Raven - Lambskin Perfecto Jacket
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Raven - Lambskin Perfecto Jacket

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    Lightweight vegetable tanned lambskin Perfecto without a belt, epaulets or a coin pocket. One inner chest pocket. Zip closure, 3 diagonal front pockets with chain pulls. It features a bi swing back and a tonal paisley print liner. 25" back length on size medium.


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    Just bought this new Raven and it is amazing. I am 6'2, 200lbs, very athletic build. Broad shoulders, small waist, flat stomach. I bought a XL and it fits good. not loose, if anything a little bit snug, but if i went to a 2 XL it would probably be too long in the sleeves.

    this is a much lighter jacket than the 519, which is another new one I have. This one feels lighter and with not as a thick lining.

    The feel of the jacket almost feels like a blazer when you put it on. It looks fancy, but not hardcore (in my opinion, hardcore begins when you have the epaulets with the one star and the belt). it is a much more casual looking Jacket.

    Once thing to note is just how black it really is. This thing is PURE pitch black. Wearing a black cotton shirt looks light in comparison to how black this is, which is cool. The hardware is very sturdy as always with Perfecto's.

    Its a perfect, badass looking jacket to wear in the months where its not too cold, but cold enough to put a Jacket on.

    In my case, wearing a sweatshirt underneath it would be impossible as its snug enough. Besides if you wanted more warmth, just bust out a 519 or other heavier model.

    I will always wear this jacket on slightly cold days, and on freezing days ill use a 519.

    Basically im pretty sure ill never own a non-Perfecto again.

    At the end of the day, when you have one on, you're the best. You know it, they know it, she knows it,he knows it, I know it.

    Published: Fri, 8/11/2017 by Eric MacArthur
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    The perfect leather jacket!

    The search is over, this is my third leather jacket (possible mid-life crisis?) and although the others are great, this one is head and shoulders above. It cost me significantly more than the other two, but I know this one is a keeper for life.

    I was slightly anxious about the fit as I live in the UK and wasn’t keen on a back and forth across the pond. I used the size guide on this website and was recommended a small, and the fit is perfect. I’m 5,9” with a 35” chest, and I wanted a slim fit and that’s what I got. The jacket fits perfectly with just a t-shirt underneath (like a glove) but I can get a hoodie on as well for the winter months.

    The class shows in the attention to detail; great black hardware, excellent quality leather, I love the paisley lining and generally an understated style.

    I’m not a biker so at first I wasn’t sure about the biswing back, but its growing on me.

    Overall simply a very classy jacket. Now I’ve discovered Schott I won’t be going anywhere else.

    Published: Sun, 12/2/2018 by Gary Judd
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    Wow what a jacket! This will be my second jacket. I can’t believe how soft the leather is, and how it smells great. This is a great investment piece. There is nothing like a Schott look and feel. This feels like a second skin. I ordered the medium and it was to small then traded it back in for a large and the shipment took two days. I am a Schott fan and want to get one for my wife!

    Published: Wed, 8/15/2018 by Michael Hughston
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    Excellent jacket. Lightweight and smooth hand, feels best to me over a tshirt or light sweater. impeccable fit. the styling is understated, with matte tones and hardware, but will not go unnoticed due to the immaculate quality of the leather and craftsmanship. overall, sleek and masculine. will I buy another jacket? Nevermore.

    Published: Tue, 9/18/2018 by VS
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    The jacket was ordered Wednesday morning and on my doorstep early Thursday afternoon. The original order was too large, so I FedExed it back to Schott that same afternoon. Schott received the return item Friday, made the exchange, and the replacement arrived Monday. Excellent service.
    The jacket itself is extremely well made. I'm not a biker, so the toned down, more casual style was what i wanted, The leather is soft and pliable. The color is a matte black and works well with the blacked out hardware. Great design, truly a keeper of jacket.

    Published: Mon, 4/30/2018 by SPii
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    This is my first Schott jacket. I am so impressed with the quality and look. I am 5'6" Athletic tone, the Small fits me perfectly, it feels like a second skin. It is best to try the jackets on to see if matches your personality. All Schott leather jackets are top quality but not all fits your personal style and personality.

    Published: Sat, 3/24/2018 by Tho Vo
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    This is a great motorcycle jacket! I appreciate the form fitting look and its made really well. Im also a fan of the muted hardware. I would suggest you try them on first before you buy just to make sure you get the fit you want.

    Im 5'11 and about 195 (athletic build) and Im really happy with my size Large.

    Published: Mon, 12/18/2017 by Peter
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    After receiving the first shipment and deciding that the small was too small we sent it back and received a large. The quality and workmanship of the leather speaks for itself.
    My son is happy and so am I.
    The exchange and shipments were done expediously and took just a few days in total.
    I will be ordering again for son #1.
    Thank you!

    Published: Tue, 12/5/2017 by Danielle, Upstate NY
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    And it is simply beautiful.

    Published: Sat, 10/7/2017 by John Roberson
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    Just like all of my Schott jackets, this too is perfect and 5 stars is not enough. If you are on the fence about purchasing the Raven I hope that this review along with all of the others helps you make the decision to own this jacket.

    Since this is made with lambskin it is buttery soft and conforming, it does not require a break in period like the other thicker hides. The cut, design and finish make this a truly versatile jacket that can be worn anywhere and you won't look out of place.

    I'm 5'11, have longer arms,broad shoulders and a 32" waist. It's not easy to find something that fits and looks good but Schott always has something that is perfect.

    This is my go to jacket for those Spring and Fall days when you don't need something too heavy.

    You'll always get top quality, personalized service at Schott whether it's online or in the store but you should make it a point to go into a store, it's an unrivaled experience you won't forget.

    Published: Sat, 6/22/2019 by Jason Dumont
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    Alright so some things are made by people who give a damn and you can feel it. If you want a lightweight leather that’s sleek but also tough, look no further. The Raven fits the bill and is worth the bills. Many body types will look good in one, from the skinny hipster in the pictures to a big shouldered biker dude. This thing actually flatters a fit physique like crazy and has the same tough outline as, say, a heavy Schott 613s—I know, because I own and love one of those too. But the light weight and the sleekness without all the hardware also mean that the Raven will work perfectly indoors with nice pants and a shirt. This jacket is awesome and it couldn’t be more versatile. I think the Raven is better made, nicer, and also looks better on most people than high end moto jackets costing three or four times as much. .

    As to size, it runs surprisingly small, so believe the fit guide or just call Schott and let the expert and friendly people there size you up. I’m 5 9, 172 lbs, 42 inch chest, wear the large, and couldn’t be happier with my purchase.

    Published: Tue, 4/16/2019 by ManDog
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    Great fit, great leather, great hardware and a super cool design. Absolutely love it.

    Published: Mon, 1/28/2019 by John P Murphy
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    Bought the raven , Perfecto fit and finish, Excellent quality would recommend to a friend absolutely, Soon to buy the 613s for colder commutes 😎

    Published: Thu, 1/10/2019 by Ty hines
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    The distress level of the brown leather was taken too far. There is no shine whatsoever on the leather. It seems as though you would not want to ever wear this in the rain. I was hoping that it had more shine and not such a soft matte un-finished appearance.

    {Note from Schott - There is no distressing to the leather, but it is a durable matte finished vegetable tanned lambskin with a great touch. If you do get caught in the rain, reapplying some of the natural oils with a bottle of otter wax will restore the jacket's look and feel. For anyone looking for more shine, you might want to check out the 626 or 618HH. The rating seems a little harsh considering the title was named "Almost Perfect", but clearly we're a bit biased.}

    Published: Tue, 10/17/2017 by Buzz Miller
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