Single Rider Steerhide Leather Motorcycle Jacket
STYLE: 641
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641 - Single Rider Steerhide Leather Motorcycle Jacket
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Single Rider Steerhide Leather Motorcycle Jacket

STYLE: 641
    The Schott 641 deluxe heavy steerhide single rider leather jacket has bi-swing back, underarm footballs, adjustable stand-up collar and side tabs, and zip-out pile lining. Union Made in the U.S.A by LOCAL 169 of WORKERS UNITED A/W SEIU. This fits one size smaller than the Schott 141 naked leather cafe racer. Available in black and brown.

    Material: Deluxe Heavy Steerhide

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    I have been wanting a Schott leather jacket for about 5 years. I bought my first HD M/C in 2004 and with that, purchased the, "Brando Coat", belt on the bottom and all (non-Schott)! Needless to say, I grew out of this coat, not physically, just mentally. I wanted something more straight forward in design - clean cut, modern, yet classic. I was floundering between the 141 and the 641 (which I assume is now this 644). I'm 6', 200lbs, chest size = 45-45.5". Website recommends ordering 1 size up. I disagree. After trying both styles on at a local shop, I decided on the 641. I prefer fitted clothes; I like my clothes to fit the way the manufacturer intends them to fit - TRUE to size. So, I ordered a size 46 and it fits like a glove (even though, based on my measurements, Schott would recommend a 48). I couldn't be happier with my 46 sized 641! This jacket feels bullet proof. I (along with my coworkers) couldn't believe how heavy the 641 feels when held in your hand. This jacket is made with pride. You can see it in the stitching, you can feel it in the texture of the leather, you can hear it in the zipper. Everything is there; a perfect work of American art. If you're looking for a solid, fitted, secure feeling motorcycle jacket, look no further - order this 644 - I assume it's the same as the 641 I based this review on. You won't be disappointed.

    Published: Thu, 2/9/2012 by Bob Paugh
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    got my 641 steerhide today and it is the best leather jacket i own. i have about 10 motorcycle jackets currently including hein gericke, alpinestar, harley, eastman luftwaffe, joe rocket, etc. not that these are slouches, but i love this the best as it is the purest, best looking, best cut of them all (ok, the eastman luftwaffe is on a par with the 641 steer, but the eastman cost me $900).

    i also have some 20 vintage and new military jackets, most milspec, and tho that's a different breed, i still must put this at the top for sheer beauty, cut, look.

    get this jacket. i wanted the horsehide but sadly schott doesn't make a zipout liner for that, and i'm in calif. however, this steer is so strong looking, while at the same time being supple and comfortable, there is no way i could complain. without the zip liner it is truly a 3 season jacket as it feels as comfortable as any of my lighter goatskin a-2 jackets with their minimal liner.

    schott has kept the vintage pattern here (the 141 is apparently the same jacket with a modern fit and larger size by one number), so the 641 fits akin to the military spec versions of a-2 and g-1 jackets vs. their civilian versions...meaning a much more athletic and squared off look, and cut one size smaller.

    i'm so happy with this i'll make excuses to wear it any time any where. the best thing i can say is that it looks every bit as good as the pictures of it on the website here. thanks schott.

    Published: Fri, 9/23/2011 by jonathon johnny
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    When this jacket arrived across the Pacific in less than a week after ordering it, I knew it'd be good. To open the box and try it on? One word. Quality. As advised, I ordered one size up and it fits perfectly; snug in the hip but comfortable across chest and shoulders - and surprisingly moveable thanks to the footballs and action back. It's the quality of the leather and workmanship of this classic cut jacket that astounds. It may take only a little "breaking in", but I've already been asked with admiration "Where'd you get that jacket?" Schott deserve to be proud of their long standing name. Classic quality, classic service (thanks Gail) and classic leather. I had a roo-hide jacket that paramedics had to cut off - roo doesn't bounce. They'll have to knock me out to get this one off, I'm hoping Steerhide helps me counter-steer a bit better. I'm proudly Aussie, but now proud to own such an American classic.

    Published: Fri, 12/11/2009 by Stephen Pederick
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    I've owned many leather jackets. By far no brands surpass my Schott 641 Steerhide in quality. The leather is thick but doesn't take long to break in 'cause I wear it everyday. It's now my favorite jacket. Great riding jacket, goes well with jeans and everyday's clothes. It has slimmer cut than Schott 141 and that makes it look better than the 141 in my opinion. My friend who has Schott 141 fell in love with it when he saw mine. And I know that he will eventually buy one. Thank you Gail for heping me with sizing.

