Leather Trim Peacoat (Slim Fit)
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740C - Leather Trim Peacoat
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Leather Trim Peacoat (Slim Fit)

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    Our 31-inch classic wool naval pea coat comes in 32 oz melton wool. This slim fitting stylish update of a classic features leather trim details at the seams and a red satin lining. We recommend to go up 1 size.


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    7 of 7 people found the following review helpful:


    I was looking for a heavy Peacoat for these cold NJ winters for about a year now. I searched at least 50 different websites and about 10 different stores in-person and I could never find a peacoat with a heavy weight and a nice slim-fit. Everything that I found either was slim-fit and low in weight or "blocky" fit with good weight.

    I happened upon Schott NYC and I was surprised at the selection of Peacoats that I could choose from. The History of the company had me sold on the brand itself and I knew immediately that I found what I had been looking for.

    For sizing information; I measure as a 38.5" chest (6'0 and 170lbs) and I usually wear a size 40 slim suit jacket. I was told by Jerri at Schott NYC that size 42 might be best for me since I usually wear sweaters and long-sleeve shirts in the winter under my coats (not too many people I know wear short-sleeve T-shirts in the winter). The size 42 740C arrived only 2 days after I placed my order (I live in NJ, less than an hour away from Schott NYC), and the fit was just right. The sleeves, chest, and torso are all still very fitted. The 740C with the leather trim and the slim fit has a nice stylish look to it while still remaining true to the classic look of a military peacoat. I must say that the color of this coat is a lot closer to Black than it is to Navy and for me that was a good thing. You can only detect the midnight blue color if a bright spotlight is shining down on you. It is a very heavy and somewhat stiff coat (in a good structured type of way) that I'm sure will break in a bit more after a few uses. The leather is a very nice touch and adds to the styling without being too loud. I have about a bit of room with a sweater on and the coat still maintains that "V-type-structured-fit" that you can see in the pictures. I would say that everyone would definitely want to get at least one size larger than what they would normally wear in a suite jacket if you have a "normal" build type. If you are a bit irregular, then you may want to give Schott NYC a call just to make sure. The Customer Service is one of the best in the business.

    Overall, this is one of the BEST coats that I have ever owned. Quality is top-notch and the fit couldn't be better. It's worth Every Penny.

    Published: Sat, 12/3/2011 by Kareem
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    This coat is bad to the bone cool! I could not be happier. The wool, the style, the fit, and the leather
    trim are all first class. I followed your suggestion on ordering one size larger than my regular fit and it was right on the money. Thanks!

    Published: Mon, 10/10/2016 by Brooks Powers
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    4 of 4 people found the following review helpful:


    I don't usually write reviews however my experience with the staff and products at Schott NYC really motivated me. This jacket is stunning.The cut is small so size up 1 size and it will still be a slim cut. It weighs about 2 lbs more than any box store pea cost you can find. Thick wool that is in fact navy, however extremely dark and appears black in indoor settings. It's impeccably lined with leather, and a red satin inside. The satin is especially nice since it will not rub/pill any sweaters you wear underneath. The photo shows the sleeve reined with leather at an angle. This I'd because the jackets sleeves are ergonomically cut and will give you great range of motion. It's an extremely stiff jacket but breaks in after 5-6 wearings. Nate and the crew there were extremely helpful and took time to show me the shop. You can see there's pride there and something you just don't find at your local box brand "luxury" store. Having MADE IN THE USA on the coat speaks volumes, and I know where my money went.

    If your considering buying a JCREW, or Theory, or whatever other fashion brand for the same price or more... You should really take the chance on something unique and with a history. I'm one of many here that will be a Schott customer for life.

    Published: Fri, 12/27/2013 by Blake Bedoya
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    This is my first Schott coat and I could not be more please how much it has lived up to the companies reputation for putting out a solid product. I went with this model Pea because of the red satin lining and slim cut for a modern version of a classic coat.

    I could have done without the leather trim (limited to the outer pocket slits, seams along the length of both sleeves and an area under the back collar), however it doesn't standout dramatically so it doesn't present too much of a problem.

    There are two angled pockets inline with your lower ribcage which are not visible in the images on the site as well as two pockets on either side of the breast on the inside. The outer pockets are not terribly deep, enough to stuff your hands in but I would be weary about the safety a pair of heavy gloves or your wallet being stored in them. The inner pockets on the other hand are deep and will safely hold your wallet and cell phone. There is another pair of buttons under the lapels which will allow you to button the coat up all the way to the top to help keep out the cold.

    Right out of the box the coat was a little stiff, a testament to the weight of the melton wool used in its construction; I believe that the leather trim through the length of the sleeve also contributes to this. After a few wears the coat breaks in nicely, I find that the heavy melton actually starts conforming to the shape of your body.

    I am consistently a 36-short dress jacket and I bought a 38. With a heavy sweater the jacket is almost a little too snug. You may want to move up two sizes if you think you will be doing the jacket/sweater thing a lot. As stated throughout, this is a slim fitting cut - slim throughout, chest, torso, arms.

    The temperature has dropped close to 0*C around here accompanied by a few windy days. It seems to have held up well keeping me warm and cutting the wind. The true winter test is yet to come...

