Waxed Natural Pebbled Cowhide Café Leather Jacket
STYLE: 530
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530 - Waxed Natural Pebbled Cowhide Café Leather Jacket
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Waxed Natural Pebbled Cowhide Café Leather Jacket

STYLE: 530
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    The 530 is a classic cool, no-frills leather jacket that looks perfect on the road or off the beaten path. Similar to the popular Model 141 but designed with a slimmer fit, this café racer motorcycle jacket is cut by hand from cowhide that was dye-drummed, creating a natural, pebbled appearance. As with all leather jackets, Schott uses only the best, highest quality leather for the 530. Durable yet supple with a soft, luxurious feel, your new jacket will feel like a second skin right out of the box, no break-in period required.

    Schott believes in details. That’s why we’ve added a leather-trimmed inside breast pocket and unique, custom embossed "Schott" snap faces. The stand-up, mandarin-style collar with a snap closure protects your neck while the 100% cotton plaid lining feels smooth against your skin. You’ll find the three exterior zippered pockets with chain pulls useful for storing small but necessary items on the go. As always, the classic café racer motorcycle jacket style is still produced right here in the USA.


  • 26" length Café Racer leather jacket
  • Full Aniline, drum dyed, hand cut, drummed cowhide leather
  • Durable nickel plated brass hardware
  • Cafe Racer style "mandarin" collar with snap closure
  • Custom embossed "Schott" snap faces
  • Vintage style open zippered sleeve cuffs with wind flaps
  • Three outside zippered pockets with chain pulls
  • Leather trimmed inside breast pocket
  • 100% cotton plaid lining
  • Available in black and brown
  • U.S.A.

    Leather Type, Fit and Construction:

    Model 530 leather jackets for men are made with chrome-tanned, drum dyed, plump & spongy hides. You will find this jacket to be very comfortable to wear the moment you first try it on! This leather is made with an oil and aniline finish that gives a rustic old look and a soft "hand". As with all of Schott’s high quality leathers, this medium weight cowhide is tanned and processed to provide many years of use without the need for treatments or conditioners.

    Motorcycle jackets need to be as tough as the people wearing them. You will enjoy the benefits of both stain resistance and added protection while riding on your classic motorbike or kicking back with friends at the local pub. Nickel plated brass hardware complete this timeless American made classic that is built to last.
    As with all our leather jackets, Schott only uses the best, highest quality leather available. In the same tradition used in the 50's, highly skilled workers hand-cut each panel for the Model 530. In keeping with their original custom style, Schott designed this jacket to fit tighter than most for that classic bold and streamlined look. Offered in sizes XS to 4XL we suggest you carefully check our sizing diagrams and measurements to determine best fit. Also please note that the absence of underarm footballs combined with Schott’s tighter cut arms make this a slim fitting jacket.

    The Schott Model 530 is proudly made in the USA. Our customers know that the quality and construction of our jackets are unparalleled. From the heavyweight thread we use to the strong American hands that do the crafting. We build our leather motorcycle jackets to the same indestructible standards as the old style leather medicine balls. One-hundred plus years of being the best is your assurance that Schott Brothers stands behind every jacket we make.


    The Cafe Racer leather jacket design that became mainstream in the 1960's was developed in England. As soldiers were returning home after WWII they caught the bug of souping up older, prewar motorbikes. These motorcycles were raced between local pubs and cafes which created the need for a streamlined, minimalist leather racing jacket. Traveling at times in excess of 100 MPH was a fairly dangerous proposition on the roads that were more like trails at the time. Heavy horsehide and of course a strong main zipper added a certain level of protection for these speed happy daredevils. One would imagine there were wagers made and records set during these early cafe racing days.

    Schott Brothers has produced a café racer leather motorcycle jacket since we produced model 666 RS for Beck in 1956. It was called a "Leather Racing Shirt" and cost $28.95 at the time. Schott also marketed our own racing jacket as the model 641XX. In the early days these leather jackets had symmetrical zippered pockets on the chest, an adjustable snap collar strap and zippered sleeve cuffs. As they were worn and abused many examples found today are missing any signs of the original inside linings.

