Horsehide Perfecto Leather Jacket
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618HH - Horsehide Perfecto Leather Jacket
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Horsehide Perfecto Leather Jacket

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    Our classic Perfecto jacket now available in black horsehide leather. Hand made right here in our factory. Similar to the 618, this jacket runs slim, so order one size larger than normal.


    Interested in more? Learn about the history of the Perfecto by clicking here.

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    5 of 5 people found the following review helpful:


    I'm nervous anytime I buy something without getting to try it on first. Especially if it costs me a almost week's pay but I put my fears aside and ordered the 618HH after talking with Gail and Jerri and it's a PERFECT FIT! I love the shiny look and feel of it. So glad I went with HH over the 618 steer. Excellent craftsmanship, super fast 2 day delivery and great material...What more can you ask for in a leather?
    I ordered this in a 48 even though I have a 44 inch chest and I'm glad I did. With a thick shirt on underneath it fits snug. Can't wait to break it in...

    Published: Thu, 12/13/2012 by Leonardo DeSanctis
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    4 of 5 people found the following review helpful:


    Today I got my first Perfecto HH and it is just perfect. I love not only the jacket - I love the customer service, the US quality of horse leather and the style. It is a legend. Looks great with 1955 Levis 501 jeans, Red Wing Engineer shoes, Schiesser t-shirt Franz and a NY base cap! All the best from Berlin, Germany!

    Published: Sat, 8/18/2012 by Marco Voigt
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    4 of 4 people found the following review helpful:


    today i get my first schott perfecto and it is awesome !!the horsehide is perfect. i take the size i ever take and it looks like they do it for me!!
    thank you for this beautiful craftsman ship, now i need only some rides on my fat boy with it and it will have my personal look!! thanks a lot

    Published: Tue, 4/10/2012 by madmax
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    3 of 3 people found the following review helpful:


    After a couple of months of extensive research into 613, 618 and 118 models, I've finally received my horsehide devil!

    I didn't think I'll get the horsehide. I though about saving one hundred bucks.

    But... In the meantime I got a couple of cheap second hand Perfectos (70' 613 and one 418) just to have something to try on and measure before I commit to buy a newer jacket I could wear. One thing I noticed with those two that made me reconsider my initial idea of buying a second hand Perfecto. They do take shape of their initial wearers! It may not be a problem for you, but it was certainly a problem for me. My arms are a bit longer than normal and both those s/h jackets had their elbows stretched just a bit above my own elbow, which made the sleeves move a lot and leaving a bump right above my elbow. I then decided against getting a s/h jacket and buying a new one instead. Still, it was supposed to be a cowhide. It became horsehide just because Gail and Jerri were so amazingly patient with me, that I did decide to get it! Everything good you have ever heard about their service is in my experience true.

    The other reasons the horsehide didn't grab me at first was because I thought it looked too shiny and read a lot about how long it takes to break it in.

    Although the jacket certainly does posses some sheen, it is far from that ugly plastic-looking-leather kind of sheen. It just sort of makes the jacket look a bit more passers by friendly, if that makes sense :)

    It does squeak when taken straight out of the box. It also squeaks less after only a few hours, so if you think it's something you wouldn't be comfortable in public about, it may be a good idea to wear it around the house for a couple or so days just to rub that sound off of her. When brand new, it squeaks so that people could probably hear you in a quiet cinema. Probably.

    It is incredibly well made, it was shipped incredibly fast. You all know this... It was in Melbourne on Thursday. Shipped on Monday.

    Now, although I measure 6"2', 153-158lbs, chest size 36.5'-37', I got it in size 38 and I'm very happy about it. It fits snug and I mean it. It is still not small! I can zip it, I can still breathe and stuff. But, if I lived somewhere else where the weather is cooler and I need to wear a sweater or something like that, I'd get me a number 40. I can still wear this one with something more substantial underneath though. The way I wear it with a shirt or a T-shirt, 40 would be too loose. Sleeves are exactly on my wrist.

    I can see why Schott suggests one size larger on these. If I rode a bike, it would make sense. I don't ride a bike, I don't have a gut, so when I tighten my 38 in the first hole on the belt, the way it looks, that's all I need from a jacket.

