Classic Melton Wool Navy Pea Coat
STYLE: 740
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740 - The Original Navy Pea Coat
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Classic Melton Wool Navy Pea Coat

STYLE: 740
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      Classic 32 Oz. Melton Wool Navy Pea Coat

      The 32" classic 32 oz. melton wool navy peacoat features military anchor buttons, hand warmer pockets, two inside chest pockets, a vented back and nylon quilted lining. Consists of 75 percent reprocessed wool, 25 percent nylon, and other fibers. The contents are interlocked and pressed together before the wool is cut to ensure maximum protection against the elements.


      The US Navy Peacoat was adopted during the early 20th Century, from Britain’s Royal Navy Reefer Jacket. The Royal Navy's first regulations for uniforms for other ranks were issued in 1857, a century after the regulations for officers and this garment was originally used by Midshipmen (Reefers). These crewmen had to climb the rigging and furl and unfurl, or ‘reef’, the sails of the sailing ships of the era. The jacket was short, to allow ease of movement through the rigging. It had a double-breasted front, which displaced the buttons to each side. This helped reduce the chance of them getting caught on ropes, as the wearer maneuvered the sails. The pockets were often close to vertical, and over the flanks, rather than horizontal and at wrist level. It was made of very heavy wool, in dark Navy blue, with a nap on the face side.

      The success of the style is proved by its singularly universal appearance throughout the Navies of Europe. This may account for the US Navy's nomenclature as an Anglicization of the Dutch 'Pijekkat', being a jacket made of 'Pij' (coarse wool) cloth. Conversely, it may be from the shortening of the Belgium Navies term ‘Pilot’s Jacket’ to P. Jacket, then being misspelled/adapted to Pea Coat. The term ‘Pea Jacket’ is reputed to first appear in the Oxford English Dictionary between 1717 and 1723. ‘Pea Coat’ does not appear for another century.

      Free shipping for all orders over $100 within the continental USA and APO.



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      As an officer candidate, I wore a reefer through Newport's bitter cold.

      Now I have a Schott pea coat that seems every bit as stout (read as 'warm') as the reefer that got me through Naval Officer Candidate School without frostbite.

      Seriously, this is one well assembled garment. Bravo Zulu (that's Navy for Well Done) to the folks in New York City. Your coat is a work of art.

      Published: Mon, 3/24/2008 by FF Fletcher CDR USNR RET
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      Obviously you’re probably not going mountain climbing with this coat with today’s technology out there, but, I’ve been wearing this coat on a regular basis in NY throughout this winter and it’s performed well. When I was young I remember my mother looking high and low for a Naval Pea Coat. I never knew why she wanted one so bad and it seemed as though it wouldn’t be too warm in the NY winters. This year I’ve found out why she loved that coat. The temperature here this winter has gotten quite cold (well below freezing) and this coat kept me warm. It blocks out the wind and has the great insulation properties of wool without the itch wool can tend to give. One great thing about wool is that it’s got natural water resistance (not water-proof, but it’ll shed a light rain), but even when wet wool will maintain it’s insulating properties. By flipping the collar up I was able to keep the cold away from my neck and lower face area.

      This coat is very comfortable. You order this coat by chest size, which allows the proper fit as opposed to small, medium, large, etc, etc. Not only does this give you a more custom fit, but it also keeps with the military way of sizing dress items. This coat is roomy but not baggy. This also sticks with it’s background of use by the Reefers. One thing that I found nice was that even though the sleeves were a little short I was able to roll the sleeves up toward the inside and they stayed that way. I folded them up about one inch and since I folded them to the inside you couldn’t even tell they’re folded (as you can see in the pictures). This coat also uses a quilted 100% nylon liner to get the wool away from the skin and provide additional comfort, though the wool was not irritating to me. If the thick wool isn’t enough there’s a layer of 100% polyester fiberfill insulation as well.

      This coat is great because it has the insulating properties and can be worn in a casual environment but it just as easily worn in a formal environment, where a ski jacket might be out of place.

      This pea coat features hand warmer pockets which are perfect in size and placement and keeps with the naval tradition by keeping the Naval style anchor buttons. The length on me comes to about mid thigh and is enough to prevent drafts coming up from the bottom.

      Overall I’ve been very impressed by this coat. Traditional and simple in design, yet a design that’s been proven throughout the years.

      Published: Mon, 3/23/2009 by
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      This is hands down the best coat I have ever owned by far

      The construction of the coat is remarkable. You will not see craftsmanship like this ANYWHERE else in America. The attention to detail such as making sure there are no overlapping seams only proves that. The wool is heavy in thickness but light in actual weight so it doesn't feel like I'm being weighed down by it, yet I am well insulated from the cold wind. This brand is one of the last remaining companies that still make them like they used to

      I live in the northeast where we can get some pretty nasty winter weather and this year was no exception. We've gotten many bad snow storms and about two months straight of single digit and negative digit temperatures. This coat has been worn through most of it and I could never go back to any other coat. I rely on this coat at work when I walk to another building ten minutes away. Stop reading this and just buy it. You will have no regrets

      Published: Mon, 3/3/2014 by Matthew Angley
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      I live on the south coast of Massachusetts where the weather is often cold and either raining or snowing, with a raw wind blowing off the water.

      I have a down jacket that is really warm, but it's not wind-proof, and it's no good in rain. It also is totally lacking in style and is not something that I would wear to my corporate job in Boston.

      So to make a long story short, I recently purchased the 740 Pea Coat, and I couldn't be more satisfied.

      It is extremely warm, totally windproof, and I get a lot of compliments about the style. It's so warm that I haven't felt the need to wear a sweater under it yet.

      It was very stiff and a bit constricting the first few times I wore it, but quickly softened up the more I wore it. It's a pretty heavy coat, but interestingly, it doesn't feel heavy when I wear it. And while it's really warm, I haven't been hot in it.

      Let me also say that the customer service was excellent. First, they were very helpful in advising my on the right size...the medium that they suggested fits me perfectly. Second, my size was back-ordered when I placed my order and I was told it would be about two weeks until they could ship me something. My coat arrived in a week and a half...a very pleasant surprise.

      So if you're thinking about a pea coat, get one from Schotts.

      Published: Wed, 2/22/2012 by Chris McConaughey
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      When I bought this coat, I realized that I’d never owned a proper winter coat in my life. The quality of construction is significantly better than a wool-poly blend coat from your average department store. You pay for that quality, obviously, but the price fits the build and you have the satisfaction that it was put together domestically. My one caveat to share has to do with sizing. Customer service was very helpful in providing details of the measurements for each size, but I went with a size that wasn’t recommended and couldn’t be happier.

      I often run into difficulty with sizing so I was apprehensive about ordering off the website without trying it on (wish I still lived in New York!). I am 6’2, 215 lbs. I have a barrel chest and long torso, but not particularly long arms, and I wear size 32x34 in Levi’s 501. Most reviewers suggested ordering true to size. My chest measured 45 inches, which was about an inch larger than I normally am (Holidays, am I right?). So instead of ordering the coat in size 46 or 44, I went with 42 regular. I was swimming in it. The shoulder seems were down my arms and the buttons gave an extra inch even with a heavy sweatshirt. The sleeve length was perfect though and it was super warm.

      I called customer service, which was very helpful. I got a rundown of what the difference was from one size to the next and the recommendation to go with the long size for my height. At one point during the conversation, I was misheard as measuring 42 inches in the chest, so size 40 Long was recommended. CS mentioned that the fit is designed to be more boxy, roomy and not the tailored, slim fit that I normally prefer. However, I also learned that the sleeve length on the 38 Long was the same as the 42 Regular (35.75”). After some hand-wringing, since I didn’t want to make a second return and go longer in the cold without this coat I coveted, I went with the 38 Long.

      The 740 Pea Coat fit me perfectly in 38 Long. I can button it top to bottom while wearing a light sweater and it should open up nicely when I’m at my usual size, 5-10 lbs lighter. The shoulder seams sit just right on my shoulders. The longer body length is great for my long torso and the sleeves are perfect. Know your body, know the fit you want and call customer service. You’ll be really happy with this coat. It’s a well-made take on a classic style.

      Published: Thu, 2/19/2015 by alaric
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      I recently received my 740 and must say that I was amazed at the quality and workmanship. It is obvious that the folks at Schott take pride in their work. "Made in the USA" has never made me more proud.

      I slipped on the jacket and was immediately taken back 30 years to my US Navy Recruit Training and the feeling that first Pea Coat gave me. I love this coat.

      The only difficult thing about owning it is trying not to console the many sad (and cold) faces I see on the folks (all too often) wearing those lesser-imported products.

      I had the chance to take it out on a trip North the very week I received it and was grinning from ear-to-ear in low single digit temps! I’ve already lost count at the number of compliments I have received.

      I did have to contact Schott a couple of times regarding some questions about shipping and must also point out that their customer service is just as good as their coat! I received responses promptly … and personally! No auto-replies or form letters! Real replies from a great associate named Jerri that was on the ball and incredibly helpful (thanks, Jerri!).

      Bottom line: great products; great people; great service.

      If you are waiting to buy this coat, stop. You will not regret it.

      Published: Fri, 1/24/2014 by m davis
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      I was in the Navy when I was young(er) and was issued a peacoat in bootcamp (1985). I ended up donating the coat to Goodwill in 2008 as the coat didnt fit anymore, and it was 23 years old. Since then I've bought, and promptly returned, a few so-called peacoats which were all more expensive than the Schott (one was triple!!). I was goofing around on the internet before Christmas and came across the Schott website. I thought "why not" and ordered one. A few days later I received an email stating that the color I wanted was out of stock. So, I asked for the Charcoal. I received it a few days ago but just opened the box 5 minutes ago. I'm so impressed with the coat that I registered on this website just so I could write this review. The coat is built like a brick @&%?! house. The quality is absolutely outstanding and the fit is perfect. As soon as I put it on, it felt like custom made armor. The woold is thick yet soft. The lining is substantial, not like the flimsy acetate lining that you see in other so-called pea coats. The only comment I would make is that the pocket slits are a little narrow - my hand fits in easily but not the cuffs of the coat. Other than that, AAA+++. I will probably order the black as well when it is available. You just dont see garments made like this anymore, and as a bonus it is made in the USA. All I can say is THANK YOU, Schott.

      Published: Tue, 12/27/2011 by Eric Niebergall
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      Best coat I've ever owned. Don't buy the knockoffs. Spend the money to get a Schott, you won't be disappointed. Chicago winter winds whip around buildings, looking for a victim. Ha! NOTHING gets through this coat. Keeps me warm, plus looking good in the process.

