Casual Weekend Pebbled Cowhide Leather Jacket
STYLE: 135
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135 - Casual Weekend Pebbled Cowhide Leather Jacket
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Casual Weekend Pebbled Cowhide Leather Jacket

STYLE: 135
    Our Men's 28" Soft Pebbled Cowhide Leather Jacket, with zipper closure and nylon satin quilted lining. Classic men's fit. Available in black leather. Made in the U.S.A.

    Material: Pebbled Cowhide

    Free shipping for all orders over $100 within the continental USA and APO.


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    To Gail and all at Schott's:

    Just received my 135 jacket on 12-03-09 and what a great Christmas gift to myself it was. I am 601, 200 lbs. and the jacket in 44R fits great, even the arm length was right on. This by far is now my favorite jacket. The quality of this jacket just can't be found in department stores and its worth every penny. When I first opened the box and put the jacket on my girlfriends first response was "WOW, that looks great on you" I'm impressed to say the least. A much added feature and what really sold me on the jacket were the two additional left and right interior pockets that are of a fairly good size and depth. I am an active law enforcement officer where these interior pockets can come in handy for a small backup weapon if so desired. My next purchase will be the 135 made from horsehide. Thanks for such great customer service and attention to detail!!


    Douglas MacNaul

    Published: Mon, 12/7/2009 by Douglas MacNaul
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    Works equally well with t-shirt and jeans, khaki's and sportshirt, or business casual (which is 90% of the time in my neck of the woods). The quilted lining is a bit much for California and I'm going to replace it but other than that, I glad I made the purchase.

    Published: Fri, 3/27/2009 by Bruce Lepore
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    I just received my new black 135 - I will tell you this straight up - the picture does not do this jacket justice. The pebbled texture is incredible and gives the jacket real personality. The leather is thick and of the highest quality, yet is flexible, even new. This jacket is exquisite in its simplicity - it has an understated elegance. The magic happens when you put the jacket on. It really comes to life. It is gorgeous and I highly recommend this model. From one very picky leather jacket connoisseur to another, you will love this work of art by Schott. The Schott company is what America is all about: Extreme quality and old world craftsmanship that will spoil the pickiest of leather connoisseurs.

    Published: Fri, 7/6/2012 by Michael E in Nashville, TN
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    Я живу в Санкт-Петербурге ,Россия. Сегодня получил кожаную куртку 135 модель,коричневую. Лучшего качества я не мог представить. Кожа так выделана,нет вопросов. Буду носить с гордостью за Америку и ее мастеров из компании " SCHOTT bros." Огромное спасибо,Sincerely,Yuriy.05/21/2012

    I live in St. Petersburg, Russia. Today I received a leather jacket 135 model brown. Better quality, I could not imagine. Leather dressed well, no issues. I will wear with pride for America and her masters from the company "SCHOTT bros." Thank you very much, Sincerely, Yuriy.

    Published: Mon, 5/21/2012 by Yuriy Orlov
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    I ordered and received this jacket just prior to Christmas. This jacket looks great, the material is thick, and it is a heavy jacket. It will last a lifetime. While the jacket style has sort of a conservative look, the large thick zipper adds a touch of badass to it. I love it, and nothing out there can compare.

    Regarding the chest pocket zipper: Originally, I did not like the idea of the chest pocket zipper, wishing that they made the jacket without it, but it has grown on me, and now I am glad that it's there. It just looks great, and makes the jacket more unique.

    Note on sizing:
    Originally ordered a size 40, since I normally wear a size 40S suit jacket, but the sleeves were about 2 inches too long. My actual chest measurement is just a tad over 38. My shirt size is a 16" neck, 31" sleeve, which means I have short arms. I e-mailed/called Schott and decided to order a size 38 jacket. Fit was much better. Sleeves are just a tad long, so I may get them shortened when summer arrives and it's too hot to wear. Also, at 28", the jacket fits a little long, especially if you are short. Not an issue, but just something to note when comparing to some of their other jackets that are 25" or 26" length.

    Published: Thu, 1/5/2012 by DV
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    I first got this Jacket on 1/28/11 it was real nice but to small so i send it is the great part i got my return in less 2 days. I send it back on 1/29 /11 wich was a satday, I dont know when they got it. but i think it was on 2/2/11. And i got it on 2/3/11all i can say is wow. This Jacket is so great the size fits well no problems all i can say is you cant beat this jacket or the service at Schotts Its all great!!!!!!!!!

    Published: Thu, 2/3/2011 by Angelo Iglesias
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    Bought a 135 black size 50 over the internet, and I love it. The 135 is as good as its reviews say it is. A quality product. Simple design, quality leather. Strongly recommended.

