Fitted Cafe Racer Jacket
STYLE: 660
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660 - Fitted Cafe Racer Jacket
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Fitted Cafe Racer Jacket

STYLE: 660
    This cafe racer jacket is made from lightweight cowhide, and is a longer and more fitted version of the classic cafe racer jacket. Inspired by jackets from the original Schott archives.
    It features:
    - 28in length
    - Four zippered pocket front
    - Plaid cotton lining.
    - A contemporary fitted look
    - Union made in the U.S.A.
    Available in black and brown.

    Material: Waxy Cowhide

    Free shipping for all orders over $100 within the continental USA and APO.



    5 of 5 people found the following review helpful:


    There's not a whole lot of info out there on this jacket - so I figured I'd give you the inside scoop.

    Let's talk about fit before finish. This one is a slim cut for the skinnier people - if you have broad shoulders or bulky muscles, watch out. Normally I wear a 42 long in a 141 and I was debating between a medium and a large - but the large was definitely the way to go. There's a touch of extra room in the chest and gut, but none in the shoulders. The sleeve length was good, even at 6'1", it hits where it should. It does have a little flare at the bottom, so the profile looks more like the photo Schott shows of the back, rather than the one they show of the front. Since it doesn't have a bi-swing back or sleeves, arm movement is a bit restricted and the cuffs ride up a bit when your arms are stretched out. So I'd definitely say it's better suited for walking the streets rather than riding them.

    Now finish. I expected the lightweight leather to be thin, but it was not. It's actually got a bit of heft to it. I'd say thick enough even for the winter months and the flannel lining makes it feel warmer than a 141 without the zip-in. The sleeves are satin lined making it easy to get in and out of. The hides and tanning were absolutely perfect - I've never seen leather so smooth. Mine doesn't have as much shine as the one in the photo and the zippers are totally different - it has old-style chain ring pulls rather than tab pulls and they look darker and more subtle in real life. There's also an inside pocket at the left chest. This zippered cuffs do not have the wind-flap, which I thought was a little bit of a bummer. The overall craftsmanship and quality is top-notch.

    All said - this one is pretty sweet. I'd have to put it in the Street category rather than the Motorcycle category since it's missing a few of those elements riders appreciate most (bi-swing back and wind-flaps at the cuffs and behind the main zipper). I think it's geared a little more towards fashion than function. It's not going to replace the 141, but it feels and looks good and is a nice addition. I'll give 4 and half stars - since it's just a couple of wind flaps and gussets away from perfection. I think to get any better, I'll have to have Schott custom make one. But, in the meantime I'll definitely wear the hell out of this one.

    Be good. Ride safe.

    Published: Mon, 12/6/2010 by Hellbilly
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    3 of 4 people found the following review helpful:


    Just got this and it is a terrific jacket. The large fits very well (I am 6'2', 170) and my wife is knocked out by how good it looks.

    I have another excellent Schott piece (the leather 740 peacoat) and the 660 is just as well constructed.

    Published: Mon, 3/7/2011 by mark lamar
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    3 of 3 people found the following review helpful:


    Let's see, I had been searching for a decent looking leather jacket for months. Finally stumbling upon Schott's website I did some reading up on their history. It seems that I came to the right place. I e-mailed customer service about my size and they said I should go small. Although I wanted a little room. I went medium just because of this. When the jacket arrived my first impression is that it was a bit small. Although this being my first jacket, i figured out it has a very conformed fit to it. As the previous reviewer states if you have wide shoulders or bulky muscles you should definitely stay away. Even my shoulders push at the edges but the more and more i wear this jacket the more and more I love it. I'm no hipster but this jacket feels like it's a part of me. Zipped up it's nice and snug. Unzipped it's able to breathe and flap in the wind. Both look great and the quality is unsurpassed by anything leather I have ever seen. A very nice thick heft to it and a bit of a shine. So my bottom line is... I found what I'm looking for even when contemplating a return which i quickly denied by ripping the tags off :). The shoulder's don't get any larger with a large and extra chest room isn't what I needed. So it's perfect and I give it 5 stars. If i do get any bigger then the below, well then I'll just have to invest in another Schott. Although I'm not planning on doing any fist pumps anytime soon, cheers !

    My Weight & Height Specs
    155lbs 6,0ft

    Published: Mon, 12/13/2010 by Steven S
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    1 of 1 people found the following review helpful:


    I live in France and received this jacket as a gift from a friend that bought it in NYC. I'm tall and slim (6'6' and 190 lbs). I got a size large.
    The jacket is very narrow but fits well at the shoulders and the chest. I've found the cut a little loose at the waist and the butt : The lower back is odly shaped, in my opinion, almost waisted like a women jacket.
    Actualy, I'm considering to have it tailored, but I don't know if that's realistic and if that won't ruin the nice stiching work.
    Of course, without the swing back, arms movement are pretty constricted, but that goes with the slim look and the small size (for me).
    Expectedly, the sleeves are too short (they sit at my wrist) but still ok for a casual use. Since this is not a real motorbike jacket, and considering my size, I'm not complaining.
    It's too early for me to really form and opinion about the leather. It's much ligther than the regular cowhide of my old 80's Schott flight jacket or my Soubirac bike jacket, but it still feels substantial (and strangely stiff). It's a little too shiny for my taste. I'll have to wait to see if it ages well, but I'm pretty confident about that.
    My jacket came with a black and gray lining (the red one pictured on the site looks better, in my opninion, but to each his own). A rather thin liner, that makes the jacket very adequate to mild weather.
    All in all a very fine looking jacket.
    The jacket seems very well built, but there are a few shortcut that I find regretable considering the price tag : A three panels back, no gusset at the wrists,and wrist zippers that won't stay put, no wind flap on the (super stiff) main zipper. The last one is a real drawback, IMO, for a "cafe racer". Even if it's not a jacket designed for riding, I get that, I may wish, at some point, ride in it ! And, anyway, a flap would also protect a shirt to get stuck in the zipper of a very snug jacket.
    I would also have liked a snap fastener for the collar strap when not in use.

