Classic Racer Leather Motorcycle Jacket
STYLE: 141
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Classic Racer Leather Motorcycle Jacket

STYLE: 141
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      The Schott NYC model 141 is a true classic racer leather motorcycle jacket made from the finest naked cowhides. With its stand-up collar and its bi-swing back it always makes for a clean, perfect fit.


    • Offered in both 26" and 28” body lengths
    • U. S. sourced, drum dyed, hand cut, heavyweight, full aniline cowhide (naked leather)
    • Large back panel design, a signature of Schott's uncompromising quality
    • Wind flap along the inside of main zipper for added warmth and protection
    • Mandarin style collar with adjustable snap closure and keeper snap
    • Bi-swing back panels with grommet vented underarm footballs
    • Traditional zippered sleeve cuffs
    • Nickel plated side buckles
    • Three outside zippered pockets with chain pulls
    • Inside vertical snap breast pocket
    • Poly twill lined with zip-out pile lining secured by two lower snap locks
    • U.S.A.

      Leather Type, Fit and Construction:

      Our classic café racer is a true four season riding jacket. Customer demand has kept this design in constant production for over forty years. We know you will agree that it is our most versatile leather jacket! The Model 141 leather jackets for men are made with U. S. sourced, chrome-tanned, drum dyed, heavyweight naked leather. This hide has a softer "hand" when compared to our steerhide and a matte finish. It is chrome tanned and processed to provide many years of use without the need for treatments or conditioners. Right out of the box this jacket will feel like it was custom made for you.

      Schott NYC uses heavyweight naked cowhide to help your leather jacket become your "second skin". Motorcycle jackets need to be as tough as the people wearing them. For wind protection and added warmth the 141 features an inside wind flap under the main zipper, a zip out pile lining and zippered sleeve cuffs. Our bi-swing back panels and under arm footballs ensures that this jacket moves with you eliminating that restrictive feel often found with other leather motorcycle jackets. Nickel plated brass hardware complete this timeless American made classic that is built to last a lifetime.

      As with all leather jackets, Schott only uses the best, highest quality leather available. In the same tradition started in the late 1920’s, highly skilled workers hand-cut each panel for the model 141. Available in both regular and long sizes we often suggest this model for our taller customers. Offered in sizes 32 to 54 in regular and 36 to 54 in long we are confident one of these regularly stocked sizes will fit. Schott sells this leather jacket model true to size, if you wear a 42 suit jacket simply order a size 42 and you will even have room for a sweatshirt underneath for those colder days. Of course this is just our best recommendation, as always we suggest you carefully check our sizing diagrams and measurements to determine best fit.

      The Schott Model #141 is still proudly made in the U.S.A. Our customers know that the quality and construction of our jackets are unparalleled. From the heavyweight thread we use to the strong American hands that do the crafting. We build our leather motorcycle jackets to the same indestructible standards as the old style leather medicine balls. One-hundred plus years of being the best is your assurance that Schott Brothers stands behind every jacket we make.


      The Cafe Racer leather jacket design that became mainstream in the 1960's was developed in England. As soldiers were returning home after WWII they caught the bug of souping up older, prewar motorbikes. These motorcycles were raced between local pubs and cafes which created the need for a streamlined, minimalist leather racing jacket. Traveling at times in excess of 100 MPH was a fairly dangerous proposition on the roads that were more like trails at the time. Heavy horsehide and of course a strong main zipper added a certain level of protection for these speed happy daredevils. One would imagine there were wagers made and records set during these early cafe racing days.

      Schott Brothers has produced a café racer leather motorcycle jacket since we produced model 666 RS for Beck in 1956. It was called a "Leather Racing Shirt" and cost $28.95 at the time. Schott also marketed our own racing jacket as the model 641XX. In the early days these leather jackets had symmetrical zippered pockets on the chest, an adjustable snap collar strap and zippered sleeve cuffs. As they were worn and abused many examples found today are missing any signs of the original inside linings.

      Rooted in tradition, the Schott Model 141 continues this cafe racer style from the 50's. Based on these early leather motorcycle jacket café racer designs the 141 has changed ever so slightly. We feel our updates have made a legendary design better and even more versatile. Schott continues production of the Café Racer motorcycle jacket style, as always, right here in the U.S.A, with a Schott family member hands on in the factory every single day.

      Free shipping for all orders over $100 within the continental USA and APO.



      14 of 14 people found the following review helpful:


      If I could give this jacket 10 stars, I would. I purchased my 1st Schott jacket end of last year and I immediately wanted another one. Schott jackets are like tattoos, you need more than 1! My other Schott is the 603 Cafecto, which I also absolutely LOVE. For this one, I wanted an everyday jacket and I was torn between the 141 and the 641. After much deliberation, I decided on the 141, and I am glad I did. My 603 Cafecto is Steerhide, as is the 641, and for me that made more sense for an everyday riding jacket. The 141 is naked cowhide, and it is the most supple, well-crafted piece of wonderfulness I have ever laid eyes on. This coat is an absolute thing of beauty. I can also wear this riding as well, it has the zip-out liner that you can remove as it gets warmer. Since I bought the Cafecto end of last year, Schott gave me a coupon to use on my next purchase, so I saved well over $100 on the 141, but I had to wait until 1/1/17 to order it. The wait was agonizing, but well worth it. This jacket is literally the nicest piece of clothing I have ever purchased in my life. I will pass this down to my kids and I'm sure my kids will pass it down to their kids, this thing is bullet-proof - it's made that well. And, I thought my 603 Cafecto smelled great, this jacket smells intoxicating. I ordered this one online and she arrived today. I even left work early so I could come home just to try her on. Every detail on this jacket is amazing. Not only that, the attention to detail on the way the jacket was packaged for shipping was factored in (there is a cardboard strip under the middle of the box so when you cut down the middle of the box to open it, you don't risk cutting into the jacket).

      This is my all-time favorite piece of clothing I have ever owned. Do yourself a favor and buy this jacket -if you are on the fence, buy this jacket, you will not regret it. The leather is absolute butter in your hands, the naked cowhide just naturally conforms to your body the second you put it on.

      Size-wise, I am 5'8' 165 lbs and normally wear a Size 40 sports jacket. My chest is 39 inches with 17 inch shoulders. I wear a 15 1/2 32/33 dress shirt. The recommendation for the 141 is to size down 1 size. I went with a Size 38 and it fits Perfect-o!

      Published: Wed, 1/4/2017 by JSH215
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      141 VS. 654

      I have both a 141 in brown and a 654 in black cherry. I thought it might be helpful to other customers to read a comparison between the two jackets. They are very similar to each other but as I'll explain below there are some differences that are significant enough to be worth noting.

      By way of context, I am 6' and 190 lbs. I normally wear a 41R in suit jackets. I have a fairly athletic build but I prefer slim fits.