    Published: Sun, 4/11/2010 by Michael M
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    135 JACKET

    A Wonderful Jacket! True to size so I ordered my regular suit size and was not disappointed. The jacket is a full cut jacket so it gives you plenty of room for a sweater but is not bulky looking with a t-shirt. The lining is incredible! Probably the best lining I've ever found in a leather jacket- Here is a suggestion, offer the customer a color choice in liners. For me, a red lining in this jacket would be the bees knees. Nice attention to details and quality. Zippers work, no loose threads, etc. I would maybe change the zipper clasp, handle, or whatever it's called. It is open faced, wraped wire and I have hooked it on a few things. The chest pocket zipper I tuck under the leather because I don't use the pocket very often. However, there are two inside pockets that are very generous in size and I've found those to be very functional. This is a great representation of a quality "American Made" product and reminds me of the quality I used to find years, and years ago. You get what you pay for, or pay for what you get- This jacket is worth the price and I would recommend it highly.

    Published: Sat, 3/28/2009 by Joe Brush
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    I just received my 135 jacket today. First, I was very pleased with the turn around. It took me 3 days to get the jacket! You just cant ask for better then that. Secondly, damn you guys make a great product. Seriously, I have very high standards and an eye for quality.I am very pleased with the quality and fit of the jacket (thanks to Gail, she really knows her stuff). I know the 135 isn't your top end merchandise but it is far superior to any foreign junk out there, not real sure the picture on your Web-Site does the coat justice but that's just me. Anyway, keep up the great work and quality. This is my first Schott jacket but I'm sure it wont be the last.

    P.S.- Thanks again Gail for all your help and recommendation.

    Published: Fri, 3/13/2009 by Joe B.
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    I get very attached to my jackets and have worn out my last two jackets, one a Sirocco the other a Chinese made Lancia. I decided to but a true good quality leather jacket, and my research led me to Schott.
    I visited the Australian distributor in Sydney, however they were unfortunately out of stock at the time of my visit. I decided to order online, measured my chest at 40inches and placed and order for a size 40. Shipping was exceptionally fast - I placed the order on a Sunday night and received by Thursday afternoon.
    The jacket fits perfectly, not too tight and could still fit over a jumper if needed, I'm around 75kg, 5"10.
    The first thing that struck me about the jacket is the weight, it is about 2.5kgs by my calculation and is very well constructed. The leather is thick, but soft - I swear it feels like I am wearing an armchair (in a good way). By comparison my old jackets feel like cheap dishcloths looking back at them. If you are on the fence about the cost of these jackets jusr trust me, pull the trigger. You won't regret it.

    Published: Sat, 9/30/2017 by Bowdo
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    Just received this coat for my birthday and it exceeds my already established expectations for Schott coats. Leather is soft but substantial and overall construction is world class. I am 6' 175 with an athletic build and prefer a slimmer (but not tight) fit and the 40 fits me perfect throughout.

    Published: Sat, 2/18/2017 by Neil King
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    Everything about this jacket screams quality, The leather feels great, has that "new car" smell. The zipper is big and heavy duty. The liner feels good and it's warm. The pockets are right where the need to be. If I had to make any criticism, it would be that the collar seems to be a little "floppy". It doesn't really stand up and hold its shape like I thought it would. All and all, it's a nice jacket. I wanted a quality product, made in the USA, that wasnt too "dressy", and not too "tough" looking. A leather jacket that can go to a bar, that doesn't require a guy to ride up on a motorcycle. And that's what I got. I really like the looks of the "Schott" embossed buttons on some other jackets, if one or two of those could find their way into this jackets design, it would be cool.

    Published: Fri, 12/9/2016 by Jim
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    JACKET 135

    This jacket is awesome. I am 6.0, 155lb, wearing size 38, the fitting is just right.

    Published: Sun, 12/4/2016 by Qing Ji
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    The first Schott Jacket I purchased in 1978 is still in the family. It is the true definition of vintage. Since then I have purchased 4 other Schott Jackets, and have been quite satisfied with the quality and sizing of the garments. I lived in NYC and had the advantage of trying on jackets and coats to find the right Schott jacket for my style and functional needs. I now live on the west coast so this is the first Schott jacket that I purchased without trying on. I ordered size 48 because the Perfecto that I wear when I ride my motorcycle is a 48, to my surprise this jacket was to big around the color, and the sleeves were to long. I am returning the garment, and hopefully when I visit the old neighborhood in November I will have time to try on some jackets. This jacket is beautiful, the quality of the leather and the craftsmanship are top notch. I only wish the fit was better. I have always purchased made in the USA products and garments when I shop, and I can say from experience that the Schott brand has never been a disappointment when it comes to quality and price.

    Published: Mon, 9/12/2016 by Scott M
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    High quality, great fitting jacket. Can't find anything like this in regional stores.

