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Why was white chosen as a color for the lining in the older Schott two piece back models ?  It's so impractial.  I an having my HUGEcollection white lined jackets linings slowly replaced with quilt.  Why didn't they keep the quilt ?

Gail on 08/20/07 at 07:54 AM

I am not sure what jacket you are referring to as a "2 piece" black jacket. Many of our older A/2 jackets had the cream pile body lining which was the official spec for this type of A/2 jacket. As with any jacket leather or cloth it should be periodically cleaned to prevent deterioration of the lining and stitching from dirt and sweat. If the lining is that noticeably dirty, the jacket definately needs to be cleaned. Gail

castillian500 on 08/20/07 at 06:26 PM

castillian500 on 08/20/07 at 06:26 PM

castillian500 on 08/20/07 at 06:45 PM

It's the cream lining Gail.  It used to be brown nylon quilt and was so much  more practial in te older models.  I have had luck cleaning the cream colored lining with my carpet cleaning machine in the jackets that I own that I bought new.  I am a HUGE fan and collecter of these I-S-674-MS leather bomber jackets.  So OK they were original spec.  I was not sure of that.  I am still having it replaced in my collection.   I have 18 left to change over at great expense.  I have also had complete restitching and complete overhauls of 6 jackets so far producing serious works of art.  re dyeing and neets foot oil have also worked wonders. 

You must admit though that the cream colored lining soils very easily and if you don't really keep at cleaning it,  it becomes too far gone and needs expensive replacement.  Going from that quilt to the cream colored lining in the early 1970s wouldnot have been my choice.   

Gail on 08/21/07 at 08:23 AM

We have offered several different styles in the A/2 jackets through the years. Though most of the jackets had the basic design, the styles numbers changed based on different types of lining, leathers and slight variations of the style. The A/2 jackets with the quilt linings were our styles 674 in steerhide and the 174 in the naked cowhide leather. The A/2 with the cream color boot pile lining were the 674SM/steerhide, and the 174SM/ naked cowhide leather.  We also made these style with just a polyester twill lining. As a collector you must realize by changing the linings from the original linings in these jackets the jacket is no longer a original vintage jacket, but a modified version of a jacket. The retail cost of the jacket with the pile lining retailed for more money than the quilt or polyester lined jackets.

The light color lining will show the dirt, but even a dark color lining will get dirty, you are just unable to see the dirt. Even if you cannot see the dirt you do not want to wear a dirty jacket or leave the dirty linings in the jacket to retain a odor or deteriorate from the dirt and sweat. As I mentioned before all leathers need to be cleaned to remove the sweat and dirt. Both color linings light or dark need to be cleaned when dirty. Gail 

castillian500 on 08/21/07 at 11:15 AM

castillian500 on 08/21/07 at 11:40 AM

You have offered several different linings in the I-S-674-M  series of jackets amoung them blinket linings that were way more practial  than that cream colored lining.  The quilted jackets with the fur collier sell for about $ 80 more on Ebay than the ones with cream colored linings but the cream colored lined jackets do come in larger sizes and longs where the older quilted jackets don't.    And thankGod I have found a way to maintain the cream colored linings on my jackets that I bought new but some of the jackets I got on Ebay were / are too far gone and would not take cleaning. I can't wear a white oxford shirt that has dirt on it at all and I feel the same way about my Schott jackets that I love so much.   Believe me very very fuew people are in love with these jackets more than me.  AS for maintaining the original specs who cares?  It's an improvement to change to quilt.  These jackets are far superior to th original A2 jackets. 

danigramm on 08/21/07 at 01:10 PM

is the lining you 're talking about similar to the one you find on the B-3? if so, how do you manage to keep it clean as you say?


castillian500 on 08/22/07 at 08:08 AM

castillian500 on 08/22/07 at 08:30 AM

I have never examined a Schott B-'3.  My sucess in cleaning the cream colored I-S-674-M-S lining( that's synthetic ) has been using " steamex "   ( hot water carpet and upolestry cleaning machine )  pre treating it with the " spotter "  cleaning agent that smells like " LESTOIL "  cleaning fuid.  In really dirty cream colored pile lining it can't come out perfect.  And of coarse it can't repair the wear.  Lining replacement can't be avoided and is worth it IF the leather is good.   I would not spray the spotter chemical on the leather but the actual carpet cleaning chemical that is sold in the grocery stores , properely diluted does not harm the leather.  Wonders work on Schott leather with Ffiebing's Leather Dye and 100 % pure neetsfoot oil.   These products are avaliable from Tandy Leather Factory.   

If the B-3 has natural lining I am sure it will be OK but because I have never worked with one I can't say for sure.


danigramm on 08/22/07 at 10:24 AM

very good thanks, of you get a chance to post a link to your collection of Schott jackets on yahoo I would appreciate it,,, bye

danigramm on 08/22/07 at 10:30 AM

ok don't worry about the link ... a little searching was enough ... i joined and i'm gonna give it a look . bye

castillian500 on 08/22/07 at 10:37 PM

castillian500 on 08/22/07 at 10:42 PM

That gallery in my YAHOO Schott Garment NG is not my collection.  It's far far too big.  There are almost 250 photos there. It's the most diverse photo collection of Schott garments on the Internet.  If I could cut and paste I wouldhave put up a URL.

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