    Rooted in tradition, the Schott Model 530 continues this cafe racer style from the 50's. Based on early racer designs the 530 has changed a bit but the overall concept remains the same. Design a tight fitting, no frills mens leather jacket with a cool, refined look. We feel our Café Racer’s accomplished this and make a profound statement. Schott continues production of the classic Café Racer motorcycle jacket style, as always, right here in the U.S.A.

    Free shipping for all orders over $100 within the continental USA and APO.



    15 of 15 people found the following review helpful:


    Wow, I've just received my 530 a few hours ago. This is THE jacket i've been searching and hoping for. The leather is thick, strong but also very supple . It molds to your body instantly! I have to say I was very much in dubio regarding sizing. Because I live in Amsterdam it's quite a hassle to return the jacket for a different size. My dimensions are 6ft, 163 pounds and 39.5" chest exactly. That puts me in between an S and M. Decided to take my chances and went with a Small and boy am I glad I did! Fits like a glove with still room underneath for a shirt or sweater. Arm length and shoulder seem custom made.
    Then the delivery was outstanding, from hitting the enter button for purchase to having this thing of beauty on my shoulders took less than 30 hours! I am not much an aficionado of writing reviews, however this jacket deserves one. Thank you Schott NYC for your craft!

    Published: Thu, 2/28/2019 by TW Amsterdam
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    This is the best version of the Cafe jacket in Schott's catalog. It is more uniformly slimmer than the 641 (which I also own), and something about the fit just feels right. It doesn't have underarm footballs which really aren't necessary (due to a bi-swing back and longer sleeve length). The leather is more supple than the 641, and it conforms to your body almost immediately. Not sure how it would hold up to riding, but I'd prefer something with a shorter length (like a Perfecto) for that anyway. For an all-purpose jacket to wear everyday, look no further!

    I got an (M) which is a snug fit (with room for a thick sweater underneath). My dimensions are as follows,

    Chest - 39",
    Stomach - 33",
    Height - 5'11,
    Weight 162 lbs.

    My jeans waist is between 30-31".

    Published: Fri, 8/8/2014 by Karthik N
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    3 of 3 people found the following review helpful:


    I typically don't respond to product review requests, but am making an exception in this case.

    After 20+ years of searching, finally the perfect leather jacket!

    Not much more to say really. The quality and finish of this jacket is amazing. It's also beautifully light and supple compared to other jackets I have owned plus not being over padded and too hot.

    Just perfect and worth the investment.

    Published: Fri, 3/17/2017 by matt
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    Recently pulled the trigger on a 530 and couldn't be happier. I have to agree with other reviewers, the product shots of this jacket are unfortunate and do not do the jacket justice. This is a very dark black jacket and the leather is buttery soft yet thick. Incredibly impressed with the quality and craftsmanship of the garment. Well worth the investment. I'm 5'9" 165 lbs with a 37" inch chest and the small fits me great. I can wear with a t shirt or button up underneath.

    Published: Mon, 6/8/2015 by Jason M
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    3 of 3 people found the following review helpful:


    I love this cafe racer! It is my first Schott purchase and it will certainly not be the last. I do not ride a motorcycle and wanted a high quality, heavy cafe racer that would fit well but did not have footballs etc. I knew the Schott name, of course, being a huge Ramones fan (and old enough to have bought their albums on vinyl when they first came out). I suspect that a Schott motorcycle jacket will be my next purchase as I try to cling to the last vestiges of my punk rock youth.

    Anyway, back to the 530. First of all, the image on the site (as of Nov 2014) is dreadful and quite inaccurate. The model does not do the jacket justice, either. The web images show the jacket looking rather grey and lifeless. In reality, it is very black, considerably less shiny and much more matte. In other words, it is perfect. The jacket is not as pebbled as I thought it would be - another plus, actually. It is quite soft but is sturdy enough to demand a personalized break-in. The 530 is thick, heavy and it is a perfect fit. I am 5'11, 40" chest and a 32 waist. The M fits really well.

    As a customer service professional, I am quite fussy and judgmental when it comes to the client experience. Jerri was fantastic: patient, methodical and she made sure each jacket was well described so my decision would be easy. I live on Canada's West Coast and ordered my 530 via Franco at the Montreal office (seriously: no one in Vancouver carries Schott. I would be willing to represent them in a heartbeat!!). Like Jerri, Franco exemplified the extraordinary customer service for which Schott is well known and respected.

