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For Sale - Vintage Schott (Beck Northeaster) Early Black Horsehide Motorcycle Jacket

Up for sale is a killer vintage Beck 1928 to 1941? Model 333 Black Horsehide motorcycle jacket.  (please see SCHOTT forum "1928 Model" from 03/2006 for details on this jacket) . This jacket has black lining, the leather pull on D-pocket has a stud, diamond, stud, dating it very early. Irving Schott made these jackets for beck in 1928 in very limited numbers, and was supposedly the first motorcycle jackets ever made.

This one managed to survive. Condition is excellent for an 80+ year old jacket.

Original zippers on sleeve and D-pocket. Main zipper replaced at some point but looks good (black replacement). Buckle still intact. Lining all there. Chinstrap still under collar.  There is some spots of wear on sleeve and back. 

Size is marked a 42 on the little snap pocket inside the D-pocket.

Very rare indeed 

Jacket lying flat measures

pit to pit 20"

shoulder to shoulder 18"

shoulder seam to end cuff 23.5"

collar seam to bottom hem 24"

Sold as is so PLEASE view all photos.  Accepting best offer over $3,000.00. Please email with offers or any other questions.


jacket29.JPG dpocket__jacket.jpg close_up_of_zipper__jacket.jpg label_in_dpocket_showing_size_42.jpg zipper_on_arm__jacket.jpg label11.JPG back__jacket.jpg

richgreene on 04/05/14 at 06:56 PM

Good Luck with this---20" across ?  Your looking for a guy that wears a 34-36.  Or a VERY rich kid.

Cool Though---Not knocking it, Nice find

awsomegal on 04/05/14 at 08:23 PM

Thanks Rich - Bought this at a vintage second store in 1980.  Both husbands have worn this jacket no problem.  My first husband was 5'10 and 180/190 lbs.  Second husband is 6 feet and 163 pounds.. so guess it depends how big your chest is.  It is interesting the size is 42 on the inside D pocket (shown in picture).  Guess a size 42 in the late 20s early 30s is different from todays sizing.  Yes it is very cool and rare.

richgreene on 04/05/14 at 09:03 PM

Yeah the sizing really sucks on these antiques---I had a size 54 original Horse  Buco and by newer sizing it was good for someone needing a 46-48. A collector in Japan scarfed it up----Sold it on ebay.

awsomegal on 05/20/14 at 07:05 PM

Thank you everyone for your interest.  I successfully sold this jacket on Thursday May 15, 2014 on ebay for $2800.00. 

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