Cafecto Steerhide Hybrid Cafe Racer Asymmetrical Leather Motorcycle Jacket
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603USA - Cafecto Steerhide Hybrid Cafe Racer Asymmetrical Leather Motorcycle Jacket
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Cafecto Steerhide Hybrid Cafe Racer Asymmetrical Leather Motorcycle Jacket

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    Steerhide Hybrid Cafe Racer Asymmetrical Leather Motorcycle Jacket

    The Cafecto hybrid combines the sleek silhouette of a café racer with the strength and durability of a signature Perfecto. Streamlined yet solid, this 24” jacket crafted from thick, heavy steerhide leather features a classic café-style collar with logo-free snaps and an asymmetrical front zipper. The sleeves, hand-warmer pockets and the chest pocket all have zip closures, and you’ll find a small change pocket with a logo-free snap above the right hip. The bi-swing back allows for easy movement without the extra bulk of underarm footballs. Satin lining provides comfort and ensures long wear against the rattle and roll of the open road. Stars on the epaulets add a subtle, military-esque flourish.

    Since this is a slim fitting jacket, we recommend ordering a size larger than your usual size.


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    8 of 8 people found the following review helpful:


    I have wanted a Cafecto for some time now, but I was hesitant on the sizing of this jacket. since it is a slimmer cut than other Schott jackets. I spoke to Geri in customer service about 3X that week going back and forth between the 40 and 42. She was extremely pleasant every time I spoke with her, I'm sure she gets these calls all day every day.

    I wear a size 40 in a sports jacket, but if they made a 39, it would prob be the perfect fit for me. I am 5'8' and weigh 165 lbs, with a 39 inch chest and 17 inch shoulders. I wear a 15 1/2 32/33 dress shirt. Geri recommended a size 40 for me. I felt comfortable after speaking with her, and was all set in my head on the sizing, I was now planning on purchasing the jacket after I got back from the Thanksgiving holiday!

    As I was traveling up through NJ and into NY the day before Thanksgiving, I was making good time so I decided to take a detour - right to the Schott store! The timing was perfect- I was passing through NY at 11:15, and the store just opened at 11:00, and figured I wouldn't get a chance like this again. I called the store and asked if they had the Cafecto size 40 in stock and they did, I was also able to find street parking 1/2 block away!

    My plan for this particular jacket is to wear it for riding in the colder months, so I wanted to be able to wear a hoodie or base layer under the coat for added wind protection. The gentleman in the store was also very helpful with me in sizing. This is what they do all day - and they know their stuff. Geri was absolutely right in that the 40 would have been the perfect fit for me, but I wouldn't have been able to comfortably wear a thicker layer underneath. For this very reason, and this reason alone, I went with the 42. The 42 still fits snug with a base layer underneath, and has a little bit of play on the sides, but not too much where it looks like to jacket is too big. It's snug, but it's not super-snug. I can also still wear it without the hoodie and it is still a nice fit in the chest. So in essence, the 40 would have been a nice, perfect snug fit, just as a motorcycle jacket should fit., and I'm certain that it would have stretched out perfectly over time to custom fit. My advice for this jacket, based on my personal experience, is to size up and you won't be disappointed. This jacket is absolutely gorgeous, the steerhide is thick, the jacket is heavy, the craftmanship is superb, and it smells amazing. I have it hanging in my closet and every morning I walk in to get dressed for work, I take a deep sniff of my Cafecto and feel honored to be able to wear such a masterpiece. Trust me, buy this jacket - you won't regret it.

    Published: Mon, 1/2/2017 by JSH215
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    1 of 1 people found the following review helpful:


    We ordered this jacket for my husband and it was too big. He loved the jacket, so we sent it back and are waiting for the smaller one to arrive. The jacket is superb quality. My only gripe is it cost us $60 to send it back with insurance. If Schott was concerned about keeping customers happy, they should pay the postage on returns as so many other companies do.

    Published: Tue, 3/14/2017 by Ingrid Conger
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    it pisses me off how excellent this jacket is. Sizing is slightly smaller than schott's sizing tool, I went a size down from suggested and it fits perfectly. If you were thinking of buying it, its time to simply buy it.

    Published: Fri, 10/26/2018 by Anthony Cobuccio
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    Hi there,
    I've bought this Jacket from Germany. It was shipped in an awesome speed! The delivery was two days later.
    The Jacket itself has an impressive quality. At first i thought about the classic perfecto, then i stumbled upon this.
    It fits perfectly and the smell of leather is just fabulous!
    I would buy it definetly again!

    Published: Thu, 8/9/2018 by Markus
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    Schott’s Cafecto jacket is pure perfection and superb leather for that motorcycle rider who mounts his trusty cafe racer or classic British bike. It’s not a fashion accessory gentlemen. It’s protection for the men who dare to ride a 2 wheel vintage motorcycle and do the ton (if you have to look this up this jacket isn’t right for you).

