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Waterproof spray on shearling?



I just bought a brand new Schott Shearling jacket (LC9117).

Should I apply some waterproof spray on the outter skin to help fight against rain and stain?

I have some good quality waterproof spray (Saphir Invulner) that I use for my shoes. It is a silicon free formula.

I am scared to alter the color or the soft suede touch of the skin by doing this. I had a bad experience with a pair of suede slippon that became kind of darker and stiff after having applied this treatment.

What is the general recommandation from Schott regarding shearling protection?

Thank you very much.


Gail on 11/05/18 at 07:56 AM

NEVER, NEVER apply a water repellent to a leather jacket as it seals the leather. Repellent causes the pores to be sealed, causing the leather's natural oils in the hide to dry out, causing the leather to dry rot in time. Shoes are one thing as they last a few years, but you want you jacket to last many, many more years. Especially do not apply anything to a sueded type of leather, as what happen to your shoes will happen again in discoloring and the stiffness of the hide.


Remy on 11/05/18 at 08:54 AM

Thank you very much Gail for your answer.

All the websites I found on Google talking about "shearling care" recommand to apply some. Even some shearling manufacturer specialist suggest to do so. For instance:

Of course they all specify to use a silicon-free formula to avoid sealing the skin pores.

This is the reason I was wondering what position Schott would have regarding this.

Gail on 11/06/18 at 06:58 AM

Our advice and position is no repellent of any type on any type of leather. As you have learned firts hand the possibilities of what can happen based on your shoes. I am not actuall familiar with the jacket you purchased as this is a European style that we do not make or offer in the US. But we have offered sueded sheepskin in the past and I know the type of leather well, since the leather is sueded there is no finish applied to the hide. We always advice never to get any leather saturated in the rain as it can make theleather stiff when it dries out. Normal rain and snow will not hurt the jacket, just be sure it air dries full before storing and never cover in plastic, as leather needs to breath.


Remy on 11/06/18 at 08:27 AM

Thank you very much for this clear Schott position regarding my request.

I don't plan to use this jacket under rainy weather, I have dedicated outfits for this purpose. Therefore this shearling will only get wet with non-predicable rain. Based on your statement I should be fine.

I will follow your advice and let the leather as it is without applying any kind of repellent treatment.

Thanks again for having took the time to answer, I can now fully enjoy my purchase :)

Remy on 11/07/18 at 10:01 AM

The same day I was posting this question on this forum, I was also sending an email to Schott FR using the contact form on

I just got their answer that I translate word for word here:


We recommend to apply a repellent spray on your jacket. This won't alter your leather in any way and it will protect it efficiently.

Kind regards,

The Schott webstore.

Funny how I can get different answers from different persons working for the same brand.

Gail on 11/07/18 at 01:13 PM

Based on the website address for this Schott store, this site is based in France. Based on the style number of your jacket this is a shearling jacket that is a European style and not made or offered in the US. I am not sure why they answered you with that reply, I have worked for Schott for over 35 years and in our factory there is "no way" we recommend a repellent product applied to any leather. Being a purchasing agent for over 30 years I have purchase about every type of leather there is, so I am aware of most.  I can only say the person who is replying is not knowledgeable in caring or experienced in leather. Our international distributors do offer styles that they feel will sell well in their country and have these styles made to offer with our approval of the styles and materials. Someone working on a web store website may be helping customers with sizing, availability colors etc. and is not familiar with the actual types of leathers and the do's & don'ts  about leathers.


Remy on 11/07/18 at 03:44 PM

Thank you Gail for your honnesty. I have to admit I have much more faith in your assesment based on your experience in the industry. This is a just a shame that people from Schott France, who are supposed to represent the US brand here in my country, are not as experienced as the people from the parent company.

Thank you again.

Remy on 11/07/18 at 03:47 PM

And here is a picture of the jacket worn by myself just to bring some pictures to this topic :)

Schott LC9117 - Size Small

Gail on 11/08/18 at 08:12 AM

Love the style of the jacket and it looks great on you. This will be the warmest jacket you own, you can not beat a sheepskin for warmth. Thanks for the photo.


Remy on 11/08/18 at 08:47 AM

Thank you Gail! I wanted a jacket like this for years but never found the right style for me until now.

BTW, there is an issue with the mail notification that is automatically sent when someone post a new message on a topic.

For instance, in the mail I received to notify me that you posted a new message on my topic, this is the link given to open the page:

But when you click on it you arrive on a 404 error "page not found" because the ".htm" is missing at the end of the url.

The correct link should be:

My 2 cents for the webmaster ;)



Gail on 11/09/18 at 07:11 AM

Thank you, for letting us know.


Remy on 11/12/18 at 04:38 AM

I take the opportunity to have you here Gail to ask a last question.

When I bought my jacket I was hesitating between two sizes (small and medium). The medium was a bit roomy and the small a bit tight. I finaly purchased the small (the one on the picture is a small) telling myself that it will stretch a bit to become perfectly comfortable like I would do with a classic perfecto.

Does sheepskin leather stretch with wear?

Gail on 11/12/18 at 09:20 AM

The jacket's sheepskin appears to be pretty substantial in weight, so I would say it will break-in but I really do not believe it will stretch. We did not make this jacket in our US factory so I have really not seen the sheepskin in the jacket.


Remy on 11/12/18 at 09:50 AM

Thank you Gail.

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