    A final comment and testament to the solid craftsmanship that is Schott. The buttons on this jacket have not loosened a bit since I first put it on. This was after going through the "break-in" period and now trying to button up with added layers under the jacket. I can't tell you how I am used to reattaching buttons on pants, shirts and jackets after a few wears because of the way they were first sewn on at the factory. There is no indication that I will have to be reattaching buttons to this jacket anytime soon.

    Published: Fri, 11/18/2011 by M Mar
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    3 of 3 people found the following review helpful:


    I just received my jacket today, and I was completely blown away by it's fit, look, and warmness. I wear a size 40 and I ordered a size 42: couldn't fit any better. Just so you know, this is a black jacket, not a 'navy' jacket. The lining also happens to be awesome.
    I tried on a $1200 Dolce and Gabana peacoat at my local Nordstrom a few weeks ago, and it doesn't come close to my new schott pea coat.
    Well done, Schott. The next time I need a coat, I know where I'll be ordering it from.

    A side note: Schott was sold out of this jacket for some time, and I finally got desperate and called around NYC for it at other retailers. Franks Sporting Goods had the jacket, which I was very happy to discover, however the service I received from them was horrible. I will never buy from them again. SO! Order from this online store if your item is available!

    Published: Wed, 1/5/2011 by Nicholas Willig
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    This is an amazing coat. The only one I've ever had that even compares is another Schott. Materials and fit are outstanding. As to sizing, I wouldn't get too hung up on ordering a size larger as some suggest. This is a fitted coat and you're going to want it to fit snugly to look its best. If you are an even number size I recommend getting that size. If you are an odd number size you should probably go for the next largest. I'm about 5'10" 180 and pretty athletic. I normally wear a 42R and the 42 fits perfectly.

    Published: Fri, 4/7/2017 by Ken
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    It only took 2 days to arrive and I live in Taiwan. Customs was a pain in the ass but I got it.

    Now then, I'm 5'11, 178lbs, 42.5in chest, 33 waist. I'm an athletic build so I normally go 42 coats/jackets cuz I like my stuff fitted. I purchased the leather 641H a few years back and the 42 fits like a glove, no alterations needed. With this pea coat I sized up (as directed) to a 44 and I'm glad I did! The coat fits perfect throughout the shoulders and chest but with one caviat...the coat doesn't taper at the waist. I ended up having the coat altered and wow, what a difference it made. The coat now looks more like a fitted wool sports jacket. A couple of things to note: I don't wear bulky sweaters and I prefer a very fitted look. This allows me to go with that extra slim look I like. So there you go, I hope that helps...

    As far as how the jacket looks, I love everything about it! The leather accents and red polyester lining are a matter of preference and I personally like it a lot. The leather accents are what sets this jacket apart from most others and it gives the jacket a leather smell which is a huge plus in my book. You can't go wrong with this coat but if you like your shit fitted you might wanna consider having one custom made from Schott. Otherwise find a top notch tailor, you won't be sorry. I love this coat, it's comfortable and it looks really nice with jeans or a suit (minus the sport jacket of course.

    Published: Tue, 3/7/2017 by John Franco
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    I've wanted a pea coat for some time, as the style of one is very classic. This coat is the standard. With any piece of clothing I purchase, especially ones that I need to save money for, I want to feel like the cool guy, I know that I'm not. With the fitted construction and leather details, this coat will make anyone look cool, while staying warmer than probably most outer wear out there. This is an outstanding coat and worth every penny.

    Published: Wed, 2/1/2017 by Justin Von Hanna
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    This jacket is PERFECT in every way! I love the leather accents, the red lining, and the fit. My husband has super broad shoulders and is very 'tall' in the upper body region. I ordered a size 50, as it is a slim fit. The drape is absolutely spot on, the fabric is top-notch, and the cut itself makes the jacket both trendy and classic.

    Published: Tue, 1/10/2017 by Suzanne Campanile
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    1 of 1 people found the following review helpful:


    I really love this coat. I'm 5'10" just under 200lbs and the 42 fits perfectly. The charcoal color is great, especially with the red satin lining. Almost makes me wish winter lasted all year long!

    Published: Mon, 1/2/2017 by Felipe Jose
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    1 of 1 people found the following review helpful:


    I waited a week after getting this coat before writing a review, as I wanted to really test it out first. After probably 15 or 16 different physical and online stores, I decided on Schott.
    To start with, the customer service was fantastic, from the moment I sent my first questions right up until the coat arrived at my front door, both the people in New York, as well as the outlet I received mine from in Montreal were great with answering my questions and concerns.
    Second is the price. At $565.00 CAD this coat was not inexpensive, and was a little on the higher end of price after I did my research. I can confidently say that after only a week of wearing it, this coat is well worth the price!
    I live in Ottawa, Canada, and this week has had an average of below -25 degrees Celsius. With a thin long sleeve underneath, the cold and the biting wind stays out!
    As far as the comfort and fit is concerned, I am normally a 42 tall and so I followed the advice of the guys at Schott and went to the 44, boy does this coat fit perfectly! Even with my longer than usual arms, the cuffs come all the way down to my wrists. The pockets are deep and they do not bulge or make the coat look bulky when they are full either.
    Finally, the look. Wow. 11/10. This thing is sharp! Especially with the discrete leather trim that lines the arms and outer pockets. I am also quite partial to the red liner on the inside, which is totally invisible to the outside world when you are wearing the coat, but knowing it is red kind of makes you feel a bit like, I don't know, royalty?
    Overall this is a great coat, and I do believe that Schott has earned a loyal customer in me.

