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yet another!

ive recently bought a fox creek bomber (see thier website) it fits fine in the shoulders and chest but is too long in the arms! its a 44 , i'm 5' 8 " 190 lbs , probably fit some taller guy better , check thier website for details ,its naked cowhide, it has full armour fitted no damage near new anyone want to make an offer? i can send pics.

moomba on 05/07/10 at 08:29 AM

Is this the jacket?

I would like it, but i need to get rid of my Schott 613 1 star size 44 that has too short of arms for me.

gixxer11 on 05/07/10 at 08:38 AM

yes thats the one buddy, check the proper website tho! the guy should have got one that fitted! im getting my brother to wear the bomber today for some pics hes six foot , hey would your 613 fit me? ive a 118 in a 42 but its shall we say...snug ! later bud

moomba on 05/07/10 at 02:36 PM

I'll bet my 613 would fit you.  I am 5-10 185.  Like i said the sleeves are at my wrist when i hang my arms down.  But while riding, i can see my watch on my arm.  Maybe a trade??  Mine is like new.. No flaws at all.  I have new sleeve lining put in because the cuffs were a little worn.  Later.

gixxer11 on 05/07/10 at 03:29 PM

what do you guys think re arm length?


gixxer11 on 05/07/10 at 03:30 PM

hi moomba! i'll as gail , but i bet she sees this and replies anyway!


moomba on 05/07/10 at 03:39 PM

I think the arm length looks good.  that is how i would want it to fit. Look around, you see a lot of sleeve lengths like that.

gixxer11 on 05/07/10 at 03:50 PM

thats a point, ive not ridden in it yet! you know ive a vanson this fox creek a branded , but the frustrating thing is ive always wanted a schott. ive a brand new 118 thats too small! lol

gixxer11 on 05/08/10 at 07:43 AM

have decided to persevere with the slightly long arms. so no longer for sale. thanks

moomba on 05/08/10 at 05:40 PM

Good move.  Does it have zip sleeves, and are they zipped in the pic?

gixxer11 on 05/08/10 at 05:46 PM

zip sleeves? enlighten me buddy...


moomba on 05/08/10 at 06:17 PM

Do the sleeve ends zip to make them tighter?  Usually 6 " zippers on each sleeve.

gixxer11 on 05/08/10 at 06:34 PM

yes they do, theyre zipped up in the pics, you know i think if it bugged me that much i might have em shortened. . lovely leather, great jacket! wish i could find one to fit me 100%, i must be a freak! lol

TAT2MAN on 05/09/10 at 02:06 AM

How do you want it to fit? The fit for riding is different than the fit for walking around.

copsunited on 05/09/10 at 10:53 AM

De Ja vue..all over again..


It is difficult to explain and still sound sane.  IF you find a jacket that fits well through the trunk , it will most likely have sleeves that come down over you finger tips. Why??


Well for the heck it it.. sit at a table.. , push the chair back and reach for an object  with both hands that will  approximate what it is to sit on a motorcycle with your arms extended to the handle bars.


The sleeves are deliberately long so they will be comfortable and cover the wrists while riding.


If you don't ride much but love the jacket it is worth the $120 to modify.

gixxer11 on 05/09/10 at 11:34 AM

you guys are probably right , my problem is im shortish and stocky, my vanson and branded arent so long in the arms tho, i think ill keep it tho! the leather is the best ive seen! cheers

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