Storm - Heavyweight Oiled Nubuck Leather Biker Jacket
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P673 - Storm - Heavyweight Oiled Nubuck Leather Biker Jacket
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Storm - Heavyweight Oiled Nubuck Leather Biker Jacket

    Heavyweight oiled nubuck cowhide biker with 100% wool plaid lining. Three zipper front pockets, bi-swing back, and side belt tabs.


    Material: Naked Cowhide

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    5 of 5 people found the following review helpful:


    This is my first Schott jacket, and I can see how Schott could become a habit. The coat is remarkably heavy--without question the heaviest article of clothing I've ever owned. But for all its sturdy weight, it's remarkably trim and the size small is perfectly fitted to my 5'10" 160-lb frame. Just big enough to fit my waist and chest, just small enough to be sleek and trim and not bunch up or bag despite its thick leather, even when zipped and sitting down. And despite the high and tight armholes and overall tailored feel, I have full range of arm movement zipped or unzipped. I've not yet had the chance to test the jacket in true cold, but in 50-60 degree fall weather it feels warm but never hot or clammy, and the wool lining is handsomely done. The coat is simple enough and so immaculately cut that it can work with professional wear in all but the most corporate environment but rugged enough that it works well in casual settings. A superbly made everyday luxury item that is well worth the investment. I expect it will last for the rest of my life.

    Published: Wed, 9/28/2016 by M.A.
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    I ordered this jacket having never seen it in person, and it was a great decision. I originally ordered a small, based on the chest size measurement guide provided by Schott NYC, but small was too small for me. I'm ~6'1", 165 lbs, with what I would consider to be an average size torso. I returned the small and for a medium, which fits really nicely. Sleeves fall to just past the break in my wrist. Waist falls to 1-2" below the top of my jeans, which I wear slightly lower than my hips-proper.

    The jacket feels legit. It is heavy - as advertised- and seems like high quality leather. Looks very good with a pair of jeans. Definitely an upgrade to my wardrobe, and something I anticipate having for a very long time.

    Published: Mon, 11/21/2016 by allan
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    3 of 3 people found the following review helpful:


    This coat is everything I expected and more. Beautiful leather, expert craftsmanship, and a nicely tailored fit. I am 6' and 200 pounds, and the large fits perfectly. This coat has the timeless style and durability to last for a long, long time. I could not be happier with this purchase.

    Published: Wed, 11/16/2016 by Richard Welch
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    The jacket lives up to my expectations. Heavy, thick, yet flexible and supple. I'm a 42 chest and though the Large I ordered is roomy enough to wear with a sweater, it isn't at all too loose or ill-fitting to wear with a T-shirt. An abosulutely timeless jacket that will last for generations. Couldn't be happier with my decision.

    Published: Tue, 1/17/2017 by CLR
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    2 of 2 people found the following review helpful:


    This is a monster of a jacket. Heavyweight in a good way, warm, beautifully designed, and looks fantastic. Seems to have worn in well over one season's use. This is the kind of jacket you can knock around in and it'll only look better as a result.

    It's form-fitting without being too snug, with enough room to accommodate a thick sweater. Nice inner pocket for easy phone access.

    Designed to look great with jeans to something more formal. Have received more compliments about this than anything I've ever worn.

    Worth every penny.

    And if you can, buy it in person at the SchottNYC store - the folks there are knowledgeable, friendly, and will steer you to the just-right choice for you.

    Published: Fri, 12/2/2016 by Stuart Rosen
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    One of the best leather jacket I ever had! The craftsmanship is magnificent, the fittings are excellent ! I have no words to describe it better. Schott will become my main leather jacket supplier... For a long time!

    Published: Wed, 1/11/2017 by Adrian
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    Could not be happier. Terrific, classic styling. High quality leather, wool lining and workmanship. The nubuck means the jacket looks vintage from the first day. I own several quality Barbour and Belstaff jackets, but this is my new favorite; a heavyweight, quality classic that feels like it will last a lifetime.

    I am 6' and 185lbs and the chest and sleeve length of a large Fits perfectly.