    It’s a real motorcycle jacket. Substantial leather, thick, strong and will do the job should you find yourself in a scrape or a slide. It’s tough and makes you feel tougher. Although this jacket looks like pure cool fashion-forward attire, don’t let its sex appeal fool you- it’s a workhorse. It takes the wind and rattle and roll of the road on top of a motorcycle like a champ. Hard to break it in, because it’s made so strong. I wear it when I ride and when I recline- you heard me... to help break it in I wear it indoors or I crumple it up and use it for back support- it’s a strong jacket fellas and it’ll take a beating.

    The Cafecto’s style, sophistication and hybrid nature is the perfect mix a cafe style jacket mixed with Schott’s signature Perfecto cut. It’s cool as hell. You’ll feel cool as hell wearing it. You’ll get side glances of admiration and envy when you wear it out on your bike and around town. Do yourself a favor. There’s no regrets with this purchase. Man up and buy it.

    Published: Fri, 3/30/2018 by D.J.W. Pitts
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    I have always admired the iconic motorcycle jackets like those in films like, “The Wild Ones,” “Rebel Without A Cause,” and “Easy Rider.” (Negan in “The Walking Dead?)

    I have three really nice leather jackets, two by Remy, and a Hugo Boss. However, primarily due to improving my diet, and a relatively new found dedication to regular exercise, I have lost a good deal of weight in recent years. Though I still wear those other jackets, they really don't fit, and they certainly don't have the style of a real motorcycle jacket.

    Recently, I saw a story on CBS News called, "The Story and Making of the Iconic Leather Motorcycle Jacket" ( ). From the story, I learned that the jacket that I had always wanted was the "Perfecto" jacket made by Schott NYC. I was impressed with the pride and skill that Schott’s put’s into each jacket. I was fascinated by the history of the company, the Schott family, and the manufacturing process itself. I really like that Schott's is committed to their jackets being, "Made In America."

    I hadn't really been in the market for a new leather jacket, but the story stuck with me. I found and explored the Schott NYC website and fell in love with the hybrid style of the “Cafecto” jacket. Over a period of weeks, even though I have never ridden a motorcycle nor do I plan to do so anytime soon (I ride my bicycle regularly! :-) ), I recognized that owning THE motorcycle jacket had become a “bucket list” thing for me; a fashion statement obsession. As a result, I resolved to purchase one.

    The description of the Cafecto jacket online recommends ordering one-size up, because the jacket was designed for the Japanese market. I measured myself, had a friend measure me, and then I called Schott Customer Service. What a pleasant experience! I have a 39.5" chest, approximately 18.5" shoulders, and a 29" waist. I weigh 148 lbs. I was worried. My other leather jackets range in size from 40 t0 44, and they are all too big.

    Schott’s Customer Service recommended that I purchase the Cafecto in Size-40. Based on the recommendation to order one size-up, I figured my perfect size in this jacket would be a Size-41 (a size which isn't offered…I always seem to fall between sizes…it drives me nuts!). I called Customer Service again. A different, but equally pleasant, associate asked me a few additional questions about intended jacket use and fit preference. She also recommended a Size-40.

    I fretted about it for a couple of weeks, did some Google research, and ultimately ordered the Size-40. (I was pretty sure that I was going to have to send it back, but I didn't want another leather jacket that was too big...). I ordered it on a Tuesday morning and received it on Wednesday afternoon (free shipping!). My Schott’s Cafecto jacket is beautiful and it fits extremely well. (For it to be perfect, I could use maybe another 0.50-0.75 inch in the shoulders. A Size-42 would definitely have been too big…).

    Did I say that the jacket is beautiful?!!! I mean it is “work of art” beautiful! I have owned it for less than a week and I have worn it in public twice. I have had no less than six compliments in that time period. This jacket reeks style; my style for sure. The craftsmanship is absolutely amazing.

    Like another reviewer here related, the jacket has filled my coat closet with the greatest leather smell. I love it. I am sure that I will be passing this jacket on to future generations in someway or another, it's made to last. I am looking forward to it molding itself to me, and developing that character that a high quality garment develops with use as it ages. (like we all do, right?!!!)

    Schott NYC, this jacket is a masterpiece. Thank you so much. I am not easily impressed, but I am impressed with your business philosophy, your product, and your customer service. What a refreshing experience!

    Published: Tue, 3/6/2018 by Douglas Webb
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    0 of 1 people found the following review helpful:


    great experience

    Published: Tue, 3/21/2017 by zokad
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    The Jacket is all I had hoped for. Cheers

    Published: Mon, 2/27/2017 by Kraut
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    Great design, with a streamlined look but with solid construction. Fits perfectly with one size above your regular size (as advised). I am really happy with the purchase. Would definitely recommend.

    Published: Wed, 12/21/2016 by Bicalho
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    i never tried the jacket on because i am international. was helped really wel over phone and email. the jacket fits perfectly. thank you so much for your help. the jacket is excellent, high quality and really well finished.

    Published: Fri, 4/22/2016 by d chang
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