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Perfecto® Steerhide Motorcycle Jacket



Perfecto® Steerhide Motorcycle Jacket


Heavyweight Horween chromeexcel steerhide "Perfecto®" jacket,


    We're not kidding that this jacket is heavyweight. Put it down and it can stand on it's own. However that rigidity is exactly what you want when you look forward to breaking in a jacket that will live for generations.

  • 25" Length
  • Heavyweight Horween Chromexcel
  • 100% Wool Buffalo Check (Black Jacket) or Windowpane Plaid Lining (Burgandy)
  • Plain Black Snaps on Lapel and Pocket Flap
  • Black Star on Epaulets
  • Bi-Swing Back
  • Sleeve Gussets
  • U.S.A.

    Model is 6'1", weighs 175 lbs, with a 37" chest and is wearing size Medium.

    Interested in more? Learn about the history of the Perfecto® by clicking here.
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    Published: Wed, 1/24/2024 by Chris

    This is an amazing jacket, and I'm very happy that I ordered it. Yes, it is somewhat stiff and heavy at the beginning, but after only a few hours of wear, it started to mold itself to the shape of my body and to feel not like a "second skin", but rather like my "hide" or a perfectly fitting suit of armor.
    One of the things I like most about this particular model is that it is extremely "rock 'n' roll", but at the same time elegant and understated due to the black metal hardware. In my opinion, this makes it more versatile than some of the other Perfecto models. If you are looking for a leather jacket that can be rebellious, menacing, and subtle at the same time, this is the one for you.
    A word to the sizing: My experience has been that the "Fit Guide" on the website is completely reliable. According to it, an L would give me the standard fit, and an XL would be relaxed. I ordered both sizes, and found this prediction to be 100% accurate. After comparing both, I decided that I liked the standard fit more.
    I have purchased several very nice leather jackets over the years, but this is "The One". I cannot imagine anything being better.

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    Published: Wed, 11/8/2023 by Hector
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    I’ve always have imagined and dreamed with a leather jacket like this, that would satisfy my need for weight, feel, thickness, smell, and color.
    The burgundy P613S exceeded all my requirements, been buying several other brands before, all of them with top quality but none of them are comparable to this one.
    This jacket has an amazing smell, amazing color and feel, it definitely feels like waring an armor yet flexible and braking period has been fast.
    I ordered a size M and was a perfect fit, mine weights 3 kilos, the leather is quite thick, heavy duty and I wore it at a temperature of 32 degrees with only a t-shirt beneath, it was a drop from 75 degrees to 32 in about a day, so my hands and face were quite cold, but the body was warm wearing this monster.

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    Published: Sat, 10/28/2023 by K D
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    Heavy like the lead vest you wear when getting x-rayed.
    Feels like engineer boot leather.
    Nice dyed (vs painted on) color.

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    Published: Fri, 1/13/2023 by JAV
    1 of 12 people found the following review helpful

    The P613S is straight up everything I have ever wanted in a leather jacket. Black version. It's heavy in the hand but melts away on the body. Feels like it could stop a bullet. The black on black hardware gives you all the Perfecto vibes without the flash of the polished chrome. The Horween CXL steerhide is thick and lustrous, and I haven't found a flaw in the stitching. The XL fits me like a glove in a standard fit, just as the size guide predicted (but thank you Jerri for answering all my questions to ensure I got the right size).

    I was worried the wool lining would grab at my clothes, but it doesn't at all. Very smooth, and it's easy to throw the jacket on. My one criticism would be the material used to line the arms. It's just kind of acceptable. It's perfectly comfortable, but a jacket at this price deserves better.

    Straight from the box I loved this jacket. It's every bit as stiff and uncompromising as you'd expect; however, I feel like the break in concerns are massively overblown. I unboxed it last night, wore it at home for a few hours, then wore it all day at work. Now and again I balled it up and sat on it, focusing on crushing the stiff areas. Less than 24 hours later, it's already draping. No conditioning products, no week of sleeping in it, no walks in the rain, no years of discomfort. If you're not afraid to make the jacket yours - crush it up, tenderize the leather with your body - the jacket will be comfortable in a matter of hours, not days; and certainly not weeks. It's not draping like a naked hide yet, but I expect it to get there, and pretty quickly. Arms went from uncomfortably stiff to totally normal in half a day of just wearing it and using my arms. It no longer has the unpleasant flat crispiness of brand new leather; instead it's developing gorgeous creases, beautiful grain, and looks like it's been well loved for far longer than it has. It moves just like clothing is supposed to move.

    Contributing my experience with break in was the reason I felt like I should write a review, because I was expecting an arduous process that would take weeks, or that I'd wind up having to the jacket with leather conditioner. Nope. Not necessary. Just literally break in the stiff leather by crushing it up and actively wearing it. Don't fear the jacket!

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    Published: Sun, 9/18/2022 by mranderberg
    5 of 20 people found the following review helpful

    I have finally found my grail riding jacket!

    While I own a number of great Schott's (118, 613SH, 603, 641) none of them really compare to the P613S for actual motorcycle riding in my opinion. The thick stiff leather does an excellent job at protecting you from the wind and debris at highway speed - definitely feel protected. The slightly thinner lining makes it bearable to use in the 90F SoCal weather. Of course, it looks completely badass as well, which is a nice bonus.

