Cowhide Casual Racer Leather Jacket
STYLE: 654
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654 - Cowhide Casual Racer Leather Jacket
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Cowhide Casual Racer Leather Jacket

STYLE: 654
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    Schott NYC’s slim-fitting Leather Café Racer Motorcycle Jacket gives a tip of the hat to 1950s iconic jackets worn by English soldiers back from WWII. These speed-happy daredevils began “souping up” older, prewar motorbikes and racing them at top speed between local pubs and cafés. One can only imagine the wagers bet and lost during those late-night races on twisted, narrow roads. Out of this restlessness rose the need for a jacket that was durable and streamlined, and decades later that call has been answered. Schott remodeled the classic motorcycle jacket with a minimalist contour in mind, adding a mandarin-style upright collar and designing the arms to fit tightly from shoulder to zippered cuffs. The result is a no-frills, refined look that you can take to the open road for a warm weather ride, out for a night on the town, or both.


  • 26” length Café Racer leather jacket
  • Chrome tanned, drum dyed, lightweight cowhide leather
  • Durable nickel plated brass hardware
  • Cafe Racer style “mandarin” collar with snap closure
  • Custom embossed “SCHOTT” snap faces
  • Zippered sleeve cuffs
  • Two outside zippered pockets with chain pulls
  • Leather trimmed inside breast pocket
  • Non insulated satin lining
  • Offered in either black, brown or black cherry cowhide
  • U.S.A.

    Leather Type, Fit and Construction:

    Rooted in tradition, the Schott Model 654 continues this cafe racer style from the 50's. Based on early racer designs the 654 has changed a bit but the overall concept remains the same. Design a tight fitting, no frills mens leather jacket with a cool, refined look. We feel our Café Racer has accomplished this and make a profound statement. Schott continues production of the classic Café Racer motorcycle jacket style, as always, right here in the U.S.A.

    Our customers asked for us to give them a lighter weight café racer style leather biker jacket and we feel that model 654 answers their call. Schott Model 654 leather jackets for men are made with chrome-tanned, drum dyed, light weight cowhide leather. This hide has a medium to soft “hand”, a shiny finish and breaks in quick and easy. Our light weight cowhide is processed to provide many years of use without the need for treatments or conditioners. The Cafe racer model 654 moto jacket was designed for warmer weather riding or hitting the local club…you decide.

    Schott NYC uses this semi aniline cowhide to help your leather jacket or “second skin” resist the elements. Motorcycle jackets need to be as tough as the people wearing them. You will enjoy the benefits of both stain resistance and added protection while riding on your classic motorbike or out on the town. Nickel plated brass hardware complete this timeless American made classic that is built to last.

    As with all Perfecto leather jackets, Schott only uses the best, highest quality leather available. In the same tradition used in the 50's, highly skilled workers hand-cut each panel for the 654. In keeping with their original custom style, Schott designed this jacket to fit tighter than most for that classic bold and streamlined look. We suggest you carefully check our sizing diagrams and measurements to determine best fit. Also please note that the absence of bi-swing panels and underarm footballs combined with Schott’s tighter cut arms make this a slim fitting jacket.

    The Schott Model #654 is proudly made in the U.S.A. Our customers know that the quality and construction of our jackets are unparalleled. From the heavyweight nylon thread we use to the strong American hands that do the crafting. We build our leather motorcycle jackets to the same indestructible standards as the old style leather medicine balls. One-hundred plus years of being the best is your assurance that Schott Brothers stands behind every jacket we make.

    Free shipping for all orders over $100 within the continental USA and APO.



    12 of 12 people found the following review helpful:


    In my opinion, this jacket is just the right weight - not too heavy, not too light. Anywhere from 30 deg to 75, you should feel fine in this. The construction is second to none, and the finish seems to only get better with time.

    The high armholes give this a nice, fitted cut that feels very contemporary. The design, however, is a total classic - very minimalist with just the right amount of functional hardware to catch the eye. You feel like you can take on anything the second you put it on.

    There's also the little things you just can't experience online. For one, this jacket smells incredible. I also feel the pics don't do it justice as this thing is work of art up close.

    As for my experience with Schott, there's a simple reason they've been in business for 93 years: they're the BEST! I custom ordered my 654, and Gail and Casey were some of the most helpful folks I've ever had the pleasure of buying from. The turnaround time was about half what I expected, and I couldn't be happier.

    Bottom line, I will wear this jacket for many years and only replace it with another Schott. If you're thinking about buying one, just take the leap now. You really won't regret it.

