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Asset - Men's Leather Jacket



Asset - Men's Leather Jacket


Horween® Chromexcel heavy steerhide café racer with 4 zippered front pockets, black metal trim & 100% wool herringbone lining. Has one vertical inside pocket on the left hand side.



    Horween® Chromexcel heavy steerhide café racer with 4 zippered front pockets, black metal trim & 100% wool herringbone lining. Has one vertical inside pocket on the left hand side.

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    Published: Wed, 3/16/2022 by Paul Hakimian

    This jacket is amazing. 6' 245 size 44" chest. an XL fits like a glove. i own 4 other Schott jackets 530,141,james and a brown delivery and this jacket blows them away big time. the leather is very thick and smells great. very stiff like armor. so glad I purchased this one it's amazing!!

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    Published: Fri, 3/11/2022 by Paul Hakimian

    I purchased this jacket a couple of weeks ago.im6' about 245 with a 44" chest. i ordered the XL and the XXL. the XL fit like a glove, perfect every where.
    The XXL was to big, the quality leather that this Is made from is bar none the best I've ever owned. the thickness of the steerhide, the smell and like other people attest too it feels like my are wearing armor. this is currently my 5th Schott jacket I own,(530,James,141,and a brown delivery jacket)
    Andi didn't think I could find another that would surpass mm y expectations, well this one just blew me away. If you are in the market for a serious leather jacket in every aspect.....THIS IS THE ONE!!!!

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    Published: Tue, 1/25/2022 by Derek G
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    I bought the 530 a few years back instead of this jacket. But I’ve never stopped thinking about this jacket. The 530 is soft and ready to wear, this one is gonna take some time to break in, but I’m confident it will end up being the better of the two jackets. And even not broken in, it still looks great. If you have bigger shoulders I would recommend one size higher than what the website recommends, I did and the fit is great.

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    Published: Wed, 12/15/2021 by Nathan Creel
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    I am 6'2" tall 183-185 with 43" chest and 34" waste by measurement. I wear 32" waisted jeans and 40" on most sport coats. I went with a large as recommended by the site sizing assistance, and the waist is a bit big for me. This is my only complaint with the jacket. If I have a hoodie under it, the chest is tight, but the waist is still a touch big. This is the problem with S/M/L sizing especially in such a structured jacket. Since this is on the high end of Schott's price range, they probably cannot justify more sizing options because the don't sell as many. I am almost certain the medium would have been too small especially if layering. I don't really think of myself as athletically build, but maybe I am.

    I like when companies put exact sizing online and show how to measure your favorite jacket to get a better idea how something will fit. I would have loved to try this on before, but it was not possible. The chest is perfect and the sleeves are perfect length for me as well. (34.5" sleeve is how I measure). Selvedge jean companies do this very well. Also, the website does not have enough detail on this jacket, the leather, or photos.

    Saying all that, the design of this jacket is what I really love. The leather is black chromexcel and will act like a teacore leather showing brown as it wears. The overall color has a brown tint as well when placed next to black, which I think is awesome. The will really be better in a few years. "Teacore" is term usually used to describe a veg tanned leather that shows brown as it wears in. The Chromexcel is a combination chrome and veg tanned leather, but will wear in similarly. The smell of this leather is fantastic as well.

    Purists of leather jackets do not like the black hardware, but I really do. I think it really gives the jacket that more streamlined look of simplicity. Purists also don't like the leather which really is what adds to the cost, but as I explained the wear over time is really what you are paying for. True teacore horsehide will by over double the cost of this jacket.

    I think the wool lining is perfect as well. The sleeves are lined with a satin feeling polyester, and I have not experienced any scratchiness in a teeshirt with the wool lining. It may be warm in the summer, but hard to wear any jacket in the summer here in Georgia.

    Lastly, my lighter leather seats in my truck are covered, but beware of Chromexcel leather leaching oils onto lighter leather seats. I have not had any issues with this but have seen some online. The jacket had a kind of waxy coat when it arrived. You could brush it to get that to diminish, but it was gone after a single wear.

    Oh! and it is heavy. Everyone who holds it is surprised by the weight. There is definitely a break in period. It is stiff, and I love the process of breaking in this heirloom piece.

    Overall, I am super pleased with this jacket. I don't mind the waist being a bit bigger. I'm not an instagram model and actually wear this everyday. Getting a jacket to fit perfectly will take considerably more money. The shipping was super quick received in a couple days via FedEx. The design and leather choice are why I bought this particular jacket, and I really look forward to seeing how it looks in a few years.

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    Published: Sat, 12/4/2021 by Kyle Stoffer
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    Extremely thick leather, coat looks amazing. Can’t emphasize enough how stiff it is…will definitely take some time to break in. Lining is very nice, but thinner than what I expected. Bottom line, one of the highest quality, timeless designs I have ever owned. Looking forward to breaking it in!!!!

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    Published: Tue, 3/30/2021 by Mark Wamhoff
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    This jacket is ready for action! The selected leathers are excellent quality and designed for a lifetime of use. This jacket is heavy; you will have to wear and earn the break-in to make it you own! The inner wool lining is good for the proper insulation and comfort. You will not find a better leather jacket from any manufacturer in the world--period.

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    Published: Tue, 8/11/2020 by Stuart
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    Great product and great service. Delivered incredibly fast on the other side of the world and a fantastic jacket. Thanks guys !

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    Published: Mon, 6/1/2020 by James Knowles
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    Worth every cent! Heavy, durable and just downright awesome., can’t wait for cool weather. Fit is right on. Happy I spent the money!!

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    Published: Thu, 4/30/2020 by Xu
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    I got this jacket a year ago in NYC store. I was debating b/w a 641HH and 530. I tried 530 which is too tight for the small, but too large for medium. 641HH is amazing but I don't like the collar too much. When I tried on this one I knew this is the one. Leather is very thick and heavy, fits like an armor. Smells like a dream.

    Pros: thick leather it's going to last many generations.

    Cons: After wearing this for awhile there's a few problems.
    1. Due to the thick leather, there's some loose stitches here and there, I have 2 on the sleeves and on in the mid body.
    2. Also due to thick leather, the left inside pocket corner (where all the leather meets) creates a bulge that protrudes a bit when zipped up. It's already discolored a bit on the outside. I removed that piece of leather from the inside pocket and it's much better.
    3. The zipper head on the sleeves rotated 90 degrees sometimes, and it's hard to pull. I have removed the head and attached key rings with leather pull and made it better.
    4. Not a con but I felt the wool lining is scratchy and too warm, a lighter weight lining would be much appreciated. I tried contacting schott for potential lining changes but no response from them yet.

    It's a good jacket but I think for the price I expected a bit better.

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    Published: Sat, 3/7/2020 by Brian

    This jacket is a monster -very heavy and stiff, but I love it! The leather is unmatched for look and feel - and the quality is superb.

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