    Published: Sun, 8/14/2016 by Steve Coop
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    Outstanding quality from the hides to the hardware. It is amazing that the leather is so substantial and yet so supple. Seams and stitching are flawless. Save your money if you are contemplating another jacket brand and buy this beautiful jacket which is made in the USA.

    Published: Tue, 3/29/2016 by Roger
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    I received my Schott 135 Black, Size 40 for Christmas of 2015. After a few months of wearing it, it is easily my go-to jacket for pretty much anything. It hits the perfect sweet-spot between sport and classiness. I get compliments from classmates and professors alike.
    As a college student in the North-East, this jacket has been perfect for temperatures anywhere from 10-55 degrees F. It blocks wind beautifully.
    I am 6'3' tall and weigh about 155 lbs with a medium athletic build, and a size 40 fits me perfectly.
    The build quality is unmatched, with some of the best leather I've ever seen in a jacket, and heavy duty zippers and hardware. My zipper was a bit stiff at first, but after a week of use, it broke in nicely.

    Thank you Schott for an excellent jacket that I will be proud to wear for years to come.

    Published: Mon, 2/8/2016 by Anthony Taylor
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    Well made if a little stretchy/soft for me, this jacket is really wide. Like eighteenwheeler wide. I got a 42, and I guess I can wear it if I'm ever pregnant. My wife might not agree though... (note: I do like my jackets cafe racer style and tight so I'm biased)

    Published: Mon, 1/4/2016 by Slapstick
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    I ordered this jacket internationally.Great jacket and very well made.But the sizing is made for people who eat cheseburgers all day,its utterly rediculous.I sent my measurements in to confirm the size(48) and its still way to large.Im 6 foot tall and 145lbs,the jacket circumference is probably twice of my chest and I can fit my leg through the sleeve.All my other jackets are size 48 and fit me perfect.The size 48 fits my friend nicely,and at 6 foot tall and 190 pounds this jacket suits him nicely.Hes borderline obese,and according to schotts sizing a size S is correct.For who are the schotts xl jackets made for,jabba the hut?

    I never returned/exchanged the jacket due to international shipping.The jacket has been gathering dust for 6 years,600$ down the drain.

    Published: Sun, 6/8/2014 by Matias
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    Had to give three starts. Five for the jacket which seems nice, but one size too big (46), one star for the service--so it averages out to three starts.

    Returned the jacket by 2 day UPS and the jacket was signed in on New Years Eve (Tues) at Schott. Apparently they didn't work at the end of week (R/F). Received a refund notice today (Monday), except I didn't want a refund, I wanted an exchange for a 44. So now I wait for a credit to be made to my account, then I have to order again.

    Return form clearly stated exchange, not refund. Their mistake, now I wait. How about a refund on my shipping costs?


    Sorry about the mistake. In the post Christmas craziness, we inadvertantly issued a full credit to you rather than an exchange. This was our bad and we apologize. Once that's done, we have no way to undo it, so you were forced to replace your order. We are truly sorry about this. We are however very happy you like the jacket, and hope this new size does the trick. Thank you!

    Published: Mon, 1/6/2014 by Michael Colman
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    i take this jacket in rome italy in 1998 today its same new jacket its perfect product thank you schott for this jacket

    Published: Sat, 11/23/2013 by ovidio delmoro
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    In full disclosure, I own a Schott 141 jacket in brown, size 46 and it is so awesome I had to buy another Schott jacket in black. I picked the 135 so I could wear something a little dressier for dates, business functions, etc. On the first night I wore it to a restaurant here in Austin, I had 4 compliments from total strangers. What Schott does best is provide the BEST quality of strong, supple, thick heavy leather and FLAWLESS construction. No cheap zippers, threads sticking out, seams that don't match, etc. It is as perfect a product as you will ever find. What Schott doesn't do very well is provide pictures that convey just how well their products look, the grain and nature of the leather, what the inside linter looks like, or provide complete descriptions down to the nth detail, like two large inner pockets (open, not snap or zip), two outer hand warmer pockets that are open and of perfect size, how the collar lays perfectly, top quality zippers and hardware, etc. You should have absolutely NO DOUBT about the quality of this product. It is AS GOOD AS IT GETS at ANY PRICE. I'd also like to give a shout out to Geoff at Antler Creek Cycle Leathers here in Austin for his superb help with sizing and knowledge of all products...his shop is THE BEST!

    Published: Mon, 3/4/2013 by Gary Hill
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    I just got this a couple of days ago. The cut is more relaxed than my 141 and at first I wasn't quite sure about it. But after wearing for just an hour or two it started shaping to my body and I starting falling in love with it. This really is a fine jacket in every way. I thought it would be lighter in weight than it is but it turns out to be perfectly suited to cold winter days.