    Bottom line : Very good looking, well built, strange lower back cut and a few cheap details for a Schott.

    Published: Tue, 7/31/2012 by Philippe
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    1 of 1 people found the following review helpful:


    This is a beautiful jacket and I love it, but I must disagree with the previous posts in regards to the overall fit. I am 5 11 and 195 lb and wear 44 in Vanson sizing, I am quite bulky with wide shoulders. I bought XL because of the reviews here but I had to exchange it for a L. Jacket is not as fitted as described it has plenty of room, and sleeves are quite spacious. It has a snug fit for any type of body I suppose, so bulky guys, dont shy away.

    Published: Sun, 5/8/2011 by Pete Pope
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    Just picked up the 660 in black and I must say it is a work of art. Each time I get a Schott jacket I am surprised by the top notch quality of the materials used and the craftsmanship. Here are my impressions about this jacket:

    1. The leather is thick. I wouldn't consider it a lightweight jacket. But compared to other thicker Schott models, it is a bit lighter.
    2. The craftsmanship and stitching work is world-class.
    3. The 28" length is much longer than I'm used to and may take a while getting used to. All my other Schott jackets are 24-26" long.
    4. I wouldn't want to ride a motorcycle in it. Just too long unless you are really tall and the shoulders don't push up while seated.
    5. The zippers and all the hardware is brass colored and looks really decent. I personally think the chrome looks the best in these fine leather jackets because it adds a sharp contrast.
    6. The tapered waist makes the jacket look extremely sharp. Good thinking by the designers at Schott.
    7. The missing sleeve gussets are a mystery but I still like the jacket a lot. I knew this model didn't come with it but I'm over it because I can wear it with the sleeve zippers closed at all time since there is a bit of extra room in the wrist compared with other motorcycle models with sleeve gussets.
    8. I really like the fact it's a fitted jacket. It looks sharp and tailored. It is a bit tight around the armpit when you're driving though due to lack of underarm footballs so whenever you raise your arms up, you can feel the tightness. But I guess that is the price you pay for a fitted, tailored look. In my opinion, well worth the minor discomfort.
    9. This jacket is not made for fat guys. If you have a beer belly, watch out! Made for the athletic or skinnier folks.

    Overall, this is a really nice jacket and I consider it my most versatile Schott since I can wear it for work, or going out.

    Published: Fri, 12/6/2013 by Young gun
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    Amazing racer for tall men! I am 6' 5" 230 lbs and this jacket fits great! I got this jacket in XXL and it is awesome. Definitely fitted around the armhole, but proportionaly perfect (consistent with a contemporary fit). I had the 141L for several years and it always felt too short. The extra inch on the 660 makes all the difference. Been looking for a Schott racer that fits for some time and my search is finally over.

    Note that the leather matches the price point, so not as thick as the 141. Top quality nonetheless!

    Published: Sat, 3/10/2012 by SchottChap
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    I bought this at the factory sale this December 2011. I'm 6'0, 175lbs, broad shoulders, narrow waist. My chest is about 42, and my waist is 32. After reading all the reviews here about how the jacket running small I was considering XL. But, the moment I tried on the Large, which is my normal size, it fit just like it's supposed to at the top part. I work out and have broad shoulders, and I have plenty of room in this jacket! The chest is not constricting at all, I don't know what the other reviewers are talking about.

    Not only did I buy my regular size, but after I bought I had to get it tailored! The jacket was too loose at the bottom by the waist. It was flapping around too much, I had an expert tailor take it in. After the tailor job the jacket fits me perfectly. The leather is great quality, and I love the look. I'm looking forward to seeing how it holds up to the 35 degree weather in NYC.

    Based on what I read and my experience I guess you have to take your best guess cause everyone seems to have complete opposite experiences. If you can't find a store to try it on I say order your regular size. And, if you have an athletic build like I do get ready to get it tailored. Love the jacket so far.

    Published: Mon, 12/12/2011 by Christopher Hanna
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    I just got this jacket and I have to say that I love it. My girlfriend thinks it looks great. The quality is top notch. I got the large and it fits great. I'm 5'11" and 195lbs. I thought it might be a little small after reading other reviews, but it turned out to be a great fit.

    Bottom line: Schott's superior quality and great customer service has turned me into a lifetime customer.

    Published: Thu, 10/27/2011 by Daniel Smith
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    660 MEDIUM

    Bought the jacket today from heralds leather house on 138 west 34th street NYC, was very surprised how well this jacket fit and the quality is far superior to any other jacket i have owned since. I'm 5'10 155lbs the small just about zipped up and the medium fit great with enough room to have a sweatshirt underneath. Really love the fit. Will not buy leather goods anywhere else now that I've found Schott NYC, and have pride in wearing something made in the USA

    Published: Tue, 8/16/2011 by Ryan Manalapan NJ
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    This is the one I've been looking for!
    I saw it here, ordered it, wear and love it since!

    Published: Mon, 9/20/2010 by Karsten Koch
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