Men's Cowhide Retro Moto Style Jacket

STYLE: 673


Men's Cowhide Retro Moto Style Jacket

STYLE: 673

26” heavyweight vintage waxy cowhide retro inspired moto jacket features zip front closure, two lower slash front pockets, two upper diagonal pockets with chain pulls, bi swing back and printed cotton lining.

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    Made in U.S.A
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    Published: Thu, 10/24/2019 by Tim lessner

    Got mine yesterday. i agree with other posters. Its really a very handsome, well made jacket.
    Online pics don't do it justice. Mine isn't as distressed looking as online pics and I'm fine with that.
    leather is very heavy and will need breaking in, but that's something I wont mind doing as I look forward to wearing the hell out of it.
    Yes - interior lining is ummm kinda cheesey and reminds me of a Seinfeld episode. Fortunately its rather subdued and wont be noticed when wearing. But who picked THAT pattern?
    It's my only gripe and one I can live with as everything else about the jacket is amazing.
    Zippers function like butter which is more than i can say about other expensive jackets i've bought. Very nice.
    I'm 6'4" with a 44 chest and 33 waist.
    I ordered an XL.
    The sleeves are long enough for me but there is more space than I would like in the chest and especially around the waist. The jacket doesn't taper much down there and there are no straps to tighten.
    I called Customer Service and they said a Large was just as long as the XL but about an inch tighter in the chest/waist. I'm going to exchange for a Large and it should fit perfect.
    Great jacket. Worth every penny.

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    Published: Fri, 9/20/2019 by jon martensson

    Love it! Thank goodness someone my size 6' 170 lbs. wrote a review that the Large fit them well. I got a Large and it fits me like a glove. Just enough room to have a sweater or hoodie under it. Excellent quality and I'll own this forever.

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    Published: Fri, 8/23/2019 by GoBigOrGoHome

    I can't add much to the already glowing reviews of this wonderful heirloom piece other than to agree. I am 5'8", 195#, 46" chest, 32" waist and ordered large. Has a fitted appearance on me with the arms a little long when arms at my side. However, with this jacket they look as they should for a moto style. Wonderful jacket!!

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    Published: Fri, 8/16/2019 by Brian

    This jacket is awesome! Perfect fit and the leather is like butter. Looking forward to cold weather.

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    Published: Tue, 8/6/2019 by JT

    Old School Quality. Made in America. Real Deal. Customer Service was outstanding..

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    Published: Thu, 8/1/2019 by T

    I can’t say enough good about the look, feel, and “build” quality of this jacket. It’s rugged but gives off an oddly refined vibe as well. Very rakish.

    Be warned though, this jacket is virtually armor. It’s heavy too, very heavy.

    I am 6’1”, 200 lbs, and I bought the XL. If I was going to ride in it and only wear a T shirt, I might have opted for the L, but since I’d like to be able to comfortably fit a sweatshirt, and wear it more explorer style than biker style, I went with XL.

    The sleeves are long, like they should be for a motorcycle jacket - to cover your wrists with your hands outstretched. Easily remedied by Schott or a leather alterations place. But don’t go wrist short on them, it would look odd on a big rugged piece like this.

    The only thing I don’t like is the lining. It looks like wallpaper in a scary Grandma’s house. But it’s quality cotton, and then a slicker nylon or taffeta in the sleeves (as it should be).

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    Published: Fri, 5/31/2019 by Evan Mignogna

    I'm 5'6", 188 lbs, 42in chest. I ordered Large, but it was too big. Sleeves too long, but the jacket also doesnt taper much so the waist opening was quite loose, I can imagine that winter draft! The leather is beautiful, and pretty heavy.
    The lining leaves something to be desired, doesn't add to the design character. I would love to see what it is like when broken in. Going to exchange for a Medium and hope for the best that it is a perfect fit.

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    Published: Sun, 5/26/2019 by AB

    This is the perfect jacket. It's stitched together well, the leather is thick, durable, and beautifully retro, and the cut is exactly as advertised. It's HEAVY, and I have no doubt it'll last me for decades.
    Sleeve length is just right and the torso is slimming while not being obnoxiously tight.
    Lining is cotton for the body and some kind of silky material for the sleeves, and it makes slipping the jacket on and off easy, despite not being broken in yet.
    The jacket isn't cut as above-the-waist as most Schott moto/trucker jackets are and it makes the jacket ride up a bit when I'm driving or riding, but you'll only notice if you're trying to find problems with this jacket.
    You'll become a badass when you slip on the retro 673. No more playing chicken with strangers walking down the street -- people WILL move out of your way! Men will respect you and women will smile at you more.
    Zero regrets pulling the trigger on this purchase -- it's now my favorite belonging!

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    Published: Fri, 3/15/2019 by James

    I did a search for "leather jacket made in USA" and when Schott came up I remembered that friends of mine spoke highly of them. Fortunately, somebody reviewed this same jacket on here and they gave their weight and height which was almost identical to mine so that alleviated my concerns about buying a jacket online. That's 6", 185-190 and the L fits just right. The double shoulder makes this really work. The leather is thick and the jacket is heavy. It doesn't feel like one of those cheap jackets people buy for the "look". This is the real deal.

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    Published: Wed, 3/13/2019 by RM

    This is the jacket I dreamed of. Modern fit, Incredible leather smell. Rich leather. Not to hot. Heirloom quality. I just don't have the words to express how righteous this thing is. Thank you, Schott!

    Re: fit, I'm almost 6'4 with broad shoulders and relatively large arms (college athlete-type who has put on a nice insulation layer over the years ), currently 258lbs and dropping, so I bought the XL. It fits snugly, but perfectly, and will only get better with another 20lbs gone. If however I were still in the 260s/270s and not dropping, I would definitely want the XXL. Hope that helps some of you.


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