    If you're looking for a motorcycle jacket to actually ride in then this should be an instant purchase!

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    Published: Tue, 9/13/2022 by Michael A. Madalena
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    6ft 235lbs big shoulders ordered 2xl. Thought it was too small. Schott said if it fits the shoulders then the size is correct. After a few months the leather has broken in much, much more. Truley thought it was too small and I had made a mistake, but Schott was right. As it breaks in, its becoming a perfect fit! Real heavy weight and a hard break, but more I wear it the more I love it and want to wear it more. This is my first leather biker jacket and love it!

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    Published: Thu, 2/10/2022 by MattieXMoto
    2 of 18 people found the following review helpful

    The burgundy P613S is a stunner! The color has a depth that can only be matched by shell cordovan. Yet the Horween Chromexcel is a pull up leather and I believe it looks better than any Shell Cord. The Horween CXL shows different shades of reds and blacks and light colors for wrinkles.

    For sizing this jacket is cut almost exactly the same as the 519, which in size medium fits me like a custom sized jacket. I am 5' 8" and 150 lbs. 39 inch chest. So I got the P613S in medium too as it is based on S,M,L type sizing vs the numeric that the standard 613S is based.

    The medium P613s fits me exactly like the medium 519, perfect! For reference I am also a 40 in the 603 Cafecto.

    The P613s seems to be a hair shorter than the 519, but both are still slim fit. I suspect they used the same size cut for both and probably decided to mimic the letter sizes of the 519 expecting less units sold with the limited Horeween Color 8 CXL.

    The P613s leather is no doubt heavy, heavier than either steerhide or horse hide. This is also probably why they chose a wool liner vs an insulation fill with quilted liner, reducing some weight.

    I prefer the wool liner as it breathes better. The CXL leather is also water resistant due to the sheer amount of oils and bees wax impregnated during the tanning process.

    One surprise was that the P613S has the buckle snap button to keep in place, just like the 519. I realize the standard 613s does not have this.

    The P613s does not have the snaps for any collar add on, which the 519 does.

    This photo from Schott Italy is much better at depicting the rich depth in color as well as how beefy the leather isz it can stand up on its own. I bet a child could even use it as a chair.

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    Published: Wed, 12/1/2021 by Scott Kleinberg
    3 of 13 people found the following review helpful

    5 stars is not enough, Schott. Let’s get that out of the way first.

    This is my 4th leather jacket and every time I think I’ve found my favorite, I end up changing my mind/not having any clue how to decide. Thankfully, I don’t have to. I can love them all equally, and I do.

    The P613S is built like a tank. It’s basically 8 pounds. It’s warm and sophisticated. It has the little features you come to expect from Schott quality, like the snap that holds the belt in place and zippers on the sleeves. I was really happy there was a burgundy option because I never had a burgundy jacket and because black would have meant 3 black jackets. And that’s ok. In fact, I would get another one of these in black; that’s how much I like it. But the burgundy here is so elegant. It’s deep red, as a good burgundy should be.

    I waited to get this with my yearly coupon, but it was so worth the wait. I paired it with the black wool beanie and just bought an off-white one and an off-white scarf. I’m looking forward to trying those.

    If you are on the fence for any reason, whether it’s comfort or sizing or price, don’t be. Run and get this jacket.

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    Published: Mon, 3/15/2021 by Yves
    1 of 2 people found the following review helpful

    I ordered it from Sydney, and it arrived in less a week. I opened box and hold in my hands, it looks like a shining armor. I put it on and I feel like a KING. This is my first Jacket and it is the best cloth I ever bought! Great work SCHOTT.

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    Published: Mon, 2/15/2021 by Kings
    4 of 18 people found the following review helpful

    (I'm currently 173cm height with 69kg weight, a regular slim guy, not skeleton skinny; I ordered the jacket in Small size)

    It is absolutely a heavy jacket (4kg in S size) which is stiff as a card board right out of the box. However, the cutting and design of the jacket is top notch as I didn't find it too difficult to move around in the jacket (even if it is a CXL leather). Smells good, Feels good, certainly made me smile when I put it on.

    For a Handmade jacket, imperfection could be acceptable to me. The losing stitching is not quite a serious issue but you find some spot here and there. Can't be too confident to say it is a tank, but definitely a solid structure so far.
    The hardware especially on the metals of the belt buckle and holes, are easily to be "distressed/discolored"(depends on how you view it, but not so cool for a jacket with just a few days of regular wear without actual riding on bikes).
    Other review did mention about some wrongly punched holes, but I got none of those.(Lucky me, just saying for the record)

    Weather & Temperature:
    It is now 17~18C ish in Hong Kong, it is not too hot to wear this jacket, only a little bit sweaty in the armpit, but the jacket is definitely heavy.
    The wool lining is breathable, no big issue of being too hot so far.

    Due to the thickness of the leather, the jacket look a bit bulky for a 5ft7 person unless you are already bulky.
    The leather look extremely shiny when it is new as it will draw a lot of attention. Be aware for that if you wanna stay low.

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