      Published: Tue, 2/3/2009 by emj®
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      Seven (!) years ago I got my first Classic 32 Oz. Melton Wool Naval Pea Coat 740. At that time I had just joined the Danish Merchantile Fleet and was sailing around the world with reefer ships and gas tankers.

      Last winter was the last period I used this jacket. Though it was getting a little old I could not bare to throw it away. Spring came and I put it away. Just 3 weeks ago the winter really started in Denmark and again I was looking at my old jacket. I could see in the eyes of my girlfriend that she was not very happy with the old jacket.

      I got the idea to search the internet for the name of the jacket and very easily found your homepage. I ordered the jacket in the same size and colour, paid with my creditcard and crossed my fingers. Just 6 days after I got the jacket and it was just perfect! Everything was just the same, also the quality! Except that my girlfriend now enjoys to go for a walk with me again.

      Thank you very much Schott for this experience! It is nice that not everything changes in the world today. Knowing now where to get excellent service I am sure it wont take 7 seven until I will buy my next jacket.

      Published: Thu, 4/26/2007 by Peter J
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      Guys...... this coat has exceeded my expectations in every way, which is probably why this was the exact same coat that was issued to our sailors during WWII. Seriously I purchased peacoats from J.crew, Calvin Klein, Kenneth Cole, and LL bean before trying this coat on and all I can say is this Schott peacoat puts the rest literally to shame. Those coats are designed for "style" not functionality, which is sad because I think this Schott peacoat looks better on me by far than any of those other brands.

      This coat fits me very well. I am a 39 inch chest and 30 inch waist. The 36 inch coat fit me the best. No pulling at the chest whatsoever when arms are at my side while wearing a thick sweater. I get slight pulling at the chest when wearing a thick sweater underneath and pulling my arms back as if I am going down on a bench press, but A I hardly ever make that movement throughout my day and B it didn't even pull that bad to annoy me in the slightest. Body fits unbelievably well. Snug, but not too snug. I had to get the sleeves taken in but that is to be expected. Not a big deal. It cost me 30 bucks,

      Today was 20 degrees in Chicago and windy and let me tell you this coat is so unbelievably warm I thought I was on a stroll in springtime. The wind does not get through and it is extremely toasty. I am literally excited for it to get colder to see how low it can get until I get cold. Yesterday was 30 degrees and I stepped outside for 2 minutes in my ski coat that I used to think was warm and I was colder in that than I was today in 20 degree weather in my peacoat scraping snow off my car and my girlfriend's car for about 10 minutes. I was not even cold as a matter of fact. Like I said...felt like spring to me.

      You will not find a warmer peacoat I guarantee you. This is made from 32 oz wool. If you do some research you will not be able to find a heavier peacoat and you will realize most of these "Name Brand" coats barely ever get up to 24 oz. I seriously walk around in this coat and when I see other men wearing what they call a peacoat I can't help but get this arrogant attitude. I know I am wearing a far superior coat. After wearing, feeling, and seeing this coat you will truly understand the meaning of quality. I am like this because I literally tried on and bought so many peacoats and didn't try this coat until the very end and now I KNOW I have the absolute best coat.

      Nowadays it is truly hard to find quality in clothing, but this coat exceeds my greatest expectations in what quality should be. I really never write reviews but Schott has such a great coat here, I want as many people as possible to know how great this coat is so they buy one in order to encourage this sort of craftmanship to continue on. Compare this one diamond in rough to every other coat out in the shopping malls and you will see that quality is dying and we need to keep it alive.

      Best $300 I have ever spent. And I'm a cheap let me tell you. Absolutely zero regrets. If you have any doubts, just try one one and the doubt will be gone!

      Published: Tue, 11/27/2018 by Eric Gehrke
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      People saying good things about this coat are correct. Yes, it may be a bit more than department store pea coats, but the quality and fit will justify the difference when you get this coat.

      I had "department store" wool pea coats before buying this one. This coat changed my perspective of what a wool coat is supposed to be. That should not surprise me too much, because I previously purchased a Schott leather jacket. That leather coat is superb, so I already had some faith in Scott products.

      Sizing: I initially ordered a size 40 regular, thinking that since I wear a 42 suit coat, the 40 would be the correct sizing. Wrong. I had to return the 40 and get the 38 regular. The 38 is just a touch snug in the shoulder (I have an 11 inch drop from shoulder to waist) but it fits perfect everywhere else. I was swimming in the 40, with the sleeves simply too long and the waist blousing out. If you are an "athletic fit" suit-buyer, you may need to drop two suit coat sizes, not just one.

      Quality: This is a HEAVY wool coat. I live in the upper Midwest, and we know cold and snow. Winter is real here. This coat yawns at days and nights of 20 degrees with a stiff wind. In a t-shirt and this coat on, I can wander around with the dog in the park for an hour and not even notice the cold. The collar is stiff and flips up to form a fine barrier to the wind. Pair it with a good cap and scarf, and winter is nothing at all. Just an excuse to wear this sweat pea coat.

      The buttons are lined up precisely (And the anchors even all face the same way..) The button quality is first rate. So is the stitching. I would suggest Schott put a *little* more threading into the buttons, though. The sturdy buttons will clearly last longer than the threads used to affix them.

      The hand pockets are deep and warm. Room enough for your phone, keys and wallet, plus your hand.

      And did I mention the wool is heavy and thick? Yeah, This is what wool is supposed to be like. Not that thin department store stuff. The interior lining adds still more insulation to the coat. Thing is a tank.

      Looks great when you have it on. Feels like a warm blanket double-wrapped around you. And is fine in the office or walking in the woods.

      Other pea coats will never do after this one.

      Published: Fri, 11/23/2018 by Midwest Guy
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      Published: Sun, 2/2/2014 by Ming Xiao
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      OVERALL: Awesome. Fits great, looks great, built like a brick shithouse, and when it was a record-setting -30 wind chill here in Milwaukee in early January I was fine just with this and a heavy sweater. This is a coat made for handling bitterly cold weather.

      FIT: I'm 6' and 160 with ~39-40" chest/33" waist. The size 38 fits perfectly with a heavy sweater or other layers underneath. It doesn't taper much, but I prefer that because it affords a lot of ease of movement. The arms are a little short, but my wingspan is 6'2" so I can't complain much.

      CONSTRUCTION: It's a tank. The wool is densely woven: windproof, and snowproof for sure. The liner is comfortable, the pockets are a good size and placement. The buttons are heavy-duty, and ambidextrous.

      DESIGN: What really caught my attention is the button right under the collar. The ability to actually turn my collar up button it there to shield my neck/chest fully is awesome for a winter as cold as this one has been. I use it all the time.

      The only thing about the design I don't like is the arms haven't got a lot of mobility, but this is a formal/semiformal garment, so I expected that.

      Best of all, this is made in USA. Says right on the tag.

      Published: Wed, 1/22/2014 by Daniel Maughan
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      I got this coast in the new navy color. This is a fantastic coat. So far, NY has had two extremely cold(3degree Farenheit) days,and, this coat didn't disappoint. I'm surprised at how well this coat fits! I assumed that it's going to be boxy like the other coats I've owned but nope! Not at all. The only drawback I could think of is the buttons: the threading of some of the buttons has started to come out but it's not something that I need to be alarmed about

      Published: Tue, 1/7/2014 by Elwin Fernandez
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      The 740 pea coat is quite simply the best jacket for the money you can buy. I live in Canada and hate to layer - I can just grab this coat and run out the door with just a T-shirt under it and wind, rain and snow can't get through it. The style is timeless, everything from the vertical pockets to the oversize collar is functional and smart - every detail has been thought through and the jacket itself is incredibly well made. I'll still be wearing this in 20 years and it will probably look as good as it did new. This is the very first product I've been enthusiastic enough about to post a review of, and I'm a picky consumer. But yeah, if you're reading this, you need one of these.

      Published: Sat, 1/12/2013 by Ian Elliot
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      I have been looking at Pea coats for the past two months and even bought one from a well known on-line vendor. I tried it on and immediately sent in back. I accidentally found the Schott site and ordered the 740 coat It is exactly what I wanted. It fits great and will serve me well for many years to come.

      Published: Sun, 1/29/2012 by David Tobergte
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      I had been looking at Schott coats for a while but, living in the sticks, didn't have a store nearby where I could check the 740 out. I was in Seattle for the holidays and found a store that carries one in pretty much every size (Surplus Too, south of the football stadium...not exactly the best area but I live near Juarez so who am I to complain?). I wear a 37 short suit coat so I was going to get the Schott in 38 but then I tried on the 36--perfect fit with a couple of not-too-bulky layers.

      My seamstress friend was suitably impressed by the construction to comment on it and decide to get one of her own. As an additional pat on the head, the TSA agent at the airport commented on how well the coat fit.

      If you're looking for a pea coat, it's hard to imagine finding one better made.

      Published: Mon, 12/26/2011 by Ron from NM
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      I have to say I ma very impressed with the Classic 32 Oz. Melton Wool Naval Pea Coat from Schott N.Y.C.

      I live in Dublin, Ireland and it's seems like it's always raining or very windy... or both! This coat keeps me dry and warm. It's the warmest coat I have ever owned.

      I am very impressed with quality overall.

      I was very impressed with the customer service after the sale as well.

      Shipping only took less than 4 days!

      Published: Fri, 10/16/2009 by Daniel Doran
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      I've owned one of these pea coats previously and it lasted over 10 years. They are incredibly warm (even in Canadian winters) and stand up to a beating. In my opinion, also way cooler than all the Canada Goose, North Face and other winter coat products out there. If these were good enough for sailors in WWII to wear on the deck of a ship in winter, pretty sure they'll fulfill your needs!

      Published: Thu, 5/30/2019 by Bjorn Von Flapjack III
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      This jacket is so sturdily put together I will likely have this pea coat for the rest of my life. Living in Akron, Ohio, I often need a heavy jacket five months out of the year, so this coat is worth every penny. It's versatile and can be worn over jeans, khaki's or even a suit. One word to prospective buyers: be forewarned that even the "New Navy" color option is an extremely dark shade of navy; the original "Navy" must look black.

      Published: Fri, 4/19/2019 by R. Cochran
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      I've been looking at this coat for a long time, but was a bit leery because I don't like to buy without trying on. As I live in the midwest that was not possible. However, the coat exceeds my expectations. Very thick wool as advertised and fits beautifully. Looking forward to next winter! The only improvement would be a throat latch. All in all though, a great product.

