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3sixteen X Schott Horween Motorcycle Jacket

STYLE: 520316


3sixteen X Schott Horween Motorcycle Jacket

STYLE: 520316

Special limited edition heavyweight horsehide Perfecto(R) made with 3sixteen


    Minimalist style meets heavyweight. 3sixteen takes our classic "Perfecto" style and puts it in heavy Horween horsehide and keeps it simple with no epaulets or belt.

  • Heavyweight Horween Horsehide
  • 100% Cotton Grey and Black Plaid Flannel Lining Knit in Japan
  • Retro Stirrup Front Pull
  • Inside Chest Pocket
  • Single Panel Back
  • U.S.A.

    From 3sixteen:
    Like previous iterations, the Horsehide Perfecto jacket is built off our favorite Schott double rider fit, the 519. The leather is a custom tannage made exclusively for this project by Horween Leather Company in Chicago, and is a tea-core chromexcel horsehide that starts out black but exhibits brown undertones as it’s worn. The hides have been heavily milled by Horween to give them a softer, more supple hand and to bring out those brown undertones. The chromexcel that you usually see in the wild has heavy pull-up and is shiny; this leather has a more weathered appearance with beautiful complexity of color which will continue to age over time. Due to the milling process, we've found that certain hides are a deeper black while others have already begun to exhibit the aging process of the leather - and in that regard, each jacket is unique. Over time, all of the jackets will break in the same way and show the beautiful brown undertones that we intended.
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    Published: Fri, 6/5/2020 by Harry Milan

    I have (and had) many schott jackets over the past few years including a 626vn, 519, Per22, Cafecto but this is by far the nicest and best fitting of them all. The leather is so unique. It is somehow both stiff and soft at the same time.

    The fit is supposed to be the 519. Id say it is slightly different in that it has a little more room in the sweep and arm openings. The small 519 was too small for me while this in small is good. I guess there is always some difference in leather jackets.

    I am 181cm and 79kgs and can fit the small well. It is tight to do up and tight when layering but I can still get a hoodie underneath.

    The jacket just feels better every wear.

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    Published: Thu, 2/20/2020 by PSD

    I have been looking for the "perfect" leather jacket ever since I saw a different collaboration Schott did years ago. I can say that I am very glad that I waited almost 10 years before buying. a motorcycle/leather jacket.

    I am 6'2" and skinny, so I struggle to find clothes that fit me well. Medium may be the right chest, but the sleeves are short. Large might have the right sleeve length but ends up being too wide. This jacket is as close to a perfect fit as I will get - sleeves that are long enough, body that doesn't fit too wide. The only minor issue for me - the upper chest can restrict my range of motion if the jacket is zipped 3/4 closed or more...which is a rare occurrence. The sleeves are a bit long, but I have a feeling they will fit better once the jacket is broken in to my wear patterns.

    As the other reviews state, this jacket is pretty near perfect. Yes, the leather is heavy and will take time to break in, but I can tell the break-in period will be worth the wait. The lining is the perfect weight that this can be worn with a sweatshirt, flannel, etc. and not become too hot.

    Overall, this is a great jacket and I have no regrets with the purchase.

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    Published: Fri, 2/14/2020 by phillyphillyphil

    I have tried on a lot, and now own 3, Schott jackets -- 519, Storm, and now the 520316 collab with 3sixteen. This jacket rules them all. Like my other jackets, I bought the Medium. The blurb says it is based on the 519 cut but it is in fact more accommodating: The sleeves are less slim and a tad longer than my medium 519. And I can zip the jacket up much more easily even with a hoodie layer. For reference, I am 5'9" 190lbs with an athletic build. If you're lucky enough to find your size, don't hesitate to buy. You won't be disappointed!

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    Published: Mon, 2/10/2020 by Graham Waller

    The design is minimal, but the nickel gives it some pop and flash. A truly classic American look.

    The leather is tough and heavy horse, but it's milled, so not stiff as a board and restricting. And it looks like a finely aged vintage leather, different every day. Love horween.

    The lining is a gorgeous material in look and feel, like a light flannel sheet on a cold day.

    The fit is the true masterpiece of this jacket. Slim, but not skinny. Past the belt, but not long. Roomy, but not baggy. Firm, but not tight.

    It does the most elusive thing a leather jacket can do, look and wear perfect with a t shirt AND a flannel or hoody. Nearly impossible.

    I, like many leather heads have bought and sold too many jackets looking for "perfection". 

    Luckily, for the iconic, historical, classic cross zip style leather jacket, I have found perfection.

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