    Published: Sun, 1/1/2017 by Neil
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    I was looking for a brown jacket that was appropriate to wear to the office as well as out during my free time, and I definitely found it this coat. Oiled nubuck means the outer layer of the hide feels slightly like suede, which feels very classic and sturdy. The hide is very robust and may take some time to break in, but still feels light and doesn't hinder my movement at all. The wool flannel is a nice touch, and is light enough to not make the jacket too bulky. The bi-swing back and side belt tabs further add to the quality of this jacket.

    The length of the jacket is 25.5". I'm a 6'3", 210lb male and a size L fits me very well.

    Published: Fri, 11/11/2016 by Tom Bonner
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    This is a future American classic. It is as heavy as it looks and is breaking in very nicely. My 13 year old son as already claimed it for himself when I am done with it little does he know I don't see that happening.

    Published: Sun, 10/30/2016 by Jon
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    Received the Schott Storm jacket as a gift. The leather is thick and beautiful. One thing the pictures do not but should show are the sleeves lined with satin. Your arms slide right in. I'm 6'1" 193 lbs. and received an extra large. It fits perfectly. Arm length is exactly right and I can keep a uniform, shirt, or sweater on under the jacket and not look like I'm squeezed into it. The jacket has versatile, classic looks and you can easily wear it on and off the motorcycle. U.S.A. made by one of the most established and recognizable names for jackets. My highest recommendation... Thanks, Schott!

    Published: Sat, 12/9/2017 by A. Hill
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    I picked this jacket up at M.W. Reynolds and could not be happier with it. I agree with all the reviews: It's a stunning, heavy-weight, high-quality jacket that is ruggedly handsome and versatile. Even though customer service suggested I might be able to get away with a small, as I am slim, at 6' 1' and 160lbs, 39-inch chest, I went with a medium and I am very happy with it. A small would have been too small. If you are considering this jacket, go for it. You won't be disappointed...

    Published: Sun, 12/3/2017 by Sean Carson
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    Received today, absolutely LOVE the jacket. Most of the time, you get what you pay for; with Schott, you get more than what you pay for.

    This jacket is sharp looking with thick, substantial leather. Love the felt lining. Would have liked a napoleon pocket on the inner liner like my Aero, but you can't win 'em all. Sleeves are about two inches too long for my stubby t-rex arms, but I can't fault the jacket for it.

    At 5'11" and 195lbs (40" chest on the dot), the medium fits my like a glove.

    Published: Thu, 11/9/2017 by Garrett Olson
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    I researched for a company that still made leather jackets in the USA as most companies have sold out to China or India or the like for their manufacturing. I’m 50 and I’m picky, so when I came upon Schott and read the reviews I decided to see what they had. I didn’t want a hipster or other young person’s looking leather jacket, so I chose the P673 storm in what looked like a luxurious rich brown in the pictures. Once I received the jacket and tried it on... WOW! it was perfect. Very heavy but not stiff or restricting, looks, feels, and fits awesome, and the colour was true to the pictures! Shipping was very fast and hassle free as well.
    I don’t usually love clothing, but man I love my Schott!!

    Published: Sat, 10/21/2017 by Gord
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    I ordered a large at first, having a 42" chest , but it was like putting on a shirt over a t-shirt. Sent I back and ordered the x-large.
    The x-large is loose enough that I can put on a sweatshirt or wool shirt under it. I am now a happy man.
    My only problem is that summer is coming and I most likely will have to wait another 4 month till I can ware it again.
    Having owned a Schott's 141 jacket back in the 60's-70's I knew the quality of the Schott's name, and I was not disappointed.
    Over the years I have had other leather jackets, but nothing compares to a Schott.

