otherwise, I recommend the jacket.

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    Published: Sun, 11/19/2017 by Ryan

    I am approximately 5'7" and 125 lbs. which means I'm a small Asian dude and quite skinny. I was skeptical that this jacket might not fit me with its more American cut, but low and behold, it was pretty much an exact fit! Their size charts really helped and made me confident in my purchase. When it came, I was more than happy to feel the sturdiness and livelihood of the leather. Get this jacket!!! I highly recommend it!

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    Published: Thu, 10/26/2017 by ben black

    Just got my jacket today and I am very impressed. High quality, great slim fit, craftsmen at it's finest. Read the other reviews, this is the best jacket.

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