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Horween Horsehide Clean Perfecto® Leather Jacket



Horween Horsehide Clean Perfecto® Leather Jacket


We've taken our clean silhouette and made it in a limited edition heavyweight Horween Horsehide leather. Each piece comes with an individual hand numbered patch on the inside chest pocket. This Perfecto® is made without some traditional details like a belt, epaulets or a coin pocket. Details include zip closure, 3 diagonal front pockets with chain pulls. It features a bi-swing back and a 100% wool plaid lining.

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    Published: Thu, 4/9/2020 by Shawn Pan

    I've been riding motorcycles for over 10 years and I purchased the Burgundy Horween Clean Leather Perfecto because I wanted a horse hide burgundy motorcycle jacket without padding. I'm what some may call a leather snob.

    I wanted something more traditional in appearance that I could wear casually and still feel safe on the bike. Schott Perfecto has an iconic history with the American motorcycling scene and the quality does not lie. There are imitations, but do not let them fool you, the real deal is quality. Horween and Cheap aren't two words often used in the same sentence, if you think this jacket is expensive you can step down to a Steerhide alternative, Schott has plenty,

    Out of the box, you'll notice that this is a rugged jacket. The first thing I did when I received the jacket (in cold October) was prop it open and let it stand on its own. That's how stiff the jacket was. Like any good leather product, it takes some use to "break in". The leather gradually becomes more supple and soft. The creasing helps make it feel personalized to the owner. To those wanting a soft jacket with no break in period, you might want a different hide. The back of the jacket is a single large piece of hide. That's a mark of quality leather.

    The football cuts in the back of the shoulder area allow for adequate rotation and movement of my arms while operating a motorcycle in various positions. The sleeves accommodate muscular arms, but would have difficulty accommodating a heftier man. I ride sport, standard, and cruisers. No issues regarding mobility on any bike. The main zippers are large and easy to find with gloves on. The side pouches and the chest zippers are subtly small O rings which take more effort to navigate.

    The threads used to hold this jacket are durable and have not torn, frayed, or showed any signs of weakness when being thrown around.. Cheaper brands save money by using luxury leathers and stitching them with low quality thread or zippers. None of that cost cutting stuff here.

    The inside of the jacket is made of 100% wool. Naturally antimicrobial, which helps keep odor down on this expensive jacket. The wool is light and won't keep you warm, and it won't overheat you when it's hot. When riding in 30 degree weather, this jacket is a shell with wool on the inside. Wear a good fleece underneath as it won't keep you warm. The jacket does well in the rain, just mind you this jacket has an exposed neck area, so you're going to get wet. I was able to ride through some spring showers and my covered torso was perfectly dry.

    Cut/Fit. By build, I'm 5'10 with a muscular build and a healthy body fat percentage, at 180lbs. I typically wear a 42-44 sized suit jacket 16 1/2 Neck, 33 Arm, and a 33 waist. I purchased a L and it has a comfortable fit in the chest and shoulders. It does allow for "breathing" in the stomach area compared to race cut Italian jackets. It isn't made for an overly large person but is somewhat fitted, I find the jacket a bit tall in the torso and arm for a person of my height. This jacket would comfortably fit someone who is 6'0+ with a 35-36 arm. I did have the pleasure to try on the M in the NYC Store, but it was too tight for my broad chest and shoulders. This is not a type of jacket that can be easily tailored as it's so firm. Unless you know a proper leather worker, don't let your mother's tailor work on it.

    I personally would've loved to see the front of the jacket be shorter and the back retain a good length. That way the front of the jacket won't bunch up when I'm riding and my lower back would stay covered.

    Overall, this is an excellent jacket, Higher quality than American or Italian alternatives. If you're looking for a non-armored motorcycle jacket for on and off the bike use, this jacket will more than suffice.

    I own jacket 55/80.

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    Published: Tue, 2/25/2020 by Concrete John...Chicago

    I own three other jackets from Schott NYC. I will have all of them for the rest of my life. I know this one will be my all time favorite!!!
    Thank you so much Schott!

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    Published: Sat, 12/14/2019 by Roadie13

    I think I got the last brown XL jacket....nice!