      The 141 has numbered sizing whereas the 654 has lettered. This made a difference to me. The 141 in size 40 provided a very nice fit - snug but not too snug, with or without the liner. The 654 in size L also fit me well, but not quite as well as the size 40 141.

      To me, the overall "curb appeal" of the 141 is slightly higher than that of the 654. The leather seems to be of higher quality - thicker and more "lustrous" (if that word makes sense in this context) - and perhaps because of this the 141 feels more substantial than the 654, even without the lining. The brown is a rich color and the brass-colored zippers and snaps complement it very well. It's also worth pointing out that the 654 struck me as more broken-in right out of the box - worth taking into account if you'd prefer to weather your jacket yourself (which I do, all other things being equal).

      Furthermore, I consider the 141 to be a superior riding jacket as compared to the 654. I find the 654 is more constricting in the shoulders and arms when I'm in my riding position. What is more, the wrists on the 141 zip up more snugly than on the 654 - important if you don't want to have to wear gloves with gauntlets, but you also don't want wind going up your sleeves.

      For these reasons, I think the somewhat higher price of the 141 as compared to the 654 is justified, especially for someone who intends to ride in the jacket. However, I am very happy with both jackets. The black cherry 654 is a beautiful color - I hope Schott brings it back at some point so that others can appreciate it. As a fashion jacket, the 654 is very appealing and has been a welcome addition to my wardrobe. And, the relative lightness of the 654 is great on warmer days.

      All in all, although there are what I consider to be important differences between the 141 and the 654, they are both quite worthy, and even if you end up preferring one to the other you should certainly be very happy with either.

      I hope this has been helpful!

      Published: Wed, 11/6/2013 by Carl Falstrom
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      I recently purchased this product, and wanted to provide some thoughts on it.

      First off, let's address the utilitarian concerns. I ride motorcycles, and a riding jacket's leather thickness is important if you want to keep your skin from marking pavement in a slide. This jacket provides a thick, quality leather that will provide skid protection. Good product in that regard. Compare this growling beast to a simpering leather jacket from Coach, and you will know what I am talking about. This is a leather jacket.

      Second, let's discuss the secondary quality items.

      - The zipper closures seems sturdy and I doubt I will face issues of lost teeth or broken joining units. I am a bit concerned that the zipper chain-tabs are not as robust as the jacket generally, but I will have to wear the jacket for some years before I can say.

      - The pockets are lined with a cotton that feels sturdy and comfortable. The pockets are deep and are well-placed. For those of you that care, the inside pocket would likely provide a good "carry" pocket. Not my thing, but some guys want to buy CCW-friendly clothing, I know.

      - The jacket's liner is a disappointment, in light of the jacket's overall quality. I would encourage the manufacturer to consider a modern-material quality poly-fleece liner. The current faux fur one is a bit bulky. Given the jacket's wonderful fit, the liner is a drawback. Not a huge one, since you just take it out and wear a North Face poly-fleece vest under the jacket. Problem solved.

      Third, now to the jacket itself....

      Sweet, sweet jacket. My all-time-favorite immediately upon purchase. It is now my go-to jacket. The fit is GREAT for guys like me, who have a ten inch drop to their waist from the shoulder. I wear about a 41 suit jacket with a 31 inch waist and the Schott 40 jacket sizing on me is perfect. It is the best fit I ever found in a non-custom jacket. No joke. Most American manufacturers make jackets for American bellies. That means if you buy a 40 jacket, it will be cut for a guy with a beer gut sticking out in front of him. So all the typical jackets fit like a dress on guys with a drop between shoulders and waist. Thing is, I just get used to it, because it is so common.

      Then I put on something like this, and I remember how clothes are supposed to fit. Glorious.

      It is a snug size 40, like a motorcycle jacket should be. If you lift weights a bit, you will still fit the shoulders and bicep areas, though, so don't be concerned that it will fit like an anaconda in those areas.

      The last issue is looks. It looks awesome. And you know it because people stare at it before saying, "Love that jacket!"

      I would give it five stars but the liner merits a lost star. Sorry, Schott. But worth every penny paid. I now understand the cult following. I certainly joined the cult, and I may buy the wife a jacket too.

      Published: Fri, 3/7/2014 by Spartee
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      7 of 7 people found the following review helpful:


      How odd. A true classic, works well with jeans and normal clothes off the bike, pretty much bulletproof, works well in a frog strangler downpour, hot Midwestern days, cold spring and autumn days. Clean, classic, what a motorcycle jacket should be - only what is necessary, and nothing more. Barcelona Chairs, Ferrari Dinos, Empire State Building, Porsche 356, Schott 141.

      Published: Sun, 4/20/2008George Fischer
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      I am from Canada, and when visiting Chicago last Mai, I bought a 141. I have to say that I was in the store for about one hour, trying a size 42 than a 44 and back to a 42. the fit is really important if you want to be comfortable. I wanted the classic 1950 motor cycle look. Boy ho boy, does it have the look. My wife say's that I look like James Dean, and I am 47 year's old. The jacket is pretty stiff at first. The leather is so tick, a little bit more, and it wood "moo" Some owners talk about the smell like they are transcendent. Well it's true, it's like the smell of a Ferrari.

      Published: Tue, 10/16/2012 by Michel Dallaire
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      4 of 4 people found the following review helpful:

      THE 141 IS.

      Just wanted to say a little something about the 141. Ordered the jacket and it was delivered within a week. I opened the box and pulled the jacket out, laid it on the bed. First thing I said was - what a sexy jacket, this thing is pure sex. - Then I put it on. The nearly 100 year history of American cool via Schott, man I mean flyers, sailors, Hollywood wild ones, rock high priests and priestesses, speed freaks . . . wrapped me up awed. I never thought an article of clothing could do this. Awe. Now I must mention the fact that American Union labor constructed this jacket. American Union labor. This is not to be taken lightly. Unions fought for and won just about every damned labor right we, some of us really, tend to take for granted and, sometimes, inexplicably rail against. Not me. This jacket and the Union worker who constructed it are linked by heritage, pride, and history – a very American heritage, pride, and history. Americans are fighters and Americans can build some really boss stuff and the 141 is proof of this. I’m 5 foot 10 and 170 pounds of fit and fat in the right ratio. I knew the 40 would fit and boy did it. I can truly say when I see others sporting leather jackets not made by Schott that they have bought into inferiority possibly made by the exploited in another country and man, that’s just not the American way. This jacket is clean lines and classic. Now I’ve got more mod roots than rocker roots but hey this jacket is both, easily. You will not go wrong on this regardless of what you’re pushing: a Gibson Les Paul, ton-up café, flat tracker, Ludwig VistaLites . . . get it?