    It is incredibly comfortable, the lining is very warm, hardware looks great, leather quality is stellar, pockets are perfectly placed and deep enough to keep your hands toasty. I can hardly find an fault with this jacket and I look forward to enjoying it for many years to come.

    Only negative is I wish it had a little more range of motion in the arms but to get that I guess you need a different style of construction. It's no biggie, but reaching up is not as easy as the 141.

    Anyway, thank you Schott, for another outstanding product! And I can't wait to add another model to my growing leather jacket collection.

    Published: Thu, 3/1/2012 by Peter Atwood
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    Having owned numerous motorcycle and other leather jackets, I purchased this one last year.

    The quality of the leather is outstanding, and its just a beautiful jacket. If you r thinking about doing it, pull the trigger, likely the best jacket you'll ever own.

    Published: Sun, 11/20/2011 by Ron Miller
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    Nice quality leather jacket made in USA,what more could you ask for? I love it for work and play. It's like my favorite Carhartt jacket only in leather. Thank you Schott!

    Tim, Bartlett IL.

    Published: Thu, 11/25/2010 by Tim
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    Very comfortable and well made,very good lining. For me, would have liked a more fitted cut. Very well American made jacket. Glad it's made in the United States.

    Published: Sat, 11/20/2010 by Clifford Campos
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    Ridiculously awesome jacket. I got compliments from the minute I took it out of the box. One guy in my office had a complete moment of reverie when he remembered that he'd had a similar Schott jacket until it was lost in a move - he said it was the best jacket he'd ever owned. I already feel like this one is my best one - and there's no way I will lose it in a move...

    Also - Gail was incredibly helpful and informative throughout the process. Thanks, Gail!

    Published: Tue, 11/10/2009 by -Hampton
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    I received my 135 leather jacket in naked cowhide over a week ago now, and I must say, it is finer than I expected. When I lifted it out of the box, it felt as though I was holding an old time American tool of quality, which is what this nation was built on.
    For two years now, I've been looking at local stores for leather jackets and nearly bought one that fit and looked good enough, but when I looked at where it was made (China) it went right back on the rack. The leather wasn't nearly as thick, didn't look so sharp, nor fit as well. After taxes it would have also cost around $200 more. So glad I held on until I found a jacket that was made in the U.S.A.
    When I put my Schott jacket on it really feels, as Gail put it, substantial. It's just what I've been searching for - simple, not too flashy, and dressy enough for any occasion. Most importantly, its made in the U.S.A. I'm glad that you guys are proud of it, and that it still means something, enough in fact I noticed even the coat hanger was also US made. Wish there were more companies likes you.

    Published: Fri, 9/25/2009 by Brener M.
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    This is my third or fourth Schott jacket. The quality of the leather and workmanship are hard to find any more. You would probably pay the same or more for a chinese made leather jacket at a department store. The cut is generous, so I ordered my suit size and it fits perfect. It should last for many years.

    Published: Sat, 9/19/2009 by Dave Rockford, IL
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    This is a fine coat. Excellent styling, materials, hardware, stitching and it fits me like a glove. I was surpised by how substantial it feels. The customer service was polite and responsive to my needs. And furthermore, this coat is union made in the USA which means a lot to me. I believe in supporting jobs here, not the far east. I recommend this coat and feel it is priced correctly. If you take care of it, you will only need one of these.

    Published: Fri, 6/12/2009 by Tall Paul
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    Dear Sirs:
    I remember in the 1940's, I had a navy surplus pea jacket that I used to ice skate on a city owned lake in a park in Great Falls, Montana. The jacket was great and I wore it out.
    I am in my 70's and purchased a Schott pea jacket, which in my opinion is even better than the original navy pea jacket. It is a great jacket which is well made and fits me perfectly, as I am 6'3" and weigh 195 pounds.
    After I saw the exceptionally fine quality of the pea jacket, I purchased the Schott pebbled weekend casual leather jacket # 135. It too fitted me perfectly and is of exceptional quality not found very often.
    Since I am a long time motorcycle rider, I am thinking of purchasing a Schott motorcycle jacket, but I think that the style that I prefer is currently discontinued.
    I sincerely feel that a person cannot go wrong if they purchase a Schott product.

    Published: Tue, 5/12/2009 by Robert Morton
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    As soon as I opened the box, the smell of the leather made the difference.The dept. store "designer label" coats cost almost as much and they were all made in China.Double interior pockets were a nice touch.The quality of the hardware and the heavy duty construction should easily last my lifetime. Thank you
    Mark,Harrison Township. Mi.

    Published: Fri, 3/27/2009 by Mark Coursey
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    Absolutely delighted!Slightly darker Brown than picture,but superb fit and finish!Highly recommended.Speal to Gail who was very helpful.
    Mike London

    Published: Fri, 7/25/2008Mike Wheeler
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