    Published: Fri, 12/16/2016 by Calvin
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    I love this coat this is the second one I purchased the first one got stolen. Keep in mind it fits a little snug you have to buy one size larger then you normally wear.

    Published: Sat, 12/10/2016 by Collin Campbell
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    hi guys. thanks for your quick service in sending my new pea coat.that's 3 1/2 days to me in Melbourne Australia it fits very well I ordered it one size larger as you recommended and I am more then happy thanks again regards merry xmas and happy new year. john cocker

    Published: Fri, 12/2/2016 by neville john cocker
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    Great fitting and well made. One size up is definitely necessary.

    Published: Sat, 11/12/2016 by J Clancey Bounds
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    I ordered a size larger than normal and it fits perfectly with the exception of the sleeves, they are tight. There's no way I could comfortably wear a heavy sweater underneath on cold New England days. Otherwise it's a really nice looking and fitting coat.

    Published: Sun, 11/6/2016 by Bren
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    1 of 1 people found the following review helpful:


    definitely a high quality coat. I've had a few cheap peacoats through the years, but this is definitely the best quality I've ever owned.
    Granted I have an odd fit, this peacoat was not as slim as I had hoped for. I'm rather tall and thin (6'3, ~160 pounds) so I ordered my true chest size (36), as others have said it is usually slim when they ordered a size larger. The dimensions measure 19 from pit to pit, giving it a 38 inch chest, which is adequately slim for someone like me. However, it is not as fitted or slim in the body as I had hoped, as the pictures indicate a pretty fitted form through the body/hips. The arms are juuuuust long enough without being too long or short. I would have exchanged for a size smaller if I was not afraid a 34's arms would be too short. Unless you have a "relaxed" form, I'd recommend ordering your true chest size at the largest.... I'll hold onto it though as it's beautiful. Just wish it was more slim

    Published: Sun, 11/6/2016 by David Allen
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    1 of 1 people found the following review helpful:

    SEXY COAT!!!

    I went to so many stores to buy a pea coat... the size... the look... they were all horrible... then I found Schott NYC and looked up 740c. This coat is very well made, thick and fit me so well! I've received so many compliments from friends and strangers already. The customer service is also A+!!! Friendly and professional! I also want to thanks the 3 staff members who helped me to find the size I was looking for. You guys are so awesome.

    Schott NYC, please keep making more beautiful pea coats with graded sizes! Thank you!!!

    Published: Thu, 11/3/2016 by TC
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    I live in a ski town in northern California where pea coats aren't as common in winter-time and I knew I wouldn't have the option to try on a bunch of different coats before deciding which one to buy. As a result I did alot of internet research before making a decision. This coat fit most of my criteria - a slimmer cut, jetted hand pockets as opposed to patch pockets, real anchor buttons, a thicker wool, a satin lining, actual tailored coat sizes as opposed to S, M, L. Also I like that the leather trim gives this coat a slightly different than traditional look without being too flashy. I wasn't sure how I would feel about the red satin lining but now that I have the jacket I kinda get a kick out of it. I feel a little like the master of ceremonies when I go to put the coat on and then once its on you don't see it.
    Im especially satisfied with the fit. I'm 6 feet tall with a chest size of about 40.5 inches and a waist of about 33 inches. I'm one of those in between sizes where sometimes a Medium is a little too tight in the chest and/or short in the sleeves or sometimes a Large is just too baggy. I ordered a 44 and I think it nails it. It's a little broad on my shoulders but only very slightly and actually if I had a thicker midlayer on it would probably be perfect. My arms are slightly longer for my build and I'm very happy that the sleeve falls perfectly on my hand. That right sleeve length can be hard for me to find oftentimes.
    There are only two cons I can see with this jacket. The first is that the satin lining is a little longer in the sleeves than the jacket itself, sometimes it sticks out from the end of the sleeve a bit. -Its no big deal, a tailor can easily fix it and it's such a minor problem it's barely worth mentioning. The second is that I do wish this jacket had a little bit more wool in it's wool blend. I don't know what the pro's/con's are of different wool blends. Maybe they can answer that one for me?? Ah well- because I'm so satisfied with this jacket it ends up not being that big a deal. Especially since I see other much more expensive pea coats out there that have similar ratio's of wool in their wool blends. It's just such a sharp coat, I'm so pleased with it overall, maybe I'm just being nit-picky.
    Last I would like to say thank you to the Schott customer service. As you can probably tell from my review I'm very particular in how my clothes fit and the customer service people that I talked to were very courteous and well informed. I think I called them 3 different times and they answered every question for me down to the small details.
    Thanks, Schott. I'm new to the brand but after my experience buying this coat you guys have gained a loyal customer. Well done!