      Published: Mon, 7/9/2012 by Matthew Bevacqua
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      4 of 4 people found the following review helpful:

      30 YEARS...

      I was fortunate enough to have this jacket handed down to me from an uncle who used to ride- in fact, he still does, but the coat no longer fits his less-slim profile these days... He bought this coat more than 30 years ago, and gave it to me once I started riding, a few years back.

      When I received the coat, it was perfectly broken in- however the leather was very dry. A bottle of good-quality leather conditioner later, and it has the "premium classic" look to it- along with the thick, strong and durable leather that you need for riding protection.

      I actually had a gent offer me $750 for my Schott's hand-me-down - but I had to turn him down. I've not come across a motorcycle jacket with a nicer fit, style or general quality yet.

      These coats are made to be worn.

      Published: Mon, 8/17/2009 by josh in cambridge
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      I just received a brown 141 from Schott N.Y.C. and it really is a magnificent leather jacket! Beautiful to look at and to wear. The brown is pretty dark even when compared to my shiny black 654. But still there is no mistaking that it is brown. I like the dark brown almost black color, especially with the brass colored hardware.

      I wear a 654 (XL) that fits "just right". On the Schott web site size chart size XL equates to a size 46. It should be noted that the 654 is described by Schott as a "slim" cut jacket. I clarified some measurements with Jerri and Denice at Schott on the phone and by email and in the end I ordered my 141 in both 46 and 44. A bit to my surprise, the 46 in the 141 was the closest fit to my XL 654. I perceived little difference between the sizing of the two jackets comparing size XL (aka size 46) to an actual numbered size 46. The 141 is size 44 was a tighter fit than the XL 654.
      Now I have both jackets that fit perfecto! And two colors to choose from. I am pondering getting a 118 in black so I would likely order a 46 based on my experience thus far.
      To anyone on the fence I would order two sizes and send the one you don't like back Schott makes it very easy to return. The return shipping, via Fedex, was about $ 25 using the Schott shipping box...well worth it to me to be able to try them on side by side.

      Published: Tue, 12/6/2016 by JM
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      I recently ordered and received a cafe 141 jacket in brown after about two years of deliberating the purchase. Must say I'm very pleased with the jacket. For reference, I'm 6 ft, 190 lbs, typically wear a 42 suit coat and have a 34 in waist. I ordered a size 42 jacket and it fits very well. With the side buckles cinched, it sits nicely at the waist/hip. I have a couple of Vanson jackets and a Foxcreek and they are terrific but the Schott 141 is in a class all by itself... it's my new " go to" jacket. The leather has an extraordinary feel and the zips, buckles and hardware are very high quality. Workmanship is second to none- if you're thinking about one these, make the investment, I'm glad I did and think you will be too.

      Published: Sun, 10/2/2016 by MK
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      The Schott 141 Classic Racer Jacket is Schott's top of the line jacket. It is truly a luxury motorcycle jacket, with soft supple naked, cowhide leather. Once you put it on, you won't want to take it off! That is why I bought 2 of them! The jacket even has an inside pocket, and snaps to hold down the zip out liner. I also purchased 3 Schott 641, Single Rider Steer Hide Jackets, because Wisconsin has so much changing weather. The Schott 641 is the same jacket in steer hide with a lacquered finish to withstand the elements better, and it is cut a little tighter, as it runs a size smaller. You'll love the 141 jacket though, because it needs very little break-in, and it is true to size! It's like having a second skin, and it is truly beautifully made. Schott has been making leather motorcycle jackets for a long time. They even made the jacket for Peter Fonda in the movie "Easy Rider"! I rate the jacket an A+++++ because I know leather jackets! You can't go wrong with a Schott!

      Published: Mon, 4/11/2016 by Jon Kuemmerlein
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      141L IS LIKE BUTTER!

      I received my Schott 141L a few days ago. I was a little unsure of the fit. I am 6'3" 215lbs. Shirt size 16..5x36". I considered ordering the 48L, but after a nice conversation with Jerri.I ordered the 46L. It fits like a fine motorcycle jacket should. Just snug but with enough room to wear a layer underneath. The sleeve length was also perfect even with my arms extended to the handle bars. Best jacket I've ever owned.

      Published: Thu, 10/30/2014 by Enzo Puliti
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      This jacket is amazing, this is the real deal...the leather/cowhide on the 141 is perfect in every sense. Once you own a schott you will uphold other leather jackets to the highest standard possible and believe me most of them wont even come close to a Schott quality made jacket. Best jacket around, no regrets.
      Outstanding customer service and their return policy is absolutely the best I have ever dealt with, 5 stars.

      Published: Mon, 3/17/2014 by Les
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      3 of 3 people found the following review helpful:

      141 CAFE RACER

      I can't say enough about the top notch quality of this jacket. Everything about it tells me I'll be handing this jacket down to one of my boys many years from now. I can't even look in the "leather" stores at the mall any more as it is not possible to compare other jackets side by side. The Schott wins hands down every time (even the staff say they can't compete with a "custom" jacket like that) As for the fit the first thing I noticed when I put it on was the ease with which I could move my arms without the jacket binding or pulling. The leather is soft from day one and I know it will only get better with age. Thanks for continuing to make a great product.

      Published: Fri, 7/13/2012 by Trevor Campbell
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      I own alot of leather jackets. Let me say this is the first I owned that was so soft yet the leather was of a decent thickness. The build quality of this jacket is noticeable the minute I took it out of the box. The fit was right on. Delivery took just two days. Once you see this jacket you know why it's a classic.

      Published: Mon, 6/22/2009 by Dave P.
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      I was very happy with the customer service person who helped me with this order. I had an initial problem due to an address mismatch and my order was cancelled. I spoke to the customer service rep and she was able to quickly reinstate my order and get it out in the mail to me the next day. I was happy that I did not have to go online and reenter the whole order. The jacket arrived within one week and looks beautiful. It is for my husband's birthday on 5/26 so I won't know his reaction for awhile but I hope he loves it too. This is a replacement for an original Schoot 141 that Frank has had @ 25 years now. He has never wanted to replace his because he loves the style and fit but after 25 years he is in need of a replacement. Thanks for a nice shopping experience.

      Published: Mon, 5/18/2009 by Mary Ann Reitano
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      I received my brown style 141 jacket last week and I wanted to take the time to thank you for your personal help with my order. I also wanted to thank the people at Schott who made the jacket. It is the finest styled , highest quality and workmanship leather jacket I have ever seen and ever owned. I have acquired leather clothing and jackets in Florence Italy and other places in the world during my life's travels but this is a perfectly tough and functional yet elegant jacket. I purchased it to be used on a motorcycle but I received half a dozen comments on it at an art gallery opening this past weekend. I am an American worker, a retired contractor carpenter and I'm sure our people can still set the standards for the world to follow. This is example of those high standards and a pleasure to have. Thank you.

