Classic Melton Wool Navy Pea Coat
STYLE: 740
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Long Pea Coat (front)
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Classic Melton Wool Navy Pea Coat

STYLE: 740
      The Classic 32 oz. Melton Wool Naval pea coat is also available as a 34" long pea coat. With military anchor buttons, handwarmer pockets, vented back and nylon quilted lining.


      Material: Melton Wool

      Free shipping for all orders over $100 within the continental USA and APO.


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      I recently purchased a pea coat from SchottNYC and I must say the experience was a pleasure. Gail and the staff at Schott are attentive and quick to respond to any questions you may have about sizes and proper fits for your particular frame. The coat was delivered well packaged and in a timely manner which I was able to track along the way through UPS. As for the coat, you will not be able to find a superior product anywhere. It is made in the USA (rare these days) and is constructed to withstand the nastiest winter chill. I have no reservations recommending Schott's products and take my hat off to them for producing their garments here in the States. Awesome!!!

      Published: Sun, 10/4/2009 by Elizardo Martinez, Jr.
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      excellent coat, great fit, better than excellent customer service and very friendly folks. seems like the coat got here before purchase was completed.
      Alpha 1/12 2/3 Vietnam 1965 67

      Published: Sat, 1/27/2018 by w d jones
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      The Coat is wonderful it exceeded my expectations

      Published: Sun, 1/7/2018 by Billy Richards
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      Bought this one as a gift for our son after having my own for two years and really liking it. Wears great and super well made. Looked at a competitors their similar coat. Same pricing but nowhere near as nice.

      Published: Sun, 12/31/2017 by TJB
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      Exactly as described, perfectly and beautifully made. Had a question about sizing, called, spoke to Jerri, and based on how it fit upon arrival, she obviously knows her product and gave great suggestions. The fit was perfect. It also came shipped in a great box, making it an adventure to open. The man in my life loved it. Would give ten stars if I could! Nice to know these great old stores can still be found.

      Published: Mon, 12/4/2017 by Maureen Stueber
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      I've wanted a nice pea coat for years. So I researched them A LOT! I wanted teh style to be a contemporary take on the original design. I needed it be high quality as I planned on having it a long time. It needed to be warm, as I'm in Canada (eh). I needed the right size as im particular. The Schott line of pea coats is by far the best price for quality you will find. This pea coat is a beautiful jacket, and I will enjoy it for years. Thank you SChotts! Note: order 1 size smaller (chest) than you normally would. It fits better that way. Trust me. I had to return mine for resize. I've read other reviews saying the same thing, and i didn't listen. IT'll save you shipping and in my case duty as well.

      Published: Tue, 11/7/2017 by Aaron Wilson
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      This is a really nice coat! Very impressed with the craftsmanship. I had to order down one size as it fits slightly large. Highly recommend!

      Published: Tue, 10/24/2017 by Sam
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      Absolutely love the quality of the coat and the amazing customer service. We had to exchange the coat for a smaller size and we receive our coat within a few days! Excellent customer service!

      Published: Tue, 1/24/2017 by Carolyn Martinez
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      Warm and stylish. I'm 6'4" and 230, athletic build, and 44L is a perfect fit. Only complaint is the lint. Schott should do something about this before shipping. I've gone through a couple dozen sheets on my lint roller to get it ready to wear.

      Published: Sat, 1/7/2017 by Sam Gregov
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      I purchased/ordered the coat a week before Christmas as a gift for my eldest son. He's 6'4" so I had to order the longer version which apparently was out of stock. Estimated delivery was Dec 29. Not cool but it was my own fault for waiting so long.

      Their Elves must've been working overtime because I received it several days before Christmas.

      I've never owned a new Navy Peacoat so I'm not familiar with how they look and feel brand new. It's obvious this coat is very well made. It seems a bit stiff but that may be normal until my son breaks it in. I think he will enjoy this coat for many years to come.

      Published: Tue, 1/3/2017 by Rick Roberts
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      Very glad I purchased this one. Easy ordering process, quick shipping turnaround, and a perfectly fitting coat. If staying warm and looking good are your goals, this is the coat for you.

      Published: Fri, 12/23/2016 by Jonathan Diebold
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      Very pleased with purchase. Just the quality i wanted and expected. MADE IN THE USA. I have been looking for one a long time. Shipping was great and on time as expected. Thanks and GOD bless.

