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Waxy Natural Cowhide 50's Perfecto® Motorcycle Leather Jacket

STYLE: 519


Waxy Natural Cowhide 50's Perfecto® Motorcycle Leather Jacket

STYLE: 519

The Perfecto® 519 biker jacket is one of our most loved leather motorcycle jackets in a midweight pebbled cowhide.

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    Designed and built for the long haul, the short ride, and everything in between, the 519 is made from hand cut panels of full aniline, mid-weight cowhide with a soft, buttery feel that will last for years without the need for treatments or conditioners. More suited to fashion than riding, this 26” long jacket is a bold, retro version of its older brother, the Perfecto® 613. It has the same elements like the asymmetrical front zipper and snap down lapels and collar but offers a slimmer fit and a tighter cut in the arms. The large back panel design, a signature of Schott's uncompromising Perfecto® quality, makes it incredibly easy to move in this jacket, while the 3-oz quilted insulation keeps you comfortable and warm.


  • 26" Back Length
  • Midweight Pebbled Cowhide
  • Large back Panel Design
  • Nickel Hardware
  • Vintage Schott Perfecto® Label
  • Double Needle Stitched Shoulder Epaulets with "One Star"
  • Snap Down Lapels and Collar
  • Bi-swing Back
  • Zippered Sleeve Cuffs with Wind Flaps
  • Attached Snap Down Belt with Buckle
  • Three Outside Zippered Pockets Plus Small Coin Flap Pocket
  • Lower Inside Map Pocket
  • 1 ½” diamond 3oz Polyfill Insulated Fixed Quilt Body Liner
  • U.S.A.

    Model is 6'1", weighs 175 lbs, with a 37" chest and is wearing size Medium.

    Leather Type, Fit and Construction:

    Our 519 was designed as a retro version of the popular 613. The is one of our slimmer leather motorcycle jackets which is more suited for fashion than riding. Perfecto® Model 519 leather jackets are made with chrome-tanned, drum dyed, plump cowhide leather. You will find this jacket to be very comfortable to wear the moment you first try it on. This leather is made with an oil and aniline finish that gives a rustic look and a soft “hand”. As with all of Schott’s high quality leathers, this mid-weight cowhide is tanned and processed to provide many years of use without the need for treatments or conditioners.

    Incorporating more of a fashion fit, the 519 is cut tighter in the arms. We also removed the underarm footballs for a more streamlined fit. The open sleeve cuff design and rounded shoulder epaulets were born in the late 1920's on our first zippered leather motorcycle jacket, the model 1928. Another change that was made from our original 613 design is the added snap near the belt buckle. This was done to keep the heavy buckle in place even when the belt is open. This Perfecto® model 519 motorcycle jacket was designed and built for the long haul, the short ride, and everything in between!

    As with all Perfecto® leather jackets, Schott only uses the best, highest quality leather available. In the same tradition used in the 50's, highly skilled workers hand-cut each panel for the 519.

    The Schott Perfecto® Model #519 is proudly made in the U.S.A. Our customers know that the quality and construction of our jackets are unparalleled. From the heavyweight thread we use to the strong American hands that do the crafting. We build our leather motorcycle jackets to the same indestructible standards as the old style leather medicine balls. One-hundred plus years of being the best is your assurance that Schott Brothers stands behind every jacket we make.

    Interested in more? Learn about the history of the Perfecto® by clicking here.
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    Published: Sat, 6/19/2021 by TNC7
    1 of 1 people found the following review helpful