    Buying a jacket online is a gamble, no matter who you're dealing with. Schott appreciates this and made my experience near perfect. My only 'complaint' - not Schott's fault in the least, BTW - was having to wait a full 8 days to receive it. I felt like a kid at Christmas waiting for the FedEx guy like he was Santa Claus.

    Thank you Jerri and Franco - and Schott's extraordinary history. So glad I'm part of it.

    Published: Mon, 11/24/2014 by Michael N
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    2 of 2 people found the following review helpful:

    SCHOTT 530

    I'll keep this short - this is simply the perfect jacket. Made solid - but kept simple. Beautiful leather, simple hardware, comfortable lining. I have owned several others - and traded/sold them all to get this one. This will be my last jacket purchase. Fits perfectly to my taste. I am 6'1 and 180lbs - wearing a large. Has a bit of room for a light sweater underneath on extra chilly days.

    Published: Tue, 10/16/2018 by David Berry
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    You won't be disappointed. I am 5' 8", 150lbs, 38" chest (exactly), 23" waist. I got the size S which is NOT TIGHT, but a good, snug fit the way a cafe racer should. Had I bought the Medium, it would have been too loose or long. This waxy leather is awesome. Thick, heavy, beautiful character, remarkably soft to the touch and pliable considering the weight, and smells as leather should. Speaking of weight, when you first put on the jacket, it feels a little the lead apron at the dentist. You get used to it being substantial. But because of the softness and impeccable cut, it fits to your form. You wear the jacket; the jacket doesn't wear you. They don't show the back of the jacket. FYI, there is a seam down the middle of the back.

    Published: Sat, 9/27/2014 by BSG
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    I've owned a couple of cafe racer style jackets from mall brands in the past. The first one I owned fell out of style, and the second one I wore until the leather (which was of mediocre quality) wore down.

    So this year, I did some research, saved some pennies, and ended up purchasing the 530 in black.

    I wanted something with a style that wouldn't look outdated anytime soon, enough durability that I could wear it forever, and a quality that make it a pleasure to wear. This jacket checks off all 3 boxes.

    You can tell the difference as soon as you put it on: it feels substantial, but not heavy. The lining is soft, and the sleeves and main part of the jacket are done separately - yet another sign of quality. The hardware feels rock solid everywhere - Schott uses some beefy zippers. The back plackets make sure that your arms can move comfortably. Every detail has been given attention here.

    Is it expensive? Sure. My wife's exact words when I was buying it was "You know that's basically a new iPad, right?"

    But there's a difference here. If you take care of it, a jacket like this will be with you for the rest of your life. And you'll want it to be with you for the rest of your life. When you're gone, your kids will be fighting over who gets to wear it next.

    There's something much more appealing and meaningful investing in something like this than the next new gadget that will be outdated in two years. This is an heirloom piece, and one that I'm proud to hang in my closet.

    Published: Fri, 10/19/2018 by Joshua Smith
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    I have wanted a high quality leather jacket for many years but was always disappointed in one way or another, until I found Schott’s 530 Cafe Racer. I did a lot of research before deciding to spend the $ and all I can say is I wish I’d bought this jacket sooner! This is the best fitting, highest quality, and best looking leather jacket I have come across! If you are on the fence, let me be the one to push you over and tell you that you will not be disappointed! I love everything about this cafe racer and wear it every chance I get!

    I bought the XL and the fit is perfect! My measurements are:
    6’0”, 205lbs, 47” chest, 34” waist and I am 41yrs old.

    Published: Tue, 10/16/2018 by Jdmals
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    1 of 1 people found the following review helpful:


    Just a perfect fit, a great look and feel an all around super fit, all applications like zippers and lining is super rigid and well tailored with a more than soft leather. I always wanted such a jacket and when I visited the store in NYC I was sure that I one day will order one. I just did so, from Switzerland, and it was just a bit scary of what size I should get since it is not so easy to return and exchange coming from Switzerland. So I ordered a 530 CR jacket in black size M and it fits GREAT. To wear a sweater under it is easy and comfortable and it does not constrict me. Thx Schott, the jacked is well priced and just great to own and wear every day. oh I almost forgot, the shipping was done super quickly, ordered Tuesday night and the upcoming Friday the jacket was delivered to my address, perfect!
    hight 190cm
    chest 108cm
    stomach 97cm
    waist 96cm
    weight 89kg

