Schott N.Y.C.
Schott NYC 6" Service Boot



Schott NYC 6" Service Boot


Schott NYC 6" Service Boot


    Introducing the Schott NYC service boot.

  • 6" Height
  • US Domestic Steerhide
  • Poron Foam Insole
  • Vibram Sole
  • 1 inch heel
  • Goodyear Leather Welt
  • Fiberglass Shank
  • U.S.A.

  • D Width
  • Runs 1/2 size larger
  • 4.6 out of 5 based on 10 reviews
    8 Voting ratio: 80%.
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    Published: Mon, 1/15/2024 by Aps
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    I have many pairs of work boots. Most I use daily for my home improvement business. These Schott boots are a little too nice for that. However, they are incredible high quality leather and sole. They would have no problem with standing a job site. But I would say these are more of a fashion boot than they are Work boot. I thought they were comfortable right out of the box. Took little time To break in. I would only go down one half size choosing your size like their website says. Some of the other reviews claim they ran incredibly big, I disagree. Anyway, great boot, wouldn’t hesitate to buy another pair

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    Published: Tue, 1/9/2024 by Matt
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    I'll start out by saying I love Schott. I have a navy peacoat that I absolutely love and I will soon own a Perfecto jacket. I'm very biased toward Schott because of their quality and style. So naturally I was ecstatic when I discovered they now offer boots. I placed a preorder for my size immediately. That being said, I have owned a handful of different service boots and while these are certainly nice, I hate to say it but I've had better. From a quality standpoint, these are up there. It's definitely Schott quality but some of the other features (and lack thereof) and design choices leave something to be desired.

    MATERIALS & CONSTRUCTION: Like I mentioned, the quality of the materials used in the construction of these boots is top notch. I'd have expected nothing less from Schott. The leather is flawless. The moron insole is comfortable enough but the heel padding is almost nonexistent. More on that later. The goodyear welt is pretty standard for any service boot over $100. Nothing special there.

    FIT: Out of the box they looked pretty narrow but to my surprise, they were actually a little roomy in the toe box and that's with wearing them with thick wool socks.. Not loose or anything. Just enough room to not feel constricted. Now, I am a slimmer guy and I have feet to match so it's not really a problem for me but people with wide feet may have a problem fitting into these, But even still. they do look narrow even once on. So narrow that I feel like they look long. I checked and double checked to make sure I didn't buy a size too big but I didn't. They're just narrow and look long on my feet. Not something I'm really digging, to be honest. I want to feel like I'm wearing a boot, not a shoe.

    DESIGN & AESTHETICS: The overall design of the boot is just okay. It's very much a service boot. There is no toe cap, no stacked leather heel, no brogue pattern along the seams. It's a very bare bones, utilitarian design. Not much personality at all, really. Which is what I think I'm most disappointed about. Schott is iconic for their style and attitude. But these look so...blah. At the very least, a toe cap would add just a little something to the aesthetic while also adding a layer of protection to the most vulnerable part of the boot above the sole. The aesthetic is something I'm really struggling to like.

    Another feature I'm not crazy about is the sole. The chevron tread is not very functional and the rubber is hard so your step is loud and makes you sound heavy footed when you walk. It also doesn't grip well on hard, smooth surfaces like tile or wood and I have to imagine spending any more than five minutes outside in the freezing cold will make the soles rock hard and slippery.

    The leather laces are impractical for everyday use. They look cool but they do not fit in the lace hooks at the top of the boot very well at all. They keep popping out when I pull to tighten them. The laces are just a little too thick. Additionally, because they're thick, they don't stay tied and double knotting them creates a big ugly knot. So it looks like I'll be spend more money to swap them out for something more practical.

    COMFORT: The general comfort of the boots is 50/50. My foot fits in the boot and nothing is rubbing or chafing but the heel in the insole is hard as a rock. There isn't any shock absorption at all. After a couple hours wearing them around the house, my heels started to ache. This is exaggerated by the fact that the rubber sole is hard, making heel strikes while walking that much harder and more uncomfortable. This is pretty typical of many service boots, unfortunately. I don't know why the insoles are such a difficult thing for boot companies to make well.