    Published: Fri, 10/28/2016 by Andrew Debiec
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    Very nice looking Pea Coat. I was expecting to be more tailored on the waist as per photos posted in the web site. I'm 6'2" and I have a 32" waist. I usually wear size 42 but I ordered size 44 as suggested by other customers. The size 44 it is defenetely the size I need as it is perfect on my shoulder. The wool feels nice and elegant. Overall I'm very happy about it and it is probably the best looking Pea coat around.

    Published: Sun, 3/20/2016 by Marco Nogara
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    This is my second Schott jacket. Bought a 118 long Perfecto a few years ago. Still looks good as new. Not only that, but it's a real motorcycle jacket that really blocks the wind while riding! No poser jackets at Schott.

    I can't say enough about Schott jackets. The quality is amazing. I just love this peacoat, the quality of the wool is top notch, it fits wonderfully and I can't wait for the cold weather to come. Like others have said, it's black for all intents and purposes, barely can see blue, unless you hold it up to bright sunlight next to something that is really black. Great color. I bought a 46, I'm six foot and 187 pounds. 44 would have been too tight (that's what I usually take in a coat. Some people may think Schott coats are too expensive, but once you've seen and felt the quality of the garment, you'll feel their prices are actually quite fair for a coat that will keep you warm a long, long time.

    Published: Wed, 11/5/2014 by Steven F
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    I have wanted a warm pea coat for quite a while. The design is a classic and they just look so good. Being in Australia I have searched everywhere with no success. I did my internet research extensively and kept coming back to the Schott 740c. All reviews said the same things, quality USA made product, stylish and warm. My wife was concerned with me spending so much money on an internet purchase without trying it on. Jerri from Schott customer service came to the rescue and emailed me a sizing spreadsheet. I went one size up as recommended and couldn't be happier. If you wear a lot of layers under it I would suggest 2 sizes up. Thanks for a GREAT product.

    Published: Tue, 4/30/2013 by Martin Dimitroff
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    This is my first piece of clothing ordered from SchottNYC.
    Just received this coat. I ordered on 3/14/13 and received it 3/19/13. The coat came well packaged, in plastic on a hanger.
    Coat: The description on this coat does hold true in that it is a small cut, so order a couple sizes bigger than you normally would. I'm 5'10", 175lbs. I ordered a size 42 and it fits just right. I probably won't be able to wear any bulky sweaters underneath it though. The sleeves especially are snug, so order accordingly.
    Even though the color of this coat is labeled Navy, it's practically black, which I like! One can't tell it's Navy unless in very bright light.
    Very well-made, quality coat. And, of course, the 'Made In USA' tag makes me even happier with it. I'll purchase from SchottNYC again.

    Published: Tue, 3/19/2013 by EricB.
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    This peacoat exceeds my expectations. When I first ordered it I was looking for a black coat but this one looked so dark blue I figured I would try it. There is no way you can tell the coat is dark navy unless you really look at the fabric.

    As far as functionality the coat is excellent. It's very warm seems to be made to last. The sizing is a little small. I am 6'1", 190 with a 34" waist. I typically wear a 44 suit coat but I took the advice of other reviewers and got a 46 and I'm glad I did. My only complaint with the fit is it's a little bulky in the body for a slim fit coat. I will have to get the coat brought in a couple inches on the sides but I was expecting that; there is no way one coat will custom fit everyone.

    Otherwise the coat is very stylish and still maintains the perfect amount of classiness. It can be worn casually and with business/evening attire.

    One last thing, the service at Schott NYC is excellent. I ordered the coat and it was on my doorstep two days later. I feel confident if I had a problem with the product the company would resolve it. USA company and USA made, very pleased.

    Published: Fri, 2/8/2013 by D. Hall
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    1 of 1 people found the following review helpful:


    I bought this pea coat as a gift for my son, and he is very happy with the quality and fit. Even though it has a slimmer cut and a flashier lining than the 740, this pea coat still has the same classic appeal. Initially, I was worried that the leather detailing might be too much, but it is actually very subtle, and really compliments the coat. I looked at many pea coats, and thought this was by far the best looking coat. The fact that it is made right here in the United States made it even more perfect.

    I originally bought him the Classic 740, but then thought that the heavy quilted liner would make the coat too warm for him. I called Schott to see what else they had available, and spoke to Don King (yes, the same name as the boxing promoter!). Don could not have been more helpful; he spent a good half hour going over the different styles, and helped me decide on the 740C. Don told me to contact the place we bought the original 740 (Princeton Army and Navy, who also were wonderful to deal with!) so they could order the 740C for us. In the 740, a size 40 fit just right, but we followed the advice about the 740C given on the Schott website, and ordered the 42 for a perfect fit.

    If you are looking for a great looking pea coat that has a little extra flair, look no further. My son now has a classic pea coat that is both stylish and warm. I know he will enjoy wearing this coat for many years to come.

