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Vintage Schott condition



I bought a vintage schott and I'm not sure about its state especially since I'm not that familiar with leather. It seems to be very creased and on the verge of cracking. Moreover, the leather feels dry in most places compared to the inside or the collar area which seems in better condition. 


My questions would be:

- Should I return it? I don't necessarily mind the look of it, I'm just afraid it's damaged.

- If not, how sould I condition it so it lasts for longer?



lgpu33 on 05/16/19 at 06:21 PM

Also, could I get a confirmation this is indeed a 118? There's no coin pocket tag, I have YKK on the main zipper, schott on the snaps, a "Z" style pattern on the cuff zippers and the main tag says Perfecto by Schott NYC without any trademark sign. Is there any way to tell if I'm dealing with a 618 or a 118

Gail on 05/17/19 at 08:53 AM

I cannot confirm the type of leather from photos, plus the pocket ticket is missing from the snap coin pocket which could confirm the style number. On a used jacket you never know the history of the jacket on how previous owner or owners have maintained the jacket. Not conditioning the leather, storing in a hot area, covering the jacket with plastic and applying products especially a water repellent product can cause the leather to dry out. If you decide to keep the jacket I would recommend you have the jacket professionally cleaned and conditioned, this removes all the dirt and sweat from linings and conditions the leather. If the jacket has had a sealant applied from a previous owner then the pores are sealed and conditioners cannot be absorbed to condition the leather. If you got a bargain price, but do not want the cost of professionally cleaning & conditioning, then I suggest the Otter Wax products we sell on our website under Accessories. The kit contains Saddle Soap which can lightly clean the leather, the Salve can restore, soften & repair cracking if a sealant has not been applied. The oil will condition and revive the finish.


lgpu33 on 05/17/19 at 10:15 AM

Thank you Gail!

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