    At first I was hesitant to buy this product since I am in Australia. Worried about the sizing since all brands confused me with their sizing. Buying outside USA is costly since we have to pay the shipping and the import tax duty. I'm a 5'4 guy unfortunately, According the sites size information for me it really needs some improvement. You put your height, age, weight, chest and fit preference and it gave me small size option. The costumer service on chat are professional - I have nothing to say about them. When I received my Jacket - Completely I just can't compare it to my other leather jackets. Superb jacket - I just wanna wear it right away. Unfortunately, the small size was too tight on my shoulder and can't barely move my arm. Returning it would cost me so much, since I'll be paying for them to send the correct size too. I'm glad that the small size fits my dad, like it was built for him. My Dad after having it for few days - he won't stop talking about the jacket how people gives him compliment. I purchased another one but this time I chose the 626vn as it is already broken leather. I hope I got it right this time. I chose the Large size since the Small 519 is equivalent to Medium 626vn. Schott is a great company with history which I love about and I hope they can add other options ideas on sizing. If I was living in US it would be on problem but people like me living outside US - for me I find it hard to get the right fit. Anyways I can't wait to get my 626vn in a week. By the way - I just wanna say thank you to Denise - who gave me advise with other matter such as refund when I double order the jacket. If ever I go to US one day - I'll be visiting Schott store as one of my dream. hehe

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    Published: Thu, 6/17/2021 by Kirk Burrows

    Schott was just introduced by a friend and said check them out. I had been dealing with Denise and gave her my measurement etc. I was advised to choose either small slim fit or medium regular fit. I am a short guy 5’3 so chose small slim fit. The item came super quick to Australia.
    I fell in love with how the jacket was made. I can’t even compare it to my other leather jackets. The only downside was, when I tried the jacket I can’t barely move my shoulder, it was too tight - also I was unable to zip the jacket.

    Returning it to US would cost me a lot. Luckily my father had the same height as mine but he was 62 kilograms. I asked him to try and it fits him with no problem - now Dad had the jacket for less than a week and he won’t shut up talking about the compliment he gets lol.

    I am aiming to get the 626vn but still deciding if I should go for large size. I’m doing the mate in size: The 519 Small, too tight on shoulder for me - I am assuming that the 626vn Medium is equivalent to Small 519? Therefore I’ll get the large for 626vn.

    I am 5’3, weight 76 kilograms, chest is 40 inches and should 18 inches. I believe the 519 small slim fit had 17 something inches which was tight for me. I’m just

    I wish one day Schott would consider a shop in Australia.

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    519 BLACK SIZE M

    Published: Wed, 4/14/2021 by SE

    It took a while for me to decide what jacket I liked the most. Already owning a light weight sheep skin leather jacket.

    I ride and have some good leather jackets for riding as well. A race jacket with full protection and one that is more casual.

    For an every day jacket I want a heavier jacket, close to a riding jacket but without protection area's.

    So I was choosing between a 613S and a 519. Went for the 519 because of the belt holder and slightly longer back length. Although mine is half an inch shorter than in the specs but the overall fit is perfect!

    I am 6 feet tall, 178lbs, 41" chest and the M fits great. Not too tight but snug at the shoulders and body but there's room for a sweater. Looks great when open and closed.

    Had some help from the very helpful support and read a lot of reviews about sizing as I cannot try them on in the store because I live in Europe.

    I ordered mine from the Schott Italy store to not have to deal with import costs.

    The quality of the jacket:

    I will be very honest because I've seen some quality in real riding jackets as well.

    At first, the design is very beautiful, the thickness is just what I wanted. A medium heavy jacket which you won't find with other fashion brands but it's certainly not a riding jacket in my opinion.

    The craftsmanship is great on the outside and inside of the jacket but I was a bit surprised how the sleeve ends are fold and stitched on the inside. Not so beautifully finished as other parts of the jacket and stops my shirt and watch from sliding out of the sleeve. Also the inside of my belt strap shows some fuzzy leather excess along the stitching. Could be just my jacket but it is quite in contrast with the rest of the jacket.

    The body area looks and feels insulated but the sleeves are not, which makes the arms a bit colder.

    One thing other people mentioned as well are the loose flaps of leather at the sleeve end zippers. I have to adjust them every time I put on the jacket, otherwise they will be folded.

    Overall I am very, very happy with my jacket and it looks and fits awesome!

