Schott N.Y.C.
10" Engineer Boot



10" Engineer Boot


Schott NYC 10" Engineer Boot


    Introducing the Schott NYC 10" Engineer Boot

  • 10" Height
  • US Domestic Steerhide
  • Poron Foam Insole
  • Vibram Sole
  • 1 inch heel
  • Goodyear Leather Welt
  • Fiberglass Shank
  • U.S.A.

  • D Width
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    Published: Mon, 5/9/2022 by -Dottore

    Beautiful, luxurious and very comfortable out of the box. The aroma of the steer hide is exhilarating Ordered a half size smaller and they fit perfect. Thanks Schott, for making such a great boot.

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    Published: Mon, 5/2/2022 by Jose Viteri

    A+ material, style and price, so comfortable from the first use. Thank you.

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    Published: Sat, 4/9/2022 by Mike cosentino
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    I bought these boots to wear casually since they are lightweight compared to my Wesco engineer boots. The leather is nice and smooth and the stitching has a nice tailored look. I must say they are comfortable out of the box. I was surprised to find by accident that Schott had this boot. I've been wearing Schott motorcycle jackets since the sixties so I had no problem buying these boots. I will still wear my Wesco boots for riding the bike because of the heavy leather. You can wear these boots with anything and look good. And the price was fair for such a nice boot.

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    Published: Fri, 4/1/2022 by Grumpy Old Biker
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    In addition to leather jackets I have an even larger collection of boots, mostly motorcycle-style boots. The vast majority are engineer boots like these Schott BT54, with the straps across the instep and at the top of the shaft. My collection includes only examples made by mid-range and higher end companies like Chippewa, Red Wing, Frye, Wesco, White’s, Viberg, John Lofgren (which are the most expensive and my least favorite), Santa Rosa, and even a pair by Ralph Lauren Double-RL. For some odd reason (probably poor sales) the largest of these companies (Chippewa and Red Wing) have stopped making the classic engineer boots for the U.S. market, though this style of boot remains very popular in Japan and elsewhere. Red Wing still sells their best models there.

    But now we in the U.S. have a great choice at a very fair price. These Schott BT54 engineer boots are very high quality and compare well with any of my other boots, even those costing more than twice, nearly three times as much. The quality of the chromexcel steerhide leather is excellent, as is the workmanship, which should surprise nobody who owns a Schott leather jacket. The fit is spot-on; I measure 10-1/2D, though I often prefer an E-width, and these boots in size 10-1/2D fit me perfectly. They are comfortable right out of the box and look great. I expect them to wear extremely well over time with the Vibram sole, which can be rebuilt in the future. These boots are a great value for the money.

    My only complaints are the lack of color choice (just black so far), and I prefer a slightly taller, tapered, stacked leather heel with a contour — what is usually referred to as a woodsman’s heel or a Cuban heel. The low, blocky heel on this boot is just not pleasing to the eye, plus the lack of taper can cause the bottom edge of the rubber heels to catch on stairs and pant legs. But those complaints are minor and definitely won’t stop me from buying more of Schott’s boots. Especially if they bring these out in brown (like they do their lace-up boots) or burgundy — or horsehide in any color!

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    Published: Sun, 1/16/2022 by J Duran
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    I’ve been looking for a quality engineer boot for a while. Most American boot makers have discontinued this style. Sizing is similar to Redwing Iron Rangers and Wolverine 1000 Mile. I usually wear a 10.5 but ordered this in 9.5 (same size as my Redwing and Wolverine) and the fit is perfect.

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    Published: Fri, 12/3/2021 by Joseph Jones Jr
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    A boot that looks this good should hurt for a few weeks. These don't. These are comfortable right out of the box. The leather is substantial and yet it's comfortable. Don't ask me how they did that. the buckle is right where it should be. It will make any pair of jeans look 10 times better. These boots are perfect. Good job, Schott!

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