    Did I say I'm extremely pleased with the jacket, with the whole idea of it being manufactured in America and with the Schott's customer service. Well, I am.

    Thank you very, very much!

    Published: Thu, 2/20/2014 by Killer M. Diller
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    3 of 3 people found the following review helpful:

    616 HH

    Everything you expect from Schott! Great fit and finish. This classic jacket is a great value. My wife is having second thoughts about letting me wear it without her, guess she is afraid of the chick magnet appeal of the perfecto. Awesome product great service.

    Published: Wed, 7/3/2013 by Doug
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    3 of 3 people found the following review helpful:


    Incredibly fast delivery! Only 5 days after ordering the jacket, I had it at home. And I live in Norway.
    Schott's reputation is true. Great leather, great work. As recomended I ordered it one size larger and it fits like a glove. Now I just have to break it in and make it mine!

    Published: Mon, 7/18/2011 by Robert Karlsen
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    2 of 2 people found the following review helpful:


    Really not too much I can say that hasn't been said already. Initially I had purchased a 626, but something just didn't fit right; the arms and overall length of the jacket were a bit too long for my taste. I decided to give it another go with the 618HH, and truly that was the right choice. Initially, I was a bit nervous about fit since it's a motorcycle jacket and I purchased it as a fashion piece. However, I bought it in my size (rather than the size up suggestion) and it's that classic skin-tight fit. The leather is really breaking in with a unique character and the horse hide looks amazing; it’s really a work of art. Any buyers remorse with the 626 was resolved with the 618, and I can't stop wearing this jacket!

    Published: Fri, 12/22/2017 by Al
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    2 of 3 people found the following review helpful:


    I could have not been any more satisfied when I received the jacket. Initially I was contemplating other brands since the jacket doesn't have the sewn in amour as some more modern jackets on the markets offered. However all you need is to wear an additional amoured shirt layer underneath and it's all sorted. In a way this would be better since there is less chance of the amour sliding or moving about in a collision. Other brands such as Dainese and Alpine are too race orientated for a casual rider in my opinion. Regarding the jacket,itself, the craftsmanship and quality control level is beyond belief! The premium leather smell, the signature stiffness quality of the horsehide convinced me as soon as I opened the package that I was in good hands when I chose the true O.G of zippered leather jacket. The 618 design also has snaps for a warm collar which is great. Every features of the jackets function well such as the zippers in the cuff of the jackets which zip up just well enough for gloves to fit in without being too loose, unlike other jackets out there that I have tried on which only imitate the features for fashion sake. If there is any feature that I think should be added is perhaps an option for snap on hood just like the snap on collar since it could be useful when I'm of the bike and its raining, however this is a minor thing as I would often layer up a hoodie beneath anyway. Overall, all I can say that although supposedly you can find even more premium leather such as of Horween offered by other companies as discussed by some forums out there, you won't be able to find a jacket as well thought out and designed as this. I'm 5'10, weighing 75 kg and found the size 42 to be just perfect for me sleevelength wise, though perhaps the back length could be a bit longer for riding?

    Published: Thu, 5/26/2016 by Tom
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    2 of 2 people found the following review helpful:


    This is an amazing Jacket! The shipping was super fast and I will recomend Schott to everyone! Thanks Jerri for the sizing help you were spot on! The Perfecto fits me like a glove and is wearing in nicely. Thanks everybody at Schott!!!

    Published: Sun, 6/3/2012 by Wes F
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    2 of 2 people found the following review helpful:


    Incredible! I received my package in three days and I live in France ... I'm delighted with my perfecto 618HH the appearance is beautiful and a very high quality I highly recommend this purchase has all

    Published: Fri, 4/20/2012 by Lemaire
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    1 of 2 people found the following review helpful:


    I just got mine size 34. I own several Schotts including a patent leather I had custom made thru you website. I'm always looking for the very thight-one-size-too-small fit, and the 34 is just about good enough, I'd rather have a 32. My suggestion: start making 32s. I guarantee a market. As you know your market has and is expanding to the fashion crowd. I've talked about this w NYC Schott LES store guys and they agree. There's nothing like a Schott. Make them smaller.