      Published: Mon, 3/16/2009 by JCN
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      This year my 141 is 2o years old. I bought it in 1998 and other than some VERY light fading due to age and me having NEVER cleaned or treated the leather, it's practically in perfect shape. ZERO rips, tears, snags, you name it. All the zippers work like new and look new. The old saying "You get what you pay for" definitely applies here. If your budget allows it and you're looking for a jacket that will outlive's Schott all the way!

      Published: Sat, 8/18/2018 by John Strong
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      It has been almost 10 years since my first review, and the 141 continues to perform - no quality issues. The jacket went through a crash - and as I earlier mentioned - it is pretty much bulletproof. Still classic, still effective, still one of my favorite purchases. I don't remember what I paid for the jacket back in 1992, but here we are 25 years later, happy that I spent the money. A poor man can only afford the best.

      Published: Thu, 8/17/2017 by George Fischer
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      This is just an outstanding jacket. Very speedy delivery to the UK, received within 4 days of ordering. Try before you buy if possible as the sizing tool on the website came up one size too large first time around. I love this jacket.

      Published: Wed, 7/12/2017 by Chris S
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      I'm 6', 225 lbs and used the sizing calculator, which recommended a 46 regular. The fit was perfect, with our without the liner. Out of the box, I was impressed by the weight and build quality. Every detail was well thought out, from zippers to pocket placement to the quality of the leather. In use, I was impressed by the "folds" behind the shoulders, which allow the perfect feel while riding. This is an heirloom quality product, and no doubt, I'll be passing it on to my son in twenty years or so. Bravo, Schott.

      Published: Mon, 7/10/2017 by Ed Gomez
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      I’ve been in the market for a quality and uniquely-designed black leather motorcycle jacket for a while. I have a number of coats & jackets, each doing duty for different applications (wool car coat to wear to work with a suit in the rain, cool spring day bombers, cold winter down jackets, etc.).

      Getting a black café style motorcycle jacket that you can actually use on a café-style bike is a great addition to the wardrobe arsenal.
      I have a really nice German-made brown shearling, which is dressy and lined for cold weather, non-biking wear only. In my searching both online and in stores, I came across Schott NYC.

      My research showed that Schott is American made, a big plus for me. I tend towards pricier fashion clothing, and luxe/designer leather jackets not only run to the $2K + range in price, but they’re not always “made” in the USA, or Canada, or Italy as branded (assembled there, maybe).

      So, I started looking at the Schott jackets and was amazed at three things:

      1. The value for money. These jackets, according to the online reviews are amazingly well made, from top quality leather and are accompanied by top notch customer service.
      2. The styles are proven; they’ve been around for generations, so the design aspects (underarm gussets or “footballs”, for better arm movement, quality zippers, sleeve zippers, etc.) are practical and are executed to look great.
      3. The fitting process. I’m guessing Schott sells a lot of jackets online, sight unseen. The fitting guide, which takes your height, weight, age, body type and a popular clothing brand and the size you take in that brand are all gisted together to create your “ideal size” for Schott.
      Anyways, I’m 6’3”, 240 athletic-muscular, and I must have asked Schott customer service scores of questions. On the basis of their guidance, it was evident that I (or anyone over 6’1”) should order a “tall” size jacket. In the leather motorcycle genre, there are only a few options for tall jackets. I ended up with a perfect fit in the 141 in a 50L.

      I went with the 141 L in black, as I already have a brown shearling, so best to do something different. I ordered on a Monday, and being in Canada, was utterly blown away that the item arrived the next day by FedEx. Unbelievable. Since my order was over a certain amount, I was entitled to T-shirts at 50% off so I picked up a few as well.

      The item will come in a decent sized box, with a protective cardboard strip inside down the length, so you don’t slice your jacket when you cut open (be careful!) the box. The jacket is on a hanger, and in a clear plastic dry-cleaning type bag.

      I had thought about sizing down to a 48L to get a more fitted look, but was advised by Schott CS that the 48 might not fit me in the shoulders. So, I stuck with the “Your Perfect Size” guidance online and went with the 50L. It does fit beautifully, so much so, it’s as if it were tailor made. The shoulders are snug but not tight; the chest is fitted but not tight, and the waist comes just past my belt buckle and the fit of the jacket in side profile does not make me look like a black leather barrel and it fits comfortably. Trust the advice you get from Schott. They've been doing this a very long time, and they really kow what they're doing.


      • Incredible quality for price; designer jackets are 2-4 times the cost in general of Schott, and having designer jackets, I do not see a quality difference. In other words, Schott offers you a Lexus at the price of a Toyota (or whatever vehicle analogy you want to use).
      • The design is very cool; these jackets make you look part Mad Max, part café racer, all business.
      • Great design aspects; three exterior zip pockets (very handy in the days of cell phones and electronic bits).
      • Zip out liner gives more functionality.
      • Incredibly fast shipping times.

      • The pull tabs on the zippers need to be bigger and more robust; hard to get at as it is, let alone with riding gloves on.
      • That’s it. The only con. Better, bigger pull tabs on the zippers and the 141 is perfect.

      If you’re hesitating or on the fence, just do what I did; measure a leather jacket you already own; double check the arm lengths, the chest, the shoulder measurements, ask the Schott CS people your questions, fit yourself with the online Schott fitting process, and pull the trigger! The jacket will arrive incredibly quick in perfect condition and if you’ve asked the Schott CS folks a few questions to be sure of your height, weight and body type, you’ll be all set and the proud owner of a jacket you never really want to take off. Super comfortable and incredibly functional. Stylish as well in a uniquely American road-biking way.

      Published: Tue, 4/4/2017 by Kit K
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      Schott leather jackets are the best. One mark of a quality leather jacket is the number of pieces of leather used. The entire back and sleeves are all made of one piece of leather. Other jackets use two or three leather pieces to make the back and four for the sleeves.

      Published: Thu, 1/26/2017 by Pliny
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      141 REG BROWN

      Tried a ton of Schott's cafe style jackets and was looking for a fitted look but being 6'1" and 220 lbs with an athletic build the slimmer one never fit my shoulders. Jerri steered me towards a 141 44 reg and it fits me like a Taylor made it for me. The back length is perfect 26" and the arm are fitting just how I wanted it. The bi-swing shoulders allow my arms to move freely will the jacket keeps a fitted look. Love and jerri was super helpful cause I bought the 530 XL and it was to baggie. Seemless return, Jerri runs a top shelf operation.
      Thanks again,

      Published: Fri, 11/4/2016 by Guy mastrande
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      Fit and finish is excellent. The jacket is very comfortable in all aspects. I first tried the Cafe Racer but found the fit to be too slim. I am 5' 11", 200 lbs. with fairly broad shoulders. My jacket size is 46. The staff was vey helpfull in choosing the correct fitting jacket.

