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Union Garage, Brooklyn, NY

MAJOR SHOUT OUT to Union Garage on Union Street in Brooklyn. 

If there is finer dealer of Schotts in this country, please tell me about it.

If you are in NYC looking for a Schott, you need to make a visit to see Chris at Union Garage.  His knowledge about jackets, and generosity with his time, was impressive.  I purchased a 689H from him after he spent about 45 minutes explaining almost each jacket in the inventory.  Chris was determined to educate me, so I really felt I made the most informed decision before investing on a jacket. 

I assure you that I have no affiliation with this dealer.  And yes, the buying experience was THAT amazing at Union Garage.

UnionGarageNYC on 03/08/13 at 05:54 PM

Thanks for the Shout Out SRAHMAN! High praise, we'll try to keep the bar high :) Some shameless self promotion for any area Schott fans, or any motorcycle fans that might be visiting NYC. We keep the entire Schott motorcycle line in stock and are going into our first full season after we (just) opened up for business last fall. We're spitting distance from Manhattan and on the same block as three existing motorcycle shops. Moto Borgotaro which we are affiliated with ( specializes in vintage European repair and restoration. So we like to think it's worth the trip to the neighborhood just to check out some of the incredible vintage BMWs, Moto Guzzis and Ducatis that roll through the shop constantly. Also on the same block are Moto Pistole (modern Ducatis) and Scooter Bottega (modern and vintage scooter service and restoration). But besides a rotating display bike we are a fully dedicated gear shop. Not a lot of fluff, just a carefully curated mix of quality motorcycle gear. A lot of what we carry comes equipped with armor and technical fabrics/features, but we have a healthy stock of traditional motorcycle gear too -- U.S. made deerskin gloves, Bell Custom 500 3/4 open-face helmets, Halcyon RAF goggles, etc, and some classic motorcycle boots. Schott anchors our leather jacket rack. We've got the 689H, 141, 641, 618, CAF1 and 141W represented. Schott is one of our three leather brands and we are happy to have these beautiful jackets on the rack. My own first motorcycle jacket was/is a brown 141 picked up second hand (before I owned a gear shop!) that was 10-plus years old then and has got to be 25+ years old now. Still going strong! Our full website is coming soon and I'll post back here when we finally launch. Until then check us out if ever in the area. Walk in and mention the Schott forum and walk out with a free shop t-shirt. -Chris Union Garage 103 Union St Brooklyn NY

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