    Published: Fri, 12/14/2012 by maria
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    Excellent Quality and Service

    Published: Mon, 3/11/2019 by Chalres Love
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    I waited forever to pull the trigger on this. I didn’t know much about Schott but their name came up multiple times when I would talk to designers or search online for modern men’s peacoats. After doing some research and reading countless reviews, I decided this was worth the money. And yes, the price tagr is hefty for some people. You can buy a pea coat for 1/3 this at Macy’s. But it wil NOT be as well made. I can assure you it will NOT have the same cut and fit the seamless way this one does. And lastly, when you go cheap, you get what you pay for. This is something of an heirloom. You will own this coat for season after season and it will get better. I absolutely love it. It fits like a velvet glove and I get constant compliments from both men and women. It’s VERY warm but breathes. I am so happy with my purchase. I feel as though the price tag was well worth it.

    So if you’re looking for a modern classic that will have you standing out in a sea of bland pea coats this season, this is the coat you’ve been searching for.

    Published: Wed, 2/13/2019 by T. Mccarthy @MccarthyDigita1
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    I subscribe to the belief that a company's longevity speaks for itself. Schott has been around for a very long time. The reviews speak for themselves. I also believe that you get what you pay for. You could go to a big box store and pay $99 for a pea coat, sure, but its going to be a mass produced, inferior fabric, and it will last about a season or two. Then you're buying new one a couple of years later. Or you could pay for a well made American product, made by hand by a family run company that has a personal touch. You could go with a Schott and be done for decades. I look at this coat like an heirloom. I will pass this one down. With that out of the way, like most of the reviewers here, I ordered a size up and wow! Its an absolute perfect fit. Clean lines and slim. I get compliments from both men and women on the coat. It feels fantastic. Like slipping on a velvet glove. Its still a little stiff, but I still have some breaking in to do.

    Published: Sat, 2/9/2019 by Tim Mccarthy
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    I really wanted this to be a nice coat. Schott typically comes up as being high quality with internet searches. I'm 6'2" and 210 lbs. I train a few times a week but am proportionate throughout my build, not top heavy. I ordered the 46 as per Schott's recommendation. My chest measurement is 45" circumference. If I were to move down a size, the arms would most certainly be too tight. The wool was very thick, but worse, very stiff. Not soft and movable. My freedom of movement was noticeably restricted as opposed to other wool coats I own. The arm size was good, not baggy, but not too tight..., but the body was way too big. It didn't have a tailored or trim look at all. The red liner reminded me of what you see in a halloween costume. Cheap and plastic feeling. Also, when I slid my arm into the sleeve, there was extra liner that would push through the cuff opening. I would have to spend time adjusting the sleeve to have it move back into the arm opening once the coat was on.
    <Note from Schott NYC: This wool is intentionally very heavy (32 oz) to protect against the elements. It sounds as if you would have preferred style 751 which is 24 oz melton wool and much less stiff. The lining coming out of the sleeve is something that we would need to fix. That's our mistake. We make the lining slightly larger than the body (or sleeve) to give you some flexibility to move around, but it's a very fine line between not enough extra room for mobility and too much extra room where it ends up poking out the bottom. In the case you described it sounds like there is too much fabric coming out the bottom of the sleeve, something we should and would quickly repair.>

    Published: Sat, 2/2/2019 by N.C.
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    This Navy Leather Trim Peacoat is amazing. This is the first purchase that I made from Schott and it certainly will not be my last. The craftsmanship of the coat is first class and I have already received numerous compliments on it. I have been looking for a peacoat for some time now and Schott definitely hit the mark with this one. Ordering was simple and it arrived on time as scheduled. Can't say enough good things about this purchase!

    Published: Mon, 1/14/2019 by George R. Knox
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    This turned out to be a perfect fit. I followed Schott's sizing recommendation and was not disappointed. The sleeves were not too long and the fit although close in the body still alows enough room for a shirt and sweater underneath. A heavy and warm coat for cold weather.
    The leather trim gives a nice but subtle detail effect as does the bright red lining.
    I would definitely recommend this coat to others.

    Published: Mon, 1/14/2019 by Paul W. Schwarz
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    In my opinion, I would order the same size chest as you would for everything else. I followed the other reviews and ordered a size up and I wanted a slim fit and it was definitely not what I wanted. But Schott was fantastic! I let them know and they made the returns/exchange process seamless! They sent me a return label, let me order a size down and when they received my other coat they sent my new one and the shipping was really quick! 3 days from NY to IA. And now the jacket fits me perfect and looks good! I definitely give this coat 5 stars and Schott’s customer service 5 stars as well! Thank you.

    Published: Fri, 12/28/2018 by WJG
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    Very happy with purchase ... awesome coat . delivery was very fast by Fedex . thank you Schott

    Published: Tue, 12/25/2018 by Keith schultz
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    Totally stoked on my new pea coat. I will say that I was on the fence about sizing up a size and I’m glad I didn’t. Like another reviewer I read, I wanted a slim fit tailored sort of look. I’m about 5’10” slim build and I bought the 38. It fits like it was made for me.
    Otherwise I agree with all the other satisfied folks. The quality is tough, the weight it there, and the look is classic.

    Published: Mon, 12/10/2018 by MH
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    This jacket is beautiful, pure and simple. Extremely functional and warm, superbly cut,
    If you're slim I'd recommend sticking with your size. I thought the leather trim might be an issue but it'
    s barely noticeable.
    Superb and worth every penny.