      Published: Wed, 8/17/2016 by Mark Rode
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      This jacket is one of those rare items that is a legend, so on some level we protect ourselves from disappointment. We say as long as it is good to great I will be happy. Then there are those rare items that exceed the legend and are truly perfect. Alden boots, Hudson Bay Point blankets, Saddleback Leather bags.......and this jacket. Someday hopefully very far in the future when I give me son my vintage Harley, it will be paired with this jacket.

      Published: Tue, 6/21/2016 by Mark J. Parker
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      2 of 2 people found the following review helpful:


      The Schott 141 Classic Racer Motorcycle Jacket is the premier jacket of Schott! It is outstanding, and it gets Schott's special attention to detail. It fits your normal size and is soft as a luxury leather glove, yet tough enough to take motorcycle riding. It is my favorite Schott jacket, and I bought 2 of them! Really beautiful jacket, worth every penny you pay for it!

      Published: Fri, 4/1/2016 by Jon Kuemmerlein
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      2 of 2 people found the following review helpful:


      I bought my 141 in 2001 and was really impressed then. 15 years later I'm still impressed. I can't find anything negative to say about it. I did have to have the zipper repaired about 5 years ago. As a motorcycle mechanic, I have to ride every bike I work on, so that could mean putting a jacket on and off 5-10 times a day. And when its really cold, I put my gloves on first and run them through the sleeves, which is hard on the satin liner, but it only showing a little wear with 2 small holes near a seam at the edge. That is very impressive. I'm glad I got mine when it was $250 cheaper, but I highly recommend this jacket for serious riders, or someone that appreciates "Buy once, cry once"

      Published: Wed, 3/30/2016 by Johnny Rinaldi
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      2 of 2 people found the following review helpful:


      Of all the motorcycle jackets I have ever owned, without any hesitation, this is the best by far. The craftsmanship, the fit and everything in between is the best and made in the U.S. makes one feel even better to wear it and show it off. Thank you and keep up the great work you do.

      Published: Mon, 3/28/2016 by Ramon Rodriguez
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      2 of 2 people found the following review helpful:


      This jacket is perfect in every way from the beautiful soft naked leather to the way it fits.
      Order your true size and there will be enough room for layering and for riding. Don't wait. Buy this jacket. You will love it. It will last forever.

      Published: Sun, 3/20/2016 by EF2
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      2 of 2 people found the following review helpful:

      DON'T WAIT!

      I waited three years for a great jacket. Fit is true, leather is wonderful , quality is outstanding. I just wish I hadn't taken so long placing my order. Thank you

      Published: Mon, 3/14/2016 by Frank living in Boston
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      I have had jacket made by Aero, Lost Worlds, Vanson, Fox Creek, and Schott. The Schott jackets are consistently the best riding jackets. If you are searching for fashions, you may find better elsewhere than the 141. But if you ride, the 141 is the best riding jacket designed.

      The fit is perfect with the size sport coat you wear, which it should. Many other jacket manufacturers size jackets differently than the actual measurements. That makes little sense. If I am a 42, I wear a 42, I should order a 42 and it should fit. With the Schott 141, that is the case. there will be enough room for a hoodie under the jacket too.

      On the construction- there really is no better. The jacket feels flexible, yet strong when you first get it. The attention to detail is excellent. The thread is super strong, the zippers, smooth, the lining is very comfortable. When you first put the jacket on there is a kind of "ah" moment. It just feels really good to wear.

      On my Sportster, it allows plenty of flexibility to ride unconstrained. Try that with a horsehide jacket! The jacket also has the old school cool look that just makes it great to wear.

      I am always appreciative of Gail at Schott. Anyone who has ever written to her knows what a class act she is. Not only is she kind, thoughtful and sweet- she knows her product line better than anyone. She has an incredible fund of knowledge when it comes to Schott products. If you are on the fence about a jacket, email her. If her response does not convince you to buy from Schott, I would be surprised.

      If you are not sure about the 141, find a Schott dealer and go try the jacket on. I was simply blown away by mine.

      Published: Sat, 8/15/2015 by Mark Handler
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      What can I say Awesome! After talking with Jerri via email she sent over the actual measurements, after checking my size against these I realised I was slightly deformed. Undeterred I measured one of my jackets which was roughly the same style (only made of cotton). I then decided to order a 44r. I placed the order on Sunday 16th of October 11 it arrived 4 days later on Thursday 20th. It fits like glove the leather is awesome and smells fantastic, nothing like you can buy in Europe. Only issue I had was when placing the order the shipping had increased from $68 to $125, one quick email and Jerri sorted it. I would like to thank Jerri and everyone at Schott for a first class service. If you are considering buying direct do not hesitate, you will not be disappointed. Only problem now is having to wait for Christmas for it have tried bribing the wife to no avail .

      Published: Sat, 10/22/2011 by Chris Cane
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      My grandmother bought this jacket for me...40 YEARS ago, thats right, back in 1968 or 1969.
      I stopped wearing it about ten years ago (too tight), but thats when my wife started wearing it...she still wears it now, so it's still in service and has never had to be repaired.
      This jacket has lasted over 5 different motorcycles and has over a quater million miles on it....BEST dam jacket I ever owned.
      I'm gettin up in years and notice I'm losin some body mass, in a couple years I expect it to fit me once again...well I LOANED it to my wife, so I'll be wearin it again when it fits!!

      Published: Wed, 10/7/2009 by Walter Gribauskas
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      Maybe the finest quality piece of clothing I have owned in my 65 years! The leather is soft as butter and the fit is perfect other than my sleeve's need to be shortened. And the nice lady I spoke to at Schott told me that would be no problem, just send it back and we will take care of it. Great jacket, great service! How can you go wrong?

      Published: Fri, 5/4/2018 by Tom Matthews
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      I normally do not write product reviews for items that I purchase but I am making an exception because the product and company is beyond excellent in my opinion. The Schott 141 is a stunning piece of clothing that far exceeded my expectations from day one. Great looking, great fitting and the quality is better than any clothing I have ever owned. It was my first Schott jacket purchase and it prompted me to immediately look for a 118 which I purchased from a retailer who had overstock and was offering it at a discount. I really don't think that I will wear the 118 as much as the 141 but these jackets just make you feel so good that you want more than one !! When I was looking for my 118 I contacted Schott with some questions about fit etc. and the customer service was tremendous. Jerri answered me with promptness and courtesy that is very uncommon these days. It reinforced my opinion of the total quality that this company is committed to in every respect. I cannot say enough about my beautiful 141, my awesome 118 and this company and its employees. I will encourage anyone to buy these jackets and to support Schott NYC. My experience was so good that I have trouble putting it all in writing. How about that, from a guy who doesn't like to write product reviews? Thank you Schott NYC, keep it going and stay true to your mission, it works !!!!!!!

