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Men's Classic Horsehide Black Racer Motorcycle Leather Jacket with Spread Collar



Men's Classic Horsehide Black Racer Motorcycle Leather Jacket with Spread Collar


This younger cousin of styles 141 and 641 has all of the flavor of our classic black racer motorcycle leather jackets with a shirt collar, bi-swing back, fixed quilt lining and brass hardware. This is a snug fitting jacket with a back length of 25"; we recommend ordering 1 size larger than your suit size.



    This younger cousin of styles 141 and 641 has all of the flavor of our classic black racer motorcycle leather jackets with a shirt collar, bi-swing back, fixed quilt lining and brass hardware. This is a snug fitting jacket with a back length of 25"; we recommend ordering 1 size larger than your suit size.

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    Published: Fri, 10/20/2023 by Robert Rivera
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    This jacket is absolutely beautiful. I already own so many leather Schott jackets, but I never owned a horsehide one. I was having trouble deciding what to get, but I love the spread collar design on this. The design is very similar to the 641 (which I already own and love), but I just really gravitated toward this jacket.

    Quality is top notch. Jacket started out really stiff, but is slowly breaking in. Definitely will take a couple of years to completely soften, but it's certainly becoming more comfortable over time.

    The body of the jacket is lined with a really durable quilted nylon, while the sleeves are polyester lined. Additionally, the brass hardware on this looks beautiful. I love the way is contrasts with the shiny black leather. For those concerned with any shine, note that this will dissipate over time.

    In terms of sizing, this jacket runs large. I don't know why Schott mentions to size up on this because the design is quite roomy and very boxy. In case this is a concern, there are also waist adjustments on this to help slim the torso.
    For reference, I'm 5'8, about 175 pounds, and have a 40 inch chest. I bought this in a size 38 and it fits perfect. I can easily fit a nice thick sweater/hoodie under it.

    I've gotten so many compliments on this jacket and people are always shocked by the weight (my guess is that it weighs around 6 pounds). It's an amazing jacket and if you're considering getting it, don't skip over it.

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    Published: Tue, 4/12/2022 by barnes
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    The design, cut and quality of workmanship are first class and deservedly world reknowned.
    The hide is heavy and warm and tanned and preserved to a medium polish that sports creases well and in a snug fit is very warm riding.
    I am 5" 5" and was pleased with the length of this jacket. I requested the specifications and chose my size according to these together with a careful examination of the reviews posted here for this jacket. The sizing chart which suggests your size automatically I found although accurate for the perfect torso was not suitable for me, as I am a mature age man and not of an athletic build. Therefore I found that the size one smaller than my usual size was perfect for a slim fitting appearance. However, unless you know your own measurements well I would suggest you follow the recommendations of the sizing charts together with any advice the staff may give you.
    This jacket is the prize of my collection and there is none other that comes any where near. A good jacket does not have to stand up on its own, it really takes its character from the shoulders bearing it.
    Thank you Schott.

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    Published: Sun, 1/2/2022 by Bruce Reynolds
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    It's very exciting to open that neat box with Schott tape on it. Here we go again, I got another Schott jacket. The very first time I wore it I was stopped several times and given compliments over and over again on this masterpiece. Very well made, perfect fit and very comfortable, smooth surface,
    great leather smell, and heavy duty made to wear again and again. The brass hardware looks so amazing with the black horse hide leather. I said it before and will say it again, Schott is second to none. If it isn't a Schott then it is just a cheap knock off and doesn't belong on my back. Thanks again to the Schott team for the dedication and hard work on creating a brilliant stylish classic leather jacket.

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    Published: Sat, 1/1/2022 by Grumpy Old Biker
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    If the traditional leather jacket with the asymmetrical zipper is not for you, this beautiful, simple design is perfect.

    I bought this 689H because I love motorcycle jackets and wear one while riding almost year ‘round, even in summer heat. I particularly love horsehide jackets and boots. I have more than a dozen traditional asymmetrical zipper jackets, including three Schott Perfectos: a naked cowhide model 118 with a faux fur collar (size 48); a buffalo-hide model PER22 (size 48); and a size XL model 628HV1 (a vintaged horsehide reproduction of the original 1928 D-pocket Perfecto) — all in addition to a Schott A-2 flight jacket. .

    I followed the size guide and the advice in the description of this jacket. At 6’0”, 225 pounds, with a 46” chest and a 36” waist, I ordered up a size from my usual size 46 suit jacket to size 48, as I did with two of my other a Perfectos. This jacket fits me perfectly — even better than the other Schotts I own. There is more room in the chest and upper arms.

    The horsehide used in this 689H is shiny, black and gorgeous. It feels bulletproof. My only concern is that I may never get it broken in. I may have to put all my other jackets in storage and devote all my wearing time to this one. Or maybe I’ll save it for dressier occasions for which a leather jacket is still appropriate... like my fourth wedding or my funeral, either of which would have the same effect on my enjoyment of life.

    Get a Schott jacket while you can still enjoy your life. I highly recommend this 689H.

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    Published: Sat, 12/25/2021 by Weirong Ma
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    This will save you time and money... Just go a size down. I got a size 42 and its too big, should have got a size 40... My chest size is 40 and the size 42 is too big. Sleeves are also too long. And I cant afford the money and hassle to return it. (tags are removed but i still have them)
    It would be a 5 star if it fit me.