    Published: Thu, 11/4/2010 by Ken Stauffer
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    I've been looking for a great Schott leather jacket for about a month before deciding to get the 654 in black. Ultimately I ordered it through Helen's Leather in Boston (wanted to try it on before buying). Couldn't be more satisfied. As other reviewers have noted, the jacket is versatile for a range of temperatures--it's not light like nylon. The shine on the leather is fantastic and the jacket smells great. The pockets feel strong and the satin lining is comfortable.

    I'm not a rider and wanted a jacket that I could wear with anything and feel great in. It's sleek but not flashy, slim but not tight. I'm 5'10, 170 lbs and went with the medium per Jerri's recommendation. I could have squeezed into a small but the medium feels great with a t-shirt or a light sweater. If you're looking for a casual, great looking street leather jacket, the 654 is your pick.

    Published: Sun, 3/31/2013 by Dan C
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    3 of 3 people found the following review helpful:


    A more casual fit which is nice compared to the 141. Waxy Cowhide has a great feel to it and is already breaking niceley. Of course the construction is second to none. Would have loved for it to come in Brown also.

    Published: Sat, 10/17/2009 by Bobby Lanphier
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    I've been living in LA for just over 2 years now, by the beach in Venice. I've been on the hunt for a quality leather jacket for a while... but let me rewind for a minute.

    I've had a leather jacket in the past, purchased it on sale from a well-known ‘trendy fashion’ company (though made somewhere in Asia), I had to spend nearly $100 on professional leather alterations just to adjust sleeve length, and it still never really fit me well. The leather didn't break in particularly nicely... I never really fell in love with it. Stupidly or not, I left it back home in Wisconsin because I thought I'd never need it in SoCal. It was donated and my first "nice" leather jacket is a thing of my past.

    Well, my blood has thinned out... and I no longer have the same tolerance for cold. For me, now anything below 71 degrees feels cold to me and I needed that perfect leather jacket that I could wear on evenings when it's cool here, especially where I live by the ocean (fall, winter, spring).

    I didn't want a ton of pockets or unnecessary details: something versatile, that I could rock with jeans & a T-shirt, or... I could dress it up with work attire. Cafe Racer, boom.

    Schott is legendary, but let's face it: there ARE other quality brands out there. I explored a lot of those options, and debated between other Schott models like the 641HH. I'm in love with horsehide, but that’s only available with non-removable quilted insulation. Went back and forth between other models because some had chest pockets but no hand pockets, etc, on and on the search went. I decided that I wanted hand pockets, for practical reasons. I don't ride a motorcycle, so I didn't need too much in the form of bi-swing gussets or armor capabilities. I kept coming back to Schott because it was American made (not always a sign for quality, but it IS here), legendary history, and also: a very reasonable price.

    I finally pulled the trigger on this jacket because it really ticked all of the check marks expect just one: I wanted one (exterior) chest pocket, for aesthetics alone. I sucked it up and realized I could always add one down the road if I really wanted to. The key here is that the 654 has a relatively lightweight leather, no insulation, and a nice satin lining. The snapback collar and shiny silver zippers provide just enough pop to keep it from being boring.

    Now... sizing. I’m 5’10, 174 pounds, measure 39” chest below my arms, and am 30 years old. I wanted a snug fit considering I’m only going to wear a T-shirt, henley, or short/long sleeve dress shirt under it. I read conflicting reviews of up or down sizing this jacket. Schott was nice enough to send me the measuring chart and I compared the numbers vs jackets I already own. Schott recommended a medium – and I’m a medium in nearly every other shirt or jacket I own. Keeping in mind that leather will stretch with time, I took a gamble and actually went with a small.

    Well? I made the right call. The body length is perfect, the sleeve hit right at the wrist when my arms are at my sides, and when raised creep up an inch or two so I can read my watch easily without having to unzip anything, the fit is snug zipped up but enough room in the lower body to move comfortably. Unzipped it looks great which is critical for LA… since the sun will occasionally make it a bit hot for zipped up… the only issue is the room in the shoulders. For my precise case, I wish they had bi-swing gussets on this model as it’d certainly cure my ‘problem,’ but I did take a gamble on going with a small and I hope it stretches out a tad in this area. I’m not going to go with a medium here, because my otherwise perfect fit will most certainly be too loose.

    Now, on to the jacket itself, that was just the preface folks. Time for the novel:

    WOW! The leather is stunning, and really, the pictures on this website are just blatantly offensive to the product. Come on Schott, get a professional photographer to take some quality pictures of this thing and post ‘em up! ;) I think I’m most shocked with the quality of the leather, and know leather products very well. I tried on jackets 2X this price and am impressed with the Schott here. It’s supple, luxurious even. It’s Schott’s thinnest leather jacket, and yet, it still feels extremely nice. It’s a weird thing to appreciate, but also the zippers are very nice as well. The satin liner is <great - awesome - extremely nice? Pick one, running out of words>. The jacket feels rock solid, and I hope it breaks in to achieve that perfect… this is MY jacket… feel.