    Published: Sat, 8/29/2009 by Borvon
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    In my opinion of the Schott 641 Single Rider Steerhide Jacket, as a Harley rider of well over two decades, I think this jacket is the best made motorcycle jacket on the market today! It is not only heavy tough leather, but it has a lacquered finish to help combat the elements, rain, sleet, and snow. I live in Wisconsin, with constant changing weather, and I truly believe this jacket is the best you can get. it's tough! That is why I bought three of these jackets, I love them! If you want the best motorcycle jacket, to last decades, buy the Schott 641 Single Rider Steerhide Jacket, with warm zip out lining, you can't go wrong! It is cut a little slimmer, and it runs one size smaller than the Schott 141, so I recommend you order the jacket one size bigger than your regular suit or sport coat size, and you can't go wrong. I'm not kidding, this jacket is COOL! Schott is a wonderful company, and they've been making jackets forever! This jacket is well worth the money, every penny!

    Published: Fri, 4/15/2016 by Jon Kuemmerlein
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    I just loved the Schott 141 Classic Racer Jacket, that I bought 2 of them, and I also bought 2 Schott 641 Single Rider Steerhide jackets too! The Single Rider 641 jacket is a little tougher leather than the 141. I has a lacquered finish which makes it a little more resistant to wet weather, and it is a little stiffer. It is also cut a little smaller smaller than your normal size you wear, so you need to order one size larger. It is one tough jacket that looks really cool!

    Published: Fri, 4/1/2016 by Jon Kuemmerlein
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    I purchased Schott Model 141 jacket the other day, and when I received it from Schott, it was an absolutely perfect, beautifully made, motorcycle jacket, and fit me perfectly! I wear a size 46. I then ordered 2 Schott Model 641 jackets, as I thought they would stand up to the weather in Wisconsin better, with the more tougher finish. I was advised by Jerri in Customer Service to order one size larger in that jacket, so I did, Size 48. They fit perfect, they are beautiful, and I just love them! These Schott jackets are so nice, that once I put them on, I don't want to take them off! Excellent jackets, with superb craftsmanship!

    Published: Thu, 3/24/2016 by Jon Kuemmerlein
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    I have a few leather 2 Aero leather, 1 Belstaff and my military leather I bought in Germany. The 641 is armor. A much different weight, very solid, and the café look is clean and sharp. I was kidding around it was on a hanger my dog came over sniffing. Kidding around I bopped him in the nose with a sleeve lightly, not a good idea. Great coat..

    Published: Thu, 5/7/2015 by Mark Osinoff
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    641 IS THE ONE

    After an exhaustive search for a basic black leather riding jacket, i finally decided to go with the 641. I have a few different leather and textile riding jackets (armoured as well as non-armoured) but I wanted a jacket that was a true throwback to the original cafe racers. The criteria was fit, style, and tough as nails leather.

    I had tried the per2 at a department store in NYC and while it looked very good, the asymmetrical styling was not quite what i was looking for and it had a few too many parts to it for what i was after (great jacket though for that style). I also tried on a 141 but it was also way too large in my actual size. The 641 seemed to fit my requirements, including the type of leather (steer hide), the cafe racer look, and, above all, the fit.

    I'd read a few reviews that claimed that the 641 fits more like a mil-spec jacket; higher arm holes, trimmer cut, and a good length for riding. I am a 38 regular in almost everything i own and the 38 is definitely correct. Unless you have a big belly, get your actual jacket size for the best fit.

    Jerri was a top notch customer service representative for Schott, offering full breakdowns for specifications and measurements of the jacket (as well as comparisons to other jackets). and i was astounded that the jacket was delivered in one day.

    People have been calling this jacket 'bulletroof' and 'a work of minimalist art': They aren't lying. It's like heroic armour. And while it's a stylish coat for sure, it is also truly a moto jacket. the bi-swing back, underarm gussets, and heavy duty zipper make this the real mccoy for actual riding.

    There are likely only a handful of other jacket manufacturers in the world that make anything close to the 641 but I doubt that any other jacket looks, feels, or smells as good.

    Published: Sat, 5/11/2013 by gus diamantopoulos
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    Best jacket I have ever owned a definite keeper. I am proud to own such a well made quality leather jacket.
    If I could wear more than one jacket at the same time,it would be a schott every time.