    Published: Thu, 12/6/2018 by Alex
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    Fits like a dream. You know when you hold this coat, and the weight tires your arm, that you’re holding a well made, durable, beautiful piece of kit. Well done Schott.

    Published: Sat, 12/1/2018 by Joseph Christy
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    I really love the classic look of this pea coat. Its red lining adds a nice touch. I am 5'10' at 170 lbs (athletic build) and ordered a size 40. I chose this slim pea coat because I have a wide back with narrow hips. It fits very well around my waist and shoulders. The only problem I have is that it is too tight around my arms. This isn't a major problem, but it does make bending my arms more difficult. Overall I am very happy with this jacket. I would recommend it to anyone who wants to get a classic slim fitting pea coat.

    Published: Sat, 11/24/2018 by Kevin W
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    This peacoat is amazing! I normally wear a size 42, but I went against the recommendation to order a size up and ordered my regular size. I am 5’11” with an athletic build and it fits me perfectly (almost as if it were tailored). It’s about 1 or 2 inches shorter than my other peacoats which actually makes it perfect because it doesn’t look too formal. You can wear this to any occasion!

    Published: Fri, 10/26/2018 by Julio Duran
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    This coat strikes a great balance between style and function. It's a heavy wool coat that also looks very sharp. I'm 6'2' 185lbs with a 38 inch chest. I played it safe at first and ordered a 40 like most of the people in the reviews suggested. The 40 was a comfortable fit, which could have easily accommodated a heavy sweater for me, with room to spare, but it did not really have the tailored look that I was looking for so I exchanged it for a 38. The 38 fits snug but has the sharp, stylish, tailored look that I wanted and will still fit a long sleeve shirt underneath. A heavy sweater would be pushing it but I don't wear those anyways. The sleeves were fairly tight on both sizes but I have small arms so it's not really an issue for me. The sleeves on the 38 are also slightly shorter, as is the overall length of the coat. I felt like the buttons looked too close together on the 40 because of the extra room on the sides. It was borderline boxy looking. The fitting guide on the Schott website is useful, refined and accurate. I would go with whatever size it recommends based on the information you provide. If you like a sharp, slim and tailored look, go with your chest size. Exchanges are timely and easy and the first one is free. I live in Minnesota and it's still warm right now but the coat seems thick enough to get me through most, if not all, of winter. Very satisfied. Quality product. Excellent value.

    Published: Fri, 9/7/2018 by Andy Ellingson
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    I had this coat for a few years. I got lots of compliments on it, and loved the warmth. I really think this is the best pea coat on the market. It has a nice slim fit. Very complimentary. The leather details are just right. And the red lining is nothing short of a kick to your senses! Shows you mean business!Last spring my coat got stolen.
    I decided to replace my coat a couple of weeks ago. This time I thought I would go up 2 sizes from my usual size to make room for layers. This really is a slim fitting coat. When I got my new coat, I realized right away that I had made a mistake. At 2 sizes up the coat still looks good, but you loose some of the shape. It just hangs on you. So, I exchanged it for a coat one size up from my usual size. Got the new coat today and I love it! I got my kickass pea coat back! Can’t wait for cold weather.

    Published: Thu, 8/9/2018 by Craig Smit
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    I looked far and wide for a quality Pea Coat and happily landed on The Source.
    The 32 oz. fabric is a bit heavy for Western Washington but better what a great coat! The leather trim sets it apart from the ordinary and your dark oxford grey completes the look. The fit, quality, color and extra subtle touches make for a very, very happy customer. Of course, the service goes hand in hand so, THANKYOU SCHOTT NYC!

    Published: Tue, 1/23/2018 by LJM
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    After much deliberation between this and the 751, I pulled the plug on this and absolutely loved my decision. It's a warm, beautiful, sturdy and well-made coat.

    A quick conservation with the Schott staff helped me narrow down my size. I wanted a slim fit so I went with my jacket size. Even at that lean fit, there is enough room to comfortably fit a few layers underneath (if you wearing a heavy sweater, you probably want to go a size up from your typical jacket size).

    I love this coat so much that I will be buying a leather jacket from Schott.

    Published: Sun, 12/31/2017 by Noire
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    I'm 5'7" 165lbs and medium fits me perfectly.
    Small size was too tight.

    Published: Fri, 12/29/2017 by SalsaLoco
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    The construction on this peacoat is unlike what you will find in any department store. It's solid and thick and feels built like a tank. I quite like the leather trim and I find it is understated and adds a little bit of extra class to an already classy coat. As others have said, the navy color is very dark and virtually black unless you inspect it under bright light. Also this thing has pockets for days. There are many of them and they are very deep and wide and can hold anything you need. The front pockets are in the perfect position to warm your hands as well and give you that classic peacoat look.

    One thing I wanted to comment on was the sizing. It seemed the consensus is that you should buy a size up from your "true fit" size, but I disagree - I recommend buying true to size if you are an athletic build. I thought the next size up was much too large for me and had to return it. I am 5'10", athletic build and fluctuate between 10-15% body fat and I find my truefit size of 40 is exactly right for that. Without any layers it fits well and with layers underneath it fits snug but not tight at all. I was swimming in the 42, even though the cut is "slim fit". Hopefully that helps someone like me who has to order online without being able to try it on.

