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Schott X 3sixteen

Schott x 3sixteen

 Schott NYC and 3sixteen Collaborate on Monochromatic Spring Perfecto Jacket

3sixteen, a NYC-based denim brand founded in 2003 has partnered with iconic outerwear manufacturer Schott NYC to produce a collaborative leather jacket.  This undertaking combines the Schott family's extensive heritage and expertise with 3sixteen's understated design sensibilities to yield a clean, minimalist double rider jacket that is both tough as nails and guaranteed to wear in beautifully over it's life time.  

The jacket’s silhouette is a modernized, slim fit version of the classic Perfecto motorcycle jacket, originally designed by Irving Schott in 1928. With its slightly lengthened body and slimmer arms, the jacket has a fashion-forward fit that is equally at home in both casual and riding functions. Additionally, eliminating the belt and the epaulet star on the classic Perfecto and employing matte black hardware for all zippers and snaps yields a monochromatic, easy-to-wear look.

The 3sixteen x Schott NYC Perfecto is made of premium naked cowhide, a leather with a slight sheen and supple hand that will age beautifully. Unlike traditional finished leather that has a rigid shiny topcoat, naked cowhide has no finish and open pores, resulting in a softer feel and an easier break-in period. The jacket is lined with raw Japanese selvedge chambray fabric that will provide for comfortable, lightweight, year-round wear. The lining features a busted-seam detail that runs up the back to show the self edge of the fabric. Lastly, a custom leather patch commemorating the collaboration is sewn into the lining above an inside pocket.

As a final touch, 3sixteen employed Josh Warner of Good Art HLYWD to design and manufacture a custom .925 sterling silver “snap-cap” to apply to the signature snap on the back of the jacket, which is traditionally used to attach an optional sheepskin collar. Good Art’s snap cap is an original design consisting of a female portion made of solid brass inserted into a solid sterling silver cap top. The snap caps are individually crafted by hand end-to-end in Good Art’s Los Angeles foundry. Each snap is then boiled in sulfur to give it a unique gunmetal finish: the sulfur creates a black oxidation layer on the snap which, over time, will wear down to reveal the bright silver underneath - not unlike the patina that is achieved on a pair of raw denim.

The lookbook was shot by Julian Berman and features LA-based actor and longtime friend Milo Ventimiglia. Each jacket is hand cut and sewn in Schott’s family-owned manufacturing facility in New Jersey. Only 100 units were produced and will be available on Thursday, June 9th, via the following retailers for $950 USD

Schott NYC Flagship (New York, NY)

Rivet & Hide (London) Schott LA Flagship (Glendale, CA)

Burg & Schild (Berlin)

Self Edge (SF/NY/LA/PDX/MX)

Cultizm (Munster)

Snake Oil Provisions (Long Beach, CA)

Meadow (Malmo)

Lone Flag (San Diego, CA)


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Vogue sperw1

SperW in White Featured in Vogue

Our SperW white was featured in the January issue of Vogue Magazine twice. Model Imaan Hammam is showing off the white Perfecto over a white dress to demonstrate "Being Yourself." Later on in the issue, the jacket is shown in it's native habitat, NYC.

Get your own here:

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Buzzfeed 2/2016 Logo featured Schott NYC as an American Brand everyone should know

Schott NYC was listed as one of the Made in America Clothing Brands You Should Know by Buzzfeed. Commenting on the "High-quality leather jackets appreciated by fashion bros and old-school bikers alike." We agree!

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Svbscription Journal

Jason Schott was featured as one of three influential New Yorkers on the Svbtext Journal.

Jason Schott

Chief Operating Officer and 4th generation family member, Schott NYC.

SVB: How do you stay with the heart of the brand and make sure your family's values are upheld as the brand evolves? 

JS: It's very easy to stay connected to the heart of the brand and absolutely necessary to do so when my last name goes on every single jacket made in our factory. My great grandfather started the company over 100 years ago and I grew up working in the factory starting by sweeping floors and loading trucks. I work with my mother and my uncle every day and we all feel a tremendous responsibility to maintain the heart of the brand and the values my great grandfather and grandfather instilled in all of us as they built this brand. 

SVB: Throughout the 70s and 80s Schott became synonymous with the punk rock movement and pieces were flaunted by rock stars like The Ramones, Blondie and The Sex Pistols. How is Schott connected to music nowadays?   

JS: We have been incredibly lucky to have support from iconic music legends over the years. We are connected to many modern musicians who wear our jackets today like Kanye West, Adam Levine, Rihanna, and Lady Gaga. 

SVB: What's your day-to-day like? 

JS: Our factory begins production at 7am so I’m usually in after I drop my kids at school. I check in with my mother, our President, who is typically on the factory floor overseeing production as well as my uncle, our CEO. I meet with our design team to review new samples and our VP of sales to discuss new distribution opportunities. I speak with our store manager in New York to evaluate sales and hear feedback from customers at the retail level. I have lunch with my family everyday, then in the afternoon, I speak with our store manager in Los Angeles and discuss PR and marketing strategies with our publicist in our New York City showroom. Basically, I'm keeping the wheels moving in all of our departments to make sure we are continuing to grow while staying connected to who we are as a brand.

SVB: What publications do you read to stay on point with the industry?

JS: Business of Fashion, WWD, Inc. Magazine, and the Slate. I also look forward to the Sunday New York Times.


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