A-2 Naked Cowhide Leather Flight Jacket
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Cowhide Flight Jacket
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A-2 Naked Cowhide Leather Flight Jacket

      Get our 27" 4-in-1 Combination A-2 Leather Bomber Flight Jacket. Styled with a bi-swing back, snap-off pile collar, polytwill lining and zip-out pile liner. Two-way entrance front pockets, knit waistband and cuffs. Union Made in the U.S.A by LOCAL 169 of WORKERS UNITED A/W SEIU.

      The 4-in-1 Combination can be worn four ways:
      With collar and pile liner on
      With collar, but no pile liner
      With pile liner, but no collar
      Without pile liner or collar

      Material: Naked Cowhide

      Free shipping for all orders over $100 within the continental USA and APO.



      3 of 3 people found the following review helpful:


      I simply cannot praise the Schott company highly enough for the beautifully crafted A2 black leather jacket that I just received. The leather is beautiful, and the detail is exceptional. I fully intend to buy two more: another black a2 and a brown a2.

      I should mention too, that the personnel at Schott were friendly, gracious and professional. I am a client of theirs for life.

      Published: Fri, 2/10/2012 by Edmund Jimenez
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      3 of 3 people found the following review helpful:


      Fantastic Jacket. Materials and workmanship great ! Could not be happier !

      Published: Sun, 6/8/2008Robert G Smith
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      2 of 2 people found the following review helpful:


      True to my word, I purchased two additional Schott A-2 184SM leather jackets. Now I have three: 1 black size 42, 1 black size 44, 1 brown size 44. I'm now leather-fulfilled.

      These jackets are beyond my capacity to praise. I would happily pay double Schott's current asking price per jacket. Of course, thankfully, Schott has not doubled the price!

      The consistently high quality of craftsmanship, attention to detail, and superbly prepared leather is simply amazing-and rare!

      My girlfriend and I will be visiting New York/New Jersey later this year; expect a visit from us! We'll be reverent.

      Thank you, Schott!

      Published: Thu, 3/1/2012 by Edmund Jimenez
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      1 of 1 people found the following review helpful:


      I received my flight jacket as a gift over a year ago. And what a gift it has been. I wear it every season except summer and have never owned a jacket as substantial, good ooking and warm as this. It is heavy but looses that feel when put on. I receive compliments every where I go. The quality is top notch and the name is world famous. Though I didn't pay for it, the jacket is worth every penny.

      Published: Tue, 1/29/2013 by David Seward
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      1 of 1 people found the following review helpful:


      Finally bought one after kicking it around for a year, That was a waste of time could have had it a year sooner!
      This is a jacket, you can tell as soon as you pick it up it's gonna last!Loveit I'm not sure if I am breaking it in or if it's breaking me in either way I wish the cold would stay a little longer this year! I wear a 44 dinner jacket ordered this in a 46"gale told me to" fits perfect with room for a light hoodie.

      Published: Sun, 11/20/2011 by Rob Wagner
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      Fit for me is true to my chest size. My jacket arrived in perfect condition and the leather and construction is very high quality. The jacket is very warm and comfortable. American made makes it the best.

      Published: Fri, 2/24/2017 by Louis A Brunckhorst
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      This was my second purchase - last year I got the black one! Words are useless to explain how happy am I - everything is perfect, from the order up to the delivery!!! And the jacket itself is the best I've ever had - just perfect, a real, solid stuff Made in USA!!!So thank you once again, dear Schott people and see you back at my next purchase!!!

      Published: Wed, 2/1/2017 by Anatoly, Netherlands
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      Superb quality and perfect fit, complemented by a first class service. I wouldn't have it any other way. My complements to the firm and its people.

      Published: Wed, 11/16/2016 by Panagiotis G. Foinikis
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      THE BEST

      Look no further when buying a leather jacket.

      I'm on my second of the brown M2 jackets. I just replaced my old one when the pockets fell off, but it had been some time.

      Its replacement is now about 17 years old, and still looking good.

      Getting me a black Perfecto motorbike jacket next...

      If I had any criticism at all it's just that the pockets could be just a bit stronger. They wear out pretty quickly if you have keys in them.

      Published: Tue, 8/23/2016 by Jack Lee
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      This is a well made cowhide jacket for what people buy cowhide jackets for. It is not a light weight fashionable jacket. Hopefully this will last a long time.

      Published: Sat, 8/13/2016 by Bill Lum
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      That's my Schott's second one, after I got a Perfecto 118 two years ago - great style, excellent tailoring, superb leather quality! Anything, but just this - thank you, dear Schott People, you are - SIMPLY THE BEST!!!

