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Vintage manufacturing of the perfecto



i recently bought a vintage 613, however the tag in the coin pocket has dissapeared so I have no way of dating the jacket. The company I bought it from said it was made in the 70s, but I wouldn’t know how to date it. On top of this there’s also no made in USA tag, but one that tells me how to get it cleaned. I was wondering if anyone could help me figure it out whether the jacket was put together in the US. For reference, the label says Schott N.Y.C instead of Schott bros, just in case that helps! 

Gail on 08/03/19 at 07:13 AM

I am going to need more information from you and photos would be very helpful. We have made many variations of the classic motorcycle jacket. Just based on what you have posted I cannot even confirm if the jacket you have is a 613 or another style number. Starting with the main label in the jacket is it a Perfecto or a Schott label? If Perfecto does it have a Bull in the corner or a Motrorcycle rider? Perfecto labels with Schott NYC would be from the 80's, with the Bull early-mid 80's, M/C rider mid-80's to present. If a Schott label is it black or cream in color?

To narrow down the time the jacket was produced, please post some photos. Include photo of jacket, the main label, and the names on the front & sleeve zippers. Is there a care label in the jacket? Is there a name or marking on the back of the buckle?

About all I can confirm at this point is that if the label has NYC and not Bros on it the jacket is not from the 70's.


Spike123 on 08/03/19 at 04:59 PM

I only have one picture of the jacket at the moment as I am away, but it is of the label so I can show you that. All I’m really curious of was whether it was USA made or one of the ones made over seas. Thankyou for your help though!


Spike123 on 08/03/19 at 05:19 PM

Just realised I also have this photo 


Ricardbacker on 08/05/19 at 03:53 AM

I think it's a 618 or 118 but not a 613.

Spike123 on 08/05/19 at 04:39 AM

Really? I don’t know the difference between the models back then, all I know is that the 613 always had the stars. Someone told me that the only difference was the type of leather they were made from (which I also don’t know)

RotationSensation on 08/05/19 at 07:31 AM

i think it is a 613, send more pictures if possible

It is from early 80's, not 70's



613/618 : steerhide

118 : cowhide

Gail on 08/05/19 at 08:19 AM

This Perfecto label with the Bull and the wording Schott NYC was used in our jackets from the early 80's - mid-80's. The jacket si not from the 70's. Because of the time this jacket was produced it is hard to determine if the jacket is actually a Steerhide 613/618 or the Naked Cowhide version 118. In the early 80's the collar snaps were added to the styles 618/118, but not the 613. At one point in the early 80's none of these styles had collar snap, but were added around that time to the 618/118. In addition in the early 80's all the jackets had stars on the epaulets. They were discontinued around the mid-80's when retailers complained the stars were being removed, having to send the jackets back to Schott to be replaced. If you purchase the jacket hopefully the pocket ticket can provide more information on the exact style number.


Spike123 on 08/05/19 at 09:44 AM

Alright that’s great, pretty much everything I wanted to know! Thanks everyone.

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