      Published: Sat, 4/13/2019 by J Stebbins
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      The Peacoat fits perfectly.
      Plenty of shoulder and chest room.
      Great feeling coat.
      Im happy to add a classic well made Peacoat to my wardrobe.

      Published: Mon, 3/18/2019 by Jesus Fantiago
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      The only one you’ll need.

      Published: Thu, 3/7/2019 by T
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      I ordered this Pea Coat for my 22 year old son. It looks fantastic on him. This coat is very high quality and it was delivered when it was promised. It was elegantly shipped as well, neatly on a hanger and with SchottNY stickers laid into the box. Everything about this gift was perfect and I will order other clothing in the future. Very classy operation!

      Published: Tue, 3/5/2019 by Merry
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      This coat shipped so fast I couldn't believe it wasn't coming from Amazon. Great product, and very warm. Couldn't be happier. You can buy a less expensive pea coat, but you'll never find one as thick and warm as this one. Before you purchase anywhere else, look for the weight of the fabric. Most of the cheaper coats won't even list that, because they can't compare to the 32 OZ wool that is used to make this product. I've always wanted a pea coat, and this one was a little bit of a splurge, but I know I'll have it for the rest of my life, unless someone steals it, which is a very real possibility because it's such a nice coat. Schott is known as one of the finest manufacturers of coats in the world because they deserve to be.
      Just a side note to the concealed carry people, the left and right inside pockets are perfect for most models. Not why I bought the coat, just a happy surprise.

      Published: Sun, 3/3/2019 by Paul
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      This coat is absolutely perfect. If you know anything about peacoats you’ll know that Schott’s is the only one to buy. The classic heavy wool, warmth, fit, buttons, everything is what a classic style peacoat should be without any designer things done to it. I’ve been wearing them for years, because they last forever, and nothing compares.

      Published: Sat, 3/2/2019 by John H.
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      Outstanding quality. This is an investment in a style that will last forever. True to size. I emailed customer support with a sizing question and they were prompt and helpful. Very satisfied with this coat and the overall Schott shopping experience.

      Published: Fri, 3/1/2019 by M.M.
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      Excellent jacket! Very pleased with my purchase!

      Published: Mon, 2/25/2019 by Richard from NY
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      Well the weave is not quite as tight as my original that kept me warm thru a cold New London winter while in Submarine School in 1969, I am very happy with this coat.
      Like others, I first tried the department store versions, but was not pleased with the quality; this coat is “well done”!
      Regarding sizing: I did size down from my normal 46 to a 44 and the fit is perfect for me, as I do not plan to wear it as an overcoat.


      Published: Mon, 2/25/2019 by Daniel Day
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      I just received my Schott Pea coat, and it's everything I expected. Fits perfectly, Is amazingly warm, comfortable, and stylish. Some of the other reviews say 'stop thinking about it and buy it!' Very good advice. I've wanted one of these coats for years, and I'm glad I finally pulled the trigger. I'm a wool coat guy, and this is already my new favorite. I live in the northeast, and enjoy my daily walks in the woods. I think I'll be wearing this coat for years and years.

      Published: Fri, 2/22/2019 by paul
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      This jacket is very thick. I purchased both this one and the slim fit version. I ended up returning this one only because I live in California, and the lighter weight on the slim fit was more useful. This model is not quite as svelte either. This is still a very nice jacket, I would say it is more useful for colder climates. For sizing, get your usual suit size if you want to wear it over a thin sweater, but size up if you want to wear anything thicker. ***Oddly, This model uses thicker wool, and is cheaper than the slim model. A better buy if you're in colder climes.

      Published: Fri, 2/22/2019 by J
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      A real Peacoat should be 100% compressed wool and should protect you from a number of things as well as fire up to 1000 degrees. This is 25 % nylon. Great look keeps me toasty. And I get lots of complements though. Nice coat

      Published: Wed, 1/30/2019 by Anthony Silveira
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      After buying and returning a Lands End and a Nautica pea coat and being disappointed with the quality. I did some more research and found myself on the Schott website. What a great company. American made...what more could you want? Their Facebook messenger response was quick they answered all my questions about sizing and color etc. Got the coat and it's amazing. Well made, the right fit and color...just pure quality. Thanks again!!!

      Published: Mon, 1/28/2019 by Ron Yamello
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      This coat is insanely warm. I am in Wisconsin right now and this week we are supposed to get hit with cold that is going to be the most brutal in a generation. Part of the reason I feel prepared is that I have this coat. Extremely warm. You don't feel a thing.

      The only downside is that the coat weighs a ton and I like an idiot bought one that was a bit ambitious in size and now this coat fits me so snugly that I almost cannot breathe (with layers underneath) so wear this coat. I wish I would have bought one size bigger and unfortunately these coats cannot be altered to give more room.

      Cant go wrong with this classic pick. Just buy the right size.

      Published: Mon, 1/28/2019 by YJ
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      PEA COAT

      Top notch product.

      Published: Fri, 1/25/2019 by Michael Beaupre
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      I bought a Navy Peacoat for my son at Christmas. It was a size to big. The return process was pain free and simple and even though I'm sure they were quite busy with after Christmas returns, we received the new one within 3 days after sending the return. I'll be buying more from Schott's when the need arises, great products on their website. Next visit to NYC I'll visit their store.

      Published: Mon, 1/21/2019 by Mike Galletti
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      I ordered the 42R in dark charcoal and it is perfect. The sizing is bang on, the color the exact type of gray I was seeking (almost black), and so far it has held up to Minnesota's sub zero wind chills with appropriate layering (sweater, scarf, etc.). This is the Navy peacoat I remember being issued, just a different color.

      Side note, but an important point for me - this has a total of ten buttons, which means you can button all the way up to batten against the weather, and the collar stands tall and stiff enough to stop the worst wind. One other small point - roll this baby like mad with a lint roller when you first get it! I had forgotten about that part!

      All said, and excellent example of classic American craftsmanship, quality, and historic accuracy. Thanks for keeping this one alive!

      Published: Mon, 1/21/2019 by Rob K.
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      My boyfriend is a serial researcher when it comes to clothes. He believe in high quality that will stand the test of time while still being fashionable. I bought this as a Christmas gift but the size was a little too small which is bad judgement on my part. I contacted customer service and they walked me through the process of return and work with me until I was able to finally make the return. Customer service was nothing short of amazing, the make sure than when the replacement was shipped they provided me an email and tracking. The quality of the Jacket is exceptional and by boyfriend loves it. I promise you it will be worth every penny. HAPPY CUSTOMER!!!!

      Published: Sun, 1/20/2019 by TB
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      Very happy with purchase... well done Schott NYC

      Published: Sat, 1/19/2019 by Keith Schultz
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      I normally don't like Wool coats as I always find them itchy. This one is not.

      Heavy and very warm

      Published: Wed, 1/16/2019 by Chilly Kevin in Boston
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      Super warm, blocks the wind even in the arms. My coat is meticulously made. Wool is a great material. It is a little stiff when new, but loosens up as you where it. Very comfortable.. I bought mine through a local retailer so I could get the right size. Thanks Schott!

      Published: Wed, 1/9/2019 by Neil Lerner
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      I don't normally write product reviews, but my experience with Schott has been so outstanding that I felt compelled to let others know about it--the existing reviews helped me when looking at pea coats, so I figured I should help any other would-be pea coat owners out there.

      First and foremost, if you're thinking about buying this jacket, you should stop thinking and start buying. Seriously. Don't question it. There's no other option out there that even compares to this coat. I spent hours upon hours looking at competitor websites, comparing fits, material makeup, button quality, lapels, price and value, etc., and not a single pea coat came even close to the quality that's apparent in this coat even on Schott's website. That's because (and I truly believe this) none of those other jackets COULD compare to the quality of this one.

      Second, I want to say that no matter how confident you are that you have the correct size selected, I would highly encourage you to contact Schott's customer service department to ask for their opinions on fit. I'm 6'1", 175lb., and fairly lanky of build with long-ish arms, and I like apparel that isn't boxy but also isn't skin-tight. While the website recommended I order a 40R, I emailed my concerns to Schott's staff with some fitting preferences, and I was given great advice on selecting the right size. They even included the actual seam measurements of several sizes of the coat so I could compare against my suit jacket (which fits me well). In the end, I decided to go with a 38R, and it was the perfect fit for me.

      When my jacket finally came (I ordered the Dark Oxford Grey, which was back-ordered, so I had to be patient for my coat to come, which is not my strong suit), my thoughts ran in roughly the following order: 1) holy s^&*, this thing looks good; 2) holy s!@# this thing is heavy. 3) HOLY S!@# I'M INVINCIBLE. The quality of the construction is as readily apparent as I thought it was; the coat is beautiful in its simplicity, with none of the flashy or over-the-top fabric additions that, to me, signify a lesser coat. The lapels are flawless, and the anchors on the buttons really add a level of exquisite detail to the look. This is by far the physically heaviest coat I've ever owned. Seriously. Picking this thing up is like picking up a small dumbbell. But that weight really comes in handy in keeping you warm, and once you're wearing the coat, it doesn't feel heavy at all. As a matter of fact, I find the weight legitimately comforting. It's reassuring to know that the coat will be imposing its considerable powers between me and winter. When I finally stopped admiring the coat from afar and actually put it on, I legitimately felt like I was bullet-proof. I told my girlfriend that I thought I could withstand an anti-tank mortar, and she laughed because she didn't understand that I was serious. Well, I am. I've thus far tested the coat in heavy winds and rain in low 30 degree Fahrenheit weather, and I haven't felt cold for a moment. BEGONE FOUL ELEMENTS, YOU HAVE NO POWER HERE. I can't wait for it to get colder so I can see just how far the protection will hold up.

      My ONLY concern thus far is with the buttons. I've been wearing the coat regularly for three weeks or so, and I've noticed that a few of the threads on the buttons have started fraying. The buttons themselves don't feel loose yet, and I'm hopeful that it's not a big deal, but it's something I'll be watching closely this winter. I'd hate to have to repair the button seams on what's otherwise such a high-quality coat.

      All in all, I really don't think there's any other option when it comes to buying a real, warm, classy peacoat. The fact that it comes with Schott's storied history is a nice bonus, too. I couldn't be more satisfied with my purchase!

      Published: Fri, 1/4/2019 by Brandon Mader
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      I had a Schott peacoat in high school and loved it. Last year I bought myself a new one and remembered why these coats are so awesome. This is easily the most versatile and stylish outerwear you can buy. Works as well with a suit as it does with a hoodie and jeans. It keeps you warm without the bulk of the huge down jackets everyone in New York is wearing these days. I've worn it in rain and snow with no problems.