    Published: Thu, 10/4/2018 by Sascha
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    This jacket (530) is the finest leather jacket I have ever had the pleasure of wearing. Quality is amazing, construction is amazing, color is amazing (brown), smell is amazing, and the fit is unlike any other leather jacket I have owned. I ride, and wanted a jacket that was tight but maneuverable as well as breath in - literally, take deep breaths in. The dimensions on this jacket are simply perfect for my build. I'm 5'9", 165 lb, with very athletic symmetry due to 22 years in the military. 41 inch chest, 31 waist, and very functional biceps and forearms. The arms of the jacket are tight on my forearms but still allow my biceps to fit. The drop to the waist is perfect. The jacket fit so well and I was so amazed with the quality that I called customer service and told Jerri just how amazing this jacket and fit is. I ordered the jacket on Monday and it arrived Wednesday.
    This jacket is worth every penny!

    Published: Wed, 10/3/2018 by W.E. Schlemmer
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    This is a great jacket. The leather is really high quality and the styling is great. I like the dull hardware, the flannel lining, and the button on the interior pocket.

    Some ways to make it better would be maybe a light layer a insulation or a slightly more pronounced V-taper to the torso. A steerhide version of this could also be great.

    Published: Sun, 9/30/2018 by Matt
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    This jacket is a god send! It is the most comfortable leather jacket I’ve ever owned! I usually have trouble finding off-the-rack jackets that fit because of my athletic build (5’10” 170lbs 42” chest 30” waist) The M fit me extremely well! Nice and snug in the shoulders, but with the gussets there was enough room to move without be drowned by the room in the waist. This jacket is great! The leather is soft, and less grainy than most pebbled jackets. The pictures are not at all representative of the actual product. It’s wayyyyy better!

    Published: Sat, 8/25/2018 by Jason
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    Just to get this out of the way, here is my size info.

    Height: 5'10'
    Chest: 42'
    Weight: 165lbs
    Waist: 32'
    Size: Schott 530 M (Brown)

    This jacket fit perfectly! I usually have a hard time finding leather jackets off the rack that fit because I have an extremely athletic build, but man was this jacket an answer to prayers!

    The bi-swing gussets are a life-saver for someone with broad shoulders and would still like to use their arms when wearing a leather jacket. The leather is of high quality, and is heavy, right around mid-weight. The craftsmanship is nothing less than you'd expect from the best in the business. The color is a beautiful brown, (the pictures pale in comparison to the real thing!)

    If you are looking for a slimmer fit jacket, without having to sacrifice movement, look no further. This jacket will fit the bill. The 530 is a must have for casual wear or light riding in the spring or fall.

    Published: Thu, 8/16/2018 by Jason Young
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    530 X 2!

    Had such a great experience in store [thank you Joseph P] getting a black 530, I decided to take the plunge, again, and get the brown one.

    These jackets are fantastic. Made in the USA, soft [not too much so] leather, great fit and finish, a little expensive, but I hope to be enjoying these for a long time.

    Very pleased with in store and online experiences.

    2XL works for me. I'm 6', 200 pounds, jeans 38" x 32", dress shirts 17" x 35".

    Published: Mon, 6/4/2018 by EJC
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    I never review products bc I can be lazy in that sense, but I feel as if this jacket deserves one. The quality of this leather is awesome. A hobby of mine is to just sit back and observe all the character to each of the different pieces that make up this beautiful leather jacket. I have the black in medium and ride a decent amount. I’m in south Louisiana so yeah it can get hot when I’m riding in the summer but i don’t care. For fall spring and winter it’s perfect. Even in the summer if I’m riding in the morning or evening it’s not bad. Winter you’d need a long sleeve or light jacket under. Like I said I got the medium, I’m 175 5’11 and it fits well. I may send it to get the stomach taken in an inch or two to have it nice and snug while im riding. All around badass tough beautiful jacket that I’m going to carry through my life with pride and pass down to the next generation. Expensive jacket but that’s how it should be. It’s exactly what I was looking for in a bike jacket. If I buy another jacket I will without a doubt be from Schott. Thank you!

    P.S. I’ve had my jacket for over a year now.