    Published: Fri, 4/28/2017 by JDBELTON
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    I had been looking for a durable brown leather jacket like my Grandfather had for quite awhile but could never find one of comparable quality- Then I stumbled on this fantastic piece.
    I'm no stranger to Schott and they always deliver when it comes to quality.
    However the jackets in a style very similar to this (Delivery jacket) that I've gotten from them in the past always fit right at my natural waist and were very trim.
    This jacket has a very attractive cut and drape but still has just enough room to allow freedom of movement.
    If your a muscular guy and used to very restricted movement in the arms and back, this jacket is perfect. The bi-swing functions beautifully and doesn't pop out even when I reach.
    The material is very respectable and heavy. It's not the thickest leather I've seen from them but it is the thickest leather of a nubuck/split cowhide etc style I've seen anywhere on the market currently.
    Overall I couldn't be happier with my purchase- Schott never let's me down!

    Published: Fri, 4/14/2017 by Travis J Montgomery
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    I purchased this jacket about two months ago and wanted to make sure I spent enough time with it before leaving a review.

    That said, this jacket is amazing. I'm 5'11 and 190 lbs. I debated between the medium and the large because my chest size falls in between 41-42 inches. The medium fit great!

    The Leather is beautiful and smells amazing. I feel like I can take on anything society throws at me when I wear this jacket. The only downside that I see is in the sleeve length, I have longer arms, and the Medium sleeve length comes up a little short on me--but, I'm likely not the average in terms of arm length.

    I now own three Schott jackets, and this one is already competing with the other two for "wear time."

    I highly recommend this jacket.

    Published: Thu, 3/23/2017 by Tyler Hardman
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    My motorcycle is my only vehicle and I've previously purchased three used Schott jackets on eBay (i.e., Cafe Racer, Perfecto, and the Dennis Hopper fringe one). I love my Cafe Racer the most and vowed that someday I would buy a brand new Schott. I wanted something brown since my Racer was black and something a little dressier and longer so the Storm was the only Schott that fit the bill.

    This jacket was a lot of money. Hell, it costs more than my suits, but I wear it so much more than my suits and I expect my sons and grandsons to wear it in the post apocalyptic wasteland since it's so substantial.

    The thing fits me better than what Buffalo Bill was sewing together in his basement. I'm 6'3" and 215 lbs with 36" sleeves and broad shoulders so I went with XL. Couldn't be happier with the fit.

    The nubuck leather smells and feels amazing. Looks better and is tougher than suede. The leather and liner make it a heavyweight but it doesn't feel heavy.

    Okay, I'm rambling with Buyer's Euphoria. Treat yourself!

    Published: Fri, 3/10/2017 by Christian Mahler
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    This is a beautiful jacket made with heavy weight steer hide, the craftsmanship is outstanding. I ordered both a medium and a large to determine what was the best fit for me, 5'10, 165 lbs, and 40 inch chest. The medium fit the best, a little snug but I believe once it breaks in it will become more pliable. Bottom line, outstanding jacket, I am very pleased with the purchase.

    Published: Fri, 2/17/2017 by Don Voss
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    Great design, superb quality, smell real good leather .

    Published: Tue, 1/24/2017 by Robert Tsai
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    MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ME!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Since owning the Storm Nubuck biker jacket since 12/21/16 so far at least 4 of my friends and 2 strangers admired it. People not familiar with the Schott brand or the quality or the weight of jacket itself or the craftsmanship are shocked when they try it on. It is gorgeous. The color is just what I was looking for. It looks just like the website picture, the leather texture is tough and very durable plus the coolness factor is off the charts terrific.

    Its is my 3rd Schott jacket and I couldn't be happier with the purchase. 5+ stars.

    I'll still patronize the warehouse sale, never know what treasure might be lurking out there to still get.

    Published: Tue, 12/27/2016 by D M
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    I loved this jacket enough to pay return shipment twice. The medium's sleeves were too long by a solid inch and a half. I'm about a 32" sleeve and this is a about a 34". I'm a slim 5'9" with a 39.5" chest, but I thought, "This jacket is so nice, I'll gamble on trying the small." The small's sleeves fit perfectly, but damn, the chest was just too tight, as much as I tried to convince myself it wasn't. I own another Schott and that medium fits like a glove. So back it goes, unfortunately. Just wasn't cut for me.

    Published: Fri, 12/2/2016 by Mitchell Delmar
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