    Oh, it smells nice too. You’ll enjoy that.

    Overall, this is a killer jacket. Your go to item. If you don’t ride, you want a jacket that looks great and will stand the test of time, you live somewhere relatively warm, go with this. I’m very happy I did.


    Published: Tue, 10/18/2016 by Bill
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    The black cherry color was the selling point for me; I love it. It makes me think of a "sophisticated, expensive couch." The pictures do not do it justice. It's a deeper, richer color than the pictures show.
    The only negative thing I have to say is the sizing is not accurate. Definitely not a slim fit.
    Granted I have odd proportions (6'3, 160 pounds), but I had to size down. I usually wear a small, but I had to exchange the small for an XS as it was too big. The length of the torso and arms on the XS are adequate, even though I have a long torso/arms.
    Unless you carry around a decent amount of weight in your midsection I would recommend sizing down one size, especially if you're on the slimmer side.

    Published: Fri, 1/20/2017 by BougieNurse
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    I spent a huge amount of time researching Schott leather cafe-style jackets, having been the proud owner of the heavy-as-a-tank 740 pea coat for a number of years.

    This was a marquis purchase for me, a culmination of success in my career crossed with a need to step up my style game to keep up with the joneses with the ever-increasingly younger workforce.

    When the Schott retail store in NYC opened a couple of years ago, I planned a trip to test out this baby in the store and get the process started of convincing my wife that this was a rational purchase. When I first tried on the 654, it fit like butter. Nice and slim, high armholes, no baggy or saggy material (I'm a skinny dude).

    2 years later, I've finally pulled the trigger and ordered online. I landed on a size S after speaking with a woman at Schott (sorry, I am bad with names - Gail I presume) and describing my build.

    When the jacket arrived, it was still in the 80's in Chicago, but I must have spent 2 hours looking at myself in the mirror wearing this jacket. It is just a stunning piece of art, perfect in every way. Maybe 1" too much material on the upper arms, but not enough to be concerned with and I am basically built like Olive Oil from Popeye. The fit is just about perfect.

    I chose the black cherry since that was what first caught my eye and what I tried on in the store. I just returned from NYC for the weekend, and you bet I marched into the Schott retail store wearing my 654. The retail reps recognized the 654 immediately and commented on how nice and new it looked. I think this color will just get better and better with age as it picks up normal scuffs and bruises.

    I've paired the jacket with a white Italian silk scarf and white wool gloves and the white/black cherry color combo pops like crazy. I receive all sorts of compliments on the 654, I feel like a proud parent (or custodian) of such a high-quality garment, it's almost akin to owning an antique car that just gets better with age and passes from custodian to custodian over time.

    Can I say more? I find myself wanting more that is for sure. In a world where we are surrounded by junk from China and poorly designed products, Schott, you produce some of the highest quality items I've ever owned and I am honored to have you in my life.

    Rock on.

    Published: Sun, 11/13/2016 by Jack Davidson
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    1 of 1 people found the following review helpful:


    ...but depending on your dimensions I advise against the size-up recommendation with the 654. It depends on how you prefer your fit. With my stats maybe some prospective buyers can decide what’s best. I opted for a Medium, after ordering a Large and with both in front of me, making the right decision.

    I am 5’9” and weigh 158 or so normally, and am around 166 right now. Regular off-the-rack suit size is 40R and usually the only alteration format from the standard 6” drop to a 34 waist is taking it to a 33, or a 7” drop.

    Dress shirt is 15.5x33.

    For comparison, my usual bike jacket is the Navy G1 which I still have after being issued to me years ago as an Ensign in Pensacola. I never had anything on it beyond a velcro name tag path on the front left and when I retired after 26 years they did not want it back. That jacket is a 40R with biswings and it still fits. Snug around the waist as it always was.

    For riding the Bonnie I often don an Areostich 1-piece coverall with the pads, but often opt for the G1.

    But the G1 is not a good choice for a dual-use jacket. Too much for casual wear or air travel overseas for example.

    I have a coworker with a 141 easy rider and liked the fit. A little roomy but he has a 40 and it worked for me. I wanted something with a little less bike look and decided to try a 654.

    I read the posts and called in to Schott's for advice. The recommendation was for an L for me as a size 40. When I got it that fit was too long in the sleeves and too much at the waist. Great jacket if I was possibly throwing a hoodie underneath - but if I layer I use the Aerostich.

