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Natural Pebble Cowhide Motorcycle Leather Jacket (Black)

STYLE: 525


Natural Pebble Cowhide Motorcycle Leather Jacket (Black)

STYLE: 525

Hit the road in style with a 26” "Chips" California Highway Patrol police motorcycle jacket in buttery-soft, natural pebbled cowhide leather.

Laced side gussets, a 2" drop kidney back with belt loops, and a poly-cotton ticking stripe lining. Features essential biker jacket details like an asymmetrical front zip, zippered cuffs with leather flap, chest pocket and side pockets, shoulder epaulets and coin pocket with snap.


    Inspired by the California Highway Patrol police motorcycle jacket, this style is great for on the bike and off.

  • 26" Length
  • Laced Side Gussets
  • 2" Drop Kidney Back with Belt Loops
  • Poly-Cotton Ticking Stripe Lining
  • Asymmetrical Front Zip
  • Zippered Cuffs with Leather Flap
  • Zippered Chest and Side Pockets
  • Shoulder Epaulets
  • Coin Pocket with Snap
  • U.S.A.
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    Published: Fri, 6/12/2020 by Nicholas Dawson

    The Best leather jacket i have ever worn fits perfectly, hope i can make it last for years to come

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    Published: Wed, 4/22/2020 by Scott

    I had my eye on this jacket for a long time. I already own two Schotts (a 626 and a PER22, which is my main cold weather riding jacket), and almost pulled the trigger on the 525 a couple of times, but the price drop was too good to pass up. The leather is really soft, thick, kind of heavy, and the pebbling is a really nice touch. I love that it has the longer back, which should really help when I ride in the cold. I wasn’t sure how I would feel about the laced sides, but a previous reviewer stated that there might be a way to tie them a bit differently. In any event, it will be nice to loosen the sides a bit for more airflow when it gets a little warmer. The one thing I’d change: the lining. It doesn’t feel as nice as the flannel and the satin in my other jackets. I’m hoping that maybe it softens up a bit over time. Overall though, the 525 is a solid A.

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    Published: Mon, 11/25/2019 by Ty

    I don't know why the 525 isn't more popular among the myriad of Perfectos.

    I don't ride, so I was looking for style, comfort and warmth. This jacket hit all the marks for me. I like my jackets to be slim, but still have enough room to zip up with a light sweater underneath. I'm 6' 1", 175 lbs. with a 39" chest, and I found the Medium to fit wonderfully. It's flatteringly slim without looking ridiculous, and there's just enough length in the arm for my needs (again, I don't ride).

    The leather is beautiful and required no break-in period. It was comfortable right away. Though listed as medium-weight, it's still a substantial, heavy jacket and the leather is much thicker than anything you'll find at the mall. I like the belt-less design, but could honestly do without the laced side gussets. I've gotten used to them now, and it helped that I re-laced them in a way that allowed me to tuck the knots and excess laces behind the crisscrossing part so they aren't dangling.

    The shiny nickel hardware contrasts nicely with the black leather for that classic moto jacket look. I also appreciate that the pocket openings are larger than those on the p613s I own, making it much easier to get my hands in and out.

    I own a lot of leather jackets, but I've received more compliments for this one in the short time I've owned it than all of my others combined (I don't wear it to get compliments, but it's a nice bonus).

    Schott is the real deal and you can't go wrong with this one.

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    Published: Sun, 11/24/2019 by jeff yumul

    Bad ass. Comparable to the 519 but thicker steer hide and gussets on the sides. LOVE this jacket. On sale it’s a steal!

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    525 PERFECTO

    Published: Mon, 1/21/2019 by Michael Grant

    Beautiful jacket... great fit... no buyer's remorse.

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    Published: Fri, 10/14/2016 by Richard Mallon

    Was already aware that Schott jackets are superior as this is second I have purchased. Person I gave the previous one was very pleased to have a first quality jacket!

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    Published: Fri, 3/25/2016 by Roger
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    Okay, so I don't ride but that doesn't mean I can't have a great double-rider jacket right? I looked at several brands but Schott's reputation drew my attention.

    I tried a 618HH and it was great but since I don't actually ride, the length was a bit short and I didn't care for the belt. The 525 seemed to fit the bill with a belt-less design and longer length. I am very glad I ordered this one. The fit is spot on. For reference, I'm 5'10" 148 LBS 37" chest and the Small is snug enough with a T-shirt but still has enough room to layer a sweater underneath.

    The construction quality seems excellent and I am confident this jacket will last for decades. The leather is thick but supple and didn't require any break-in. I am extremely pleased with my purchase.

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    Published: Sun, 9/13/2015 by erod
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    I was really looking for a Perfecto high and low. I searched East Coast to West Coast. This wasn't what I thought I would buy. I was the annoying customer who called, sent e-mails and double and triple checked. Sadly, I know that general fit information usually doesn't work for me and I'm a "try it then buy it" type.
    I wear a large in most things and I assumed that I would in one of these as well. I tried on one at one of your vendors in Seattle, "Kuhlman". to be exact and was in love. It fit perfectly. Other models the 626 etc, fit way too slim for my boxy shape. The leather was buttery, broken-in and soft to the touch. Top Notch. It was missing the stars on the epaulets but I can forgive the jacket for one small aesthetic difference. It's perfect. No swinging belt to worry about which is nice and the weight of it will be nice, spring, fall and winter. The liner is a tad scratchy against bare arms when you're in a t-shirt but that's a minor gripe. I am not ungrateful by any means.
    This jacket is worth a look if you want to stand out in a sea of Perfectos. The quality of craftsmanship and leather is remarkable. Grateful to Schott for standing by quality and timelessness in an age where those things have often been forgotten.

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    Published: Sun, 9/28/2014 by Motobill
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    This jacket wasn't my first choice, but I'm hoping it will be exactly what I want in the end. I decided to purchase a classic asymmetrical biker jacket for both riding and casual wear. I own a Harley, so this fits in with the look and attitude of my ride. I looked at the choices online, and since in live in NY, I decided to go check out the store. The salespeople are very helpful and I tried on a number of jackets including the 118, 613 and 618. To be honest, each had pluses and minuses, and none had 100% of everything I wanted. That said, I bought the 618, mostly because of the weight and feel of the leather. It seemed the most substantial for protection while riding. I liked the longer cut of the 118, but the leather was softer and more broken in feeling and I wasn't sure it would offer as much protection. I didn't see the need to have the stars on the epaulets so the 613 got nixed.

    So I brought home the new 618 and modeled if for the family and the comments were basically they don't like the belt. Back online I go to see what my choices are in the same look, but with no belt. The options are the 125 and 525. I like the 125, but when I call the store to see if they have it, I find out it's discontinued and there's only a 38 and 52 online (I was a 42 in the 618 and 40 in the 118). So that only leaves the 525 - different leather, no belt and side laces. Here again a compromise...nobody in the family is too ginned up about the side laces, but it's better than the belt. Also the leather isn't as heavy feeling as the 618; it feels more like the 118.

    I decided to exchange the 618 for the 525, this time in a size L because this style doesn't come in numeric sizes. Truthfully I think for riding none of the Schott jackets offer maximum protection - there's no pockets for back, elbow or shoulder armor, but then again I see plenty of people riding in shorts, t-shirts and flip flops so it depends on your perspective.

    Quality appears to be very good and I'm looking forward to owning this jacket for many years.

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