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Users Tell me about the 585

For those who own the 585, please tell me about it. Specifics please about weight, color, fit, and other things that might be of interest before buying in. Thanks.

bluesandbooze on 12/27/07 at 07:36 AM

Colour has an oxblood tint to it, which isn't very well portrayed on the website, and looks good but different to how it's shown, initially disappointed by colour but grown to like it. Size wise I took a XXL which is a good fit for a true chest size, with T on, of 49-50". Weight wise I find it lighter than my 118 and am of the opinion the leather is thinner than the 118 and drier/less supple. The jacket definitely doesn't like the rain and is best for spring and early morning/late evening summer rides, not winter with it's minimal insulation. Good selection of pockets but don't like the leather pulls on the zippers 'cos they easily come loose. Crunch question, would I change it? No! Because it fills a gap between my Brown141 and Black118.

Snap on 12/27/07 at 02:10 PM

How about your thoughts on the brown 141.
Is it as dark as the pictures on Schott show?

bluesandbooze on 12/27/07 at 03:50 PM

The 141 in brown is a very cool colour very much like chocolate, the website does not do the colour justice, being much richer, and it is a very comfortable jacket to ride in with the zip out liner a big plus. Give it a kidney pad and it'd be a perfect biker!

Snap on 12/27/07 at 05:02 PM

So the 141 has an insulated liner?

bluesandbooze on 12/28/07 at 08:07 AM

Yes, it has a zip in/out faux fur liner.

TriumphRydr on 01/08/08 at 11:03 AM

Snap, Hands down, this is the finest leather jacket I know of. It is pure quality. Also, it is a unique style. You will not see many of it's kind out there (strong pull for me). It is a great value as well!!! Additionally, I ride a motorcycle and this jacket is comfortable in both hot and cold weather. When on the road, it is an extension of me. I do not use a windscreen, so air flows nicely around and through it. I can go on . . . Take care, Rook

Snap on 01/08/08 at 03:36 PM

From your picture it looks like it will go with my Thunberbird and vintage Bonneville, both same colors as yours.

TriumphRydr on 01/09/08 at 09:50 AM

Snap, Thanks!! My Bonneville is a 1972. The restore has just been completed and took last year to get the "bugs" out of it. That '69 Bonnie belongs to a friend but a great picture nonetheless. I'd like to ride with you if your in Michigan (just don't wear the 585. I want to get some of the "chicks") Take care my man. I hope you picked up the 585. It's a great accessory with a vintage Triumph Motorcycle ;)

Snap on 01/09/08 at 11:46 AM

Bought my '76 new (Still own it), but even then it'd be a tough ride to Michigan from New England.
Thanks for the input.

TriumphRydr on 01/09/08 at 12:03 PM

I have always liked that year. If you ever decide to unload the '76 Bonneville please let me know. ;) Ride safe, my Brother! Take care

tim on 01/09/08 at 02:56 PM


Where in New England do you park yourself? I live in Central NH near Concord... I poke around on an 82 G'wing Interstate...a boat, yes, but it was way cheap, too cheap to pass up about 13 years ago. I've grown rather attached to the ol' girl over the years. A "chick magnet" it's not, but then again, neither am I any longer :-)   (I'm over 50 and not rich)

Snap on 01/09/08 at 03:28 PM

In central CT; British Iron gatherings are interesting.

tim on 01/09/08 at 04:50 PM

I've never been to one here on the east coast but a friend of mine had several BSA's when I lived out in San Diego in the 70's and we use to tool all over the place on those things...only went to a few "meets" but they were interesting indeed.

bluesandbooze on 01/11/08 at 08:17 PM

Check out the Norton if you want some British Iron with muscle. I've always favoured Commando's having my first in London during the 70's, great for the chicks then. Had a Triumph as a kid in the days of no hardhats and fewer cars.

Snap on 01/11/08 at 09:33 PM

Nortons of the day were kinda like Harleys.
They may have been quick but not dependable enough for me.
The Triumph that I've owned since 76 has only needed oil, spark plugs, brake pads and batteries. Starts on the 2nd kick after winter rest every year.

The bad thing about all the old hot rod bikes though is the fuel requirements. The Bonneville has demanded 96 octane from day one.

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