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Hand Vintaged Cowhide D-Pocket Jacket



Hand Vintaged Cowhide D-Pocket Jacket


26" heavyweight hand vintaged cowhide 1928 inspired D-pocket jacket with offset front zipper and adjustable side tabs. Brass & antique nickel hardware, red cotton plaid lining with corduroy kicker & inside cuff detail.


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    Published: Sat, 1/15/2022 by Paul

    this jacket is a LOT smaller in person than the pictures make it seem. The model must have been wearing a xxl because there's no way a large or even xl has that much slack on the torso.

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    Published: Mon, 4/26/2021 by Dustin Smith

    This jacket is heavy... exactly what I wanted. I was also extremely pleased to see it wasn't nearly as "vintage" as it appears in the picture. Once this breaks in its going to be even more amazing. The jacket was worth the money for sure. I'm 5'10" 230lbs and went with a XXL so I could throw a hoody on under the jacket.

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    Published: Mon, 4/19/2021 by Stephan Mendelssohn

    I recently acquired this model and it is superb. Leather is vintaged to perfection. It fits like a glove. I like this subdued jacket without the shiny brass and epaulets. One of a kind.
    Many thanks for this excellent craftsmanship.

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    Published: Sun, 4/5/2020 by Richard Dunn
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    One star reserved, because with the global virus I've not had time to get much use out of it at present. It squeaks like a dogs chewy toy, but I suspect that will subside over time with use. Otherwise, it's a true fit cut, with heavy thick quality leather. I would have preferred little more hand finishing of the aged scuffing affect, but that will be personal to the owner. The lack of buckle is more practical if you actual use it to ride with, as I will. Timeless style that will not date. My video review:

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    Published: Sat, 1/11/2020 by E.G.
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    Difficult to believe this design is nearly a century old, yet still looks so striking and modern. Fewer accessories (no belt, epaulets, etc.) compared to the PER70, which is appealing to those who prefer a more minimalist profile. Superb quality of leather, hardware, and flannel & corduroy lining. The squeaking mentioned by an earlier reviewer goes away quickly with regular wear. Comments so far have included, “The vintaging looks remarkably authentic” and, “Oh, Daddy!” My first Schott; definitely not my last.

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    Published: Mon, 1/6/2020 by /s/
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    Nice jacket with a nice weight. I'm a very picky person, and I tried a lot of Schott jackets before deciding to keep this one (thanks for your patience Schott NYC). What I really like: fewer zippers (and main one offset rather than wildly asymmetrical), brass/antique hardware (rather than shiny silver/nickel), distressing (although not enough), and half-belt back with adjustable sides. Nit-picks: (1) this leather makes more squeaky noise than any jacket I've every owned even new -- I imagine that may subside over time/after breaking in (more "rubbery" squeaky feeling/sounding than traditional stiff). (2) although made/constructed in the USA -- the jacket is made from leather imported from an undisclosed country. I imagine the country of origin is not necessarily known for its great leather as I would guess that country would be disclosed (example, if it were Italy or Japan). All in all a really nice jacket notwithstanding my nit-picks.

    Response from Schott NYC: Thank you for your review. This leather is actually from Spain, which is highly desirable for leather!

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    Published: Tue, 12/17/2019 by j.davies

    My partner has been after a Schott jacket for several year, we bought one for myself 8 years ago when visiting San Francisco and he always wished he had purchased one for himself. Eventually I plucked up the courage to purchase one online. I found the sizing for the designs extremely helpful, even better was the personal email I received from Schott with additional help and suggestions my email was addressed immediately. I received the jacket within a week and it is just what I wanted. Its neatly wrapped under the Xmas tree. I could not have found the website and the service more helpful - thank-you Julia

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    Published: Mon, 12/2/2019 by Andrew
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    I am very pleased with this jacket. The leather, hardware, inside lining and fit all feel very premium and the attention to detail is very evident. The leather itself is very thick and stiff, but I am confident that it will break in nicely over the next several years. The vintaging of the leather also adds a nice touch. I don’t like pristine leather jackets, so this was a great option. The vintaging isn’t overdone; it’s just right. The fit of this jacket is pretty close to perfect. While the shoulders are a bit snug, the chest and waist fit closely to my body and have a nice taper. I think with some breaking in, the shoulders will start to fit a bit more comfortably, even though they’re not really all that uncomfortable to begin with. I’m in between sizes so it remains to be seen whether I’ll be able to fit a hoodie underneath more comfortably. Overall, this was a great purchase. This is my first Schott jacket. I typically can find flaws with just about everything I buy, but this jacket is as close to perfect as I can tell. Yes, it’s expensive, but I care more about value than price. And this is a great value jacket.

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    Published: Tue, 11/5/2019 by Greg Brady
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    This is a very high quality jacket. The broken in look that I was after along with some edge to it . Everything was well throughout and designed with a oldschool look that some of us love. Thick leather. I have done my homework this is one of the best leather jackets that you will find for the price that they are asking for.

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