    Wanted something for all-round use, warmer weather + casual wear. The 654, black in M is perfect. Starts out somewhat snug but easily molds to me. I could wear a thin merino sweater over an oxford shirt and be comfortable. Do not miss the biswing in my G1 or the buddy’s 141 I tried.

    For comparison - for casual and travel wear - I have a Remy Leather “lite lambskin” which has a nice fit, longer length at 27” and is a quality product. At the time I bought it, the Remy was about the same price as the 654. It’s now priced at almost $1k and unsuitable for riding.

    Moreover, in just a few days I’ve had more compliments and questions on the 654 than all of them over the last 5 years wearing the Remy.

    Have only had 1 ride in the 654 and it’s fine for that - not too thin in moderate temps.

    But it is perfect for an all-around riding and casual jacket. Looks good, fits and as many of us have said-smells like - and is made like the real deal. Perfect. Some guys at my weight that are taller might find an S OK, but with my dimensions the M a I said before ... PERFECT. Could not be happier.

    Published: Wed, 5/7/2014 by DST
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    I saw an ad about American Companies which helped me find Schott. Schott is one leather company that can't be beat. This is my second jacket from Schott. The Brown leather 654 is a light everyday wear jacket, looks awesome, feels incredible and smells of pure pleasure. At 6' 235 lbs my non-ballerina body fits nicely into the XXL. Body length, sleeve length and chest size are excellent. High quality and durable zippers on the sleeves, pockets and front in nice antique brass. The satin lining is perfect for this style. The waist could be a little snugger and the sleeve cuffs could be a smaller diameter(makes sleeve zippers unnecessary). Other than that the jacket is perfect. The leather may be considered light but is still more substantial than other makers use. I also have a 141L heavy leather jacket for colder times. After a few weeks of wear the leather has softened and started to conform to my shape. Schott may charge a premium for their jackets but you get a premium jacket that will last a lifetime. Shipping is fast, three days to my door in NC. I now need to order it in black.

    Published: Fri, 3/28/2014 by Steven Lynch
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    Just received this jacket after considering the different styles for the last month. I have to say that the quality is exceptional, but with one minor(and easily avoidable by Schott)flaw. Pocket zippers have a really cheap pull chain. They will never last. They should be the same as the sleve pulls. I'll replace these, but I really shouldn't have to given the price. A couple other minor complaints is that the sleves are a bit wide and the jacket is tight accross the sholders when you reach your arms out. I'm hoping the "reach" issue resolves itself in time with a little streach and wear. I'm 6', 190 pounds and wear a 42 regular jacket. I got a Large, so a XL would probably be too big. Regardless, I'm not sending it back because it's a keeper. Next time I think I will order a custom sized jacket.

    Published: Fri, 4/5/2013 by Tal Brannan
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    Just for sizing information. I'm 6ft, 180lbs active build. Large jacket fits very well. I can still wear a sweater under it and so far it's been great for riding. I think I could also wear a medium, however I'm pretty sure it would be a tight fit. I'm glad I stuck with large that's what the lady recommended and so far every one I've asked says it looks very good on me.

    Published: Fri, 3/29/2013 by Francis Lovato
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    1 of 1 people found the following review helpful:

    FINALLY GOT A 654...

    I have been eyeing up a 654 cafe racer jacket for a couple of years and decided to take the plunge. I was concerned after reading other reviews that this jacket might not be a good fit for me cause I'm not built like a ballerina at 5'11" 210 pounds. I called Schott and spoke to Jerri who was very helpful. She recommended a XL. Ordered the jacket on Monday and was slipping it on Thursday...and the fit is great. I was concerned about the shoulders cause I'm a full 44 through the chest and it fits perfectly without being too loose in other areas, like the waist and arms. I got the Black Cherry jacket cause I already have a black Fox Creek and I am thrilled with the look. As others have said, it's a work of art with style and fit not to mention the wonderful sweet aroma of new leather which fills the room. Thanks Schott...this ones a keeper!

    Published: Thu, 3/7/2013 by Joseph A. Kucic
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    I'm in Australia. Bought this jacket in Black Cherry color on Tuesday, and it arrived today Friday at about 10AM! That's very very impressive, thanks to Schott's zero tolerance approach in using FedEx's super fast delivery.
    I tell you how good this jacket is, I've had it now for 2 hours and it's quality and fit and finish made me feel compelled to come here, spend this time and leave a feedback. This jacket is PERFECT! The zippers, the quality of leather and its thickness, the wonderful smell of proper leather wear! All topnotch! Stitchings are solid and tight! You look at this jacket and in the first glance you'd see a long lasting product that's gonna get better in the looks as you wear it over the many many years to come. Tough as a tank! Superb product, exceptional service! Recommend it 110%!
    Thank you Schott for such a great product! You know your in business!
    You'll hear from me again Schott all the way from Australia!

