Men's Cowhide Retro Moto Style Jacket
STYLE: 673
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Men's Cowhide Retro Moto Style Jacket

STYLE: 673
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    26” heavyweight vintage waxy cowhide retro inspired moto jacket features zip front closure, two lower slash front pockets, two upper diagonal pockets with chain pulls, bi swing back and printed cotton lining.

    Made in U.S.A

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    This is my first genuine leather jacket. I'm not usually one to spend much on myself but this year I figured, why not? Plus, I've always wanted to add a quality leather jacket to my wardrobe so I decided to treat myself to something REALLY nice. Schott wasn't my initial choice as the prices just seemed a little steep for a jacket so I scoured every corner of the internet, compiling a list of alternative brands that caught my eye.
    Somehow, after countless hours of research, cross referencing jackets online and testing jackets in stores, I narrowed down my choices between Schott and Vanson Leathers. Nearly went with Vanson for their prices but this jacket caught my attention in a way none of the others had. Ultimately, I went with this one and haven't looked back.
    Two days after the purchase, the jacket arrived at my pad. Fast. The first thing I immediately noticed is its weight. This jacket is heavy. It's a bit stiff too, at least for now until I can break it in. Despite this, it's incredibly comfortable and conforms perfectly to my frame. This jacket utilizes a cotton body lining and silky slick polyester in the arms, making it easy to slip on and off. The best thing about this jacket however is the gorgeous distressing and imperfections in its texture. My folks immediately notice and compliment my jacket though they can't stop rubbing their hands on it. Another plus is my beard has become much fuller since I began wearing this jacket. Coincidence? I don't think so.

    Published: Mon, 11/19/2018 by Gregory
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    This is my second Schotts leather jacket (my first was the Storm), what great, heavy leather they have, perfect design, quality and finish, for me the best leather jackets on the market
    Goetz, Switzerland

    Published: Sat, 12/8/2018 by Goetz
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    2 of 2 people found the following review helpful:


    This is is an amazing piece of craftsmanship and I couldn’t be happier with my purchase. I own a few different leather jackets from other brands, and this is hands down the best one I’ve got. By far. The leather is durable, the color is absolutely gorgeous, and it has a weight and a heft to it that makes it feel rugged and badass all at once. It definitely runs true to size; the large fit me like a glove right out of the box. This piece will age incredibly well and I cannot recommend it enough. If I ever need another leather jacket, I’ll only buy it from Schott.

    Published: Mon, 10/15/2018 by Chris McArthur
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    I pulled the trigger on this jacket after deciding my Schott P673 Storm needed a brother.

    Incredible jacket. The leather is rich and heavy-duty. Slightly larger and longer than my P673 which I am thankful for given the storm is a hair small in places. Very similiar to an Aero Sheene I once owned and for roughly half the cost.

    Very happy with the jacket, great piece all around. My fourth Schott jacket.

    Published: Sat, 2/23/2019 by Dean
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    I'm 5'6", 188 lbs, 42in chest. I ordered Large, but it was too big. Sleeves too long, but the jacket also doesnt taper much so the waist opening was quite loose, I can imagine that winter draft! The leather is beautiful, and pretty heavy.
    The lining leaves something to be desired, doesn't add to the design character. I would love to see what it is like when broken in. Going to exchange for a Medium and hope for the best that it is a perfect fit.

    Published: Fri, 5/31/2019 by Evan Mignogna
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    This is the perfect jacket. It's stitched together well, the leather is thick, durable, and beautifully retro, and the cut is exactly as advertised. It's HEAVY, and I have no doubt it'll last me for decades.
    Sleeve length is just right and the torso is slimming while not being obnoxiously tight.
    Lining is cotton for the body and some kind of silky material for the sleeves, and it makes slipping the jacket on and off easy, despite not being broken in yet.
    The jacket isn't cut as above-the-waist as most Schott moto/trucker jackets are and it makes the jacket ride up a bit when I'm driving or riding, but you'll only notice if you're trying to find problems with this jacket.
    You'll become a badass when you slip on the retro 673. No more playing chicken with strangers walking down the street -- people WILL move out of your way! Men will respect you and women will smile at you more.
    Zero regrets pulling the trigger on this purchase -- it's now my favorite belonging!