    Published: Tue, 12/26/2017 by Brennan
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    I received my Classic Naval Pea Coat yesterday. That coat is on point, stylist and definitely sexy.

    I highly recommend getting a size bigger than your normal one. Also, be sure not to wear it while I have mine on. The space continuum can't withstand this much sexiness. Plus that's against Inter-Galactic Laws.

    Get yourself one of these coats. Just like freedom, sexiness is not free.

    Published: Thu, 12/21/2017 by WH
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    This coat is warm and slim fitting. I wear a 42 regular suit jacket so I ordered a 42. Fits like a glove. I’m 5’10 and 175 lbs. love this coat. Proud to wear American made!

    Published: Sat, 11/18/2017 by Josh
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    Beautiful coat. Great service. I will shop Scott again.

    My size 40 Pea Coat was shipped super-fast. Schott accepted my return and shipped a size 42 even faster.

    The coat itself is stunning and sleek. Please do order a size up. I've never worn a 42 in my life. The leather piping is great but subtle. The baseline coat, I'm sure, is excellent, too.

    Published: Mon, 11/13/2017 by Andrew
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    I am writing this to provide sizing info for future buyers. I'm a short dude (5'5" - 150lbs) and the 38 fits like a glove. I am athletic and muscular with broad shoulders for my size. It has just enough room to layer with a few pieces. I had to have the sleeves shortened at a tailor, but that's pretty cheap. The coat is HEAVY and does not let any wind in. I am in the midwest and when the wind is blowing I don't even feel it. I am a fan of the leather lining and the red.

    Published: Sun, 11/5/2017 by Francisco E Alderete
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    Very nice slim fit, I went up one size from what I usually wear and it was the right choice. Very warm and stylin'.

    This is the pea coat you want.

    Published: Tue, 10/24/2017 by DP
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    I previously owned the regular classic 740 pea coat that I was really happy with but gave it to my son over the winter. It was a heavier and bulkier coat with the quilted lining.
    I decided to purchase the 740C with leather trim for myself and when it finally arrived I was blown away with the quality and attention to detail with the leather trim and red satin lining, makes the coat feel a lot more special. Well worth paying the extra in my mind over the regular classic 740.
    Sizing wise I couldn't try before I buy as we don't have any stockist of Schott pea coat here in New Zealand. The 740c being a slim fit without a quilted lining I ordered two size up from my old regular 740 pea coat and it was a perfect fit, almost feels like it was taylor made for me.
    Thanks Schott for the wonderful coat and your excellent online service. I will most probably be purchasing more of your great products in the future.

    Published: Tue, 10/3/2017 by Vivan Chin
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    I researched a number of pea coats and was very close to pulling the trigger on a luxury model by Ferragamo, then I saw this Schott. I have a Schott leather 141L and it's amazing. I thought, why not the Schott Pea Coat?

    It's a stiff wool coat, but not unwearable. The leather trim is perfectly fitted. Only complaint is that the size ordered was just a bit too roomy. They say order up one size for snug and two sizes for more comfortable. I did go up two sizes but it was too much. And I'm a big guy, I work out and am muscled. I would go only one size up unless you have a considerable gut.

    Overall excellent quality, American made, incredible value. About one eighth of the price of a Euro brand of pea coat. Looks great, keeps the cold out, has that classic pea coat look.

    Published: Mon, 10/2/2017 by Canadian Chris
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    Fits perfect, looks great. Appears more black than blue. I'm an exact size 42 and, per Schott's guidance I ordered a 44. The fit couldn't be better.

    Published: Sat, 10/15/2016 by Steve
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    This a beautiful coat, love it! I would recommend going 2 sizes up however....I normally wear a 44, ordered the 46, but it was a bit tight under the arms and the sleeves were a tad short. I returned it, ordered a 48, and it fit perfectly. Jerri Reyes in customer service was very helpful as well! Will definitely buy from Schott again!

    Published: Sat, 8/27/2016 by Brad Pemberton
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    I'm 5'11". 175-180 lbs. I usually wear a 42 regular suit jacket. I bought this pea coat in a 44. It was a little tight in the chest, but over a weeks wear it has broken in. The sleeves are snug, but not overly so. I'll likely have the buttons moved over an inch or so to tighten up the middle.

    The wool is not that thick, but it is noticeably denser than my wool topcoat. It's been warm with just an undershirt and dress shirt underneath into the 30's, which is as cold as it's been at my location.

    I've quickly become very attached to this coat.

    Published: Sun, 3/20/2016 by Rich Steixner
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    Let me first say that this is probably the best looking jacket I've ever owned. I've had it a few weeks and have already had several people comment on it. The materials are heavy and it has that "will last forever" feel to it. The wool is top quality as is the silk lining, and the cloth inside the pockets is of a very heavy grade. I did however have a few niggling issues I will mention here.