      Published: Sat, 4/14/2018 by Nick Caplanson
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      Just received my 141 in a 44L. I'm 6'2", 203 lbs with a 43.5" chest and 34" waist. Perfect fit...thanks Geri for the help when I called in last week to verify my size. Total time from when I placed the order online to having the jacket delivered to my house and in my hands was slightly more than 48 hrs...which is amazing. I was quite reluctant to buy online...but talking to an actual person to help with the size and Schott's flexible return policy was a game-changer.

      The quality and craftsmanship on this jacket is truly top-notch. Every stitch, every button is perfect and the look and feel of the leather is flawless. The naked cowhide is slightly matte and soft to the touch, while still feeling durable. The zippers and buttons are heavy-duty and operate perfectly No doubt this coat will outlast me and only get better with age.

      I've been looking to buy a high-quality leather jacket for several months now and have tried on a bunch from some well-known brands....prices ranging all the way up to $2500. But I just couldn't find one that really felt like the right fit and quality for the price. So glad I came across Schott...while it was a big investment, it is well worth the price and the fact that its made here in the USA and a family business makes me feel very good about the purchase.

      My only knock is that the brown color doesn't come in Long sizes....or else I would have ordered two!!

      Published: Thu, 4/12/2018 by John P Flores
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      This was my first purchase from Schott. The 141 is built like a tank, leather is soft and conforms well right out of the box. Spoke to customer service about sizing, their recommendation was spot on. The zip out liner will give me 3 seasons worth of riding with it. Nice enough to wear on the town with my lady or riding my bike. Now I understand why folks have these jackets for a long long time or pass them down when they don't fit it anymore. If you are concerned about the money they ask for it, then save up over time and spend your money. I have given my other jackets away and keeping this as my only one.

      Published: Fri, 11/25/2016 by Taz VA
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      I bought my first classic racer in 1981. It is still alive and well today only a bit too small to wear so I decided to get another one. Just like that first jacket, this one gets a lot of attention because of the quality leather and fit. The only negative thing I can say about this jacket is the right sleeve is a bit larger around the cuff then the left. I thought it was me at first but measured it and saw it was. I had to return the first jacket because the size was too large (46). When my replacement came in (44) I noticed the same thing on the right sleeve. Don't know why you do it, but it's annoying because it doesn't stay snug around the wrist.. Other than that, the jacket is awesome.

      Published: Sat, 10/22/2016 by J Giannone
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      I am very happy I went ahead and made the investment in this jacket. Was able to try a few on at a local retailer and found the fit true to size with room for a hoodie even with the liner. This will mostly be worn for riding. Also stylish enough for a night out. American made at its best.

      Published: Thu, 6/16/2016 by Gerardo Guarino
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      I started riding about 15 years ago, at age 40. My first motorcycle was Japanese, but I wanted American leather. My first jacket was a police model from San Diego Leather, a top quality jacket. Two years later while poking around a biker shop in Rochester, NY, I found a black Schott 141. The fit and style were superior to my San Diego jacket and the quality was also top notch. The proprietor told me he'd had it on the rack for a while. Because the guy chain smoked in his store, the jacket stunk like smoke. I got him to knock 50 bucks of the price and bought it for around $300. I've been happily riding with the Schott 141 since. It's been through wind, rain, clouds of bugs, road stones, you name it - - and it still looks and feels great.

      Then about a year ago I felt ready for something different. Since it seems like everybody's into black leather, I thought it would be cool to get a brown motorcycle jacket. Thus began the search.

      I started out by looking at every type of American-made jacket but Schott, thinking that I needed some variety in my closet. There are a few good American companies out there and I even ordered a couple of jackets, but I returned them. Seems like each was missing something compared to my 141. To make a long story short, I decided to go with another Schott 141 - - this one in brown.

      In March I called Schott to order the jacket, but they were out of stock in size 46. Jerri at Schott told me that they wouldn't be back in production of the brown 141 jacket until July, possibly later. I called back on July 14th and spoke to Jerri again. She told me that production was scheduled for September, and that I could pre-order. Disappointed but undaunted by the wait, I plunked down my deposit.

      Much to my surprise, I received an email two days later that a Schott 141 brown size 46 had been shipped! I called Jerri who explained that they found the jacket at their store in NYC, a different facility than their factory, and they used it to fill my order.

      I received the jacket yesterday to my delight. First, opening the box I was treated to the wonderful smell of leather which literally filled the room. No smoke smell there! Second, the jacket was nearly identical to my old 141 with a few interesting differences. The leather was a rich DARK brown, maybe not quite as thick as my old jacket but very very close. The jacket had an extra pocket, a "gun" pocket on the inside which my old jacked didn't have. The liner's zipper was nylon loop rather than steel teeth which I consider a positive since the old teeth were free to bite when the liner was removed. Also, the old liner had an annoying habit of riding up, but the new jacket's liner is held in place by two snaps at the bottom.

      Overall, an incredible jacket made by a company where people will still go the extra mile for service. Thank-you Schott and Happy Centennial!

      Published: Sat, 7/19/2014 by Steve L
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      My dad bought this jacket in 1981 and remembers paying about $250. After recently getting a motorcycle, my dad dug it out of his closet and told me he wanted me to have it if it fit me. It fits like a glove. I brought it to a leather worker to have the frayed zipper replaced. She was blown away by the condition and quality of the leather. I had her replace the zipper, clean and condition it, and sew a patch on for me. This jacket looks, feels, and smells virtually brand new. It is 32 years old this year and remains timeless. I love this jacket.

      Published: Thu, 9/26/2013 by Ed Condon
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      I just got my brown 141, size 46. I'm 6'2", 215 Lbs, wear size 16/35 dress shirt and size 36/34 pants. The jacket fits me perfectly; good thing, because they don't offer the 141L in brown. I consider myself very well versed in distinguishing high quality garments from those with just high prices. This garment is the highest quality I found and I looked at leather jackets costing over $2,000. The leather is perfect. It is substantial yet supple, strong yet wonderful to touch and smell. The liner is very warm and the coat is still warm without it. The zippers, pulls, snaps and all sewing and seams are flawless. Not almost flawless...FLAWLESS. The fit is snug yet very comfortable and allows for a nice range of motion. I can honestly say, this is the best leather jacket I can possibly imagine. It needs no improvements or changes. As my father used to say "You don't always get what you pay for, but you never get what you don't pay for." I feel like I got every bit of what I paid and more...simply because high prices are common, but quality like this is rare. Thank you Schott, I will be back for another as soon as your new lineup comes out in September. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK AND QUALITY CONTROL!

      Published: Sat, 2/23/2013 by Gary Hill
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      I figure I would write a review after the honey moon period was over.First of all I am not a biker anymore but always liked the cafe style.After owning a flight jacket(not a Schott) that I hardly wore I purchased a 141 in Brown.