      Definitely size down...I usually wear a 46 or 48 and tried on the 46 at Schott's NYC store and was swimming in it. I got the 44 which fits perfectly.

      Only complaint is that its so versatile its taken my other Schott jackets out of rotation! :)

      Published: Fri, 1/4/2019 by veryhappySchottcustomer
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      I was looking for a Pea Coat as a gift for my Nephew. I came across Schott in a search, and thank my lucky stars I did! I wanted to get him a quality coat and don't mind paying a little more for quality. QUALITY is the perfect word for this coat. He was very pleased with it, as was I. If you're in search for old school quality, look no further..

      Published: Mon, 12/31/2018 by Howie
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      Great coat just what I was looking for
      Easy process for ordering and super quick shipping
      I’ll order from them again

      Published: Sun, 12/30/2018 by Eddie
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      Great looking coat. Fast shipping even though it was supposed to be back ordered and not to ship until this past week. It arrived the week before Christmas. Sizing recommendation was spot on based on my input. My wife loves the look and my mother-in-law commented that she liked it too. I've worn it twice and it is quite warm in N.E. cold.

      Published: Sun, 12/30/2018 by Wayne Goodrich
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      Love it! Exceeds my expectations. Very vey happy with it. Thank you Schott!

      Published: Fri, 12/28/2018 by jlh
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      Nice custmer service ontime delivers I love it looking forward to buy again

      Published: Fri, 12/28/2018 by Nancy Ortiz
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      Beautiful fit, warm and stylish. Couldn't ask for anything better. I'm a 5"9", 218# guy with a 46" chest. Bought a size 46 and it fit perfectly. Snug enough to not look baggy. Loose enough to wear a sweater or light vest underneath. Couldn't be happier about the purchase. If you're in the market for a pea coat, this is the company to get it from.

      Published: Tue, 12/25/2018 by Walter R Hendrickson
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      I have been looking for a classic peacoat for years and could never find the right one until I purchased Schott's Classic 740 Navy Peacoat! Customer service was very helpful in assisting me with a size recommendation. I've spent years attempting to chase down the perfect fit from other designers, which in all cases were either too big or too small and lacked the simple, classic look.

      I am highly impressed with the quality, fit and the classic look of this peacoat. It was certainly a great purchase!

      Published: Tue, 12/18/2018 by Kyle Fisher
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      PEA COAT

      The pea coat is GREAT quality and the customer service I received was wonderful. Great company!!

      Published: Sun, 12/9/2018 by Becky Fretz
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      I remember wearing my Dad's peacoat from WWII. I'll admit it was "broken-in" and more flexible than new issue. But it also had a collar that seemed to fit more closely; that gapped open less than the one I purchased. The fabric of the new issue is more coarse; less appealing. My son's navy ROTC peacoat's fabric also feels smoother. I'm guessing that the officer's coat may be constructed of a different blend of fabrics. So I returned the coat due to my displeasure with both the fit and "finish."

      Published: Fri, 12/7/2018 by Henry O. Biddle
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      PEA COAT

      Great coat, fits well for a tall bloke, even at regular sizes. The sleeves are a wee bit tight, but all in all no complaints. Great company. Cheers

      Published: Tue, 12/4/2018 by Hugh
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      In the space of 1 week I bought two pea coats and sold one....that’s a story with too many details for most of you but cut to the chase: 2 pea coats; both Navy; both self-proclaimed “authentic.” One Schott, one not. 100 dollars difference in price. Kept the Schott and had not a qualm about paying the extra 100. It’s more than twice the other “authentic” coat....fabric, cut, build. Schott is the real deal and if you’ve read this far, you should quit now and buy the coat.

      Next in my sights is the Perfecto PER70. I love that coat and am having real dreams of it despite the hefty price.

      Published: Sun, 12/2/2018 by Chris C from Schoharie, NY
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      MY COAT

      Great coat but for $300 you would think that the anchors on the buttons would be straight. NOTE FROM SCHOTT: They are not meant to be straight. If you look at the buttons the anchors are diagonal to the holes. However, we carefully make sure they are all pointing in the right direction.

      Published: Fri, 11/30/2018 by mike conder
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      BIG & TALL

      We always worry on size and fit. I'm 6'5" 290 lbs. After talking with the rep at Scott, I ordered the 50 LONG in navy. Navy looks black but in direct sunlight you can see a hit of blue aka NAVY. The fit is impeccable and the sleeves were more than long enough. I wear a 38" sleeve dress shirt and the sleeves on the 740 peacoat were even longer. Wore it on the waterfront on a 50° night with a nor-Eastern at about 10 knotts and was warm as can be. This is the coat your GRAND kids will fight over! Worth every penny and delivery was within days of order.

      Published: Tue, 11/27/2018 by Savannah Dan
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      EXCELLENT !!

      I bought this Classic Melton Wool Navy Pea Coat for my partner. He really really loved it. The quality is excellent and classic details work for ever!
      Thank you.

      Published: Sun, 11/25/2018 by Yoko Lewis
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      I bought a Peacoat that a well-known vendor called “authentic” and sold for $100 off the regular $325 price. I bought a Schott the same day, the thought being to keep the better coat no matter what the price.

      Schott. Hands down. It wasn’t even close. The price difference was a non-issue.

      Schott’s fit, finish and build are flattering and substantial, all at once. The competitor has a fair cut but is made of wool blend half the weight of the Schott...flattering enough but not substantial.

      Schott has two handwarmer pockets on the outside but no lower pockets. Competitor has handwarmer + lower pockets. If you think that creates an advantage, you’re incorrect. The lower pockets require the handwarmer pockets to be so high on the body that they’re largely unusable because they’re inconvenient.

      If you’re looking at Schott’s jackets then you’ve already taken the first step. Buy it. You can find a few that want to be what the Schott is but none will be close. I gave you the highlight of my compartison adventure.....there was more but just cut to the chase. Get the Schott. It’s superior.

      Published: Sat, 11/24/2018 by Chris from Upstate NY
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      Possibly the best piece of outerwear to ever drape over this physique! Truly something everyone should own. It's stylish, warm, sexy, eye catching, classic and most of all... TIMELESS! 100% worth every penny for this investment. That's what it is, an investment. Schott has made a lifelong customer out of me.

      Fit: Even with the classic, it still gives a decent silhouette if you find your proper size. I'm 6'2", 215lbs. Muscular build. I typically wear a 44-46 in jackets, but I took a chance and sized down to a 42. I could've went with 40, but I was weary of the sleeve length and overall drape length. At 42, it's a perfect fit. It ends right where my thumbs begin with my arms at their side. Even ideal for a sports/suit jacket.

      I could go on and on. Buy yourself one and see. it's the only way. Or wait till I sell this one to get my 40!

      Published: Tue, 11/6/2018 by William Kenney
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      I suppose like a lot of other customers I first tried a more inexpensive version of a pea coat. I ordered one online from a major retailer, but when I received it, even though it seemed perfectly well made, I knew it wasn't "the real deal." The next day it was on its way back and I was back online to order the Schott Original Navy Pea Coat. If you're riding the fence, I suggest skipping step one, biting the bullet, and going straight to Schott.

      A word about sizing, I'm right at 5'11" and 200 lbs. I wear a traditional fit 44 in a suit and a 46 in a slim, modern cut. I waffled for a while on the pea coat sizing. The Schott online customer service suggested a 44. The fit is perfect. It really couldn't be better and still has a little space for a heavy sweater, a vest, etc. Also note that the two interior breast pockets are generously sized. In my case I'll use this coat during European travel and will often have a large travel wallet riding in one of those pockets. It slides in and out easily. Moreover, the pockets are made to actually be used and have excellent finish with no uneven surfaces on which to snag things.

      My dad was a Navy vet of both the North Atlantic and Pacific during World War II. As a kid I proudly got to wear out his Navy sweater and old CPO shirt. So this coat has the added advantage of bringing back some good memories as well.

      In short, if you are in the market for a pea coat, unless you're willing to settle for a lightweight knockoff or just can't shake the haute-couture mindset, buy THIS coat and rest easy in a wise decision.

      Published: Tue, 11/6/2018 by Thomas Parsons
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      Does what it was meant for. Item is as described on the site. Should be a staple in everyone's collection as it has been, and will keep being, in mine
      Also, Customer Service was extremely helpful, by far the best Customer Service experience I've ever had!

      Published: Sun, 11/4/2018 by Steve Barcello
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      Excellent quality

      Published: Fri, 10/26/2018 by Michael Shumaker
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      My merchant seaman is a handsome devil in his fabulous new peacoat and hat by Schott. Warm, and roomy enough for a cable knit sweater in rougher weather, this quilted, well-made garment was a hit! He examined every inch, Oohing and ahhing, he admired this peacoat's. fine construction and design. Together we read it's well-written history to friends.

      Published: Sun, 10/14/2018 by Eve Silver
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      My Schott 740N arrived yesterday. I am completely happy with it. Surprisingly substantial and heavy, yet it conforms with every movement. Great workmanship in every detail, even the buttons and the cloth inside the pockets feel very sturdy. I feel well protected against anything a german winter can possibly throw at me.
      I am 6 ft tall, weighing 194 lbs and I ordered a 42 regular, just following my chest measure. Fits perfectly, not overly roomy, just enough to be comfortable when wearing a pullover. The sleeves reach almost to my knuckles standing straight, the way I prefer it for a winter coat, since there is no gap at the wrists when you put your hands in the pockets. Stylish and rugged, my kind of cloth. Thanks, Schott!

      Published: Tue, 9/18/2018 by justme
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      The fit, style, and quality of the coat all display impressive craftsmanship. I originally ordered a size too big, but the exchange process was incredibly fast and easy. The navy is an extremely dark navy that looks almost black. The thickness of the wool felt makes it feel slightly stiff in the sleeves, but that's something that will be fixed with regular wear. I have no doubt that this coat will keep me nice and warm for many seasons.

      Published: Sun, 7/29/2018 by Paul V
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      This is the authentic, real deal!! It is exactly as I remembered it. I am increadibly pleased with this coat!!
      VERY well made and holding up well. Other knock off versions are not as heavy or have extra lining inside. This is a heavy warm coat.

      Published: Mon, 4/16/2018 by Michael
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      This jacket is very well made and fits perfect. 185lbs 5'10" and a 42 chest. I am wearing this on -20 Celsius days with a wool sweater underneath that is also wind proof and I am totally warm. They should make more stuff in the USA as this jacket shows how good the quality is when it's made in the USA. I am from Canada and appreciate quality made goods. Buy this jacket, keep warm and look good at the same time.