    Published: Sat, 3/3/2018 by Mitchell
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    1 of 1 people found the following review helpful:


    5'-10", 170 lb. 41" chest. Size 42 suit.
    Size guide put me at M, but was able to try on a model 141 in M and it was too small across chest, although sleeve length was perfect.
    Emailed Schott and was recommended a size L.
    Fits great, but had to have the sleeves shortened about 1-¼ inch.

    The leather is wonderful. Not as pebbled as website illustration would indicate. Is better.

    The one thing I would prefer:
    As a previous reviewer noted, the position of the sleeve zippers being right under the wrist has them directly on table top; or,as I sit here typing, directly under my wrist, which feels uncomfortable. (When I play guitar, the hardware scratches the top. So I put electrical tape on the pull tab.)
    Moving the zippers to rear about 1 ½" would put them right on the seam, but what would be wrong with that?
    (If you're thinking I should simply take the jacket when I play the guitar, forget it; I look so cool, I sound better.)

    Published: Mon, 2/26/2018 by Steve
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    1 of 1 people found the following review helpful:


    I'll preface this review by saying I highly recommend this jacket and would purchase it again. This is my 4th and favorite Schott jacket, however there are a couple of small changes that I think would make this one perfect. First, the zipper placket is too big, I understand this is a functional riding jacket, but even so I think the placket could be less substantial and still be effective. I had my tailor take it in a bit. Second, I agree with another reviewer that said the zippers should run along the side of the sleeve instead of the bottom in order to prevent scratching wood surfaces ect. Now to the good-- I am 6' 175 and athletic and the M(40) fits me great. There's a bit of room for a light sweater but I would still consider it a slim fit, which is my preference. The build quality is excellent which is a given for all my Schott jackets, and the leather is very soft but still thick and tough. Despite a couple of very small changes that would make this jacket perfect, I still think it is far and away better than any other café racer on the market. Do yourself a favor and get this jacket.

    Published: Thu, 2/22/2018 by nking505
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    The quality of this jacket has been reviewed by everyone else to a T. It was the highest recommendation from a blog article on a fashion site I read stating that Schott was the best bang for the buck and I'd have to agree. While these are expensive to most, when you think about a jacket that will last 30+ years, it's a great investment. The jacket arrived on time - about 3 business days from order. I was able to email w/ Jerri a bit before and had read every review out there to figure out which jacket I wanted and what size to get, since these are not available anywhere near me.

    I purchased the 530 in brown, and the color in the picture is spot on - it's gorgeous in person. The imperfections of the leather are intact (a good thing) and the pebbling is adds a lot of character and just a sense of overall quality.. The antiqued brass hardware accents it enough while being very muted and non-blingy - it blends in quite well and complements the color. The brown/yellow plaid lining is another nice touch and the jacket is heavy and warm. I wore it yesterday in single digits with a negative wind chill - nothing like testing it right away - and I stayed warm with a sweater/collared shirt underneath.

    I am 5'9" tall, 180 pounds and muscular. I have around a 41" chest, 31" waist, and I was measured at 50" around the shoulders at a shop. The M fits snug and if I was any bigger it would probably be too tight. The whole jacket does move if I put my arms over my head, but that's not really something I do a whole lot anyway. I might have been better off going with the 141 with the footballs in a 40, but I'm not unhappy with this choice. I'm looking to lean out in the next few months, so the jacket really is pretty perfect for me. The sleeves may be about a half inch long (33" sleeves for dress shirts). The Bi-Swing back really helps for moving around so while some things feel a little constricted (reaching up, around, flexing lats), for the most part it fits like a glove. If you're skinny or lean, this will work perfectly. The profile view is what I normally forget about and gives me trouble when it comes to slim suits. I'm pretty thick in the upper shoulder and arms and just on the edge of being a bit too beefy, though viewing from the side, the jacket looks like it was made for me. So if you're on the thicker, bulkier side, you may want to opt for the 141 again. (These were the two styles I tried to decide between - the football, classic fit and more sizes lend themselves to bigger, meatier guys).

