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Tracking down the ideal jacket

Hey, I was hoping you could help me out.  I am trying to find a Schott jacket  (Perfecto styling or similar) with most of the features below, roughly in order of descending importance. =)


1) black finished steerhide

2) extended sleeve length (for motorcycle riding)

3) side laces

4) bi-swing back

5) belt (front or full)

6) hips higher than front/back

7) zippered sleeves & pockets

8) underarm gussets/footballs

9) snaps on all four lapels

10) one star on each snap epaulette


Could you tell me which jacket out of the current line meets most of those criteria (it is a little hard to tell from the pictures), and also which vintage jacket meets the most of them?


Sorry for the tough question, and thanks a ton!


Gail on 11/22/05 at 04:02 PM

Dear Nelson,

In the Perfecto line we currently have the 618 our classic motorcycle and the 613 as the 618 with the 1 star on the lapel. On our website:  under each of these jackets will be the description of the jacket with all it features such as kidney back extension, underarm footballs etc. In our Naked leather Perfecto jaclets the 125 comes the closest to all your requirements in options on a jacket, and a belt of your choice can be added. In reference to vintage jackets we have made numerous motorcycle jackets since 1928 all with different options and styling, I really would be unable to update you on all the styles and their styling. The 618 & 613 are the same styling since 1952. Gail

asmodon on 12/22/05 at 12:01 AM

I did finally notice a jacket on eBay with most of the features I want.  Unfortunately, it is the wrong size.  I emailed the seller and they said the tag in the pocket has the following number:


2197 009 125 40


Could you tell me what style of jacket this is?  Thanks! 

Gail on 12/28/05 at 01:36 PM

This is our style # 125 in the Naked leather Cowhide, it is not a Steerhide jacket as was your first requirement in a jacket. Your other option would be our style 651 which you can view on our website which is in the Steerhide leather and also has most of your requirements in a jacket. Gail

asmodon on 12/28/05 at 10:23 PM

Thank you very much!

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