      Published: Wed, 3/28/2018 by Robert
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      This is a must - have coat if you care at all about quality and comfort. This is a no - brainer. Don't waste your money on anything else. Pricing is outstanding considering the quality. Very warm with an additional quilted lining. Also very formal looking. I've worn this to job interviews with no problem. Order a size larger if you intend to wear over a suit jacket. Also has two inside breast pockets. It's very linty and sheds when new though. So hit it hard with a lint bush until broken in. At 32 oz, it's thicker than a lot of foreign outsourced coats. Anything else is just a cheap (or overpriced) knockoff. I like that it's U.S.A. made too.

      Published: Fri, 2/23/2018 by Jason Morningstar
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      I have loved Navy Pea coats for almost fifty years and have had several during that time frame. I have never had better than Schott's, right up to an original WWII Naval issue.

      Published: Wed, 2/14/2018 by Keith Dresden
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      This peacoat is fantastic. I looked at several brands and the Schott NYC is got the best feedback on authenticity. It's super warm and the quality is excellent. When I say warm, I am not kidding. This thing will keep you crazy warm. I live in Minneapolis and this coat does the trick fighting off old man north. Many of the reviews indicate that you should go a size down. I agree. I wear a 44, and the 42 fits perfectly. With a big, bulky sweater it might be a bit snug, but I never wear big, bulky sweaters. My only complaint is that the coat I ordered was backordered and I was not notified until I reached out to the company a week and a half later. Not a ding on the coat, just the customer service.

      Published: Sat, 2/3/2018 by ScottED
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      A gorgeous jacket: warm, well-fitted, flattering, classic. The cut is relatively roomy if you go with your regular size, so it you want a trimmer fit, go with a size down (I normally would go with a 44, but 42 fits me perfectly). Worth every penny.

      Published: Fri, 2/2/2018 by pgroff
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      IT'S GOOD

      My first pea coat and I love it.
      Fits as expected.

      Published: Mon, 1/29/2018 by Max
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      Originally, I wanted the 740C but was in between sizes (36 and 38), and decided to try the 740 instead. Customer service advised a 34 for a more snug fit, and this was a perfect! I can still fit a heavy sweater and a scarf under the coat. Even with a thin sweater, the 740 is still incredibly warm. It is very well constructed, and very stylish, I have only worn it twice now and already have gotten compliments on it!

      Published: Mon, 1/15/2018 by MonkeyNuts
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      My first Schott jacket and definitely won’t be the last. The fine details are the icing on the cake. The quality of craftsmanship is there, trust me you have to wear it to feel it. Great for 36 degrees and below. Any warmer and it feel very heavy on you.

      Published: Sun, 1/14/2018 by RKB
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      740N PEACOAT

      I received this coat right before we got a cold snap that produced single digit temperatures and strong winds. Wearing a dress shirt and scarf this coat was more than warm enough to deal with it. It's a heavy well made jacket.

      Customer service was very helpful in determining the correct size. I wear a 42 suit jacket and a size 40 fits me perfect. Could not be more happy with this coat.

      Published: Sun, 1/7/2018 by Andrew
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      More than what I expected!!! Love it!!

      Published: Wed, 1/3/2018 by JJ
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      Really enjoying this very warm, very comfortable jacket with the way below temps we are experiencing in early 2018!

      Published: Tue, 1/2/2018 by Steve
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      Coat fits great and is built well. I couldn't be happier. This is my new coat shop

      Published: Tue, 1/2/2018 by Tom a happy customer
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      PEA COAT

      As with all Schott products.......the coat rocks. Most all my friends that have done Navy time comment on the quality craftsmanship of this article. Another test....they heft the coat for "weight." Thank you for another "MONEY" article.

      Published: Tue, 1/2/2018 by C.Grimm
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      excellent quality and service

      Published: Fri, 12/29/2017 by DENNIS D HAMLET
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      Back in the 1970s my sister gave me a pea coat while she was a purchaser for the Navy Dept. in Norfolk. I eventually outgrew it and gave it away. I can assure everyone looking for an authentic pea coat that this is how I remember my old one. The perfect winter coat. Great looking, and it's made in the USA!

      BTW, Schott's customer service is superb.

      Published: Sat, 12/23/2017 by Davis
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      I bought this beautiful peacoat cause i needed a warm jacket.
      I tried some must-have jacket like M65 Us Army with liner, a Barbour Bedale with the inner fur, but this Schott peacoat is absolutely the best i' ve ever had.
      It s a bit roomy, but with nice fit, very very warm (never tried something like this) and stylish.
      I usually wear a 38 us,for example in my Perfecto 618 jacket, and this coat is quite roomy than i expected, but perfect to allow wearing a big pullover or some layers...
      Perfect winter coat

      Published: Wed, 12/13/2017 by Alessandro
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      Had a genuine Pea coat during my teen years that I loved until a growth spurt rendered it short and tight. Bought another from a AN surplus store but weave quality was lacking and fit was not great. Well the wait is over. The Schott Pea coat I purchased in Dark Oxford Grey is superb in density of weave, fit is spot on and grabbed lots of positive comments from the guys and gals at work. In fact several tried it on and commented on how warm it is. This is the third Schott garment I have owned (B3 Bomber and Delivery brown leather jacket) I feel the quality Schott delivered vs cost makes these coats a great value.

      Published: Fri, 12/1/2017 by Brian E Wilkinson
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      Echoing other Reviewer's comments, if you WANT this coat, do NOT hesitate! You will not be disappointed. I ordered the New Navy color. Here is how my experience went. I googled Pea Coat because I could not find one that I liked in my normal shopping channels. That is how I found Schott. I could not tell if the Navy coat was blue or black. The image appeared more black. I sent email on Saturday and received a nice, helpful response from Denise on Monday. I still had some questions, so I called their support line. My call was answered promptly by a super enthusiastic and knowledgeable representative. After discussing the color differences, I told her I normally wear a 38 suit or sport coat. She said the 740 is roomy and would fit over layers easily. I told her I wanted a slimmer fit and she recommended I order the 36. What is even better, is, I had ordered the Navy in size 38 on Sunday and she was able to cancel that order and then I placed the order for the 36 in New Navy. My coat arrived in 4 days and the fit and quality are perfect. I tried the coat on over a fairly thick fleece shirt and I still had room and did not feel constricted. The New Navy is still a dark color but most likely not as dark as Navy. The length of the coat is perfect and hangs as shown in some of the online photos.The anchors on the button are super cool and add a nice touch. The coat is heavy and appears to be well made. This is my first pea coat and I am very selective with my jackets and coats. This one is right at the top. It is nice that a company like Schott put so much effort and care into designing the 740. My compliments to the design and manufacturing teams!! A job well done!

      Published: Fri, 12/1/2017 by Craig B
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      If you could only have one winter coat, it should be this. In fact, this is now my only winter coat. It is seriously built to last, and you'd have to spend double somewhere else to get something of this quality.

      This jacket will keep you warm all winter long, unless you live in an insanely cold environment with temps consistently under 10-15 F. The handwarmer pockets are a lifesaver.

      The fit is relaxed, but I bought my normal suit size and the fit leaves room for layering without being overly bulky.

      Published: Fri, 11/24/2017 by Michael Jaja
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      This is the best quality Pea Coat you can buy. Great look and fit. Don't even think you can find a better one. If you want a Pea Coat this is the one.

      Published: Mon, 11/20/2017 by Scott
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      warm, good looking, can dress up or down. quality seems superb so far.

      Published: Fri, 11/17/2017 by ben
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      As with all the U.S. made Schotts jacket the quaility is superb, I have several Schotts motorcycle jacket which are used for riding, and just hacking around with and they are the best, worth the money.
      The Pea coat is thick, warm, and awesome quality top shelf as always with Schotts jackets/coats, these are the best.
      Buy your jackets and coats here if they have you's worth the price you pay.

      Published: Mon, 11/6/2017 by John
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      I could not imagine this coat being any better. Looks great, feels great, built like a tank, incredibly warm and comfortable. It makes me sad to think of all the wasted years I spent wearing inferior products. I'm 6 feet, 200 lbs, and wear a 42 Long suit. The 42 fits like a glove. Not room for bulky stuff under it, but I don't wear bulky clothes under this kind of coat. If I did, I would have gone up to a 44. This is my third Schott (the other two are motorcycle jackets), and I remain a very satisfied customer.

      Published: Fri, 10/20/2017 by Henry in Georgia
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      "Schott sweet"

      Published: Wed, 8/30/2017 by David A. Hiveley
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      Back in the late 60's my older brother picked up a used Pea Coat but it was too small for him and I took over wearing it although it was a little too small for me as well and pinched my arm pits, but I loved that coat. I finally had to let it go as I grew and my brother gave it to his girlfriend, who by the way looked pretty dang good in it!

      Through the years I've occasionally looked for one but usually sizes too small or pretty worn. In the last 15-20 years I've looked on Ebay but again, couldn't find the right one. This last winter here in the Pac-NW was pretty nasty, breaking some cold temp records and I begin another search online.

      I came across a few sites with new Pea Coat's and one of them was SchottNYC. I did some comparing and independent reviews and then it begin to dawn on me that the Pea Coat I wore in the 60's might have been a Schott as it rang a bell. After more research I decided with the long history of Schott's, it's 60+ years of supplying the Navy with Pea Coats since WWII and the fact that it was Union made in the USA, I ordered one.

      An EXCELLENT coat! I always look closely at the little details, especially the stitching and this coat passes all muster! True to my size - 44 - and fits great! Thanks Schott's for offering this in the old Navy Blue like the old one I had back in the 60's! This coat will last me the rest of my life and then down to my son.

      I HIGHLY recommend this coat to anyone who wants the real meal deal!

      Published: Sun, 4/30/2017 by Guy Schlegel
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      Heavy duty and well made. If you are looking for a pea coat you will not be disappointed with this one. Fast delivery.

      Published: Sat, 4/1/2017 by J.L. Madtronardi
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      Great coat, came in a few days after ordering. Very warm and love how the collar can be put up and it helps block a lot of wind from behind. Fits true to size. Got the dark oxford gray, hides stuff better than the black or navy blue. Its definitely worth the money!

      Published: Tue, 3/7/2017 by Richard Cousins, Jr.
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      This is by far the best coat I've ever owned. It's the warmest and one of the most comfortable coats I've encountered. I almost wish I lived someplace colder so I could wear it more often.