    Initial quality looks good and the jacket certainly smells wonderful. I am 6'2 and usually wear 44 chest jackets and the XL fits quite well. I have long arms, and this size fits well here.

    As another person noted, the diagonal zipper is only slightly diagonal once you wear it, but no problem.

    The leather is quite stiff but I was surprised at how light it is. For example, I have a 141 jacket in 44L cowhide that is much, much heavier in comparison. So I think the perfect season for this jacket is Autumn or early Spring.

    Very happy, it's expensive but hopefully lasts a lifetime.

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    Published: Wed, 12/11/2019 by Buster

    This is the jacket I have dreamed of for years. Beautifully made, amazing leather, and a subtle design without the flashy chrome snaps and epaulets that have always turned me off in similar jackets. Truly breaks my heart that the cut just doesn't fit me - too tight across the shoulders and too loose around the hips. Wish I could exchange my body for one that would fit this masterpiece.

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    LOVE IT.

    Published: Fri, 11/29/2019 by Ksungjin

    I absolutley love this jacket. It fits will and keeps me pretty warm. I am able to walk around 34 degree weather and still keep warm. The only con I have with this jacket is(and I am really nitpicking here and I dont know if this my fault) that as i broke in the jacket the signature slanted zipper became less pronounced and straightened out a little. I dont know if this is like this because the way I broke the jacket in or it just naturally becomes less pronounced over time. Either way love the jacket and would recommend.

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    Published: Mon, 11/25/2019 by The Champ

    My vintage perfecto was stolen a few years ago and I wasn't sure I could still pull off the whole belt / epaulet thing at my age. But part of me was still grieving the loss of the jacket I'd worn for decades.

    I saw this clean perfecto come out in a limited edition horsehide and thought it might be the perfect compromise.

    I love it--it's exactly what I wanted. The lack of extras and the black hardware makes it sleeker and somehow more grown up.

    The leather is quite stiff to start but it's so well made that, barring another theft, it should be the last Perfecto I ever need.

    I am 5' 11' and 155 lbs and bought the small. It's perfect.

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    Published: Sat, 11/9/2019 by Matthew Mardero

    Schottnyc makes the best quality leather jackets you will ever purchase. I simply found the jacket I wanted and put my personal attributes and I was recommended the size Large being that I’m 6’3 and 185 pounds. The jacket fits awesome and has enough room to fit a hoodie or sweatshirt underneath, also I love the classic all black look to it! The price is enough to dent your back account but it’s well worth the money for a USA made garment and that will never loose its style!
    And I received it 3 days after ordering!

    I would highly recommend this item to anyone, just make sure you choose wisely on purchasing a high price item online. Make sure you are happy before buying.

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    Published: Fri, 11/8/2019 by ST
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    Absolutely fascinating color (brown). Real quality jacket. Jacket has beautiful pattern. Looks premium, feel premium. Very thick and heavy leather. Just quality thing. You don't buy it every day, just once in a lifetime.

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    Published: Thu, 11/7/2019 by John Allen

    I have a Schott 613HH in black. I love the jacket and receive compliments on it every time I wear it The size 44 is a slim fit and fits me perfectly. When the chance to buy a limited edition brown HH came out I balked at the price,but purchased it in brown. Basically the LE HH is the same jacket as my black HH, without all the metal MC belt,stars,and regalia. Only real complaints are one the large vs the 44 size is a similar fit,but the LE not as fitted on me as the size 44 black jacket. Two it is a very pricey jacket in my way of thinking. I do get compliments on this new jacket every time I wear it. The leather is gorgeous and I am not sorry that I bought it even if it is an expensive purchase. I love the Horse Hide jackets from Schott. Keep up the good work Guys,Made in the USA.

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    Published: Sun, 5/19/2019 by Lon McCroskey

    The jacket is obviously made of beautiful leather with a wonderful aroma. Fantastic quality. Great looks. After wearing the jacket around the house and still being concerned how stiff it was, I decided to bite the bullet and wear It on a ride on my motorcycle. That was enough to convince me. I’m super impressed with the jacket and am convinced it will get better and better with time. It’s a keeper.

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