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Classic Perfecto® Leather Motorcycle Jacket

STYLE: 118


Classic Perfecto® Leather Motorcycle Jacket

STYLE: 118

A men's classic leather motorcycle jacket, the Perfecto® 118 features U.S. sourced, drum-dyed, hand-cut, heavyweight naked cowhide.



  • Offered in both 26" (Regular) and 28” (Long) body lengths
  • U. S. sourced, drum dyed, hand cut, heavyweight, full aniline cowhide (naked leather)
  • Large back panel design, a signature of Schott's uncompromising Perfecto® quality
  • Asymmetrical main zipper pattern for added warmth and protection
  • Snap down lapels, collar and shoulder epaulets
  • Bi-swing back panels with grommet vented underarm footballs
  • Traditional zippered sleeve cuffs
  • Attached belt with durable nickel plated square buckle with snap to hold belt in place
  • Three outside zippered pockets plus small coin flap pocket
  • Inside lower map pocket and leather trimmed inside breast pocket (on left side)
  • 5.5 ounce fixed nylon poly-quilt insulated lining
  • U.S.A.

    Model is 6'1", weighs 175 lbs, with a 37" chest and is wearing size 38.

    Leather Type, Fit and Construction:

    We consider the Model 118 as a close cousin to our popular Model 618 with just a few differences. Perfecto® Model 118 leather jackets for men are made with U. S. sourced, chrome-tanned, drum dyed, heavyweight naked leather. This hide has a softer "hand" when compared to our steerhide and a matte finish. It is chrome tanned and processed to provide many years of use without the need for treatments or conditioners. Right out of the box this jacket will feel like it was custom made for you. This Perfecto® model 118 motorcycle jacket was designed and built for the long haul, the short ride, and everything in between. Not recommended for those who are looking to just blend in with the crowd.

    Schott NYC uses heavyweight naked cowhide to help your leather jacket become your "second skin". Motorcycle jackets need to be as tough as the people wearing them. For wind protection and added warmth the 118 features an attached belt, zippered sleeve cuffs and a durable insulated nylon quilted lining sewn into the body of the jacket. Our bi-swing back panels and under arm footballs ensures that this jacket moves with you eliminating that restrictive feel often found with other leather motorcycle jackets. Nickel plated brass hardware complete this timeless American made classic that is built to last a lifetime.

    As with all Perfecto® leather jackets, Schott only uses the best, highest quality leather available. In the same tradition started in the late 1920’s, highly skilled workers hand-cut each panel for the 118. In keeping with their original custom style, Schott designed this jacket model with added versatility. Available in both regular and long sizes we often suggest this model for our taller customers. Long sizes add 2 inches to the body length and 1 inch to the sleeves.
    Schott sells this leather jacket model true to size, if you wear a 42 suit jacket simply order a size 42 and you will even have room for a sweatshirt underneath for those colder days. With that said it has occurred a few times that some of those young whippersnappers are able to downsize to achieve that tight, t-shirt only, bad boy look. Of course this is just our best recommendation, as always we suggest you carefully check our sizing diagrams and measurements to determine best fit.

    The Schott Perfecto® Model #118 is still proudly made in the U.S.A. Our customers know that the quality and construction of our jackets are unparalleled. From the heavyweight thread we use to the strong American hands that do the crafting. We build our leather motorcycle jackets to the same indestructible standards as the old style leather medicine balls. One-hundred plus years of being the best is your assurance that Schott Brothers stands behind every jacket we make.


    The three pocket design of the Schott Perfecto® Model 118 dates back to the late 1940's. In those days this leather motorcycle jacket was referred to as just “Perfecto®” or “Beck model 999” (manufactured by Schott). The small coin flap pocket started out as a custom option offered in the early 50's. By 1955 this coin pocket became a standard feature of this biker-style jacket known as “the Perfecto® One Star".

    Considered to be the best motorcycle jacket it caught the mainstream public's attention after Marlon Brando epitomized the coolest of cool, wearing his Perfecto® in that iconic classic film “The Wild One”. Originally referred to as "the One Star", it was officially banned from schools across the US for an entire year in the mid 50’s. Some believe this action served to make the Schott Perfecto® even more desirable to America’s young renegades with their “Wild One” tendencies. School Boards wanted to burn it and youthful rebels saved every penny to buy one. At the time, this jacket retailed for close to $50 which amounted to roughly 100 hours of work if you were a gas station attendant making fifty cents an hour!