      Published: Sun, 2/12/2017 by Peter Nolan
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      Bought and used this during my stay in Liverpool. Performed marvelously in different weather conditions (hail, snow, rain, gale, etc). Styling bonus considering the history of the city

      Published: Sun, 2/12/2017 by Azman Adnan
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      50 years ago I received my first Peacoat at Great Lakes Ill Boot Camp when I'd enlisted in the US Navy. That coat has been gone for many many years and I've seeking a new coat for some time. I did a lot of research and determined Schott was the one. I had some sizing questions first and emailed Schott and the response was more detailed with complete measurements than I would have expected. I ordered the coat the next day and it's everything and more that I could have expected, and even warmer that I'd remembered. This is a cherished coat that will see much use over many years. THANK YOU Schott!

      Published: Fri, 2/3/2017 by Jeff D. - Newton NJ
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      Love this coat. Fits perfectly and is warm, warm, warm!!!

      Published: Wed, 2/1/2017 by /s/ Todd
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      I'm 5'9 and 155lb with a 39 inch chest. I ordered a 38 and it fit me perfectly. ThE 32 oz pea coat is perfect with the cold winters here in Wisconsin. It has function and great style. Love it!!!!!!!! I was eyeing this for a couple years and should have gotten it earlier. You won't be disappointed.

      Published: Sun, 1/29/2017 by John pacubas
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      The Pea coats are the best I've ever seen! So well made. We had to exchange sizes though because they run a little small, but the exchange was quick and easy!

      Published: Sun, 1/29/2017 by Linda young
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      In fairness, I have only worn this coat twice since it's arrival but I can share my impression. My chest and arm length would have preferred a 45 but I settled on a 46. The coat fits as expected with a little bit of extra room. The finish and construction are excellent, as expected by reputation. I had tried several imported (Italian) versions costing much more and made with softer wool, but Schott's version is better, and I expect, longer lasting.
      I am satisfied in every way and I highly recommend both Schott and their wonderful Pea Coat.

      Published: Wed, 1/18/2017 by Alexander Francis
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      I've been looking for a pea coat for close to 5 years now, trying dozens of options from all price points. In my search this year I stumbled across Schott, which I've always associated with motorcycle jackets, and figured I'd give them a try. It took a couple of attempts as I wasn't sure which size to get (I measure 39 and wear either 38s or 40s). I first went with 38, but that proved to be much too roomy around the chest. Then I went with 36, which I thought would be far too small, but ended up being the perfect fit. I have enough room for a thick sweater and still maintain good freedom of movement. The only issue (initially) were the arms. They were slightly snug when wearing sweaters, but they've loosened up and are now comfortable. I'm not a gym rat, but I have an athletic build, so if you're similar, that's something to consider when sizing. For comparison, the 38 was more accommodating in the arms from the get go...not a huge difference, but enough to be noticeable. With Schott's return policy, it was easy for me to hone in on my right size without too much cost. I'm loving this pea coat!

      Published: Sat, 1/14/2017 by xJSN
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      I have always wanted a nice peacoat. I debated on how much I wanted to spend. After much research, I decided to pull the trigger on a Schott.

      I took the advice of another buyer and ordered a size smaller than my suit jacket size. My chest measurement is 42, and I went with a 40. I'm 6'4" at about 175 lbs. I have a lean athletic build. The coat fits perfectly (even with a hoodie on)!

      The quality of the coat is second to none. Super thick, yet very maneuverable. I haven't tested it out in the elements yet, but I'm pretty sure it'll be quite warm.

      Overall, the purchasing experience was amazing! I contacted Schott's with sizing questions and received an immediate helpful response. I ordered the coat on a Friday morning and chose free shipping. The coat showed up the next morning. If your second guessing purchasing this coat, put your fears to rest, you will not be disappointed!

      Published: Sat, 1/14/2017 by Jason Forsyth
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      Very happy with my purchase. It's getting harder and harder to find a good American made pea coat. I was a little leery ordering a coat online without trying it on for sizing, They recommended a 36 as that is my suit jacket size and it fits very well. It is super warm and I could easily get by with this and a t-shirt well below freezing.

      Published: Wed, 1/11/2017 by Kit
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      Very happy with this purchase! I took a risk ordering online but I was pleasantly surprised. Excellent construction and beautiful fit - by far the best pea coat that I've seen. Yes, it's a bit pricey but well worth it.. I will definitely order from this company again. Thank you.

      Published: Mon, 1/9/2017 by Mari from NY
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      Great peacoat with amazing build quality. Super thick and warm so you won't have any worries about being cold. The thickness does cause it to be a bit bulky which is expected but otherwise it fits perfect.

      Published: Fri, 12/30/2016 by Mike Z
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      Heavy, warm and well constructed. Worth every penny.

      Published: Sun, 12/25/2016 by Ryan b
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      This coat is exactly what I wanted.

      Published: Sat, 12/24/2016 by Sam
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      "QUALITY "

      ...just what i was looking for-heavy wool pea coat,well made to last ,down to the smallest of details !~

      Published: Fri, 12/23/2016 by Ward
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      I love it! Good looking, warm and well made. Should last many years.

      Published: Thu, 12/22/2016 by Brian D. O'Leary
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      Excellent quality, seamsmanship, nice wt. The fit is perfect. Buttons are well attached. Have been looking at this coat for 2 years--finally decided to order one.

      Published: Mon, 12/19/2016 by B. Reiser
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      After a lifetime of Service my original issue U.S.N. P-Coat 1968 gave up the ghost and was sent to a better life about 10 years ago. I went through a few other winter coats since then but nothing served like the original
      This has changed since i received my current coat from Schott. It is everything the original was without a doubt. In the intervening years i had searched other P-coats including Navy Issue but they were not the same.
      This Coat is fully up to all expectations and i almost feel like i am on deck again. I have an arctic parka for 0` and below, for everything else i have this. Take my word it get`s as cold in Chicago as anywhere you will ever go. I am very pleased, warm, and well constructed. I am totally satisfied

      Published: Mon, 12/19/2016 by Joseph Svec
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      Hi, ordered this product in my sport coat size 44 and when I received the coat it was too large. I contacted customer service who suggested I try a 42, reordered the size 42 which was a good fit in the shoulders but still too long in the sleeves and the coat length. So unfortunately I returned both coats.
      Beautifully tailored coat, but difficult to fit when you are 5'6".

      Published: Thu, 12/15/2016 by Terry Chiccino
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      I had a pea coat from another company for about 5 years and I found it to be warm and functional so when I put on some weight and had to find a new one I did some research and decided on going with Schott. The 32 oz is a thicker and heavier coat then my previous one which was exactly what I was looking for. It arrived extremely quickly (from NY to Toronto Canada over the weekend) and was sized just right for me. Even though I am in the southern portion of Ontario, it can get pretty cold during winter, and the moisture in the air from the lake can help that cold try and sneak into your bones. I have no doubt that with this jacket I am going to stand in defiance of the cold and continue to enjoy winter as I always have. Solid work guys - I can not sing your praises enough!

      Published: Mon, 12/12/2016 by Julian Goddard
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      I searched the net for over a year. When this Schott 740 Pea Coat arrived my wife and I were amazed at the impression of quality. Simply removing the bag it was easy to tell this was a fine product. The wool is thick and heavy. The buttons feel solid. A tailor measured my chest at 48" but he and the advisor from Schott recommended a size 46. They were right, it fits perfectly. Very warm and stops the wind in its tracks. If you're contemplating a pea coat, stop reading , and buy this one. You won't be disappointed.

      Published: Tue, 12/6/2016 by Shawn Cernicky, D.C.
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      I just bought my 3rd Schott classic Pea Coat. They always last me for years, and I'll buy another if and when I wear this one out. They are amazing winter coats. The material is so dense that is it wind proof and waterproof, but it still breathes enough so you're not alternately sweating in it when you are going in and out of the heat and cold during the day. It's hefty in a way that feels substantial and solid without weighing too much. On top of it all it's a classic style that goes with everything. You can't go wrong with this coat.

      Published: Tue, 12/6/2016 by MT
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      HAPPY! :)

      I am extremely satisfied with my purchase. This is the closest to the real deal that I have seen in all these years since I stopped wearing my father's official coat! I look forward to getting many years of use out of it! :)

      Published: Mon, 11/21/2016 by Andie
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      This coat is absolutely epic. I've wanted one for years and I finally took the plunge via a UK distributor. I would usually say that you get what you pay for, but that's not always true... it is here though because this thing feels bulletproof!* (*Probably isn't). Highly recommended :)

      Published: Wed, 11/16/2016 by MJS
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      I've had several lower cost pea coats over the years, and I get maybe 2 winters out of them. I decided it was time to make an investment, and had my options narrowed down to the 740, and a vintage naval issue coat. Let me tell you, I'm glad I spent the extra money on this one. I cannot even begin to describe the quality of craftsmanship. There is a reason that these guys have been around for so long!

      A quick email got me into the perfect size, and it got here in a hurry! My only issue now is trying to decide which Schott jacket to get next...

      Published: Sat, 11/5/2016 by Zach
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      I just received my Schott 740N pea coat, size 38 long. The thing is a work of art. I'm a formal naval officer and have had numerous pea coats in my lifetime, including both uniform and brand-name pea coats. The Schott outshines them all. So thick, so clearly well-made, and it fits my 6-2, lanky frame like a glove. It also looks great with the thick material, substantial collar, and larger-diameter buttons. Call me old-school but I like a pea coat to have some burly substance - forget the small button, thin material fashion pea coats. I'm wearing it right now as I sit at my office desk just to enjoy it. I can't wait for winter here in Denver, as this coat is going to be perfect for heading out on the town, work and just about everything else I have to do in the cold. I rarely leave a product review for clothes, as I'm very picky. But this coat is incredible. Call Schott to get your sizing right and then buy one. Best wardrobe decision you'll make this year.

      Published: Thu, 9/29/2016 by Rob B.
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      Sweet coat. After doing a lot of research I settled on this coat. It is awesome. Formal and warm. Don't settle for a coat with less wool.

      Published: Tue, 4/5/2016 by Jason Fowler
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      This is the best P coat ever. I've been buying for around 20 years and have never been disappointed. It is the perfect coat for San Francisco weather where I live. When the fog comes in and chilly wind picks up - just turn up the large collar to keep toasty warm!

      Published: Sat, 3/12/2016 by AR
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      Did not like Schott leather jackets but their pea coat are the best American pea coats you can buy, I own two of them, If you want the real deal, this is it.

