Cowhide Puffer Jacket
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514D - Cowhide Puffer Jacket
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Cowhide Puffer Jacket

    28” waxy mid-weight cowhide puffer jacket is down-filled with horizontal quilting and cotton plaid lining.


    Free shipping for all orders over $100 within the continental USA and APO.


    • 232BD
    • Coronado Leather Co.
    • Chippewa
    • US6022


    2 of 2 people found the following review helpful:


    Wow. I was surprised when I awoke “Black Friday”
    Morning.. And started searching The Schott NYC website ,and saw this jacket marked down 50%, plus an additional 15%.extra..I had to calm down a bit ,because I hadn’t checked to see if they had my size XXL available.I was sure of the size because I have 4 other Schott jackets. Well there it was, the last xxl. I was elated.
    Now I’m hoping to get extra Lucky again, I could use a new 141,in a size 52-54, ho ho ho

    Published: Tue, 12/4/2018 by Al M Brogna
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    1 of 1 people found the following review helpful:


    1. This coat is True to size and fits like you'd expect as in perfect.

    2. The "find you size" tool was spot on so I didn't have a problem finding my size.

    3. This coat makes me absolutely proud to wear made in America. It is so well constructed that its surprising.

    4. The leather quality of this coat is out of this world amazing. You can wear this with a casual outfit and look like a million bucks.

    5. Ordering was simple and the shipping was fast and free. You can't beat that!!!

    6. Im not sure why a few people made it a point to complain about the arms length on this coat, mines were perfect as expected.

    I was like everyone else prior to purchasing this coat, a little skeptical due to not many reviews or photos being available. The picture is surprising accurate, however it does this beautiful piece of art absolutely zero justice. I am 6ft, 245 lbs with very athletic build and the 2x fits me perfectly (as in not too tight or too big) My shoulders generly prevent me from getting into a lot of nice coats but definitely not this one. For the price that I paid for this jacket, I am more than satisfied and well beyond pleased with the quality, fit and finish. Schott, well done with this one!. As others have stated I have imagined myself in this type of coat for a long time but never wanted the cheap nylon one that everyone generally wears ,Schott NYC silently answered my every wish. This coat is without doubt perfect and I cannot wait to wear this thing for many winters to come. This Jacket is my style so at the end of the day you have to buy what you like. Thank you Schott NYC.

    Published: Sun, 8/26/2018 by Chris
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    I have always wanted to own a Made in USA Schott leather jacket and really liked the look of the 514D when it first appeared a year or two ago. However living in the UK I was reluctant to take the plunge not so much due to the added cost (what with international shipping & import duties). But more with the worry that the sizing might be off and the difficulty that would cause in returning/exchanging etc.

    However when I recently discovered that this jacket had been reduced in price I decided to go for it especially after reading all the positive reviews on here. However the one concern I did have was about the arm length which I could see had been an issue for a few people. So to be sure I contacted Denise from Schott who found out the exact measurements of the jacket for me and I went ahead & placed my order.

    Within a few days it arrived in London and it is quite frankly superb! The fit is perfect, the leather is top notch both thick & strong but also soft and very comfortable. I also have to give a special mention to the colour "Rust" which is beautiful and sets it apart from a lot of other jackets out there. It is also practical with an large inside pocket for your wallet and deep snap shut hand warmers for your other valuables. I also really love the shawl collar which is very pliable and also another rare feature on leather jackets.

    All in all I would recommended this jacket and Schott in general especially as their customer service is second to none. I'm already planning to purchase another jacket direct from them in a month or so when my discount voucher they sent me with this purchase activates.....

    Published: Thu, 4/5/2018 by Massimo Galvani
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    Incredible jacket, superb quality, looks timelessly stylish. I think I might like it even more than my Schott Storm which is saying something.

    The first one sent to me was missing one of the zipper teeth midway up the jacket-front, but Schott paid for return shipping and shipped me a fresh one. At 5'10" and 190lbs, the Medium fits me like a glove.

    Sleeves were a solid 2" too long which I had fixed by a local leather tailor. If there's one thing I would suggest to Schott, it would be to customized sleeve adjustments straight from the factory instead of having to have them custom tailored.

    My third Schott leather jacket and very happy with it.

    Published: Wed, 2/14/2018 by Garrett Olson
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    I have always like this brand and really liked this jacket so i went for it and it is really a nice warm jacket!
    Loving it and I am sure it would survive well the test of time.

    Published: Mon, 1/22/2018 by Louis Vernon
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    I'm giving it five stars because this is my second purchase. My first was the all black leather jacket. Warm, different and most of all, comfortable. But this color was fashionable and I couldn't resist a deal. I'm glad I made the purchase, not to mention the enormous savings that I benefited from the purchase, so all I can say is Thank you Schott!!!