    I'm not a biker, so my intention is to wear this casually. The leather and style is nice enough where I could get away with a tie/shirt underneath even - it's just a truly classy style. The snap buttons are really high quality and the zippers are about the best I've ever seen. This was a major point that was pointed out in the article I read and had never even considered. The main zipper is heavy duty and does not feel like you'd ever be able to break it. It's thicker and more robust than any I've ever handled. I don't really intend on closing the zipped pockets ever on the sides or using the chest pocket, but it's a nice feature that adds some visual interest and break up. Again, the color is absolutely the nicest I've seen and EXACTLY what I wanted. This photo is great online and the few I've taken make it really pop. The interior includes on button pocket on the right inner side. These are the spring buttons that take some force to button and unbutton, which is yet another sign of quality. There's another on the snap closure around the neck, which is just about perfect at 18" for me. The mandarin collar is a little lower than I had wanted, which I knew when I ordered it. Actually it was my biggest concern, since I like a higher collar like the 141. However, when I have it on, it just makes the jacket look classy. It's no nonsense and does not use any extra material it doesn't need. Tall enough to cover a collar and keep out the elements - I've added a scarf on these colder days and it looks great.

    There are some zippers on the cuffs as well that are well done, making it easy to slip in and out of the jacket. I can safely wear a sweater or wool/merino V neck with an undershirt and dress shirt under without being too constricted. I added a gunnery school tee from Schott since the $10 price was right, and that's where this jacket really shines. Once the spring/fall weather comes back, t shirts, single layers are going to look awesome and I already feel like I don't want to take it off. Outside in the elements, leather cuts the wind like no other. As I mentioned, it's freezing here in Wisconsin, and I almost never zip this jacket up and stay warm. Throw a nice wool sweater around me and I'm good.

    Through the suggestion of Peter Nguyen, I knew what to look for in a leather jacket. He suggested Schott for each type of jacket, but I still wanted to see for myself if there was anything else out there for a lower price. I went to the stores - which don't have much for leather, especially in black - and found that none of the sub $500 offerings were going to do it for me. I'm big into watches, so I've always found that the companies that do it right, focus on one thing. Schott does this and I trusted the quality here over any overpriced "designer" leather. The cowhide on this is heavy, thick, and has that quality feel. I completely feel like I got my money's worth, especially after trying on and feeling some from outlet stores in the $200 range that do not even begin to compare. The lining is awesome, heavy duty stitching, invincible zippers, quality buttons and the most amazing color, feel, smell of a very thick and wonderful cowhide.

    In the end, this jacket is absolutely all it's cracked up to be. If you're slim and looking for a non-moto riding jacket, this is it. If you're a little beefier or into riding, I'd probably go with the 141. Completely satisfied and would definitely recommend Schott when it comes to leather.

    Published: Thu, 1/14/2016 by Andy in Wisconsin
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    First time I put this on, my wife told me "Finally, a leather jacket that looks like it's made for you!"

    I'm 183 cm tall and weighing about 92 kg. My jeans size varies between 34-36 inches. I'm
    wearing a size Large.

    Over a t-shirt it looks maybe even too roomy, but once I put on another layer like a light sweater or a hoodie, I don't think a medium would have fit me.

    OK, so PROS and CONS:


    - Heavy, tasty smelling, thick leather.
    - Zippers feel heavy duty and smooth
    - Hand and inside pockets are big enough to actually store something
    - Looks bad ass with it's sort of half-shiny, pebbled appearance


    - Outside breast pocket. Just big enough to fit my wallet, but still kinda awkward to fit my hand inside to pull it out. I probably end up not using this pocket at all.
    - It's not really a slim fit. I suggest you try it on before buying.
    - Jacket lining. The cotton has some piling up. I don't know if it will last.
    - Loose thread in the middle of stiching.

    And finally, the price in europe I paid for this during a sale was 800 Euros! Normal pricing 1000+€.

    You decide if the price is on point or not.

    Final thoughts: This jacket isn't for people with skinny, model like bodies, but rather for athletic/beer bellied/bigger/older guys.

    Oh and if you buy this item in 2019, the label's gonna say "Made in USA of imported materials", not just "made in USA".

    Published: Wed, 6/12/2019 by Johnny Finn
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    I've been searching the perfect leather jacket for the past few years. I've tried other, less expensive brands and have not been impressed. I wanted something with heritage, amazing quality, a great fit, and, of course, made in the USA. I am 5' 10" and weigh 185 pounds, so I ordered the Waxed Natural Pebbled Cowhide Café Leather Jacket in medium. When I received the jacket (after 2 days!), it was too tight. I emailed customer service and they responded (quickly) with measurements and advice to go up to large. I returned the jacket and once they received it, I had the large in two days time.