    The customized asymmetrical leather motorcycle jacket worn by Brando became the must-have anti-establishment symbol for 1950’s youth. The orders skyrocketed for this leather jacket causing Irving Schott and his son Mel to increase their workforce and expand the Schott factory. By the mid 1960’s the Perfecto® men’s jackets had also caught on with the emerging rock n roll movement. Once again, due to increasing sales, Schott had grown out of their current factory on King Street in Perth Amboy, NJ. A few new factories later and still in New Jersey, Schott proudly continues this iconic American classic motorcycle jacket for the wild side in all of us. There is still a Schott family member in the factory every day to make sure Irving would still be proud to put his name in these jackets.

    Interested in more? Learn about the history of the Perfecto® by clicking here.
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    Published: Sun, 7/9/2023 by Tame

    Being from Sydney Australia, I’ve been hesitant in buying an expensive jacket overseas, especially shipping and tax cost, not able to try on for size and having to pay premium returned shipping cost if you get the wrong size. But I did it. And that’s without the help of the sizing guide because my body size didn’t suit this type of style when I punched in my body numbers.

    I’m 6.4ft, 145kgs with size 40 waist, Polynesian And 39 years of age.

    Reading other reviews which was a huge step into finding my size, so I thought I’d leave this here to help the next big boppa who’s struggling with the sizing guide.

    So I settled with a size 50, and it is perfect for me!
    A huge relief! Particularly in the fact there wasn’t any need to ship it back.

    I’m a rider so I’ve got 3 Harley-Davidson leather jackets but I wasn’t settled with any of them.
    I wanted something that was versatile and not just for riding, Classic and timeless. And the Perfecto 118 ticks all those boxes and some.
    And something else that really sealed the deal which shocked me and it’s only when you see, touch and smell It. It’s the Quality!
    I’ve never seen such quality in leather like this before!
    So it was goodbye to all my Harley jackets.

    We’re in the guts of winter here in Oz, and I can still put layers under including a hoodie which I’m still comfortable in whilst riding.

    I really do hope I’ve pushed someone over the fence to purchase this piece of heavenly cloth especially if your from Australia.
    Trust me, it’s worth it.
    Because the experience is different to every other garment in your closet.

    All the best.


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    Published: Sat, 6/10/2023 by Jon

    this folks is the jacket ( 118 perfecto) that I wish somebody would have told me about 40yrs ago, I could have saved a heck of a lot of money that was spent trying to find the perfect coat. the fit is spot on, the finish is excellent....way happy with Schott in general they have been fantastic!

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    Published: Thu, 6/8/2023 by Fred Bennett

    2 years ago I bought a P613S and it instantly became my ultimate jacket. I had never owned such a sturdy and heavy jacket before. However I started going back to the gym when the pandemic ended and my shoulders have outgrown the jacket making it almost uncomfortable to wear now. Plus, I've alway found the sleeves slightly too short for my freakishly long arms.

    It was therefore time to find me another amazing jacket that would fit my current measurements. When I learned that the Schott 118 was offered in Long, the choice became obvious.

    I received my 118 about a month ago now and I can already tell it's going to be my favourite jacket for many years, if not forever.

    I am 6ft, 193lbs with a 42 chest, so I ordered the 42, true to size, which is what Schott recommends for the 118 (as opposed to sizing up for the 618 & 613). The fit is perfect, it is definitely not extra roomy or boxy as some people seem to experience with the 118. Mine fits like a glove when just wearing a t-shirt and feels a little more snug when wearing a sweater, which I like for colder weather as less air seems to sneak in. I was a bit afraid the extra 2 inches might be too long but not at all, the jacket reaches the bottom of my belt, right where I like it.

    A few observations:

    Some people have described the 118 as being built like a tank but after owning a ludicrously thick steerhide P613S, the 118 felt very light and soft and definitely not as tank-ish as what I was expecting. It's not a bad thing at all, after a month of wearing it almost everyday I now realize it's the 613 that is insanely thick and heavy and the 118 can probably indeed be considered a "heavy" jacket for normal standards.