    Published: Mon, 12/3/2012 by Brian Stansby
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    No picture or description can do this beautiful jacket justice. In addition to being a minimalist work of art and a perfectly functioning garment, this jacket is overbuilt in all the right ways; the leather is thick, the stitching is like something you would find on sails and the zipper is industrial grade. The 42" fit my 42" chest perfectly, the sleeves and body coming to rest at the exact right places. I've been wanting this jacket for quite a while and now that I have it, I don't think anyone will be able to tear it from my body. Thank you Schott--it's comforting to know that in an age of mass-production, there are still artisans who craft quality items like this.

    Published: Tue, 11/20/2012 by Douglas J Forman
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    I always wanted to own this jacket and I am glad I finally made the decision to purchase it. Both Jerry and Casey have been very helpful in helping me select it and resolve a minor issue with great professionalism. I like that this beautiful jacket is made in the states and hope of course that the company remains where it is. The quality of the leather is first class the zippers have the name Schott engraved on them, which to me is a plus, and cost several hundred dollars less than a lesser product carrying a major brands name, which is manufactured in some other country. Thanks to each and every employee at Schott, and thank you to the decision makers for keeping this company right where it was born.

    Published: Fri, 2/17/2012 by Frank Delenda
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    You are probably already familiar with the brand. You have most likely seen pictures of the various celebrities who have worn their products. You may even know that they are all made in the USA. However, if you don't own one yet you have no idea what a perfectly crafted, detailed and bombproof jacket it really is! The fit is flawless, the style is balanced and simple; it is the real original, the one the others try to copy. The price is cheap for what you really is! Once you get it, go an compare it to the high end garbage trying riding the coat tails of the iconic look this company has worked to build over the last 100 years. Even their customer service is lock step with the quality of their product!

    Published: Wed, 1/18/2012 by Franz F. Davis
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    I'm a bodybuilder,and always have trouble with jacket sizing. I took your advice and went one size up. The tapered cut is magnificent.It fits me the way I always wanted. I will be buying directly from Schott again. Thank you so much!

    Published: Wed, 12/14/2011 by spas57
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    I bought this jacket in 1992 in Italy and used it ever since.
    Still super contemporary design and looks as goos as when I bought it. I felt that by putting a review on this site was the minimum I could have done to say thank you to schott and to admire the quality and top materials used to make their top jackets.
    Thank you again

    Published: Sun, 10/23/2011 by Fabrizio
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    This is one of my two favorite jackets. The other is my Schott 141, which is perfection. I have over 70 leather jackets and I always find myself going back to this jacket for everyday wear.

    This hide is a little bit stiff when you first receive it, but after a lot of use, it breaks in so beautifully. I normally wear a size 44 but ordered one size up as described. Unfortunately, the jacket was too big, so I had to return my first jacket for my true size. I had the same issue with the Schott 650, which is described as a slim fitting jacket. Once I got my correct size, I haven't wanted to take it off. Great jacket and great service. This jacket is worth every penny!

    Published: Thu, 6/23/2011 by Mason Chiang
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    I bought this jacket in 1995 and have worn over the years during the colder months. I took jacket out yesterday to have professionally cleaned and jacket came back looking better than ever. It never needed to be cleaned but heating oil spilled in basement so house smelled like diesel and Insurance offered to clean everything. This jacket has been through alot and I have recieved 100's of compliments on quality of leather and style over the years. Schott makes truely the finest quality leather jacket in the US. I have put on 15 lbs in 16 yrs and jacket is now a little snug. But I remember it was a little big when I purchased so leather has remained the same for all of this time. This jacket should go into a time capsule for 100yrs but then someone whould not get to enjoy such fine quality.

    Published: Sat, 3/12/2011 by chris melfa
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    I have two armored fabric jackets which I generally use when I ride but wanted to get a nice leather jacket as well. After doing lots of online research and looking in stores it was obvious that Schott jackets were what I was looking for. The quality of the jacket is outstanding: good thick leather, well-dyed, zippers are strong, stitching is perfect. This is a jacket that has the potential to last for decades and be passed on my son -- and he well may decide to "borrow" it before that. As recommended in the sizing guide I bought a size larger than my normal jacket size, and the fit is perfect: snug but not tight. The action back is particularly effective in allowing freedom of movement. This is a solid five star jacket.

    Published: Sun, 9/20/2009 by Edward D.
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    I had a Schott "cafe racer" like this way back in 1975-76, and, in what was evidently a moment of temporary insanity, sold it to a friend. What a nice surprise to find they still make them in the original slim cut. Putting it on is like entering a time machine!

    Published: Sat, 4/11/2009 by Mercutio
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    The Jacket I purchased is in excellent condition.
    However, I ordered a size 38 for my 38 chest and it
    was much too small. I suggest that you change
    the jacket sizes.

    Published: Fri, 3/27/2009 by Phily Guy
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