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Horsehide Perfecto® Leather Jacket



Horsehide Perfecto® Leather Jacket


Our classic Perfecto® jacket now available in black horsehide leather. Hand made right here in our factory. Similar to the 618, this jacket runs slim, so order one size larger than normal.



    About this leather: Horsehide - Horsehide is actually a traditional hide that we used to make many of our earliest jackets. It is a timeless material renowned for its exceptional durability and distinctive aesthetic. Initially having a shiny finish and a stiff feel, it will with time mold to your form becoming uniquely yours. With a warmth equal to cowhide, this is a leather that will last a lifetime.
    Stiffness: Very Stiff
    Weight: 3-3.5oz
    Origin: European Raw Material, Tanned in Italy

    Interested in more? Learn about the history of the Perfecto® by clicking here.
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    Published: Thu, 3/21/2024 by Skip

    This is my first Schott 618 HH and I love it so far. I've had it a week and yes it's still stiff after wearing it every day, around the house, even doing light work outs to break it in. On the train to NY, I got several compliments. It's heavy, shiny and🔥🔥🔥🔥

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    Published: Thu, 2/15/2024 by Harry Yi

    Jerri & Denise provided exceptional customer service. Happy with my 618HH it is an excellent quality jacket.

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    Published: Tue, 12/12/2023 by Brandon Alexander
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    Buy it true to size. They recommend going up a size but it fits perfectly with my slim frame. I'm a 34 and I couldn't be happier with how it fits. The pictures don't do it justice, the deep black will take your breath away. Badass all the way. No wonder rockstars chose this jacket! The craftsmanship is unparalleled. Thank you Schott!

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    Published: Tue, 11/7/2023 by Bernardo

    Quality of the product overall is amazing.
    I had previously gotten the size 38, but it felt a little too large in the back (I’m 1,83m tall and weigh 65kg, 36” in chest) and then decided to get the size 36. The fitting is better, but the shoulder lapels are way too large and look disproportionate, it seems as if they use the same length of lapels for all jacket sizes. I now feel indecisive whether to keep a jacket that fits well but makes me look weird on the shoulders or keep a jacket that doesn’t look as trim from the back for my body frame but looks good. Also, shine in both jackets is different. One had a glossy finish without being too shiny (the 38) and the 36 looked almost too shiny, which, if I keep, hope it fades a little bit.

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    Published: Fri, 10/13/2023 by lynfordd

    When you want something a bit heavier. Holds you sucre . Makes you feel safe riding. . This jacket has a very sexy cut . Im a perfect 42 … but 44 is the size for me. The leather horse hide has a great shine and breaks in quickly. You’re going to love it for your collection. Excellent workmanship quality and value. For sure years of enjoyment ..

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    Published: Sat, 8/19/2023 by Benny L

    I am about a 41 and got a 40. I'm hoping to get back to my pre-pandemic weight. As it is now, the jacket is fitted. However, I can wear a hoodie underneath and still zip it up. The pockets can't be filled since the jacket hugs my body, but that's fine. The quality is amazing. I'm pretty happy about the sizing.

    Two critical comments is the Schott tape was a bit torn as maybe a heavier box was place on top of the Schott box. The tape makes it known the box contains a high-priced item. The second critical comment is the 2 front panels are not exactly the same -- the right seems not as "smooth." However, as the jacket is worn, this difference will probably go away.

    I'd like to get the 641HH or another horsehide jacket in the future.

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    Published: Wed, 7/13/2022 by Schrag
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    The jacket is even better than on the photos on your page. The quality is outstanding. First I was a bit surprised by the price however when the jacket arrived I understood well that it is definitely worth it. H0rsehide is great, esp for upcoming fall/winter with a black sweater below it should be quite impressive.

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    Published: Fri, 4/15/2022 by C Paul T
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    One of the best wardrobe decisions I ever made. I'd been on the fence about getting a classic biker jacket for years, but when I saw this one, I knew it was mine. The leather is soft, crisp, shines impeccably but is sturdy, tough and rigid. The embellishments pop visually and are made to hold up. I recently got the collar accessory and can't decide if I like it traditional, or if I like to embellish my embellishments (the answer is both). To top it all off, it seems to be working some magic on the ladies too. I get lots of glances, smiles, and compliments. I'm not telling you that last part to try and impress you, I'm telling you because of how impressed I am by the people at Schott NYC. It's everything I ever wanted from one of these jackets and more.

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    Published: Thu, 2/10/2022 by Grumpy Old Biker
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    I already have a horsehide 689H, and I love it, so I couldn’t wait for this 618HH. This new one will be for motorcycle riding — with the fake-fur collar I recently purchased from Schott in the winter — and the 689H will be for more traditional pursuits and socializing. (I can’t believe I wrote that with a straight face.)

    I have more than ten Schott leather jackets now, and a few dozen leather jackets from other brands (especially Harley-Davidson), and this could be my favorite — either this or my new 111 Perfecto in navy blue cowhide. For reference only: I’m 6’0” tall, 225 pounds, with a 46” chest and still have an athletic build with no belly (yet). I wear a size 46 suit and sport coat, and a size XL in most other brands’ leather jackets, like Harley-Davidson and Indian Motorcycle jackets. I went against the Fit Guide on the Schott product page and instead of ordering the recommended size 48, like my 689H and my older 118, I went with a size 50 with this jacket because I read the 618 has a more fitted profile. Also, Schott made it clear that the fur collar for a 118 or a 125 should be ordered a size larger than the jacket itself so the snaps will match up. I am SO glad I ordered the larger size. It fits perfectly and has room for a hoodie underneath.

    The only surprise is this 618HH measures 27” from the base of the collar to the bottom in back. I expected it to be. 25” but I prefer this longer jacket because I wear these jackets for daily riding, not for fashion. The chest on this jacket measures 50” (25” across from armpit to armpit) and also at the waist — there’s no taper. Surprisingly, my older, size 48, 118, which I bought used, measures around 49” at the chest, 46” at the waist, and 25” from the base of the collar to the bottom in the back. It’s more fitted than my size 50 618HH.

    The horsehide leather is shiny and stiff but it will break in beautifully. I can’t wait.

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    Published: Tue, 11/9/2021 by Dark
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    Really glad I visited the San Francisco store, I was able to compare each of the Perfecto options they had in stock. Once I put on the 618HH, I knew my mind was made up.

    I'm 6'0 and about 150lbs, normally fitting nicely in a 36. If you're looking to put a layer in besides a t-shirt, take Schott's advice and go a size up. The 36 was snug - looked slick, but I knew I wouldn't be able to layer into it.

    I ended up taking a 38, the fit feels perfect and versatile. The 618 lands right where I want the length of my leather jacket.

    The horsehide selection is A+, beautiful cuts that are consistent and luminous.

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