    Published: Sat, 12/9/2017 by Brian Mobley
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    I'm disappointed that the item didn't fit well. I'm 6' and 185 lbs and wear size large. The sleeves were at least two inches too long to wear comfortably. The color is appealing. The exterior pocket flaps make entry difficult. The cowhide will take some wear time to overcome its lack of flexibility. The quality is above average.

    Published: Wed, 11/15/2017 by Henry
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    ...usual Schott craftsmanship...had to return...just a bit on the "to large" size...😥

    Published: Sun, 5/21/2017 by David A. Hiveley
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    I'd been eyeing this coat ever since it appeared on the Schott site but the price was a bit prohibitive. Seeing a price drop more in line with my budget I had to jump in. Of course the coat/jacket is wonderfully soft and warm. The leather is butter smooth and the plaid cotton lining complements although it seems rather thin. The construction is of course First Class throughout. Overall I'm happy with the coat at the price I paid and look forward to many years of wearing pleasure.

    Published: Tue, 5/2/2017 by Mickiemac
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    My 6 Schott jackets. Top notch quality as usual. Speedy delivery to Hong Kong. Broken in nice and soft cowhide leather, True to size. Perfect length, not too long.. As warm as my Canada Goose Parker. Love the color and patina. Winner style to pair with a pair of blue denim and brown boots. Style is great for both office work days and weekends. Nice deal at sale. To sum it up, this could be the best leather down jacket in the world. Only complaint is that it comes with a mini size Schott hanger by mistake.

    Published: Tue, 3/14/2017 by Tsoi Yan Chak Bun
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    This is a lifetime jacket. It's beautiful and great quality. I saw a jacket like this when I was a kid but couldn't afford it so I had to wait 30-years to get it but man was it worth he wait!!!

    Published: Fri, 2/10/2017 by Carl in Fairbanks
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    I bought this jacket a few days ago. The customer service was excellent. Almost immediate reply to all my enquiries. I received this jacket the day after I ordered. I live in Canada and was impressed with the speed of delivery. The jacket itself is of the highest quality. The combination of leather and down make it a winner in Canadian winters. Heavy and warm. It has an exceptional appearance that stands out as unique. The leather is luxurious. I ordered a XXXL it fits comfortably buy not enough extra room for a sweater. I weigh 265 at six foot and bodybuild, have been lifting weights for twenty years. In my opinion it is a slim tailored fit around the chest for XXXL. All in all this is a top notch company that delivers on quality with value. And a plus is that is made in the USA. Made in the USA is the reason I bought from this company.

    Published: Sun, 1/29/2017 by JJ
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    I found this coat brand new slightly discounted from a private seller, and though I paid a bit less than what it's listed here for on Schott (I think I just got lucky), I would definitely pay full price for this coat. It's always a nail-biting experience when you are thinking about dropping serious (and let's face it, for most people, including myself, this is some SERIOUS) coin on a JACKET. But, when you take into consideration QUALITY and the fact that this coat is damn near indestructible and built to last not only your lifetime but probably the lifetime of a son and beyond should you eventually pass it down? Then it's 100% worth it in my opinion. The leather is "midweight" but it almost has a heavyweight feel because of the down fill. It's warm as all getout and no wind is going to penetrate that thick Cowhide no matter how hard it tries. I am just shy of 6' tall, 180lbs, average build, and the Large fits me like a glove. This is not a "slim fit" motorcycle style jacket, though it's not a "baggy" fit either. I'd describe it as a true "Regular" fit. As with most Schotts, you can just tell how beautifully this piece is going to age. It naturally has kind of a "worn in" look, and the color is rugged and natural looking. It is called "Rust", but to me "rust" is more of a reddish tint, and this is not (which I'm happy about). The photos here on Schott are pretty accurate. Of course you're going to have some variation between coats even in the same style/color, but what I have is very close if not exactly like what you see in the pics here. As most people do, I love that it's MADE IN THE USA. You feel like you're not only paying homage to the OG beginnings of Schott, but you're supporting workers here in the US, a feat that is not easily had these days. I'm willing to pay more to say that. I would be comfortable wearing this thing out on a farm or out in the woods and just as comfortable wearing it out to a dressy engagement. It's got that sort of across-the-board versatility that not every style can say it has. I love the inner plaid lining, like curling up into soft flannel sheets as a kid. The collar wraps around your neck keeping the elements at bay while also providing a killer style. Look, if you're not going to be able to eat or pay rent if you fork out the dough for this coat, then wait. But if you can at least "kinda" afford to splurge even if it means you gotta not go out for a few weeks to replenish that spent dough, then for the love of all that's sacred throw your money down and get this jacket. I haven't been this excited about a piece of leather since my dad gifted me my first custom Made In USA Rawlings baseball glove when I was 13. I feel like a kid on Christmas morning, only I'm an adult and it isn't Christmas and I simply look badass. ;)

    Published: Thu, 9/29/2016 by MKM
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