      I wear this jacket every day that the temp is 60 or below and it is not raining or snowing.It has become an old friend and has broken in to being like a second skin.I have had many a comment over the last 2 years and it is because it oozes quality.

      If I have anything negative to say it is concerning the liner.I hate it and do not use it.Instead I wear a fleece vest under it.The main thing about the faux fur besides being cheesy ,is it tends to ride up and I was always pulling it down.With the fleece I just take the vest off as the day heats up.With all the new fibers out there Schott should explore making the liner out of something more comfortable and could probably find something with good insulative properties and less bulky.This is not a show stopper and I like it without the liner period.

      My kids have asked me on wintery days if it is warm and I tell them it is heavy,but not bulky and nothing cuts the wind like leather.I never take it off when out because of the fear of having it walk off and hope to give it to my 12 year old one day.I am very glad that I pulled the trigger on this and seeing that they continue to go up in price I am glad I did.It is the best $550 I have ever spent.Just wish I had done it in the 70's.

      I hope Schott can stay profitable and would be saddened if they follow the path of Camillus knives,and Hostess some day.Keep it up Schott,you are an American Icon!

      Published: Sat, 1/5/2013 by Rvator
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      I live in South Africa (in Africa) and imported a Black 141 jacket in around 2005. I am a motorcycle fanatic with several bikes and two cafe racers. There is NO jacket in this world that compares to the feel, look, quality and style of the NYC 141.

      There are not many bikers in South Africa with "Schott 141" jackets so I always feel special when I wear it.

      Makes me feel like a "real" rocker from the 60's when I am on my Triumph or it makes me feel like a Medical doctor when I use it when riding my BMW RT.

      Thanks Schott NYC for the BEST jackets in the world !!!

      Published: Fri, 12/21/2012 by Andre du Plessis
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      I got a cheaper version about a year ago, it was decent but it didn't quite cut it. I've been searching obsessively for a few weeks and I always came back to the 141. I live in the sticks so I order everything online and fit is an issue. Fortunately theres a small leather shop nearby that had the 141. When I saw it in person I was sold. The look, the smell the feel, the cut, it was all amazing. When I put it on I feel so good. I'm big in the shoulders back and chest so I needed a 48, the sleeves are a tad long but custom made would be the only option, it still looks so amazing. While I was paying for it two ladies commented that "You did good, that jacket looks great" which was icing on the cake for me. I love this jacket, great quality materials and build, I know I'll have it and wear it for life!

      Published: Wed, 10/31/2012 by Joe the Carpenter
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      Been Waiting for this jacket for years!!!
      As a non american and living in a country with no Schott representation (Portugal), putting my body into something like this would be really difficult, or should I say truly expensive? Of course I have authentic Harley-Davidson jackets, Perfecto and Cafe Racers style replicas here, but it's not the same. In fact, Harley jackets, in spite of the leather quality, are not my cup of tea. Big logos, skulls and stripes can literally destroy a jacket!
      I buy lots of stuff through the internet, mainly from the UK, but never bought clothing, afraid of sizing problems and poor quality of the materials. But with this one I almost lost my head. At least, until I “put the numbers into the paper”... This excellent jacket could cost me something like 950 to 1000 Eur, after VAT, shipping expenses and airport taxes. It's a lot of money!!!
      I first made e-mail contact to Gail, some 5 months ago. At the time I exposed my concerns about buying the jacket through the internet and told her that I will be in NY in April, 2011, so maybe she could give some Schott address stores. She said “No problem. We’re just manufacturers, so we don’t have stores, but I could give you the name of some NYC Schott retailers!”. Perfecto! (can’t find better word for her professionalism).
      And so it is, with Gail’s and Jerry Reyes (who provide me the name of the stores) precious help I finally get my 141 model, during my second visit to this astonishing city.
      All I can say about the jacket (or I wouldn’t be writing these words – specially in a foreigner language) is that IT’S A-M-A-Z-I-N-G: History, Perfect cut, Simplicity, Quality, Clean, Confort, Classic put all together in the same piece of Americana. I never tried a Langlitz, but I doubt, they can shape it better than these ones. One of the things that most impress me is both the thickness and softness of the leather – really strong but very soft!
      The only thing I’m missing now, is to try it on my Big Twin after these heavy showers pass away!
      Guys, you really rock it and I will shure come back for you. My next one, within a year (or my wife will kill me!) will be the Hand oiled 647 A2 Bomber jacket...
      I knew that Dean, Brando, Joey and all those rockers were right...

      Published: Mon, 4/18/2011 by Rui Garrido (Rooka), Portugal
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      The Greek philosopher Plato once wrote of the ‘Forms’ that are the perfect representations of an object. That is to say, our idea of what that object is and not it’s actual physical self is what is actually real. This is what the Schott 141 leather jacket can be likened to. In my opinion it is the closest thing we have to the ‘kernel’ or’ idea’ of what a ‘motorcycle jacket’ really is. The Schott 141 is the genuine article, in its true and purist sense. The quality of the cowhide is superlative, without a doubt. I have been wearing one for only a short time, yet I know that this jacket will outlast me and be passed down as a treasured family heirloom. Really I could place the ‘Schott Perfecto 618’ wherever I have written the ‘Schott 141’ and it won’t make any difference at all, even though the latter is made of heavy steer-hide as opposed to the naked cowhide of the former. These fine garments from Schott are the ‘Form’ that all other motorcycle jackets strive to be. The name Perfecto is not only a cigar.

      Published: Thu, 4/14/2011 by Frank G. in Toronto
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      I recently purchased a Classic Racer Leather Morotcycle Jacket in Brown. It is exceptionally well crafted, and the brown color is much dardker and richer than I had expected. The leather is top notch, and when riding my motorcycle really blocks the wind. I've had numerous compliments about the color, quality and cut of this jacket. I would really recommend to anyone to purchase this fine product. Of course, the customer service at Schotts is also top quality...Gail you're a Jem.

      Published: Mon, 11/15/2010 by Patrick.F.Donohue
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      I bought my 141 in 1981 when I bought my first Harley. It's taken me through hell and back. My 141 is holding up better than I am. It's gottin a little tight over the years but still in good shape. Thank you SCHOTT for making a superior product!

      Published: Thu, 6/10/2010 by Bill Carr
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      I have owned two schott jackets for over a decade and like good wine, they seem to get better every time. I finally decided to purchase a 141 and couldn't be happier. Gail recommended I took one size less than my flight jacket and she was spot on... thanks Gail, it fits like a glove. Schott's all time quality, and in my house (in Spain) in under a week. Keep it up guys!

