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Vintage 1970s Perfecto size 36 for sale

Hi, I bought this vintage Perfecto for a friend but it doesn't fit him well. It's a size 36, and would fit a small guy with broad shoulders and a narrow waist. Gail has dated it from the 1970s based on the label. TALON zippers, no belt (somewhere along the line someone cut the belt off), indents from where there were stars on the epaulets (does this mean it's a One Star?). The label could use a few stitches, and the hang strap is broken, but otherwise it's in good condition. The leather is in great shape and the lining is intact. If it were smaller in the shoulders I might even wear it myself. 

I can bring this to the SF Schott NYC store to have stars put back on the shoulders if that's desired. They do a great job and let you hand pick the stars. So fun! 

Thinking of $250ish, and also open to trades. 

IMG_22101.jpg IMG_22041.jpg IMG_22122.jpg IMG_22051.jpg IMG_22062.jpg IMG_22071.jpg IMG_22171.jpg IMG_22161.jpg IMG_22142.jpg IMG_22081.jpg

winterland on 12/03/19 at 11:03 PM

Does this have a model tag inside?

spedry on 12/04/19 at 08:49 AM

Hi the Bull SCHOTT BROS main label is from the early to late '70s so the jacket is too old for the style number tag. 

Congratulations to the model ;-)

Lundincalling on 12/04/19 at 12:24 PM

Hi, thanks for your question. The photos show the small white tag inside the coin pocket. It doesn't have a model number, it says LOT (blank), then Size 36. 

Gail on 12/05/19 at 08:59 AM

Older vintage jacket pocket tickets did not have style numbers they were added much later and then in 1993 the barcodes were added.


Lundincalling on 12/05/19 at 03:35 PM

Thank you so much for your response Gail. I love these message boards. Is it possible to roughly date this particular jacket, given that the belt and buckle are missing? It has TALON zippers, the label has the bull, and the inner pocket tag only has the size and "LOT". It feels early 80s to me but I'm just guessing. I would keep it for myself but the shoulders are so broad. Too bad because the waist is small and fits me well. xxoo

Gail on 12/06/19 at 05:08 AM

This jacket was produced in the 70's. The main Perfecto label w/Bull and the wording "Schott Bros" was used in our Perfecto jacket from the early to the late 70's.


Lundincalling on 12/06/19 at 01:29 PM

Thank you so much, Gail! I really appreciate it. Wow, this jacket is older than I thought. I didn't notice the "Schott Bros" on the label (vs Schott NYC). Very cool! It's in wonderful shape for such a vintage piece. 

winterland on 12/06/19 at 10:43 PM

Could you list the actual measurements?
I see you have pics of the tape measure but it can behard to read from that. 
I am possibly interested I just want to make sure it isn't too small.
Pit to pit
Shoulder to shoulder
Shoulder to cuff
Front top of zipper to bottom
Back bottom of collar to bottom hem
What from of payment would you take?
Here is my email

Best Todd

Lundincalling on 12/06/19 at 11:46 PM

Hi Todd. Thanks for your interest. Here are the measurements:

Pit to pit: on the back of the jacket, 20"
Shoulder to shoulder: 18" measured on the back of the jacket from where the epaulets are attached, straight across
Shoulder to cuff: 23.5"
Front top of zipper to bottom: 21"
Back bottom of collar to bottom hem: just under 24"
Waist: 17.5" measured on the back from side to side

I can take Venmo or Paypal. I haven't done a transaction here before but I'm sure we can figure it out. I will email you. 


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