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Classic Schott Racer Black Leather Motorcycle Jacket in Horsehide



Classic Schott Racer Black Leather Motorcycle Jacket in Horsehide


One of our most popular silhouette, the men's classic Perfecto® cafe racer motorcycle leather jacket in heavy horsehide.

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    Suitable for riding or wearing around town. The special characteristics of this leather result in a smooth, consistent finish. Notice the huge single piece back panel! This is a tighter fitting jacket so if between sizes order up.

  • 26' Length
  • Heavy Horsehide
  • Bi-Swing Back
  • Underarm Footballs
  • Quilted Lining
  • U.S.A.

    Model is 6'1", weighs 175 lbs, with a 37" chest and is wearing size 38
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    Published: Mon, 4/13/2020 by Enzo Puliti

    This is my third Schott and my first horsehide jacket. It is very thick and very shiny and will take some time to break in and loosen up, but it is great right out of the box. At 6'3" and 180 lbs with a 42" chest, I ordered a size 44 and it fits in the body perfectly. Having monkey arms, I wear a 35/36" dress shirt, the sleeve length is just a tad short on me. I'm sure after it loosens up it'll be just fine.

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    Published: Sun, 4/12/2020 by Sam

    This jacket is super premium. I'm fortunate to say that this is my 3rd Schott. This one replaces a 660 I bought about 5 fives ago. While I enjoyed the 660, I've come to learn that the bi-swing back and gusseted sleeves are important features to me. I was introduced to each of these features via the 626 that I bought two years ago; and which I'd grown to favor over the 660 in large part because of said features.

    The leather on the 641HH is incredibly nice. It does have a sheen to it, but not in the way that patent leather is shiny. It's a moderately heavy jacket (although not heavier than my 626). I do wish that the lining was removable, as it is in the non HH variant of this model. I'm 5:10' and 150 LBS, The fit is excellent. I did cinch the side straps down to their lowest eyelet, but that's just because I wanted it to hug around my waist. The sleeves are excellent too. Lastly, the smell of this jacket is glorious. Wish I'd bought this one five years ago.

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    Published: Sun, 4/12/2020 by mranderberg

    This is my second Schott jacket, the first one being the 613S. I ordered this directly from the website (since stores are closed due to the COVID-19) and I wasn't entirely sure if I'd like the shiny horsehide.

    Well, turns out that horsehide is my new favorite for sure. It's a bit shinier than steerhide, but it looks so good! This is definitely one of those classics that will just get better with the years!

    In terms of sizing - I'm an athletically built guy at 6'1 ft 180 lbs. I wanted a jacket with a little more room as opposed to snug fit, so I got size 42 which fits the bill nicely (it's also what the online sizing recommended).

    This is one of those jackets where you look at it and you just want to put it on and wear it. In fact, I'm wearing as I'm typing this review... :)

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    Published: Mon, 3/2/2020 by David A. Matrango

    This Cafe' Racer HH Jacket is "Incredible!" The Craftsmanship and Attention to Detail are Rare if not Obsolete these days in the Cookie Cutter, Mass Production world we live in! If you haven't found your Heirloom Quality Leather Jacket yet whether You "Ride" or not...Schott NYC...has got you covered, Literally! You Guys Rock!!
    D. Matrango AKA "The Wild Child"
    @ 92.7 BRATT FM /WKVT Brattleboro VT.

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    Published: Sat, 8/31/2019 by Sean Papargiriou
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    Received my 641HH size 38 on a Thursday. At 5'11" -39" chest and 155 lbs it was too tight. Kinda emaciated rock star tight..... I needed a functional quality durable jacket. After completing the online exchange form that night and shipping the jacket back the next day. It took exactly 1 week to receive my size 40. Length, fit and finish is excellent. Plenty of room for a hoodie or denim to be worn underneath. Very happy with my purchase and Schott's customer service.

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    Published: Sun, 1/6/2019 by Michael Malagisi

    Simply my favorite leather jacket I’ve ever owned. Fits true to size, I can’t wait to get many years of awesome wear out of this jacket!

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    Published: Sun, 1/6/2019 by Vincent

    What you need to have in your closet

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    Published: Tue, 12/11/2018 by TC

    First leather jacket I bought ever
    And a brave act to purchase online from overseas

    Size-finder is very helpful and provided the perfect fit

    Superb quality and very fast delivery.

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    Published: Sat, 12/8/2018 by Zaim Ismail

    And this is coming from a Malaysian, who is very much faraway from the States. Worth your single penny. You know how Malaysian Ringgit (our currency) is way cheaper than the USD. So think about it, I was willing to pay for this baby.

    I received 641HH 3 days after ordering, very quick response (as long as you pick Fedex International Priority Shipping which is your only choice btw). But again, the price you pay for shipping (for international customers) is worth it.

    Onto the product itself, it's Schott. What else can I say, a trusted dealer in leather apparels. And as a fan of leather jackets since I was little. It was like a dream comet true to own this piece.I'm 26 now and all my blood, sweat and tears are gonna pay off for this heirloom product. I ordered a size 38 since I love fitting clothing especially with my sweaters and jackets. And it is kinda hard to breathe at first but now it has been like a few hours after putting 641HH on and it feels great on my body and I can feel it breaking in just nicely. My movement was restricted since it was a fitting size but now I can feel a bit of freedom in movement.

    Overall, would recommend. 10/10 piece. Good job Schott!

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    Published: Sat, 5/5/2018 by Andrew Peltcs
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    This horsehide version is a great upgrade from their standard Classic Racer -- while a little stiffer initially (and shinier because of the closer density of pores in horsehide, compared to cowhide), the jacket will break in VERY NICELY.

    Fits great -- I'm 195 lbs and 6' 0", and I wear a 42 with enough room to wear a hoodie underneath.

    Good quality -- I love the attention to small detail that comes from a USA-made product. You only notice the difference it makes once you've gotten used to wearing clothing of sub-par quality.

    The zipper pulls and teeth are a little too chrome-shiny for my taste, but I expect that after a year or two, their shine will dull to an attractive patina.

    The sewn-in liner of the jacket (I LOVE a sewn-in liner, it makes the jacket seem so much more put together and sophisticated than a zip-out liner) was clearly designed to increase breathability. However, a weakness of their design is that the polyester of the liner is just a smidge too thin (or loosely woven) to keep the fill from coming out. This is the same kind of problem that those puffy down jackets have, so it isn't a problem specific to this jacket or even to Schott. It's a very tiny issue, but it's one I do think Schott could solve.

    Literally the best-fitting and best-quality jacket I have ever bought, even if I forget about the price.

    If you're interested in this jacket to read my review, I am telling you -- buy it!

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