      Published: Wed, 11/4/2009 by marcos buades
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      The 141 was the classic jacket that many of us (aspiring road racers) wished for. We usually settled for something less, a second hand or cheaper jacket more within our budget. I remember quite a few trips rolling along Skyline or Hwy 9 in the mountains, before Johnny law made it nearly impossible to ride there. This jacket brought back some great memories, all the quality I’d heard about and then some. Thanks for a great product, still made in the U.S.

      Published: Fri, 10/9/2009 by dedellara
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      Best leather jacket EVER, so soft, perfect fit!! It is outstanding quality and everyone should own one of these!! Lightening fast delivery to the UK too. Couldn't have asked for more!! Thanks!!

      Published: Tue, 9/22/2009 by Gianluigi Martini
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      I ordered this jacket online after speaking with Gail who was very helpful regarding fit and specific dimensions (such as arm diameter!).

      Gail answered all my questions on style differences relative to size, processed my order, expedited my shipment and it arrived in Singapore 3 days later!

      The jacket is perfect! Great quality, great styling!

      I made a minor adjustment to the sleeve length - which Gail had also predicted might be necessary :-)

      Now I know to order my next jacket with a 4" zip at the sleeve :-)

      thanks to all - a great customer service experience

      Published: Sat, 8/22/2009 by Derek Sampson - Singapore
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      I am extremely pleased w/ my purchase. Tremendous quality. Customer service was informative and timely.

      Published: Mon, 5/4/2009 by Tom Vannello
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      So I had a long journey before settling with the jacket.

      Before anything, I wanted a minimalist jacket that isn't the perfecto style jacket. So I bought the Cafecto because it was different and unique from the others. After getting it, it didn't really meet my expectations. It just didn't look right, especially unzipped. Typically with leather jackets, you want them unzipped for a good look. But with the Cafecto, it couldn't achieve that look. So I ultimately returned it (and lost $10 for the fee).

      After doing more research, I settled on a cafe racer. And I wanted it in brown because it works well with my skin tone. The other brown cafe racer jackets wasn't really my kind of brown, whereas the 141 brown was just my style. The brown is so dark that it can pass as black. It's like having two leather jackets in one. So I purchased a Schott 141 in a size 38, as recommended by the fit guide for a standard fit.

      I received the jacket and it was great, except for the fact that it didn't fit well. The sleeves ended just at the first knuckle of my thumbs, which isn't what I like. And the length of the jacket reached past my waist. So overall, it was just too large and I have to exchange for a size 36.

      After getting the size 36 jacket, I can confidently say that I am happy with the jacket. It doesn't feel too tight on me, nor does it feel like anything's too loose on me. Of course, this means I cannot wear a sweater underneath the jacket, but I'm fine with that. You want to keep the inner wear to a minimum when wearing a leather jacket anyway.

      All in all, I highly recommend this jacket if you're shopping for a good leather jacket! If you do decide to get the 141, get the size that will get you a slim fit, otherwise the standard fit.

      Published: Thu, 6/6/2019 by Jason Lu
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      I've had my Schott 141 on my back for the last 16 years and I still feel as though I made the right choice so long ago. I've worn this jacket on and off a motorcycle , sometimes for weeks at a time and truly feel as though buying this brand and model was one if the best decisions I've made. It still feels and fits great, in fact its gotten better each year. I've had more than one offer to buy it from me on the spot and I'll never let it go.

      Published: Thu, 3/14/2019 by JDP
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      First motorcycle jacket ever worn. Great fit. Did not go wrong with size 42 ; I'm 5'5", 143 #. Impressed with the hefty weight/feel and clean-cut.
      Thank you Schott.

      Published: Tue, 2/5/2019 by Efren
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      When I opened the package I was blown away with the look of this jacket. Simply beautiful. The quality is unmatched. Brown cowhide leather with the goldish zippers and hardware are stunning. I ordered a 40, 26" length and the fit is perfect for my 5'8" 165 lbs frame. I like a little extra room in a jacket and this jacket gives me that, but the fit to me is still fitted and slim enough that it doesn't make me look heavier than I am. Jacket length hits me just below the waist which I am happy with. I love the lining insert for a little extra worth, or remove it on a warmer day. The leather is a little stiff at first but has already softened with a few weeks wear.

      Published: Fri, 12/14/2018 by Gene G.
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      MY NEW SCHOTT 141

      This is my 4th Schott leather jacket and they just keep getting better and better. I have been riding motorcycles for 40 Years and have had a lifetime search for good riding jackets. While I have had a few that were OK, none of them can compare to Schott. This 141 in brown with brass hardware is just amazing, the leather is so soft yet thick and it felt totally broken in in just a few hours. It is just perfect on the bike and off, I wear it all the time. I am 5'11/212 with no gut and I ordered my normal jacket size of 46 and the fit is perfect.
      Since I got a coupon for a 15% discount on my next purchase, I am now thinking I might have to add a 641 to the lineup. Be forewarned, these things are addicting!

      Published: Mon, 12/10/2018 by Rick Thompson
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      this product is fantastic, awesome, I like it!

      Published: Tue, 12/4/2018 by xiaochong zhang
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      I had ordered a 641HH in a size 50 and it was too tight in the bicep area and I had to return it and I replaced it with a size 48 141 based on what Schott had said and they were correct. The 141 is an awesome jacket and its a little snug in the bicep area but is a very good fit. I love the quality of this jacket and the look is great. I could have used about 3/4" shorter sleeves which is why I started with the 641. Apparently my arms are shorter than the average guy. I have a 585 and it looks like the 141 will take some time to break in but my 585 is extremely soft now and this will be the same soon. Keep on making quality products with exceptional customer service!

      Published: Tue, 2/6/2018 by Rick Sanner
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      My jaw just about hit the floor when I pulled this coat from the box and slipped it on. Wow. I've never seen a jacket like this before and it was my first Schott product. I chose the brown and it is a very deep rich chocolate color that is far nicer than in the pictures on the site.

      I'm 5'9" and an athletic 165lbs... the size 40 fits like a glove. The construction of this coat is unbelievable, the leather quality is superb, zip out liner is very warm and comfy and with the liner removed the coat is also very comfortable. I love the zippered sleeves and the standup collar.

      Only negatives on this jacket for me are the shallow side pockets and also I don't care for the brass plated hardware, would have liked the nickel plated better. But these are hardly any reasons to significantly detract from my enjoyment of this amazing jacket.

      I'm not a rider but I love the clean cycle jacket lines on these classic Schott coats. True Americana!

      I liked it well enough to seek out a vintage 118 on Ebay and then purchased a 135 just this past week directly from Schott. I have my sights set next on the Casual Racer 654 for a lighter warm weather jacket and maybe up the road the 585 as well.

      Published: Thu, 3/1/2012 by Peter Atwood
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      Received my 141 jacket and it is more than expected. Drips of quality and workmanship and fits like a glove. Thanks for everything!

      Published: Sat, 9/19/2009 by Bgb in Fairfax
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