    The jacket is wonderful. It's heavy (but not burdensome), made of high quality, and smells like fresh cowhide. The price point in high-end, but I can envision this being a daily wear jacket for the rest of my life (barring a drastic weight change; reminder: lay off the potato chips). The arms are a perfect length, even having a tad extra for riding my Harley-Davidson. Everything is made with fine craftsmanship and attention to detail, from the zipper to the pockets and thread.

    Although it's a lot to spend on a clothing item, even in the price point there is not much competition. I would not change anything about this jacket and would advise anyone looking for the same to buy it now and you won't regret it.

    Published: Wed, 4/17/2019 by Tyler Auffhammer
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    Great jacket, looks and feels fabulous. About sizing. I am 5'5", with a 40" chest and 30" waist. Narrow shoulders, proportionate arms. A small fits snugly across the chest, well across the waist. Shoulders a bit large, sleeves a bit long. I will be having the sleeves shortened after a few months of wear.

    Published: Wed, 4/3/2019 by Davis Gentry
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    Cann't say more. This jacket is perfect, as in all Schott products! Love it.

    Published: Wed, 2/6/2019 by HW
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    Probably and best quality leather jacket I've ever seen. The leather is impeccable and the craftsmanship is unmatched. The fit is okay. I am 5'9" 220lbs and needed an XL. The sleeves in my opinion run way too long, probably by 2" inches too long. The sleeves can also be a little more fitted but overall it's a good leather jacket. I plan on purchasing one in black, but I need to see if I can get the sleeves shortened first otherwise I'll just stick to one of them

    Published: Sat, 1/5/2019 by Johnathan P
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    After looking at dozens of jackets on the internet, I decided that the Schott 530 was the style I was looking for. I have a bit longer torso than most for my height, so I was concerned about the length of the jacket, and considered going with a custom made one from Schott. When I inquired about that, I was informed that custom ordering was closed for the season, so I took a chance and ordered the medium size 530 in brown. I am 6'0 tall and 170 lbs. and the jacket fits great and is 'just' long enough. The quality of the leather and it's finishing is superb. I love the jacket and if I were to change anything on it, it would be to have a zip-out quilted liner so that I could wear it even more throughout the year!

    Published: Tue, 11/6/2018 by B. Abbott
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    My first purchase from Schott. The coat is excellent! Good fit, good feel and well constructed. It's expensive but worth the price.

    Published: Fri, 11/24/2017 by ToddP
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    I am absolutely STUNNED at the QUALITY of this jacket. I had my reservations about buying ANY jacket over $500, but the moment I decided to buy this jacket, I held high expectations.
    I’m here to say that this jacket went beyond any expectation I could have ever held. This is literally the nicest jacket I have ever owned, seen, or heard. There has not been a single day since owning this jacket that someone has not complimented me on the jacket.
    Don’t look at the $820 price tag as a negative. I saved up for this jacket, and it was money well spent. If you buy this jacket, you will NOT be disappointed.

    Published: Wed, 10/18/2017 by Sean A.
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    Hands down my favorite item in my wardrobe.... Buttery leather trust me purchase this jacket...

    Published: Sat, 8/5/2017 by Michael Roulaine
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    Love the Leather used for this one . Supper soft. The fit and style perfect . When you just don't want your biker one to head out in.

    Published: Sun, 6/18/2017 by Lynfordd
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    I purchased my leather jacket from the Schott store in LA, I had to try it in-store before considering buying as I had a few in mind, I highly recommend trying first as the one I walked out with (530) was not the one I was leaning towards purchasing. The 530 fit me like a glove. Didn’t need any breaking in.

    I'd prefer not pebbled as I feel it looks dated but I'm not a huge fan of the shiny/ stiff/ plastic look.

    I understand the flap underneath the front zipper is there for a practical reason, but I believe it is too thick and should be thinner for a more modern look.

    The zip is on the right size. Not a huge issue but all the clothing and jackets I have, have the zipper on the left side. Just a habit to zip up a certain way.

    The lining design is great and feels great. Although I’m already seeing and feeling pilling. I do have similar feeling cotton shirts that do not pill.

    The zipper tags feel weak and are of a delicate look and design, something more robust would be better in my opinion.

