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Want to buy 109v or other perfecto vest small or medium

please let me know if you have or have seen for sale!




best regards

Zackg on 04/12/20 at 09:19 PM

Zagor wrote:

hi I have a new 109v S

20 years old never used but well preserved if you are interested I can send you photos.

Hi Zagor, thanks so much for the reply.


i would be very interested. would you kindly inform me first if you are located in the US ball park how much you are looking to sell for? i would hate to waste your time sending photos/measurements just to find out shipping and other logistics arent suitable during these crazy times.


thanks again, feel free to email me or contact me through my profile


warmest regards 

Zackg on 04/13/20 at 03:33 AM

Zagor wrote:
Hi Zackg,
I'm sorry I don't live in USA, I don't have this luck ...!  I live in Germany.
The 109v was ordered in Schott Italia,
here we have no logistic limitations i can ship to you.
The 109v size S Perfecto still with labels from the 85 90s still has the scent of schott leather 
I would sell it because I want to give it a chance to run in the wind....
wärmste Grüße

thank you for the reply.


may i ask how much you are looking to sell for? i usually dont like to buy outside of US, especially with what is happening with the virus right now, but i would be happy to consider it.


thank you again!

Zackg on 04/13/20 at 05:03 AM

Zagor wrote:

ja you're right this virus ... better keep it separate hopefully it will be destroyed!  (I just ordered an Easy Rider from the official Schott Store ...! I hope without virus??) Anyway I did a search for you on ebay USA about the 109v try to contact him if you want see attached photo

schott is the best, whatever you buy from them will be clean and packed nicely! 


thank you for checking ebay for me, i saw that one but it has writing on the back that i dont like :/


if you were to sell your schott 109v, how much would you sell for before shipping?


thank you Zagor

Zackg on 04/13/20 at 04:40 PM

Zagor wrote:

my 109V is clean, never worn, believe me, it has been dust free for more than 20 years ... well I know there are separate taxes and shipping but I will help you ... my price is $ 280 without refund ask me  any info before buying it my latest piece i think i'm honest

Thank you very much for those pictures, it looks great. i was hoping to not go over 250$ but if you can tell me how much taxes and shipping are we can hopefully work it out. I am located in Los Angeles, California.


also, can you get me the measurements of the chest from armpit to armpit and the length of the vest from back of neck to bottom?


thank you for your time my friend

Zackg on 04/13/20 at 06:48 PM

Zagor wrote:

I can only estimate the shipping cost, not the taxes and duties since every country charges a different amount

ok i will research the fees, but please let me know the measurements i asked for.


and any estimate you have please let me know



Zackg on 04/14/20 at 03:39 PM

Zagor wrote:

ok bro these are approximate measurements in meters I tried to be precise

Great, thank you for the measurements. i want to buy it if we can figure out an estimate that doesnt go to high over me budget, i am ready to purchase if we can.


thank you!

Zackg on 04/18/20 at 12:50 PM

Zagor wrote:

ZACKG write: schott is the best, whatever you buy from them will be clean and packed nicely! 


Sure I agree with you about the quality of Schott NYC products, but certainly the one sent to me is not a nice package!

you should definitley tell them if they did a bad job with the package, maybe they can make it right somehow.


other than that how do you like your new jacket? 


Ive never had a easy rider style jacket, all of my schotts are perfecto style (613, per22 etc.)it is my uniform.


best regards

Darkside7 on 04/18/20 at 05:29 PM

What's wrong with the package?  Looks normal to me.  Just curious.

Zagor on 04/19/20 at 03:47 AM

nothing more than a simple original packaging with the house logo (the jacket is for a gift) 

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