    Published: Thu, 10/25/2012 by Gashtasb Amini
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    Took me a few times to find the right jacket from Schoot, but this one did it, much slimmer than others, wonderful cut. Don't let the cut fool you though, I am 195 lb 6 feet tall and L fits me perfectly, a bit snug, but thats what you need for motorcycle jacket anyways. The jacket is true to its size, I am usually 42-44 and this one is perfect, don't buy size bigger.

    Published: Sat, 2/18/2012 by Peter
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    (Sizing at the bottom)

    Have wanted a cafe racer in this exact shade of red (black cherry) since
    I was a kid, when I saw it, there wasn’t hesitation....this is something i’ve always wanted, so naturally there has to be some sort of pain, some flaw or imperfection, right? Just accept it, I said to myself. “You’re a weird size and ordering something online that you can’t try on...well, what did you expect?”

    I was completely wrong...It literally looks and feels like the jacket was custom made for me, I have zero complaints, its perfect.

    Height 5’7”, Chest 38” waist 29” size S, break in is quick, leather thickness and quality is outstanding, craftsmanship is unrivaled, perfect jacket, my second skin...I expect them to bury me in it.

    Published: Mon, 12/3/2018 by Sean
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    After much research and several emails, I made my choice of the casual cafe jacket in black cherry. Thanks to Jerri’s help, the size was perfect . I did have the sleeves shortened but otherwise it was a great fit. The quality is unbelievable. I love the inside pocket and sateen lining. The factory added leather tabs on the sleeve zipper sat no cost. The black cherry color is unique as well as beautiful. A special thanks to Jerri for her help!

    Published: Mon, 11/5/2018 by G. Allen
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    I was looking for a very lightweight, dressing, wear all year long leather jacket, kind of like a second skin. This jacket has thick leather that may take months to break in. The leather seems to be of great quality (although it did not have the characteristic pleasant smell of leather, rather smelled like wax), and so is the craftsmanship. You can tell it is a jacket that will last 20 or 30 years with proper care, ideal for motorcycling, not for casual dressing.
    I'm returning mine just because ergonomics, but the jacket is great, I recommend it without hesitation.

    Published: Sun, 11/4/2018 by Dario Iglesias
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    Waited 4 months to write I wear it everyday for 80 miles of motorcycle riding perfect fit great for summer riding and into fall have a puffer for winter riding I do 15/20,000 miles a year I’ll definitely put it to the test

    Published: Tue, 9/18/2018 by Scott verch
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    I own this jacket in the black cherry color and recently purchased the black as I love the style and fit.

    I prefer the cow hide over the horse hide which is harder to break in, which is why I selected this style.

    This is the 7th Schott jacket owned by my family. The quality is outstanding and the leather looks better over the years.

    Published: Thu, 5/24/2018 by Jim Hunt
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    I purchased a medium about 4 years ago and ended up putting on some weight through lifting (and drinking, and eating).

    I loved the jacket and I was sad to part with it, but the good thing is these things hold their value really well so I got a lot of my money back via resale.

    I sized up to a large and now I'm happy again! It's lightweight and super comfortable, and it is really unique in the cherry color.

    I'm probably in the minority of people who have actually worn this on a bike a few times, its functional enough in a pinch!

    Published: Mon, 4/23/2018 by Brian Ecclefield
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    Beautiful product, great delivery, couldn’t ask for more.
    Schott NYC.
    Thank you.

    Published: Sat, 3/24/2018 by Phill
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    As usual, the Schott quality is exemplary.
    The leather on this is truly beautiful, and should patina quite nicely. Smells spectacular, of course.
    Love the satin-y liner, too.

    Published: Fri, 3/23/2018 by RSmith
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    Bought the Cowhide Casual Racer right before T-day a few months ago. I went to the store in NYC and tried on a few different jackets before your salesman said that's the one for you!! I've been looking for this jacket for years and you guys came thru for me!!

    Published: Sun, 1/7/2018 by Chad Ramirez
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    This jacket has a very narrow cut. If you have broad shoulders, you will not be able to raise your arms above your shoulders or have any range of motion.