      Published: Sun, 12/18/2016 by Roy Lutes
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      740 PEACOAT

      Great coat. Thick, warm and well made. I am six foot one about 185 pounds. I measure a forty inch chest. I bought the size 40 tall. Coat fits well in the shoulders, not tight but not loose. I have already been complemented. I can still fit any combination of shirts or sweater and have good movement. Again, coat fits nicely in the shoulders. At six foot one, however, a tall size was a little long in the sleeves. I had the sleeves shortened about 3/4 of an inch. I usually buy my coats and jackets, no matter what brand, at the large size just to allow me the extra sleeve length. The Schott coat allowed me to get a better fit with the individual chest size and the tall fit. I have always had trouble. I seem to be right at the low range of a tall size but too tall for a regular. Again, great coat. It is typical Schott thick, Schott warm and Schott well made. Very refreshing!

      Published: Thu, 12/8/2016 by Doug
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      A year ago, I retired an old worn out pea coat that was about 25 years old. I was happy to find this well-made model. You get what you pay for. This is in every way a real coat! As for sizing, I wear a 40 long in suits, and so bought the same size from Schott. It fits well. You won't go wrong with this beauty.

      Published: Tue, 12/6/2016 by Daniel C.
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      Quality cant be beat, obviously well made and will last a few lifetimes.

      The navy is actually black.. not even a hint of blue in it.

      Published: Sun, 9/18/2016 by Chase
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      Purchased for a cold winter in australian alpine region, best quality wool coat i have seen, nothing in Australia gets close, fantastic customer service and fast delivery, many thanks, Steve A. Sydney Australia.

      Published: Sat, 5/7/2016 by Steven A
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      Great weight and craftsmanship. Order this jacket to size. Cant wait for the cold season to wear it.

      Published: Sun, 4/3/2016 by Jim
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      Incredible light & HOT!

      Best finiture!!

      In my life.... I dont buy better!

      Long its perfect for classic dress!!!

      Only.... not enough availability all sizes... my father and my bros want too!!!!

      Published: Thu, 11/21/2013 by Fulvio Fabiani
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      Received my 740L Melton wool pea coat this morning, neatly packaged. I'm not too good with a lot of clever words, so I'll make it to the point. This coat I got in a size 50 I'm a fairly big guy and well wanted a little room for a suit coat for those occasions, in a t shirt it is roomy and warm. It arrived just in time for a shopping trip and was about 30 degrees today, so I wore it out of the box with a t shirt and was warm all day long. The coat is built unlike any thing I've ever worn, way over the top of any thing I've ever owned. Extremely well made and luxurious in fit feel and finish, it has some heft to it and feels great. Size 50 added a little to the price but you know what, it is worth every dime and wouldn't trade it for any thing as I think it will last a very long time. I had a little trouble with bank accounts a mishap in the beginning, but the staff at Schott namely Jerri and Jhonnatan were happy to help work out the bugs and got things running smoothly. I would order again, Schott is the pinnacle of Made in the USA and I'm glad to buy America made quality in a time when every one should be.
      Five Stars...Easy.

      Published: Sat, 2/9/2013 by David C Hayden
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      GREAT COAT!!!

      This is probably the best coat I own. The fit is absolutely amazing and feels almost tailored to fit me, which is pretty uncommon considering I'm 6'2, 190lbs and have 36in sleeves. The customer service at Schott was very helpful in advising me on the sizing. FYI if you are above 6'1, you really should get the long.

      Anyways the coat is super warm and you can tell the craftsmanship is high quality. I was definitely surprised by the actual weight of the coat itself, but its quality through and through. I was kinda bummed it doesn't come in black, but the navy is very very very dark that even to this day I'm sure its actually black. Highly recommend this coat to anyone looking for a great peacoat

      Published: Tue, 10/16/2012 by Kanvar Panesar
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      I ordered the Melton Wool Navy Pea Coat (Long) for my husband Christmas 2011. First of all, the customer service was fantastic. When I called so close to Christmas, I was informed that the coat I wanted may not be ready in time for Christmas shipping. She assured me the Schott Company would do all they possibly could to have it ready and shipped in time for Christmas. I accepted her offer, but had my mind set on presenting it to my husband after Christmas. Much to my surprise, Fed Ex delivered my husbands coat on Christmas Eve.

      Now for the coat...It was more beautiful than pictured on the website. The quality was rich and impecable. Not to mention it looks so sexy on my husband. I have no doubt he will wear this coat for many years to come. I highy recommend coats manufactured by the Schott Company. You won't be disappointed. And they are MADE IN THE U.S.A.