    Firstly, as others have said, this coat fits small in the arms and shoulders. I am 6' and fairly athletic/slim at about 160 lbs. My chest is 40" and my waist is 33". My arms are not large by any means. I was advised that a 42 would be a snug fit while a 44 would provide a looser fit. Luckily I went with the 44. While it isn't "too tight" the arms and shoulders are about as snug as you'd want to go and anything other than a thin sweater and I'm not getting my arms in. A side effect of this can be that the red silk lining gets slightly pushed out past the end of the sleeve cuff and you have to kind of tuck it in. Not a huge deal but if you have muscled/large arms you will definitely want to try before you buy. As I said, my arms are fairly slender and these sleeves are quite snug on me, even with the 44. The rest of the jacket fits nicely but isn't really tapered like the hourglass shape shown on the webpage. Not baggy, but not tight...just about right actually.

    The other issue I had was that 4 of the buttons had threads coming loose after only a week or so of normal use. I contacted Schott and they took steps to make it right even though I live in Japan. Great customer service there in my opinion. It took a few days to have my order shipped but once it left Schott it was at my door in Japan within 3 days...again great service.

    This jacket is also quite versatile and with the collar up and all the buttons done up it's super-warm even in a frigid wind which is good for guys like me who aren't too into scarves. Obviously you wouldn't take this on an Arctic expedition but so far I've been out with the temps close to 0 and been okay with a dress shirt and light sweater underneath.

    Overall I am very happy with this jacket and it looks miles better than any of the other 'traditional' peacoats I tried on. It's just different enough to get noticed but still sticks to traditional lines. If you're looking for a high-quality peacoat that really stands out then the 740c might be for you. As I mentioned, you might however want to try one on before you decide on sizing.

    Published: Fri, 12/7/2012 by drs
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    This is a beautiful jacket--what a quality piece! The wool is thick and wind-stopping, the lining is very nice, and the leather detail is cool. Schott recommended to size up one so I purchased a 46; the fit is right on, slim and fitted through the shoulders, chest and sleeves, but not tight. Could have gone up for more room, but I find the fit is perfect. I can easily wear it with a tshirt and sweater underneath. I can't tell if the color is black or the deepest blue I've ever seen. I'm happy either way!

    Published: Fri, 12/16/2011 by Travis Smith
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    I'm sad and frustrated. That said, the quality of this product is fantastic. While it's a synthetic/wool blend and not as soft as cashmere/wool blends, the added synthetic fiber will only make the coat that much warmer.
    The images, specifically the rear image shows that this coat would fit very well for a dramatic V frame with a large drop at the waist. I wear a 44 in suits and was instructed to get a 48 in this coat based on emailed measurements of my figure. The coat does run small, absolutely. My shoulders fit perfectly at the 48 but there is virtually no fitting to the rest of the coat. It is a boxy traditional fit. I'm swimming in it.
    I love the product for styling and quality and am therefore forced to spend what's likely to be around $100 to have it altered to fit the shape pictured in the photo.
    Schott didn't have any in stock directly, so I called all of their local sellers. I was infatuated with this coat for a month and then finally found it at a Manhattan store. I wonder if after size 46 they're just cut for rounder shapes or something.
    I hate having to write a review like this, especially since I never even bother to review products, but the photos are a poor representation of the fit of this coat.
    Again, the quality and styling are well worth the price. The fit though isn't for an athletic or trim build.

    Published: Fri, 11/11/2011 by Kyle T
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    As far as a pea coat goes, this is probably the best slim-fit one I've encountered. I've had a few Schott coats and have always been happy with the solid construction. All of the coats I've bought from them so far have been USA or Canadian manufactured. Their customer service people are the best in online purchasing I've experienced. The first thing I noticed putting it on is that the lining is amazing, red satin. I actually got a compliment on it while I was putting it on at work. Who gets a compliment on a coat lining? Great job Schott. Design with the leather is another a nice touch that gives a classic coat a modern look.

    Someone mentioned the coat is black, it's not, but it's really really close. In most lighting it does look black, but if you're under some lights like white fluorescent you can tell it's navy. Like a midnight blue that's right next to black.

    For sizing, I'm generally a smaller/slim fit suit 38S (5'10" 150lbs) and got a size 38. The coat fits snug, actually just bordering on being too tight for layers under it in winter. The arms are also snug but I like the overall fitted feel and wouldn't change a thing. I'd call them if you're border on size. This is heavier wool than Schott's slim fitting wool pea coat and a smaller fit. If you're accustomed to extremely cold winters I would say it would do well for general commuter exposure 15-20F and up to where it may be too warm over about 40F. Lower than 15 or 20F I'd recommend going with something more designed for severe cold.

    In all, worth it.

    Published: Fri, 11/11/2011 by Kurt M
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    Truly stunning, fits well, quality is first class. Cut small, I called customer support (also excellent) and they recommended a size 46, which is 4 sizes larger than what I usually wear.

    Published: Tue, 10/19/2010 by jon r browning
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    One thing,
    It's the best naval pea i've ever seen
    and now i've got it, it's a excellent manifacture.
    Good job SCHOTT.

    Published: Sat, 10/9/2010 by Drugo
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    I receve my coat, fits perfect and I´m very glad with the coat and excellent service.

    Published: Sat, 8/1/2009 by Ivan Karlezi
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