    Published: Sun, 12/31/2017 by Renee Galliher
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    What a great jacket! If you are looking for that lightweight jacket that acts both like a coat and a windbreaker, this is it! If you have also managed to keep a more athletic physique, this is also a great choice, as the waist is trim and fits my leaner body type quite well without being too tight (6'-0", 38" chest, 31" waist, size M).
    The lack of bi-swing back does not really matter either. The jacket fits close to the body without being tight and provides a nice, clean look.
    I wear this on 30-60F days and it's perfect. I will even wear it in the office if the air conditioning is doing too good a job. I have a Model 165 for when the temps really start to drop, but this jacket is perfect for all fall and all spring wear.
    The jacket is shiny at first, but that starts to give way to a more distressed look with a bit of wear. This is a five-star jacket, so I gave it that. My only nit-pick is that the leather on the sleeve opening was just given a roll to the inside a then stitched. For the money, Schott should do a better job of tying in the sleeve lining to the leather at that point. The rest of the construction is great and will last a lifetime. Give it a go. You won't be disappointed!

    Published: Sun, 10/22/2017 by S. Marley
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    I couldn't be happier with this beautiful 654 leather racer. The folks at Schott were very helpful in getting me the right size. I'm a medium, but needed longer sleeves. They looked through the inventory and found a jacket with the longest cut sleeves. It is perfect! The subtle black cowhide is beautiful and well-stitched. This jacket, lightly lined, is perfect for casual wear or a night on the town. Great pocket design with a sleek appearance. Love the interior snap pocket. I've looked at many racer jackets and am glad I pulled the trigger on the Schott 654. Well worth the money. Quality, made-in-America leather goods since 1913. I'll be wearing this jacket a long time. Thank you Schott!

    Published: Mon, 8/14/2017 by Luke Johnson
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    I'd been looking for a leather jacket that fit me correctly (that ISN'T black) for quite a while. Though I'd been aware of Schott, I hadn't been able to try one on in a store and hesitated ordering. After a fruitless search elsewhere, and due to the overwhelming positive reviews of Schott's products, I decided to give it a try.

    I'm 5'4" with an athletic build, 29" waist, roughly 130-5ish lbs (don't weigh myself very often). Using the size charts, I ordered XS in black cherry.

    Although the construction/quality of the jacket was without question, unfortunately it was just too darn big. Sleeves came down to past my knuckles, the bottom of the jacket hit below my pocket line, and I was swimming in it. If you're on the smaller side like I am, this won't fit you the way a cafe racer style jacket is intended (arm length ending at wrists, bottom hitting just below the belt line, snug when zipped.

    I'd guess from how it fit me that if you're below 5'6" in height and have anything in the realm of an athletic build, the XS will be big for you too.

    Published: Fri, 5/19/2017 by Martin
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    I agonized over the correct size for this jacket which delayed my purchase some weeks. In the past, I have owned many leather motorcycle jackets, most of them designed with protection in mind. I have had the displeasure of falling and crashing during motorcycle racing and during those episodes, adequate protection is required.
    This jacket has the style of a real motorcycle jacket but the thin leather and absence of CE armor should tell you that it is not designed as appropriate wear for motorcycle riding. That being said, this is a beautiful, form fitting jacket, light, comfortable and stylish. I am happy with it as it is.
    I am 5' 11" and weigh 190 with broad shoulders. I chose a extra large. It fits my shoulders and arms well but is slightly roomy at the waist. But I want comfort, not a tight jacket, so it is just right.
    I should mention that Schott treated me fairly concerning a discount from a previous purchase. I highly recommend this jacket and Schott.

    Published: Fri, 2/3/2017 by David Francis
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    Perfect fit, exactly what he wanted!
    Arrived on time, easy to track pkg.

    Published: Sun, 12/18/2016 by Elizabeth skinner
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    Great jacket. Light weight but warm. Slim tailored fit but very comfortable. The color is amazing - just as shown. Generates plenty of compliments. Casual enough for jeans and a T; yet dressy enough to wear into the office.

    This will be my go to jacket for years to come.

    Published: Sun, 12/11/2016 by PJ
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    i got the jacket as a gift for my boyfriend and he loves it! It's such a a great style, it fits him really well and he's looking forward to wearing it for many years to come - wonderful jacket!!!

