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Waxy Cowhide vs. Naked Cowhide vs. Steerhide

I see a lot of discussion on naked cowhide vs. steerhide on the forum, but I couldn't really find any technical details about waxy cowhide. What distinguishes waxy cowhide from the former two hides?

Is care the same for waxy cowhide or are there any other precautions I should take with my 626? I noticed that after about a month of use the edges of the wrist openings are starting to look a little worn. Will the entire jacket end up looking like this and if so, will it look nicely vintaged or just old?


Gail on 04/30/14 at 07:29 AM

There are numerous ways to tan leather hides to produce different textures and appearances in leather. The waxy cowhide is a finish that is applied to the hide to produce the shiner appearance when new. With wear the finish starts to wear off, creases in the leather become more enhanced this all provides the aged vintaged look to the jacket. In reference to the Naked Cowhide and Steerhide leathers, these are the highest quality of leathers available, both are the same heavier weight and smooth appearance. These leathers are a higher grade with less natural imperfections to the leather, which reflects in the higher price of the leather. Gail

ganon on 04/30/14 at 12:45 PM


So is it correct to say that the waxy cowhide is the same as the naked cowhide only with a different finish applied in the tanning process?

Should I care for my waxy cowhide jacket the same way as the naked cowhide?

Gail on 05/01/14 at 07:18 AM

Both leathers are cowhide, but as I noted the Naked cowhide is a higher grade leather and a heavier weight leather. The naked cowhide has no finish at all an dis just drummed dyed. This means the hides are very clean with the least amount of natural imperfections in the hide such as scarring or tick marks. The Steerhide though it does have a finish is still a higher grade hide and the finish applied does not mute any natural imperfection, it will still have the clean smooth look. The waxy cowhide is a lighter weight leather and this type of finish will blend the appearance of the leather, while providing the shiner appearance and a more vintage look with wear. All of these leathers are very durable and will provide many years of wear. A lot of the choices in a leather jacket depends on the person and their needs. If they are a M/C rider they may want a heavier leather and the bi-swing back for riding, while another person may want a jacket for fashion only. Some jackets are warmer with quilt linings and zip-out linings, while others have light weight linings, so when and where you want to wear the jacket is also part of the descision. In regards to care, a jacket that has a finish provides some protection to the leather. The naked cowhide has no finish so the natural oils of the hide will surface to continually condition the leather, but it also means it can all absorb things. We do not recommend that a person apply anything to a naked jacket as it can change the appearance and feel of the leather. Once you decide what your needs are you can then choose the best jacket for you. Gail

ganon on 05/02/14 at 12:51 PM

Thanks for the info, Gail!

KNH on 01/31/17 at 06:54 PM

Hello Gail, Thank you much for this detailed post.  Is the "waxy leather" on your women's Style 536W and the "natural cowhide" on your women's Style 136W the same as those leathers referenced in the post above?  In other words, do your comments about the quality and finish of the waxy v. natural cowhide apply to your women's styles, too?  How much heavier weight is the natural cowhide than the waxy?  Thanks much for your help!

Gail on 02/01/17 at 08:36 AM

The description for both leathers I posted previously is the same for the women's jacket. The 136W is a heavier weight leather compared to the Light weight leather used in the 536W. I am not sure of the exact weight differences bewteen the leather, the Naked Cowhide would be around 3-3-1/2 oz. and light weight leathers can be around 2-1/2 oz. For exact weight of each leather you can contact our customer to confirm. If you ride the #136 would provide better protection and warmth, for a fashion look you would probably want the 536W.



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