      Published: Tue, 3/6/2012 by Edith
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      My old pea coat was worn out, and I was lamenting the lack of quality at the usual brick and mortar stores until I discovered Schott. This coat is superbly made, warm enough for a Minnesota winter, and is authentic. The fit is great: I was able to get an exact fit 42L, rather than buying the usual large which never fits as well. It is nice to support an American company that makes it's products in the USA. I highly recommend this coat.

      Published: Tue, 1/31/2012 by Jared Frazin
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      I have served in the navy, I purchased my 740L 10 years ago and it has served me well, alwaays get complimented on it, traveled to Russia with it a couple of times, this is a great coat, stop your search here it is worth twice the money.

      Published: Thu, 11/17/2011 by T. Harvey
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      I received my coat today 31 December just in time for a New Years party! My size according to Gail was a 42 long and it's a perfect fit. Looks great with just a shirt but I can also fit it comfortably over a suit jacket. Quality is excellent, I wore it out at -10C and was warm. Customer service was also perfect. Many thanks! I would highly recommend this product to anyone looking for a warm and stylish winter coat.

      Published: Fri, 12/31/2010 by Stephen Cairns
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      FULL ON

      When authenticity arrives you know it, and this coat is authentic. I received mine several days ago-December 13. We are in the middle of a severe and windy cold snap but this coat handles it with no problem. Quality is quite high. Fit (44 Long) is spot-on. Sleeve length is perfect, shoulders, waist, overall length: all perfect. Very warm and of course classic style. If you want the best, you have found it right here. An additional note: Schott has great customer service.


      Published: Thu, 12/16/2010 by Garrett Lowell
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      Make no mistake this is a real no nonsense pea coat. I was a little bit nervous about ordering online but really wanted one of these and so finally ordered one. At new it felt stiff and kind of heavy but it loosens up and breaks in to a excellent fit and feel. So far this winter on the Canadian prairies we've had -37C(-35F) with wind chill and I wore the coat around with a tshirt underneath, no problems. The fit is true to size and is a little trim (stylish you could could say) and if you wear a 42 in a suit jacket then a 42 will work in the 740L. I feel like a million bucks when I wear mine and you can tell it's going to last. High quality, value and made in the USA, it doesn't get any better. I wouldn't trade mine for anything else!

      Published: Sat, 11/27/2010 by Guy Leder from Canada
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      I can't say enough about the quality of this jacket. Ordered my on Tuesday and received it Wednesday morning. The fit is perfect - I ordered the exact same size as my suits, and the length just covers the bottom of my suit jacket. Arm length is exactly where you'd want it, as well. Coat is thick, heavy and ultra-warm, perfect for winters in the North East. My roommate has had his coat from Schott for 5+ years and it has held up great.
      Highly recommended, you will not be disappointed!

      Published: Thu, 1/7/2010 by Chris in Boston
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      I've been searching for a quality Pea Coat for at least 5 years. I can now say that my new 740L is among the finest articles of clothing that graces my wardrobe.
      To say that Gail Hawkins, in customer service, is competent, proficient, and responsive is an understatement. Damn, I wish she worked for me! I emailed Gail my measurements, and in short order she responded with suggestions on sizing. The end result was a perfect fit. Although my item was backordered, Gail kept me abreast of it's status with accurate manufacture and delivery estimates.
      If you're searching for the finest Pea Coat available, and an internet shopping experience that is second to none, you're at the right place.
      Thank you Schott and thank you Gail.

      Published: Fri, 12/4/2009 by Buck
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      After ordering my coat I recieved a personal email explaining that my coat had sold out and would be ready in 3 weeks time if I wanted to continue to pursue my purchase. I replied asking to go ahead with my order and one and a half weeks later my brand new coat was at my door. Not only was the service personal and helpful but the product itself is of the highest quality with great attention to detail. Tyvm Schott you have gained a faithful customer!

      Published: Mon, 11/30/2009 by Bryan from Westchester, NY
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      I was very happy to replace my old pea coat with the new Schott product. The workmanship is excellent and the fit, pockets, etc. are first class. Gail in Customer Service was very helpful; the order was packed very well and the shipment arrived in one business day. I can recommend the company and the product without reservation.

      Published: Fri, 3/27/2009 by Kevin Sheil
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