    On close inspection I found 3 short loose threads, I’m hoping these do not weaken the stitching.

    The leather pieces are mostly consistent. The only area I feel the leather differs is one or two sections.

    I prefer sleeve zippers not directly under my wrists and more in line with my pinky as they scratch uncovered wooden tables or things like a laptop.

    Seam at the back can be felt on flat surfaces when leaning back although I feel over a long period of time it will flatten.

    All what I’ve mentioned above are not deal breakers. I love this jacket and I haven’t seen a better one. It feels like it's going to last decades. I’m a big fan of simplicity and practicality and well made items. I can see a lot of care has going into making an individual unique garment. And it looks and feels great.

    Published: Thu, 6/15/2017 by morse
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    This is the perfect summer jacket! Superior leather, great stitching and finishing, very comfortable to wear - It is like a second skin, I feel I ain't be never pulling it off !!! Thank you once again, dear Schott people!!! When it comes to leather jackets, you are THE BEST-this is for sure!

    Published: Fri, 5/12/2017 by Anatoly, The Netherlands
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    I have been looking for a leather jacket for some time. I came across the Schott name while researching, and many of the reviews said that their jackets had beautiful leather and craftsmanship. The only negatives that I saw were that they had a boxy fit. Judging only by this jacket, I can say that is not the case. I am 6' 1" about 195 lbs with an athletic build, and this jacket is by far the best fitting I have ever worn. I would swear it was tailored to me. The jacket is form fitting while still allowing room to move. The jacket itself is heavy, but not in an obnoxious way. I can tell that this jacket will last for many years. After trying it on and purchasing it I am now a lifelong Schott customer. I highly recommend this jacket to anyone. This jacket is as perfect for everyday wear as it is for riding. Well done Schott.

    Published: Wed, 2/1/2017 by Joel
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    Compared to the 641, this jacket is understated, for when you don't want your clothes to speak quite so loudly. This has a lot to do with the metal parts being much less shiny. The leather is much softer and more flexible. The jacket feels good to wear right out of the box. For me, the arms (maybe also the body?) seem longer, and there is less material in the arm pits and back, so the jacket sits flatter on me. The lower body is roomier (a little too roomy for my body), though not so much that it could accommodate a large belly. The quality of the leather, zippers, and stitching all seem great to me. My chest is 38.5, and size small is clearly too small for me in the torso, but not by much.

    Published: Tue, 1/10/2017 by anonymous
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    530 CAFE RACER

    Absolutely a beautiful jacket. Leather is strong and soft. You'll look like badass wearing this jacket.

    Published: Sun, 1/8/2017 by Chris
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    I've been lusting after this jacket since it came out, tried it on at the NYC flagship store while I was looking at other jackets.

    The fit and feel is perfect. not too slim, but definitely not bulky. I am 6'4", 220lbs and I wear an XL.

    The leather is soft and supple, and smells amazing.

    Now I wish it would get cold enough to wear it down here in Texas!

    Published: Wed, 11/16/2016 by Lkueb013
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    The heft and quality is amazing! I am size 42 and ordered a large. I should have sized down. Will exchange for a medium and update when it arrives.

    Published: Tue, 9/27/2016 by Christopher Lee
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    All I can say is wow. This jacket is unbelievable to the quality construction and they soft leather. This is going to last a long time. I was going back and forth between sizes and ultimately landed on the large. For reference, I'm 6', 195LBs, and a semi-athletic build with a 44" chest. This jacket fit perfectly and not too snug. I would highly recommend it.

    Published: Wed, 6/8/2016 by Jeff Richards
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    I have owned several leather jackets over the years and this one is by far the nicest. Quality is first rate, fit is perfect and I could not be happier with it.

    Published: Tue, 5/3/2016 by John Marmion
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    Just got this jacket in November 2015. I am six three and 208 lbs. The jacket is a slim fit and I have very broad shoulders. Snug if you layer otherwise fits very nice. They say it is medium heavy but this is a heavy jacket in my opinion. Very high quality! the leather is soft and with no imperfections. The lining is very nice and will keep you warm. I had a 141 custom made several yeas ago in the steer hide but this jacket is much softer and just as heavy. Great product!

    Published: Tue, 1/26/2016 by Paul D. Paikowski
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