      Published: Fri, 2/12/2016 by Cliff C
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      I've wanted a pea coat for years, so I did the research and went with Schott because I knew and respected their quality and craftsmanship in other garments. I'm 6'1" 175lbs with a 40" chest so I got the 40 long and it fits spot on. This is a serious, truly outerwear piece of equipment. It's a no-nonsense, no bs technical fabric, mans coat. I've had it in snow, wind, rain and cold and it never lets me down. I fully expect my son to be able to wear it long after I'm gone.

      Published: Thu, 2/4/2016 by MoJo
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      THE 740 BATS 1.000

      I've owned pea coats in the past and now after purchasing one from Schott I'm aware how undeserving of being called pea coats they all were. This is a terrific piece of clothing.The minute you pick it up and look at it you can tell it's a quality article. The thickness of the material and the construction are absolutely first rate. I purchased mine in black and I'm seriously considering getting another in one of the other available colors. Online customer service was top notch as well. My question regarding the sizing was answered quickly and I received the coat the next day. Fits perfectly too with just enough room to wear a sweater or hoodie on those really cold days.. You really can't ask for more in a jacket or in customer service. Way to go, Schott!

      Published: Wed, 11/18/2015 by trjohnson
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      This coat is exactly what I've been searching for. I've been looking for a proper made to spec navy peacoat and I was turned off by most of the clones and fakes that are sold in army and navy stores. I came across Schott by chance and went to the store immediately after checking out the site. Everyone at the soho shop was great and really informative, so far this season I've been more than satisfied by the coat. On some of the coldest days I can get away with wearing just a T-shirt and I'm still toasty. Another thing about this coat I love is how fast it dries after being out in the rain, it's all around the best winter coat I've ever owned. I've been recommending it to all of my friends to go to the store and check it out.

      Published: Thu, 12/11/2014 by Chris W
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      I was first exposed to Schott in college when I worked at Canal Jean Co in Soho. We were an authorized retailer of Schott and I worked in the outerwear department selling Schott coats. Customers would come from all over the US and other countries to specifically buy Schott coats, especially the peacoat. During my time in Canal Jean, I easily sold hundreds of these coats, if not more, and was always a fan. However, as a poor college kid, I couldn't afford the coat.

      After moving away from NYC, I would buy coats in the winter and always thought about the Schott peacoat. It's been years but I finally decided to pick it up once and for all and things haven't changed. It was a windy and cold day outside but once I put on this peacoat, I couldn't feel anything. Highly recommend and extremely satisfied with the purchase.

      Published: Fri, 11/28/2014 by Shahriar AC
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      I purchased a black navy Pea jacket and it has me kept me warm on some of the coldest days. The jacket is comfortable and it's one of the best wool jackets that I have purchased. As I wear it in public, I am frequently commented on it.

      Published: Mon, 12/30/2013 by Dale Chiacchio
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      Received my coat last week and couldn't be more pleased. The quality and craftsmanship met all my expectations. With due care, this coat will be handed down to one of my grandchildren.

      Published: Tue, 12/17/2013 by Alan Keith High
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      After 20 years of waiting to buy a pea coat, I finally bit the bullet. My choice was between a Schott NYC and a Sterlingwear of Boston. Both are formidable companies, and both companies have been the official suppliers of US Navy pea coats at one time or another. In the spirit of full disclosure, I did not have an opportunity to try a Sterlingwear coat. That, however, proved immaterial since my wife (qualifier #1) preferred the lapel cut of the Schott 740 and it happened to be available in my size 44L (qualifier #2) at a nearby shop (Lo-Man Outdoor). They had sold out of most other sizes. I tried on a $700 Made in China Brooks Brother pea coat, and despite the wool being more refined, it contradicted everything a pea coat should be. To my amazement, the Schott was on sale, then additionally reduced 20% at the register with a seasonal coupon.

      Serendipitous pricing aside, I would still have paid retail for this coat. It was 20 degrees outside when I purchased it, so I wore it leaving the store. It fit like a glove and it kept me very warm. It is a stout, well-made garment, that I hope to use with both casual and dressier attire. I will, however, continue to use more technical gear when sailing. Wool does not hold up well in extreme racing conditions. I do expect, based solely on my research, that this coat will provide me enjoyment and warmth for many years to come. If you are in the market for a pea coat, you will not go wrong with the 740.

      Published: Fri, 12/13/2013 by ML
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      11 OUT OF 10

      This is THE best coat I have ever owned. I live in the northeast where winters can be brutally cold and having this coat no longer makes me cringe about leaving my apartment to face the elements. I actually look forward to it.

      The construction of the coat is far superior than any other coat on the market. The wool is heavy and durable, the inside filling is full. Even the little things like the reinforced seams make this coat worth every penny. This coat is going to last for a long time.

      Every other peacoat I've come across is lacking quite a bit in quality and they're all made in China. You're pretty much buying a designer name but Schott hasn't skimped on anything with this garment. Not to mention it's good to see some things are still made in America with pride and it shows. I strongly recommend this coat to anyone who wants fashion, quality, and functionality in a coat, not just a name brand.

      Published: Tue, 12/10/2013 by Matthew Angley
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      This is one of the few coats that can keep you warm and toasty in Minnesota. Had one just like this one while in the navy so was glad to get another one. Not only keeps you warm but looks good also. Great all around coat.

      Published: Sat, 12/7/2013 by Carl Hancock
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      Gentleman, there is simply nothing better than a Schott Peacoat. It imbues a sense of wellness that is difficult to articulate. The moment it slips across your shoulders you'll understand. It's the weight, the structure, the instant warmth, the knowing this coat will protect you against just about anything Mother Nature will toss at you. This is just one of those pieces every man needs to experience for himself, owes it to himself to experience actually. There's not many arenas in life this coat can't be worn in. It constantly gets compliments, usually by men which is always funny to me. I'm 49 yrs old & this is my second Schott Peacoat. I went a while without one & I'm angry at myself for allowing that gap; I'm not going to let that happen again.
      I just received the New Navy in a size 38 & I am over the moon about his coat. As a man who has worn a Schott for many years I knew exactly the quality I was purchasing so I wasn't surprised about the incredible craftsmanship & heftiness this coat has. However, my previous coat was the traditional Navy & I wanted this one to clearly blue but still be dark. This New Navy is so spot on perfect! The traditional Navy is difficult to differentiate between black & blue as we all know. The New Navy is no stand out blue either however when you give it a good look or when it's in bright sunshine, it's a deep, rich, navy blue. I mean wow, so classic.
      My chest is 39" exactly so I ordered the 38 as I know the coat is full sized. The fit is outstanding! It is honestly as if a tailor made this coat for me. I didn't want a loose coat or one that I couldn't breathe in. The fit is perfect with a 38. I am 5' 9" 160lbs. I could easily wear a 40 but I like a coat like this to fit nicely, not tight, as it does it's job of keeping me warm much more effectively with a perfect fit.
      Thank you Schott, I'll be back for another helping or two you can count on it!

      Published: Thu, 11/21/2013 by Wolfman Greg
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      I gave away my original pea coat after my lab had chewed off a number of the buttons. Last year back in NY I notched my nephews pea coat hanging idlly in the closet. It brought back fond memories of the warmth mine had provided. After searching the department stores found a number of poor imitations. Many years ago my wife gave me a flight jacket for Christmas which was from Schott. I still have it. So I went to their website and low and behold they were making pea coats> I ordered the 740 and have to say it holds up pretty well to the original. I had the sleeves shortened a bit. Very nice coat! Thanks Schott for bringing back the pea coat!

      Published: Sun, 11/3/2013 by TAP
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      I recently purchased a navy peacoat for myself and a black one for my son. Wow! I've worn mine virtually every day since it arrived. There is not one thing I would change: Great fit, great fabric, warm, stylish and practical. Beautiful pockets, buttons, stout and warm. Rain beads up as you would expect from a peacoat. Great work you guys. You nailed it!

      Published: Fri, 10/25/2013 by Brent Bauer
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      Got one of these as a high school graduation gift from my parents (Thanks again mom & dad!) way back in '99. My pea coat is still in great condition, and keeping me warm on these cold NY nights in 2013. Well done Schotts!

      Published: Sun, 10/20/2013 by Val Dawson
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      I'm in my early 30's and have never owned a Peacoat before so needed to fill that 'nice sophisticated coat' gap which existed within my wardrobe. I decided to approach this task as I did with my suit, where I would rather have one piece but spend a little extra to make sure it is of a high quality and preferably from a brand known for its product quality over its 'trendy brand exposure'. Another factor was if I looked after it well, I wanted it to last me many years on end and look great. So after a fair amount of research on internet forums, reviews etc. I came across the Schott brand and the more examples I read, the more I realised that coat this was exactly what I was after. Once I got in contact with the Schott team with sizing questions, they were very helpful with replies within a day which ended up being spot-on. After receiving my Classic 30oz Melton Wool Navel Peacoat yesterday (in the middle of my winter here), I am more than happy with my purchase and the effort that went in to tracking it down. In my opinion, the coat is quite heavy and more bulky than some other cheaper brands I've seen (which is a great thing!), but the clean lines and simplicity of the design make it such an elegant piece of clothing and once I slip it on, it really feels like a big warm hug. Thanks Schott, you have one happy customer here!

      Published: Sat, 6/29/2013 by Chris Lewis
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      After alot of research and Q&A, I finally ordered the Schott 740N. It arrived today, and I am thrilled.
      The fit is great, the quality superb. Im building up a decent Schott collection, and the reason I chose his over another well known and highly regarded brand was simple. I trust the Schott leathers with my skin on my motorbike, why wouldnt I trust them with a chilly wind in the concrete jungle.
      The thing is, its really functional and looks really good, it makes me look like a model, and keeps me warm. The buttons are a great touch, the lining is really functional, and the dark navy is quite classy. Yes, I dig it the most. Thanks Gail and Jerri for your great service and patience with my litany of qestions on all of your products, all the time. Like the big man said,"I'll be back....."

      Published: Mon, 4/15/2013 by Ben evenden
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      This is one well made coat and very warm.
      I wear size 38 suits and 740 cut is exact fit for me.
      I’ve already received a few complements including a total stranger.
      I'm very pleased with my 740.
      Thanks to Jerri at customer service for quick response to my inquiries.

      Published: Sun, 3/10/2013 by Joji Yatsu
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      740 IN BLACK

      Called in to Schott to speak to someone for help with sizing and availability. Was told that it would take 2-3 weeks for a black 740 in my size (48), no problem, I placed the order asked to ship whenever it's in stock. Much to my surprise, the coat arrived three days later to my home, in Toronto.