    OVERALL: I really wanted to like these boots. I really did. But in the end I feel like I overpaid for what I got. Value for money is on a tilt. There isn't anything particularly special about them other than the quality of the leather itself, they're not very comfortable to walk around in, and there are a few quirky things like the laces and robber soles that just leave me feeling like I overpaid. For $300 and from a company like Schott, I wanted and expected to be wow'd and I didn't feel that at all. Quite frankly, I expected better from Schott. Unfortunately I'm stuck with them now because they've been worn, which kind of sucks. How do you know you like a pair of shoes if you can't try them on? Really kinda bummed out about all this..

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    Published: Thu, 11/23/2023 by Grumpy Old Biker
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    These are fantastic boots. The leather is superb and the style is almost perfect. But I would be very unlikely to take the word of one reviewer telling potential buyers to size down up to 1-1/2 sizes or even a full size. That’s ridiculous. I bought my normal Brannock size and have plenty of room for boot socks and a double-thick insole.

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    Published: Sat, 9/2/2023 by John Pegg
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    I've been looking for another pair of boots that are tough like my Made in England Docs but don't look like Docs. Found these boots when purchasing a Perfecto jacket.

    They feel like tanks. I do disagree with the Schott owner as these aren't "super comfortable" straight out of the box. And they shouldn't be because they need to be broken in. I've been wearing mine for almost two weeks now and they are starting to stretch out to my feet. There's no seams that dig into your toes and every feels solid.

    Definitely know that these run extremely large. I am a US size 9 (UK 8) in Docs and based on the reviews that these do run large, I first ordered a size 8.5. They were huge on my feet. So I exchanged them for a size 8. Still too big. I exchanged them for a 7.5 and that fit me. They felt tight but the kind of tight you feel when breaking in a high quality pair of boots. And my toes aren't touching the end of the boot. My toes have room. And now they are stretching to my feet and are feeling better with each wear.

    I plan on wearing these under my clerical alb with my black pants when serving at my church.

    Thanks Schott for these great boots! Keep up the quality products!

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    Published: Sun, 3/19/2023 by Kenny M
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    These are the real deal. The quality is amazing. The incredible smell of gorgeous leather you are hit with when opening the box was an experience in itself. You can tell these are made in “AMERICA”, they have a solid feel to them as far as construction, no cheap materials used here. The kind of boot that if anything happens to them over the years I can take them to my shoe repair and have them rebuilt.

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    Published: Sat, 3/4/2023 by AG
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    The leather on these is a work of art. Worth every penny.

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    Published: Sat, 2/4/2023 by Bruce Reynolds
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    Unbelievable! These are my favorite boots. They match all of my Schott leather jackets, they complete the Schott look and style. A must have! The boots provide modern comfort without sacrificing a special nostalgic style. A real pair of great American made leather boots. They are a perfect fit made by people that know what they are doing. I'm proud to wear these boots. Well done Schott.

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    Published: Sat, 10/29/2022 by Jorge Jimenez
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    Got these last year when they first came out. The leather is great, which is expected from Schott. The boots do run a little bit large. I would size down a size compared to whatever you usually wear. My only issue so far, as someone else mentioned, is the laces snapped after only a few wears.

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    Published: Tue, 9/27/2022 by Richard Kevin Borowiak
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    My great looking boots arrived w little problem, the leather laces on both boots snapped off when I laced them up the 1st time. I contacted Schott customer service and received an immediate response via email with a new pr of leather laces arriving in 2 days time....THANK YOU Jerri!

    Now that I have them on, love them. Great fit and the cushioned insole makes them feel like I'm walking on clouds. Do not think they will take much breaking in either.

    Best thing, learning that these mades are made in the USA! Right in Pennsylvania! Love knowing I'm supporting USA boot craftspeople.


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    Published: Tue, 6/28/2022 by A.D.
    1 of 18 people found the following review helpful

    Stylish but also very functional and awesome boots that'll last you forever!

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