    Published: Sun, 5/26/2019 by AB
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    I did a search for "leather jacket made in USA" and when Schott came up I remembered that friends of mine spoke highly of them. Fortunately, somebody reviewed this same jacket on here and they gave their weight and height which was almost identical to mine so that alleviated my concerns about buying a jacket online. That's 6", 185-190 and the L fits just right. The double shoulder makes this really work. The leather is thick and the jacket is heavy. It doesn't feel like one of those cheap jackets people buy for the "look". This is the real deal.

    Published: Fri, 3/15/2019 by James
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    This is the jacket I dreamed of. Modern fit, Incredible leather smell. Rich leather. Not to hot. Heirloom quality. I just don't have the words to express how righteous this thing is. Thank you, Schott!

    Re: fit, I'm almost 6'4 with broad shoulders and relatively large arms (college athlete-type who has put on a nice insulation layer over the years ), currently 258lbs and dropping, so I bought the XL. It fits snugly, but perfectly, and will only get better with another 20lbs gone. If however I were still in the 260s/270s and not dropping, I would definitely want the XXL. Hope that helps some of you.


    Published: Wed, 3/13/2019 by RM
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    If you like the retro look with a heavy duty dark brown jacket you will love this Jacket
    Has to broken in as the leather is very substantial
    I believe this jacket weighs close to six(6) pounds
    I got an XXL and the fits is snug or tight in the chest back and shoulders but loose in the waist. I am 6-1 and weigh under 200
    Even at a higher price this jacket would be a bargain! One other thing i like about this jacket is the collar which is very high and keeps you warmer on those cold days. Keep up the good work Schott!

    Published: Tue, 3/12/2019 by kenneth wynofsky
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    Schott really knows how to make a quality product.
    The leather has a incredible patina, and the lining is a quiet high quality cotton. I am glad I pulled the trigger. You will be glad also.

    Published: Sat, 3/2/2019 by Ernesto
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    very good jacket

    Published: Sat, 2/23/2019 by bucelloni
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    I have been toying with the idea of buying a leather jacket for a number of years. I was looking to find something that would last me the rest of my life, fit my style and be age appropriate. I'm in my 40's and I don't ride, so I had a specific jacket type in mind.

    I wanted it to be brown, lined, and have a centered zipper with a collar. I don't care for bombers with cuffs or jackets with buckles and belts . I also required it to have slash pockets. This jacket fit each and every one of my criteria. The inside pocket was a nice bonus and is perfectly deep to slide in a phone and not have it ruin the line of the jacket.

    I am 6'1" and 185 lbs. The Large was what was suggested and it fits just as it should! It is stiff (for now) but will be well worth the break in. This jacket is heavy and built like a tank. It weighs over 5.5 lbs! The picture on the website looks a bit more "worn" than what I received (which I am happy with.) Because each jacket is unique it is probably tough to capture what each jacket will arrive like, but I feel it gives you the concept of its texture and look! Another reviewer touched on the "Leather Smell" I have to agree 100%- The Leather smell is intoxicating. I have gotten quite a few compliments on it already. Even had someone say "Your jacket smells so good!"

    Overall, this jacket has been a perfect buy! Fit all of my requests, shipped fast, and looks great!

    Published: Sat, 2/23/2019 by AR
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    The leather on this jacket is incredible, nice and heavy. It is stiff, but will break in nicely. I originally ordered a size large, but it was too big in the body and long in the arms, so I exchanged for a medium. Large would've been ok if I wanted to layer underneath, but I wanted the jacket to fit snug. I am 5'11', 185 lbs, 32' waist, athletic build. Dress shirt size 16 1/2 and 34/35 arm. This is an awesome jacket at a great buy.