    Published: Wed, 12/7/2016 by Tamara Majiwska
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    The jacket arrived on time and in good condition. I was looking for a light weight leather that I could wear when not riding and sometimes when riding. I'm 6'1" and weigh 240lbs. I wear a size 50 suite coat and my waist is a size 36. The jacket I bought was a size XXL. Normally I have to have all my suites tailored to fit as there is a large drop from chest to waist. The jacket fit well overall and as expected. I may have the bottom taken in at some point for a better fit. With that said the jacket will work well using a hoodie with it in cooler weather.
    The leather is awesome! Very supple and very black. This is the blackest leather I have ever owned and it looks great.
    I would consider this a more casual jacket than a riding jacket. The zippered sleeves are large when closed so air will come through the sleeves while wearing thick gloves. Cuffs do not seal. The jacket is very light weight which I like for its purpose. I also own a Vanson leather and a Beaver Creek which are much much heavier and made for serious riding. However they are not fun to wear when not on a bike.
    The reason I gave the jacket four stars instead of five is because the stitching on the left cuff sleeve is loose and not stitched like the rest of the jacket. Looks like it may be coming apart.
    The other issue may be that it just needs to be broken in but the main zipper is very rough in spots. I'm a little concerned that it may cause the zipper to break or tear if it doesn't loosen up. For the price I paid I did not expect to have these minor issues.
    The only other thing I would recommend to the manufacture would be to add some venting to the sleeves and back. If you let the zipper down to get some air flow the jacket fills up like a balloon due to not being able to vent. Also an adjustable waist would be great too!

    Published: Mon, 9/19/2016 by Tucson Rider
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    Jacket fits great and is very comfortable. Got several complements the first time wearing it. Quality is excellent and as expected. You can't go wrong with this jacket if you want a casual jacket.

    Published: Sat, 6/18/2016 by PNW_Rich
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    Great jacket! Did the black cherry for something different. Beautiful. Wear 46 suit and the extra large fits perfectly. 5'11" 210 lbs.

    Published: Fri, 4/29/2016 by Rjm
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    quality of this leather is as good as my Gucci leather made in Italy .

    Published: Fri, 4/22/2016 by Angelo
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    The 654 is the leather jacket I've been searching for. Thinner leather than most Schotts (in my opinion, good from about 35 degrees up to about 70 degrees, it instantly comfortable...almost no break in time. I live in Chicago and I'll wear it for most of the year. I eat too many cheeseburgers; 5'9, 220, 38 inch waist. The XL fits like a glove, other than the sleeves are maybe an inch long for me. Not enough to alter, though. Comfortable when riding. Don't be afraid of the "slim fit" description my husky friends!

    The leather, zippers, interior lining are all top notch quality wise. I really like the feel of the jacket. It feels like it was made the way it was; by human hands. It feels like a piece of art...really.

    Nothing to complain about. Love this thing. Worth the price. I'll wear it riding my motorcycle, I'll wear it out to dinner, I wear it to work. Buy it. Do it.

    Published: Thu, 3/10/2016 by Mike Z.
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    Been jonesing for a Schott ever since I first laid eyes on the 585 vintage motorcycle in an upscale outfitter in the central PA mountains earlier this year. That jacket called to me like no other I've encountered but I couldn't afford the $850 price. A week ago, I stumble upon a site with the 654 on sale at a great price and jumped on it, having never actually seen it in person. Jacket arrives within a couple days and I couldn't be happier. This model, although different from the 585, is every bit as nice. Actually fits my lifestyle better as I don't own a bike. The jacket arrived fresh and stiff like a crisp dollar bill and will need to be broken in. I like this as it conform to my personal features better than a pre broken in jacket. The leather looks great, like something from the past and full of character, like a vintage mechanical watch or wool peacoat.

    Glad I took the advise of most reviews and ordered a M to fit my 5'8", 170 lb (down from 205 in my prime) frame. I am a lifelong weight lifter and fitness enthusiast with a 33" waist and I always have trouble getting clothing to fit properly. Generally need a large for the shoulders and chest but can carry luggage under the waist. This jacket fits like a well tailored suit coat as this style should. My advice is to go with the size suit jacket you wear, i.e. 40R = M. This jacket is a trim cut and will be snug and probably won't work if you are a bit portly.

    Overall very happy with the purchase and proud to own a great iconic piece of Americana. Couple minor finish issues but that can be expected from a hand crafted item. Looking forward to wearing this for years to come.

    Published: Fri, 11/14/2014 by John Q
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    LOVE IT.

    I bought this jacket in Italy nearly one year ago. Seen on this website before buying it. I would have ordered here but I preferred trying it out.
    I love it. I have only one annotation. I was expecting the zip "double" and it's single.
    I think a double zip would be better for this kind of leather jacket.
    If I knew I would have ordered with the double zip.

    Overall I am VERY SATISFIED the leather is very good and the jacket suits perfect.

    I got a small and my size is 48.
    Thank you!

    Published: Mon, 9/2/2013 by Paolo (Genova)
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    This jacket is absolutely fantastic. I have been wearing it for 3 months now, and just putting it on makes me feel good. From the great fit, the comfort of the inner lining, the great leather feel and scent, and over-all classic and timeless look makes this jacket one you would not regret purchasing.