    My only criticism would be the bi-swing gussets on the back which are a bit shallow compared to other biker jacket, Easthetically, they are very pleasing but I don't feel like they really do much, being only about half an inch deep (compared to the 2 inches deep ones on my Belstaff). To be honest, it does not even matter since I do not feel constricted at all when moving my arms up and down, it's just that the gusset tend to "balloon" outward a bit since there is not enough room to contain the extra material.

    Apart from this very minor detail, I love everything about this jacket. The fit, the cut (at last I have sleeves that fit!), the leather quality, the construction quality, the smell and obviously the classic look.

    If you are 6ft or taller and have long arms like me, you should definitely consider the Long, it feels like it's been custom made.

    Thank you Schott!

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    Published: Mon, 4/3/2023 by Fred L Martin

    My 2nd Perfecto in one lifetime! A few shipping issues most ably solved by Denise, a wonderful Lady! The jacket itself is absolute perfection, a first-rate quality product. Couldn't ask for better.

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    Published: Tue, 3/21/2023 by Dimets

    Very good leather, very good quality !

    Only one issue, some losing stitching.

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    MY NEW 118

    Published: Thu, 3/9/2023 by Doug Luckett

    I’m very happy with my new jacket. The fit and quality are excellent. I believe Schott makes the best jacket out there. And that includes being better than Langlitz. (I’ve had one)The only complaint I have is that it took almost a year to get it. I admit I don’t wear an off the rack size (54 Long) but come on guys. A year?
    I will say that your customer service reps were very responsive and courteous. Nice ladies.
    Thanks for the opportunity to submit this review.

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    SCHOTT 118

    Published: Mon, 10/31/2022 by Jared C Hamilton

    Hands down the greatest garment to ever grace my body. The investment is worth it.
    The thick heavy leather, the smell, the stitching, the attention to detail… the HISTORY of Schott. The action back allowing the arms to swing and reach the motorcycle handlebars without becoming tight is perfect. The 118 is what all other jackets attempt to copy and fail miserably at it. I wear mine as my primary motorcycle jacket. Remember, you get what you pay for, and the Schott is well and above worth every penny of an investment.

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    Published: Sat, 9/24/2022 by Bobby J

    This jacket is seriously one of the best clothing items I’ve ever purchased, it may be the best! The leather is buttery smooth, heavy, and soft. What I really appreciate about this jacket is that it provides the right amount of flair and attitude. I figured if I was going to spend 1k, I would want to be noticed. I have a size 39 chest, and initially went with size 40. However, the 40 was too small as I couldn’t layer hoodies or sweaters underneath. Living in Ohio, it’s important to layer as our winters can be brutal. I returned the size 40 and went with a size 42, and the jacket fits perfect. The returns process was hassle free (great customer service). Overall, I love the versatility, quality, and beauty of this jacket. It’s expensive, but worth every penny.

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    Published: Mon, 9/19/2022 by Bobby J.
    1 of 5 people found the following review helpful

    I’ve always wanted this style of jacket since my childhood, and figured I would get the double rider from the folks who invented the design over a century ago. When I received the jacket, I was pleasantly surprised by the leather quality (smooth, buttery feel) and the overall weight. Living in Ohio, I needed a jacket that was heavy weight, durable, and had flair. I figured if I was going to spend 1k for a jacket, I would want to be noticed. The 118 I received everything I was looking for. However, I originally got a size 40 as I have a 39 inch chest (recommended size), but I later returned it and got a size 42 because it fit too snug for my liking. I absolutely love the fit of the size 42 as I like to layer thick hoodies and sweaters underneath. I may eventually get a couple inches taken off the arms as the jacket arms are a bit long. I don’t ride motorcycles, so the extra inches needed for reaching the bars isn’t needed in my case. Schott customer service did a great job of responding to questions I had. Overall, buying this jacket was a great experience. I look forward to passing this jacket down to one of my sons (they’ll have to rock, paper, scissors for it lol).

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    Published: Thu, 8/4/2022 by Mark Toon

    Not only is this the best jacket I've ever bought, it's probably the best thing I've ever bought. Everything about it is just quality. It looks ace, fits like a dream, and the little touches just add a bit of extra va-va-voom.

    Plus it arrived from the US to the UK in two days.

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