      Published: Fri, 6/10/2016 by Anatoly, The Netherlands
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      I had the local store that sells Schott bring this in so I could determine what size I needed. The first things I noticed were the weight and incredible quality of the leather. If you have purchased leather jackets from department stores as I have, you appreciate the stark differences that the best materials and craftsmanship make here. I am hooked after owning for about a month, and now I have just ordered the 135 for my second Schott jacket. My "Made in China" jackets will be auctioned off to make room for the REAL DEAL! Here is a jacket that should last at least 20 to 30 years. WARNING: Try a Schott jacket, and you will never go back to the cheap imitations!

      Published: Sat, 12/28/2013 by Wade Perceful
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      I had wanted this jacket for a long time, and a trip to the USA was the occasion to have it shipped to my hotel for free.
      I ordered it from France, Jerri helped me to determine the right size and agreed to delay the shipment until I arrive in the US.
      The jacket was delivered the day we had planned and it is exactly as I has dreamed it. The size fits perfectly and I am amazed by the quality of leather and stitching.
      Congrats for this and thank you for always answering my numerous questions.

      Published: Tue, 8/6/2013 by Romain Bietti
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      5 STARS !!!!!!!!!!!!

      I never write reviews after I buy a product but I will make an exception this time.
      I have owed for 31 years now a Schott "IS 674 MS" flight jacket, it survived a 111 MPH motor cycle accident 24 years among other things and just about 2 years ago did the collar in the neck area started to have some tears in the neck area. It is still very good condition and I was still wearing it. That should give you an idea of the quality of the product. I just received a new A2 184 SM flight jacket which is at 98 % the same model that I bought 31 years and its the same quality and everything. So buy in peace because it is absolutly superb... . One last thing, 31 years ago in France, I had payed at the time 2,500.00 Francs which would translate around 725 dollars at the time (hard not to remember the cost of your first leather jacket) and it did not have the collar or the pile liner... . Cheers to Schott!!! !

      Published: Fri, 9/14/2012 by Guillaume Ruhl
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      I love this jacket! It looks great, fits great, feels great. My compliments to the members of Union local 169. Great job guys! I especially appreciate all the thought that went into this jacket; side entry hand warmer pockets, gussets in the underarms and back for freedom of movement, fur collar and liner. And I especially like the length, 27 inches. Some jackets made by other manufacturers are short and don't fit right. If I ever want another leather jacket I know where to go.

      Published: Tue, 3/27/2012 by Major Duffy Liebenguth, USAF, ret.
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      WHAT A JACKET!!!

      simply the best!!!

      Published: Mon, 3/12/2012 by eyal toren
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      This jacket provides me with everything I look for in a high quality leather jacket - style, function, and durability. The grade and quality of materials along with the AMERICAN workmanship is truly second to none. I wear a size 48 regular. The fit and "feel" of this jacket is something that, in my opinion, you can only find in a genuine Schott product. I recently purchased a Schott Perfecto 118 motorcycle jacket also, for riding. Well satisfied, highly recommended!

      Published: Mon, 2/27/2012 by Sheldon Kowaleski
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      This is the best jacket i have ever owned, and i have owned alot. The leather is absolutely brilliant and the fit was perfect. I have only Gail to thanks as her answers via email were very helpful in getting the right size, and perfect fit as i ordered this from the UK.

      Published: Mon, 2/20/2012 by Zeshan Hussain
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      Increvable, indémodable, sans entretien, très chaud pour l'hiver. Le choix des cuirs et la qualité d'assemblage montre que Schott NYC est toujours l'ultime référence des blousons en cuir à héritage militaires.

      Published: Mon, 10/10/2011 by django
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      Have wanted one for years and finally did myself a favour last year - spectacularly great jacket - a real classic... My only issue is that when you take the detatchable inner lining out the metal zip is a little uncomfortable and might rub against and mark yr shirt. However it's a really wonderful jacket - looks better with the 'faux fur' collar removed.

      Get one now and don't wait around like I did - you won't regret it...!!!

      Published: Fri, 10/7/2011 by Barney Dormer
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      I received this jacket as a gift when I was in High School in 1980. I wore it until I grew out of it and then passed it along to my cousin in Spain. He wore it until he grew out of it and it is still making the rounds there. The jacket just keeps getting better and better. It is, without a doubt, the best jacket I have ever owned.
      Excellent work!!!

      Published: Fri, 4/29/2011 by Gallego
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      I bought this jacket 25 years ago in France - naturally aged and still in great shape. Great job Schott.