    Published: Sat, 5/4/2013 by David Haviland
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    This jacket is a beauty! It's classic and cool without being overly decorative or trendy. It's very well made, definitely built to last. I'm 5'11", 160lbs. The small size is a perfect tailored-type fit for me in the chest and shoulders; the length is perfect as well. My arms are lean though, and the sleeves are a bit too baggy in the biceps, so I had the sleeves altered from the elbow up (tightened about an inch). Now the jacket fits like a glove. I'll be enjoying it for years to come. Very satisfied!!

    Published: Wed, 5/1/2013 by Greg Rule
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    This was my first leather jacket. I was looking for something very classic, but with a nice modern fit, i.e. trim body and high-cut armholes. The Schott 654 fit the bill, and at 165 lbs, and 6"1' the small fits very nicely. I can layer a shirt and a nice sweater and the look is very modern, but very classic. The jacket feels very substantial, and despite being called "lightweight", i think the weight is very ideal. Unless you're riding or living somewhere very cold, this should keep you very nice and comfy. The construction is very solid. I love the fact that the pockets are not make from the same satin as the lining, because the lining satin is usually not strong enough to withstand regular use. All the zippers are of a solid quality, and unlike many jackets out there, there aren't obnoxious bells and whistles on this. Absolutely perfect.

    I have to mention, that the customer service at Schott is also top-notch. Jerri was very informative, and her sizing guidance was spot on. The jacket fit just like i had wanted it to. I am very hard to please when it comes to clothes, and i can say that i have never been more satisfied.

    Published: Fri, 1/18/2013 by Abbas Zaidi
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    654 CAFE RACER

    I got this jacket a few days ago, and I have written this review to share my opinion to any prospective buyers out there. I can honestly say this jacket is great, in looks, feel, quality and style. It's been said plenty of times but the quality will last a life time. If you're wondering about size I'd suggest ordering you normal shirt size, rather than sizing up as the recommended by Schott. I'm 5'10" and 175lbs and I ordered a medium and the fit is spot on, fitted but not tight.

    The cost of shipping is expensive, but it turned up a my door within two days of ordering in London.

    Published: Sat, 12/29/2012 by slickster
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    After years of searching I've found the perfect jacket. It looks great and it's not too heavy for life in the southeastern USA. The fit is ideal and the brown shade is just right. Top quality garment. Dealing with Jerri at Schott was a breeze. Outstanding customer service.

    Published: Sun, 10/21/2012 by Andrew Rosen
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    Well I've had my jacket for about a year now and I thought it was time to give it some love. Its an absolutely perfect jacket. Goes with everything. Not to light nor to heavy. Got mine in classic black and looks stunning. Schott really knows how to make a outstanding product. Im 5'11 and pretty muscular and the jacket fits me like a glove. As if it was tailored to me. Truly it is a dream.

    Published: Fri, 10/5/2012 by Bobby Schiavone
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    i have been wearing my #654 jacket every day since it arrived (96hrs from NYC too SOUTH AUSTRALIA was fantastic)took me awhile to decide which jacket but after many emails and even a early morning AUST time phone call(thanks JERRI) went with the 654 and am surely not dissapointed, the style ,colour,cut, fit are all great..would surely recommend SCHOTT for anyone after a great jacket with excellent service ..thanks.. cheers..andrew

    Published: Wed, 5/25/2011 by andrew mcdonald
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    my schott #654 jacket arrived today 96hrs from nyc too pt pirie australia, that was fantastic. spent the the next 2 hours checking it out (mum was a proffessional seamstress so its just habit with clothing) could not fault it.took me weeks of looking at diffrent styles(wanted a lighter wieght jacket as we dont have the snow bound freezing winters here,but it isnt like fashion types its still a substantial jacket that will be just fine to use on the ride too work)this is the perfect type .after many emails and 1 early morning phone call to sort sizing (thanks, Jerri) i got the XL being 6'1", 174lbs atheletic build was concerned about the fit across the shoulders but its a great fit.would recomend this jacket to anyone. with this quality of gear and great customer service one can see why SCHOTT have been around nearly 100yrs..many thanks Jerri and the team at SCHOTT.... cheers andrew

    Published: Fri, 5/20/2011 by andrew mcdonald
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    A very nice Jacket, good fit and not to heavy for use every day. Thanks Schott for make this :)

    Published: Wed, 3/2/2011 by Chris La.
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    this is truly a superstar jacket, slick and clean. the finished cowhide is thick enough to protect your body, but the overall construction is not too bulky for a casual dine out or date. WATCH OUT, this jacket has an open tongue! the cuffs are tongueless.

    Published: Sun, 2/14/2010 by An Innocent man
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