    Published: Wed, 2/20/2019 by Shaun McQueen
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    This is one nice Jacket. I have to say that the pictures on the website do not do it justice. It is much more impressive in person. I ordered three other Schott jackets before this one. They were all very nice and substantial (one can not say enough about how heavy these jackets are). When you are purchasing a life-long jacket, you want to get it right. This 673 is a jewel. Rugged, gorgeous, and classic. Just what I was looking for.

    It is a bit stiff out of the box, but it is breaking in nicely. The quality is impressive. I am very pleased with my decision.

    I am 6'2 , 205 lbs and the XL fits nicely. I would say it definitely runs true to size. I wear XL in all my other coats.

    Published: Tue, 2/19/2019 by R. Smith
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    Received my new 673 a few days ago. I can't brag about this jacket enough. Construction: heavy duty Leather: Incredible - that special kind that is made to have a lot of personality - very durable and nice hand - a lifespan with no end in sight Details: really appreciate the extra effort in installing bi-swing shoulders Lining: gorgeous and different Hardware: very understated antique brass finish Smell: has a really nice smell that is hard to describe - not your typical leather smell - very sophisticated and subtle, yet there. Sizing: Very true to size - I am 6' 170 and Large fits perfectly. This is a beautiful piece of Schott art for all the leather jacket connoisseurs out there who want something just a little different, and off the charts. If you are a leather jacket junkie like myself, you will absolutely love this jacket, and as you know, Schott delivers the goods.

    Published: Mon, 2/18/2019 by RacerX
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    The only thing this jacket can't do is be a sissy. If you'd like more details, here they are.

    With Schott jackets, I think the bar starts at jaw dropping and goes up from there. I'm lucky enough to own a few models, but this is the first time I'm writing a review. So why now with this jacket? Well, I think this jacket is a hidden treasure within the treasure trove that is the Schott catalog. Not a Perfecto, not a cafe model, but stands shoulder to shoulder with them. Here's my take on this handsome beast.

    The Hide:

    The waxy cowhide is very heavy, and very stiff at first. Possibly even a little more than horsehide. It's wonderful... like armor. After a couple weeks of wear it starts to relax and mold to the body nicely. The color is rich, and rugged.

    The fit:

    Is very good and very versatile. I went with the 2XL the sizing guide suggested and it works great. I stand 5'9 with a 47 chest and 36 waist. The jacket with it's back gussets gives a relaxed but not baggy fit with a t-shirt, and ample room for layering, and with the cotton lining, makes this jacket extremely versatile over a wide range of temperature and weather conditions. I've already been at -5F wearing a t-shirt, flannel, unlined denim jacket, and the 673 outdoors for extended periods and was completely comfortable. One tiny ding for me here is the sleeves are a bit long on me, however that's what I get for having a 47 chest and broad shoulders at 59, so I'll deal. It's also an easy fix by flipping the cuffs in which sits natural and almost like it's meant to as an option in the design, though don't quote me on that.

    The features:

    Rounding things out, the 2 chain pull breast pockets are great for odds and ends, the slash hand warmer pockets are perfect for exactly that, and the interior slash pocket would be great for either a concealed carry or cigar case. I guess it'd fit a smart phone too. All zippers and stitching are standard Schott and bulletproof.

    In closing, this a superb grab, throw a pack over your shoulder, and go jacket. Hop on a motorcycle, hop on a plane, and practically anything in between. Well done Schott and thank you.

    Published: Sat, 2/16/2019 by Logan MacLeod
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    Beautiful rich lustrous color- darker brown than expected, in a good way. It is a substantial heavy leather. At 5"8", slim build, I am usually between small and medium sizes with many brands. I had tried on the Storm jacket and was most comfortable moving arms in a medium so I ordered a medium for this jacket and it fits very well. This is a good out and about jacket.

    Published: Thu, 2/7/2019 by TD
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