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X On Jacket

I noticed what looks to be an "X" handwritten in silver ink on the side panel of my new jacket. Anyone know if that means something?  I'm more curious than anything. It's a "vintaged" jacket, so maybe it's the artist's signature?!


Gail on 12/07/19 at 10:18 AM

We never know the complete history of a vintage jacket, I actually have no idea what the "X" represents. It was possiblity the marking to mark the 2 differences of appearance in the leather from one side to the other. Possibly it was a Second and originally sold at a discounted price. As I send in the beginning I do not have a definate answer for you, just the possibilities of why a "X" was placed on the panel.


Esqindc on 12/07/19 at 12:50 PM

Thanks, Gail. I hope it wasn't a second because I bought it brand new from the Schott website 2 weeks ago!

Gail on 12/09/19 at 03:31 PM

I did nt realize this was a new jackt from the photo you posted it appeared used.You did not say what style it is or you just purchased from our site. It appears then to be a vintage leather style. I am not sure why you did not return the jacket back to us as the "X" was noticeable. I suggest you contact Jerri in our customer service about this new purchase and ask to return for inspection, since it has been 2 weeks.



Esqindc on 12/09/19 at 04:11 PM


I ordered the Per28 model off the website. So it's a vintaged style jacket, but is brand new. I didn't notice the X until after I clipped the tags off (I still have the tags though).  I don't necessarily want to go through the hassle of shipping it back (I don't think you'll accept a jacket that has had the tags removed), nor do I want to pay to have it shipped. Plus, the X doesn't really bother me. I'd be happy to send detailed photos if you'd like so you can confirm whether it's a second or not.  If you think it's a second based on the photos, perhaps some sort of discount would be appropriate?

That being said, I might not order another jacket through the website if there's a chance I'm going to be sent a factory second. 

Gail on 12/11/19 at 11:34 AM

Looking at the "X" it appears it maybe the white chalk we use to mark patterns, if so it can be removed with a little soap and water. IF it is not from a chalk marker then to confirm exactly what it is you would need to send the jacket in, even without the tags for us to inspect, we can not confirm by photos. Since it appears you do not want to send the jacket into us my only other suggestion would be to apply some solid can shoe polish to cover. Just apply very spareingly and rub very small amounts at a time to the area, so it blends into the leather. Rule of thumb you can always add more, rather then have too much that doesn't blend in well. Unless there is a red mark across the main label in the jacket it is not a second that we knew about before it was shipped. PLease understand we need to inspect the jacket before we could compensate you. You can contact Jerri in our customer service and request a call tag for the jacket to be picked up for us to inspect. Provide Jerri with your order number and date of purchase.




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