      I had been looking for the past two years in local department and mens stores for a heavy weight double breasted coat, but was disappointed. All I found were single breasted coats with awkward removable zip-in liners and very thin fabrics that every place seemed to sell.

      The traditional military Pea Coat was the obvious choice. This classic design will look good years after current trendy coats have fallen out of fashion.

      I chose to order from Schott since they seemed to be the only brand that had the Pea Coat in black, and in the heavier 32 oz cloth.

      I was not disappointed. The black 740 is a very classy garment. it's also versatile, you can wear one with slacks for an evening out, or just messing around in jeans.

      This coat looks great and is warm and comfortable. I have been out in it several times already in 20 degree F snowy weather with just a shirt underneath, and it's warm and cozy.

      It also breathes, and I find if I happen to be indoors wearing it, it's not overly hot. It's shorter length makes it comfortable to wear while driving, since it's not bulky.

      Thank you Schott family.

      Published: Fri, 1/4/2013 by Stu C
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      I bought one of these coats in 1997 and after 16 solid years, it's finally time to replace - 1 of 3 Schott coats I own. This coat was easily my warmest out of all my coats, especially the pockets - I always knew they were warm, but since reading the product description on this site, I now am aware they are called 'hand-warmer' pockets - and do they. I could get away without wearing gloves with this coat.

      I've got to say, I'm very pleased to see these coats still in the same, bold, strong style on sale - I reluctantly gave this coat away to charity recently, so am enthralled to see it still on sale, so will be putting in a purchase...nice one.

      Published: Sun, 1/15/2012 by Bobby
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      the warmest coat i've ever awesome coat that just cannot be found on the racks here in new zealand...

      Published: Thu, 7/14/2011 by w g potts
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      I am an unusual size in respect to ordering clothing. I am 6'0" but my arm length sleeve length is not the standard. I ordered as instructed with chest measurements and all and added additional 2 inches to order after talking to constumer relations and after receiving my jacket wool jacket I am over joyed with the perfect fit. Sizes are for the average individual. If you are slightly irregular order one to two sizes bigger and you will be happy.

      Published: Mon, 11/30/2009 by Calvin L.
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      The Style, Quality & Price are on point with this Classic Wool Naval Pea Coat. Shipping was fast and cut is true to size. If your thinking about buying a knock off. Thats what you'll get a "Knock Off" Don't waste your hard earned $ on anything but a proven Classic.

      Published: Fri, 11/27/2009 by Cheers Craig ESQ
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      I love this coat. It looks good. Great weight and feel. Looks and feels like it will last a long time. It came a little larger than I anticipated (I wear a 42 suit and the 42 coat feels a bit roomy) but I guess there's room for layers.

      Published: Sun, 11/22/2009 by J. Dugan
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      Best Pea Coat ever.... It is heavy and I like it. My body think it is summer when I wear it... It is a little pricey though. Schotts has great customer service and i had a good experience. Wish there were some coupons to knock down the price

      Published: Thu, 11/12/2009 by VP
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      I am very happy with this purchase.
      Delevery was very fast as it took just 3 days to reach my home in Spain.
      I like very much the product.
      Finish, stile and details shows really good quality.
      Very smart and keeps me warm no matter the weather

      Published: Wed, 11/11/2009 by Antonio Guillem Vieco
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      This is the second peacoat I have purchased from Schott. My first one last for 10 years and could have gone longer, but I gave it away. I love the heavy and firm material on this coat. It is both warm and stylish. I ordered the navy colored one, and it looks the same as my first coat, which was black. They say it's suppose to be that way. That the navy is really is so dark that it looks black, which was a little annoying because I wanted something a little blue, but I am still very happy with my coat.

      Published: Mon, 11/9/2009 by Matt
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      Awesome coat fits perfectly, well made in the USA. Cant wait for winter so I can proudly wear it

      Published: Sat, 11/7/2009 by Gal A
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      Having owned a number of Schott leather coats, who else would I turn to when it came time to add a classic peacoat to my wardrobe? Seriosuly folks, this peacoat is the best product of it's kind, and I looked at a bunch of them before making my decision. Heavy, well constructed and plenty warm - I have no doubt that with proper care this coat is made to last a long time.

      Published: Sat, 11/7/2009 by Chris R.
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      I'm an old fat man who was in the Navy 39 years ago and decided I would start my 2nd childhood by getting myself a Navy peacoat. I ordered one from a competitor using their sizing chart and it didn't fit. I sent it back and exchanged it for a bigger size that should have been a loose fit according to their chart and it was still too small. I gave that peacoat to a distant relative, e- mailed Schott Customer Service my dimensions, and begged for help. Schott responded within a day with their size recommendation, I ordered the Schott peacoat, received it within 4 days and am tickled (bald) pink! The coat is well made, heavy enough for any winter activity, and when I put it on I almost feel 20 years old again! THANKS FOR A GREAT PRODUCT

      Published: Fri, 11/6/2009 by Dan Bland
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      I have wanted a peacoat for years and this year I thought I would splash out and get one. I searched far and wide for the perfect coat then came across Schott. I had previously had a bomber jacket so I like the brand.
      I live in the UK so here is a warning if you are buying in the UK. US sizes are BIG! I measure 46 round the chest, when the coat arrived it was way too big and I had to order a 42 to fit me properly, trust me you will be well out of pocket if you have to send one back! My suggestion is to order what you would in a suit jacket and not by what you actually measure, it will come up a little big but that allows you to wear a jumper underneath (not that you will need to!).
      Having now got the perfect size I am very happy with it! Classic and smart, looks great with jeans or trousers and gets worn every day! Easily the warmest coat I have ever had. Cheers Schott!

      Published: Thu, 11/5/2009 by Phill, Guildford. UK
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      PEA COAT

      Was looking for a quality pea coat and happen to stumble across schotts. It was cheaper than a crew or similar brand. I decided to give it a try. I went by the sites direction to measure my chest size. Upon measuring I wasn't sure to go with an exact measurement of 42" or go with a 44" to give myself some room. So I called the service dept. and was told to go exact. I received my coat quickly and couldn't believe the quality. The fit was perfect. My wife and friends love it. I can't wait for the cold weather.
      The whole process was too easy. Definitely will use them again.

      Published: Wed, 11/4/2009 by Jack D68
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      This is the second of this jacket i've purchased (the first was stolen) and it's just as good as the first. It may never be an authentic, military-issue jacket, but it's pretty much the exact same. Great for New York winters.

      Published: Tue, 11/3/2009 by JB
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      15 years ago, through an off chance, I purchased my first Schott leather jacket from a store in Canada. Heavy and warm, it has lasted to this very day and continues to be a part of my wardrobe and wearing well no matter what the weather may be like.

      Throughout the years I’ve purchased various garments and coats based upon need and activity. Recently, I relocated to Chicago and found myself without a good, warm coat which did not fall under the style of “winter” or “parka.” Searching through various websites and dealers, I stumbled again by chance on the Schott name and brand. I immediately made the connection and knew that it would be in my best judgment to go with a name that I knew and could trust.

      I settled on the classic 740 Naval Pea Coat as I had always loved the style and had a similar one from another brand many years ago. Once I realized that Schott was the supplier of what can be considered an authentic pea coat used by members of the Navy and by seamen around the world, I was confident that I was choosing another quality garment that would last forever.

      My coat arrived today and the fit and style are perfect. As I donned it for the first time, I knew that I had made the right choice and that I had once again made a wise investment in a quality garment that could only be provided by a company such as Schott.

      I’d like to thank Gayle for her recommendation on sizing and for the level of service that your company provided in general. Between the quick response to my size inquiry, the level of follow up after I made my purchase online, to the fact that I was given free shipping, you can imagine my surprise when I received my order within forty-eight hours! Thank you for being so customer focused and paying such attention to detail. It is reassuring to know that in this day and age, when customer service is the first area to be compromised or overlooked, you have continued to ensure the satisfaction of your customer base.

      I am happy to say that I will continue to not only purchase items from you and your dealers, but will be recommending you to everyone I know. Thank you again for filling a need of mine so well and I wish you continued success in the years to come.

      Published: Wed, 10/14/2009 by Alex P.
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      Perfect cut and fit. Weight is excellent. This coat is EXACTLY what I have been looking for.

      Published: Sat, 10/3/2009 by TJT
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      Super coat; true to size; women flock to it and want to feel it, and that just doesn't happen to me. Thank you!

      Published: Mon, 9/28/2009 by cookiemonster
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      Many designer Pea Coats cost two and three times the Schott Classic. Yet the wool is as light as 14oz, and never over 24oz. To paraphrase the most interesting man in the world, stay warm my friends....

      Published: Tue, 9/22/2009 by jay newman
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      Working in Europe on different locations from London to Moscow, I've learned to appreciate the Schott peacoat as the most comfortable, warm and windtight coat I've ever known, and belive me, I've tried them all, form the NF to special nylon weaves and stuff. Buying my first peacoat in 1997, I still have the actual coat, as I cannot bear parting with the jacket that has seen me through the toughest winters on Russian building sites, and has given me a form of mindcomfort - a piece of clothing that gives you a sense of safety, warmth and familiarity. Be honest - noone keeps a jacket that long - the original '97 coat is still in great condition, even after being through 'the worst'. I love my peacoat!!!! Best piece of clothing...ever. As in EVER.

      Published: Sat, 8/8/2009 by
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      A well made garment that I'll wear for years to come, plus the benefit of doing business with a personable staff that knows customer service! A hard combination to beat! Many thanks to Gail and her staff!

      Published: Fri, 8/7/2009 by Timothy Hunt
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      One thing

      It's the best naval pea i've ever seen

      and now i've got it

      Published: Wed, 5/13/2009 by Christophe
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      I placed my order on a Tuesday. It was delivered that Friday. The coat is a perfect fit; the material and make are of a superior quality. In short, both product and service were excellent value for money.

      Published: Thu, 5/7/2009 by Cork Customer, Ireland
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      I purchased one of these in charcoal back in 1998 and used it daily during the harsh Midwest and Upstate NY winters. No coat I've owned, regardless of material, has been warmer than and has held up to as much abuse as this one. I even got compliments on it this past winter (the person thought it was new)! The only reason I decided to replace it with a new one was because some family members were tired of looking at me wearing the same coat for the past 10 years. After a LOT of shopping around, I ended up buying another one (in navy this time) and am sure I won't regret it!

      Published: Sun, 4/5/2009 by John W
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      PEA COAT

      The pea coat is extraordinary and service more than excellent

      Published: Fri, 3/27/2009 by Rookie
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