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Hand Vintaged Cowhide Café Racer Jacket



Hand Vintaged Cowhide Café Racer Jacket


25" heavyweight hand vintaged cowhide retro café racer jacket. Features 4 zippered front pockets and bi-swing back. Anitque nickel hardware and 100% cotton gingham lining.

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    Published: Sun, 6/20/2021 by Guus Hoogendoorn

    I've had a few leather jackets in my lifetime, but they were always the pretty standard, relatively cheap ones that usually ripped, tore or had parts of it get all crumbly after a few years. So, for my 40th birthday (yikes!) I decided to invest in a proper one and I ended up on the Schott name after some research.. I absolutely loved the offerings from a first look and eventually settled on the PER41 style shown here.

    There were some stumbling blocks while settling on size. Being European and while being aware of the difference in measuring and clothes sizes, I initially misunderstood the sizing chart and on making my inquiries, Jerri from Schott wasn't even sure I'd be able to wear a 2XL comfortably or with a good look. I ended up trying to match what I heard with measurements she helpfully provided and I felt pretty confident that after submitting some measurements and pictures of an older jacket that I could wear a 2XL. Sadly, despite a very quick response on my initial inquiry, that second inquiry took a week to get another response to. I'm not sure if I said something wrong or if there's a longer waiting time for follow-ups but it bothered me to hear nothing back for so long compared to my initial email. I was recommended the 141L instead as a tall person which I do not disagree with, but that didn't have the same personality and character to it as the PER41 style for me, so I left things for a while and dug into more research. I was supremely pleased to see an older thread including pictures and matching measurements for a 2XL of this exact style on another website, which prompted me to make the leap and purchase the PER41 as a 2XL.

    It got to the Republic of Ireland in a week which I consider very impressive, and I have to say I am delighted with the choice I made. My own assessment seems to have been correct and the 2XL was a great fit on me. For the record, I'm 189 cm or 6'3', weighing about 120 kgs or 265 lbs (thanks pandemic...) and it looks great on me, though it definitely benefits if one wears more than just a T-shirt underneath it! It smells fantastic and makes all the expected squeaky noises and the only downside for me is that we're currently on our one week of summer in Ireland so I've not had much chance to wear it yet (the jacket is VERY warm!). I'm linking some images to show how it looks on me for context - Before I bought this I was very keen on seeing more pictures of this style being worn, so I'm hoping it helps the next guy:

    I'd normally take a little off the rating for the customer experience I had, but it feels unfair rating the actual product lower than it deserves for that, because it's a great jacket and worth every penny!

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    Published: Sun, 1/24/2021 by John Abell
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    Apparently I'm the odd ball giving 4 stars but hear me out. I love Schott and this is my 2nd jacket. This time around has been interesting cause I had to send the first one back which was easy but you do wait at least a week to get the replacement shipped.

    I don't know if it's just me or it's a flaw in the design but where the inside pocket meets the two outer left pockets there seems to be a lot of material bunched up in that area and it's kinda annoying. The first jacket was so bad it's all I could focus on which is why I sent it back. The 2nd one is better but still requires a lot massaging the leather in that area (inside) to flatten it out.

    With the new jacket the front zipper is not smooth at all. Because of the way it's constructed there are "waves" in the zipper and it leads to it getting snagged at some point every zip-up. I hope this becomes more smooth as I break it in. The collar band also has a weird shape and I'm trying to massage the leather and adjust it to what I like.

    The other thing to be aware of is this jacket is very noisy! So much my wife laughs at me. You can't move even a little without it creaking or squeaking. I hope some leather oil will help this and with a lot of wearing and breaking in.

    I love the look of this jacket inside and out which is why I'm keeping it, I just hope all those things get resolved as I wear it a lot and break it in. In my opinion this jacket seems overpriced for what you get. It is not a $1,000+ jacket so that part I'm struggling with. The other Schott jacket I have is the brown retro moto jacket and it cost much less but feels so much higher quality. I love it.

    I hate to be so critical but people considering this purchase need to know these things. This is just a very honest review but I do wish I could ask others if they experienced the same things.

    For reference I'm 6 foot, 195 lbs with a 47 inch chest and the XL fits me great. Not too tight or loose.

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    Published: Tue, 1/19/2021 by Brian

    This jacket exceeded my expectations. Well made and based on all the unsolicited positive comments I’ve received the styling is spot on.

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    Published: Tue, 8/18/2020 by Jaroslav Pokorny

    I'm not writing reviews, but now I have to make an exception. Beauty, quality, perfection!

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    Published: Fri, 12/13/2019 by gordon erickson

    Love the coat...I am 5'11" weighing 185 and the size large fit perfectly. Worth every will last me a life time.

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    Published: Mon, 11/18/2019 by Richard

    Great jacket for sure, you might say Bad ass! Heavy duty. I have the Raven, a lighter weight cut and beautifully put together as well. The customer service could not be better. I have had to send back a couple of items and they make it flawless and easy to feel comfortable that you'll be taken care of. They have a lot to offer in styles but their gear is built to last and I can only use a certain amount given this reason. My bases are cover at this point but will at some point more than likely find something I got to have or want. Glad to deal with a company that's first class.

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    Published: Sat, 11/9/2019 by Brian West

    Not sure how I got by this long without this jacket. The look is perfect - the fit is perfect (M) and I am 5'11" - 152 lbs. with a 34" waist - just can't say enough good things about this jacket. Look forward to wearing it often this winter. Thanks Schott!.

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    Published: Sun, 10/6/2019 by Julio Pujols
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    Bought this jacket about a week ago. I have a collection of Schott jackets and of course the Peacoat.. Schott jackets have been in family for 3 generations.
    I bought the Medium, because as you may know as Schott jacket owners the leather stretched about a half a size. It fit a little snug and a little bit stiff because the leather is heavy, great for motorcycle jacket.
    I usually where a Large in shirts and T-shirt. I'm 5'10" 195 lbs, 34 waist size. Hopefully helps you on the size.
    I definitely recommend this jacket, the aging distressed look is perfect.

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