    Published: Tue, 8/19/2014 by Victor Rodriguez
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    This jacket says a thousand words, when I first seen one in the chicago flagship store and learned about the horsehide, I knew I needed one in my life. I’ve owned a schott perfecto 618 36 steerhide forever and loved it. But I would have to say the horsehide is better for your money. Plus my 36 was to tight to zip up with a hoodie or crewneck. Love the style/cut of the horsehide because it’s the same as my old one, just newer. I’m 5’10 145Lb 29y and I fit into a 38, still really snug and can wear hoodies and long sleeves now, love this jacket and the shine too it!!

    Thanks Schott

    Published: Sat, 4/6/2019 by Indianwarriorco
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    618 (HH)

    Bought this in Size 38
    Chest is 38.5", Height 72", Weight 130 lbs
    I have a long torso and skinny legs. I work out but not with heavy weights.

    This Cut fits perfectly in the Chest and Shoulders/Arms, if you want a "Fashion" Fit, get your actual Chest Size, don't Size up. My only dislike is the Back Length, it's SOOOOO short. And since I have a long torso, it looks even shorter.

    If I sized up to 40, it would be 25" instead of 24" which would be better, although 26" would be optimal, but the shoulders and sleeves wouldn't have that perfect fit any more. And the Sweep would be a bit too baggy. So pick your poison really.

    Then again, if you wear the Jacket un-zipped always, it looks perfect, even with the short length.

    So my rating is 4 instead of 5. Schott should make this exact same Cut but with 1 or 2 inch longer Back length, for skinny taller people.

    Because I have tried on 519 and 626 but they were both too baggy, but the length was good.

    The Leather is beautiful, and has this fragrance that is so strong but very intoxicating.

    Published: Thu, 3/15/2018 by L
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    I waited 3 weeks for my size to be made. It was worth the wait.
    It looks just like the picture.
    I love the shine and the fit.
    Its the real deal.

    Published: Mon, 2/5/2018 by David
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    The Schott Perfecto, you CAN NOT imagine how excellent The Perfecto is until you have worn one for awhile ! I ride motorcycles, my favorites are my Indians a '48 Chief and '50 Chief. Much is written about Antique Motorcycles and how they seem to have a soul, some say it's from the previous owners love for their bikes and care necessary to maintain and ride them, an era when if you rode you were a mechanic. Others say the soul was part of the bike from the factory, built into each bike by men that were proud of the bikes they were building. Where ever it comes from it is real ! Anyways one day I was cruising along upcountry and this same feeling came over me about The Schott Perfecto jacket I wear now, The Perfecto HH. I am not sure how to discribe this feeling. I never gave this any thought at this point it was just a feeling that came over me. I believe it's the history of a fine company with employees that care about what they are doing and admire their creations with pride. The fine craftsmenship is so obvious when you look over The Perfecto ! The jacket improves as you wear it, just like they say. I have been wearing my Perfecto HH for 4 months around a thousand miles per month, I don't leave home on the bike without it ! It becomes a part of you. If your considering getting a Perfecto do it ! You won't be sorry.

    Published: Thu, 4/27/2017 by Mark St John , Maui Indian Mark
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    I bought a 618HH for motorcycling use to replace another brand that no longer fits from years past. This new Perfecto jacket is just that - perfecto! The leather is wonderful. Not too stiff and not too flimsy. It is just right. American made is a plus and this jacket just exudes quality throughout. The stitching fit and function is so superior to anything else that I have seen out there, and the styling is classic and timeless. Snaps and zippers are top notch. I got one size up and it has just enough room to layer underneath if you want. I also purchased the optional matching fur collar to snap on when the weather gets cold and it fits like a glove and looks great, but the jacket also looks and functions fantastically as is without the collar in warmer weather. I cannot really compare this jacket to my old jacket because it would not be fair. The Perfecto wins hands down! I would give it 10 stars if I could!

    Published: Sat, 9/24/2016 by Mike McCambridge
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    I was a little worried ordering this product. I had a 118 from 1996 that was too short on me and even though knowing that the 118 is longer now than the 618 I was still concerned that this jacket would be not long enough. This jacket fit me perfectly, just the right length and room. I am 5'11" and a size 44-45 so I got the 46 and it is just right. the arms.

    The leather is going to take a while to break in and is currently very shiny but after it is softened up I know itll be perfect.

    Published: Sat, 10/10/2015 by Adam Mccue
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