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Treating naked cowhide with Pecard

I recently acquired a Schott 165. Very nice jacket. The leather is just heavenly. 
I've read that Pecard leather dressing highly recommended for any Schott leather jacket. For piece of mind, would it be recommended apply Pecard in a new naked leather jacket to protect against the rain along with drying a wet jacket away from direct heat?

wolverine on 12/24/19 at 03:28 PM

Answer is here...

Recyclops on 12/24/19 at 03:56 PM

I'm sorry. Maybe I'm missing it, but I'm not seeing where the information is stated regarding rain protection in the post. 

Bahabp100 on 12/24/19 at 04:38 PM

"This specially formulated blend includes USP Grade Petroleum products."

I believe that Gail has said countless times not to use petroleum or waterproofing products on Schott Leather.

"Never use a water repellent"

Gail on 12/26/19 at 10:45 AM

Your jacket is brand new and does not need any conditioning at this time and you most definately do not apply a water repellent product to any jacket. Water replellent products seal the leather, when pores are closed on the hide it can not breathe and will cause dry rot. Once the leather is sealed by a water repellent any conditioner you would want to apply later can not be absorbed and the natural oils in hide will dry up. Finishes applied at tanning of the hide will not seal a hide, but allow the leather to breathe and some protection from rain. Naked leather is exactly what it is "Naked" there is no finish at all which allows the natural oils to surface through time conditioning the jacket through the years. AS your jacket gets older and depending on how you care for your jacket will determine on when you need to condition it. Rain will not hurt the leather, but with any leather always wipe excess wetness off the jacket and allow to air dry before storing. Never cover your jacket with plastic when storing. Any leather with or without a finish that gets soaked will possibly dry stiff depending on how wet it gets, Think of a pair of leather gloves when they get wet and when they dry they are stiff. Please remember leather can get wet, but constant wearing of the jacket in rain means it will need to be conditioned more, it is not a raincoat. Like any item you purchase, it needs to be cared for properly, so it gives you the longest use of the product. Our jackets whether Naked leather, Steerhide or any other leathers are made to provide the longest wear if taken care of. There are many post on this forum of jackets well over 40 years old that are still in good condition and still beng worn. Enjoy your new jacket, it is meant to be worn and enjoyed, it can take the wear, tear and rain for years if you take care of it.


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