      Published: Sun, 2/20/2011 by Antoine de Montbel
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      I wanted this Jacket for nearly ten years. Because of my small amount as a student i couldn´t effort it. Today I bought myself a new 184sm. Even with the much higher price in europe it´s worth every dollar (or euro). The best jacket i ever owned. You know, when you buy a leather jacket, they allways tell you it´s for a lifetime. But those guys never saw and felt a schott jacket, that´s for a lifetime.
      Love it!!!

      Published: Sat, 11/20/2010 by mirko heuer
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      I have had this jacket almost 10 years and it still looks like the day I bought it. This jacket is full grain none of that paper tin leather. I live in the cold & wet northeast and love this jacket. Once a year I clean and waterproof it and am "good to hook" Buy this jacket and you'll have it for life.

      Published: Sat, 11/13/2010 by Michael Williams
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      I bought my first A2 when I started flying for a living in 1979. I wore it daily flying the "bush" in Alaska for 15 years, had the pockets replaced two or three times, and finally wore through the leather in the arms after 10 years. My second A2 lasted me a little longer, but now I'm in need of a new one again. Schott is the ONLY jacket I will consider to replace my worn out one.

      Published: Wed, 10/6/2010 by Carl David Oberg
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      I live in NE and it is winter-and it is FREAKING cold. I got a 184SM from a used clothing shop, and even without the collar and liner it is as warm as my Ralph Lauren pea coat-and a lot more durable and worry free. The brass zipper-line on this thing has got to weigh 8-10 oz by itself. The pockets are fabric lined, and the snaps are sold and heavy as well. Naked cowhide is pretty soft, and a light treatment for UV protection and some moisture made this jacket look and feel like new. Mine is at least 10 years old, and it still smells like leather. Thanks to Gail at Schott for answering all my questions via email before my purchase.

      Published: Thu, 2/25/2010 by Cedric S
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      I purchased this jacket and is awsome! Exceptional quality! Made with the soul. If you want a perfect fit, ask the Gail Hawkins. She guided me to get the perfect size. Great customer service for a great looking jacket!
      The jacket worth all the money, to the last penny.
      Thanks a lot, Gail!

      Published: Fri, 2/12/2010 by Mihai from Romania
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      I bought my first A-2 from Schott in 1987. This jacket looks better today than the day I bought it. When I grew and the Jacket didn't, I bought a Cooper. Bad choice. I bought any Schott A-2 in 2000 and I love it. The leather is heavier and maintains a great finish. Every year it continues to exceed my expectations. If you want a great looking jacket that will last forever, buy this one.

      Published: Thu, 2/11/2010 by Phillip Dart
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      I have owned this jacket for about three years now. I get a ton of compliments every time I wear it. I really hate taking it off when I get to my destination. My friends will say "Can we peel off your jacket and get you comfortable?" I always say "I'm as comfortable as possible right now!" I love Schott jackes so much that I just purchased a Perfecto Motorcyle Jacket. No, I don't own a motorcycle, but I figured I owned this jacket and never flew a jet either. If you are tired of spend a lot of money for foreign inferior leather, these are the jackets to own. They don't come any nicer!

      Published: Fri, 1/29/2010 by Edmond "Eddie" Cellini
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      I purchased one of these in the fall of 1993. It's well made and very comfortable. I find that the "footballs" under the arms, and the back construction allow very good freedom of motion, so enhancing comfort. I still have the same jacket all these years later, and it still looks and feels great.
      Perhaps the best compliment the jacket ever received was from a WWII veteran who had flown many missions as part of the crew of a bomber, who told me what a great looking jacket I was wearing.

      Published: Thu, 3/12/2009 by Ron Russell
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      Dear sirs,
      I would like to inform you that I own this jacket for 18 years and it is an excellent product.
      Next month I will buy a black one.

      Published: Mon, 1/26/2009 by Greg D.
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      This is my second Schott A-2. The first one lasted me about 15 years and this one has been in service for 3 years now. The leather is heavy and soft. It is very warm and it's looks actually improve with age. A winner.

      Published: Fri, 12/19/2008 by Ed Brandwein
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      I've ouwned 2 of those jackets (one without any collar and pile liner, but with very strong leather...Sold to my best friend).I still have my Schott Leather Flight Jacket since 22 years, looks vintage and indestructible !!! Now that fashion style is coming back on the french street...
      Like what...

      PS :Love your Double Breasted Military Leather Jacket.

      Published: Fri, 11/21/2008Olivier Beauche
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      I really like the butter soft leather on this jacket. The jacket without the polytwill lining and without the pile collar was very comfortable and felt great.

      The jacket has great style but the full pile collar was ichy and rubbed my neck. It would be perfect if a real mutton collar was used. Thank you Schott for the great leather jacket.

      Published: Tue, 4/29/2008Don Harrington
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