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    519 ONE STAR

    Published: Fri, 4/2/2021 by Martin Beckman

    Actually I would have rated this 519 4 3/4 if it were possible.. It’s up to Schott’s high standards, otherwise I wouldn’t have bought it , if I had any doubts. My only quibble is the lower right side hold down snap is an inch too far left n low , causing said flap to not lay flat when zipped up 2/3 of the way. Who knows, maybe it’s designed that way ? Eventually I’ll get a local leather shop to correct this.

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    Published: Wed, 3/10/2021 by JB
    1 of 1 people found the following review helpful

    After receiving the 257s model with the fantastic quality and style, I knew I had to get a proper perfecto jacket as well!

    I was having a hard time choosing between the different models, but I ended up with two models head to head in the end, which was the 626 and the 519.

    I'm 6’2 so I wanted a style that are a bit longer due to my height, especially when you’re buying online far away from US! I did choose the 519 just because I think it looks slightly better and I feel the 519 are more related to the old perfecto jackets.

    I was afraid that the jacket would be a bit short, but the fit is spot on. I bought a medium, and could probably fit a small as well for a slimmer fit. But medium fits me great! The length is perfect for me at 6’2.

    The quality is simply amazing. You can tell right away that this is the real deal. I have owned many leather jackets over the years, also from well known brands, but Schott is by far the best.

    Looking forward to the years to come with this badboy!

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    Published: Sun, 2/7/2021 by Scoftie

    This is the coolest jacket I've ever owned! The first time I put it on I couldn't believe how well it fit and how utterly badass it looked. Sure, it's a little pricey but trust me, it's worth every penny. This is definitely going to be my go-to jacket for the rest of my life. I am 6'2, 200lbs and I purchased a size medium.

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    Published: Tue, 2/2/2021 by Jacob Ireland

    Style 519 in brown. I ordered this in a large and when I received it, it was too small. Fast shipping. I returned it for an XL and received it quickly, return was very easy. The XL was too small as well. These must be for a trim fit. I am 5'10" and 200 lbs. So, I ended up returning the XL as well. So I ended up without the jacket, but the customer service was above and beyond what I ever expected. I would recommend Schott to anyone looking for a quality leather jacket. The coats were well made and of excellent quality.

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    Published: Tue, 12/22/2020 by Evan Moore

    I've wanted a brown leather motorcycle jacket for years, and after giving up looking at cheaper alternatives, I saved up and finally pulled the trigger on a Schott: originally, I got the 626vn in a Small, but I found the sleeves to be a tiny bit long, so after a trip to the NYC store on Elizabeth St. (Keith was super helpful, attentive, and patient as I tried on several jackets and and told him what I liked and didn't like), I decided to swap the 626 for the 519 in XS. I absolutely love it. It fits like a glove (literally, it feels like wearing a baseball glove), and it has that thick, sturdy feel, like the jacket will live longer than I will. It's heavy enough for NY winters, with enough room to layer a hoodie or sweater under. I'm a small guy, 5'8 and 125 lbs, and I like clothes that fit snug. The XS fits me perfectly, it's square in the shoulders, and tight enough without restricting movement at all. I couldn't be happier with the purchase, which is great, because I was really looking forward to it. This is easily the most money I've ever spent on an item of clothing, and it feels totally worth it. Thanks Schott, for making such high quality products and for your customer service.

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    Published: Tue, 12/8/2020 by Matt

    I have had many leather jackets over the years. It’s difficult to find great quality without spending thousands. Being a slim man (5’8”, 38 chest, 145 lbs) I find I need to shop designer or in Italy to find things that fit properly. (purchased a size s) Often the designer brands fall short on quality despite their price tags. The quality of this handsome, classic and otherwise sexy jacket is outstanding! It fits perfectly! And it was made here in the USA! The history of the company is a classic American story and I’m proud to be among the likes of Brando, the Boss and so many other iconic rock stars! The customer service was top notch as well. I am so happy! When you want something done right you go to the master. Period. Thank you Schott!!

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    Published: Tue, 12/8/2020 by M

    Been eying this up for years and finally made the move. It fits so well, the leather is obviously very good quality and I love everything about it. The details, the fit, just perfect.

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