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    Published: Sat, 4/17/2021 by Alex
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    I'm 5'8, like 175 lbs and I got the size 40 which fits perfectly. It's truly a beautiful jacket.

    I have an athletic/muscular type of body and this jacket is forgiving around the chest, but snug around the arms. Which gives it a really cool silhouette. If you are on the fence about 689h I highly recommend you just get it. It's worth every penny.

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    Published: Sun, 11/15/2020 by Andrew DAVID
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    TLDR: Quality of construction is excellent; quality of materials is very good; order 2 sizes and return 1; no longer has an American flag tag inside.

    I've had this jacket for close to 2 months and am quite happy with it. I was looking for a spread collar jacket that was not a double breasted style but still somewhat fitted. I landed on the 689 and was delighted to find I preferred the smooth look of horsehide to the naturally textured look of cowhide.

    If I lived anywhere close I would have visited the NYC flagship store or even LA (Chicago now closed) but up here in the upper Midwest dealers are few and far between. I relied on the Fit Guide, ordered 1 size up (Standard Fit) and it arrived in days. (Never underestimate the power of a well stocked warehouse.) And it came with a hanger! That may be minor but a nice touch as I was wondering how I was going to care for it.

    The fit out of the box was very good for an off-the-shelf product. The arm pits are well positioned, the arms slim, and it falls naturally just below my belt. There is no bunching of material under the arms so it feels comfortable while wearing and driving. Somewhere I read that new jackets will 'relax' about half a size and I would agree. The chest now seems a bit looser than the initial fit If I could go back in time I would order both the Slim Fit and the Standard Fit and return one of them. In my case I would not want the shoulders any narrower - so my Standard Fit may be the best fit off the rack.

    Materials? Top notch. Craftsmanship? Top notch. It is not stiff enough to stand up by itself but it is definitely robust and warm. I have been using it daily on brisk walks where it definitely blocks wind and I have been comfortable down to 20F.

    So why 4 stars instead of 5? One of the panels on the underside of the arm (zipper panel) doesn't match the smoothness of the rest of the jacket. My intention is to use the jacket not have closet queen so I kept it. If it had been any other panel I would have returned it. The second reason is that I really wanted the American flag tag that stated "Made in USA" with the size indicated. Instead I have a tag in gold lettering on black that says "Made in USA of Imported Materials".

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    Published: Thu, 10/22/2020 by Frank Morberger
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    My 689 Horsehide jacket is over 18 months old now. To summarise. It’s better than I could have wished in so many ways, and continues to please every time I wear it. Firstly, I must say the service at the NYC store was amazing. I tried on multiple jackets before deciding on my 689H.
    It’s a fairly heavy jacket, but perfect for riding or going out on a cool day or night.
    The shine of the horsehide and the way it softens the more you wear it defines unique qualities of the horsehide, and makes this my favourite jacket by far.
    One breaking in tip I can offer. I was caught in a light shower, and the jacket felt quite wet, but not soaked. I laid it out to air dry overnight and it softened the leather and felt more fitted. It is continuing to improve every time I wear it. The best way to speed up the patina process is to simply wear it more often. I have had many, many comments on my 689H. From the heavy brass zipper, to the shine and fit. I’m about to put it on again now and ride down to the bakery with a smile. Thanks Schott.
    Frank Melbourne Australia

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    Published: Wed, 7/8/2020 by Thomas Hanavan
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    Love the jacket. Does a masterfull job of keeping the chilly wind out. I have 2 minor issues. First, the outside chest pocket is somewhat hard to access if you have put something in there that is somewhat small and it goes all the way to the bottom. Second, jacket is a little long for a person my size [ 5'8"] average build. A 24" length would be better or a 2 way zipper, so it could be opened slightly at the bottom. Has a tendency to ride up when sitting on motorcycle. Otherwise a nice fitting jacket.

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    Published: Sat, 6/6/2020 by olc
    2 of 17 people found the following review helpful might feel something like this. Wants another chest pocket IMO but that's about the only knock I can deliver against the style. Workmanship is superb, and the leather is surprisingly supple for the weight.
    As to fit: I am maaybe 5'5" if I stand ramrod straight, 160lbs, 32in waist, 42in chest (former gymnast.) With a t-shirt or thin sport shirt the size 38 fits comfortably in the torso and snugly across the shoulders; holding a cellphone to my ear I'm fighting the leather across my lats and cutting off a little circulation below my bicep. Cuffs hang past my knuckles unzipped but are tight on my forearms when zipped.
    I would go up a size but it's already too long for me; comes down past my belt line by about 2.5in and, zipped, rides up past the bottom of my jaw when sitting. It's a fabulous jacket and it looks good on me standing, in a bulge-out-the-sides-of-the-armholes way, but I'm bummed the Schott custom ability is offline because I was hoping to order something like a foreshortened size 40; I'm definitely making the "bi-swing shoulder" earn its keep. Schott, I'll work on breaking this one in, but when you're able to do custom work again please let me know because I'd love to have (and am willing to pay extra for) one of these beauties that actually moved with me instead of bouncing on top of me.

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