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How to Waterproof a Naked Leather Jacket

Hi ! (and excuse me for my poor English) First I want to thank Gail again. I received my style #140 today ! About a little week to come in France, and I’m sure that the trip should have certainly took less time (and been really less expensive) without the French customs… I love this jacket, an incredible leather quality, a very good fit, it makes you feel like wearing an armor ! I'm completely satisfied. To conclude, I got a little question about care, I read we must not put anything on naked leather, but is it really not necessary to waterproofing the jacket ? maybe some spray could protect from water and keep the leather breathable at the same time ? I know that waterproofing leather is a usual problem but if anyone have an idea or experience to share… Thank you all.

Gail on 03/02/05 at 02:59 PM

Dear Al, We strongly advise not to put any waterproofing product on your naked leather jacket. Naked leather is drummed dyed with no finish, any product applied to the leather will be absorbed through the pores of the skin. This could cause discoloration, spotting and shading of the leather. Since this leather does not have a finish the naturals oils of the leather can surface conditioning the leather. As with any leather item you should not intentionally wear it in the rain or snow. If you should get caught in the rain, hang the jacket and let it air dry. If the leather becomes totally soaked it may stiffen the leather when dry. If this happens we would only recommend a saddle soap or mink oil be applied to condition and soften the leather. If you should use these products we highly recommend you test the product on a none visible area. Gail

al on 03/03/05 at 02:02 PM

dear Gail, I take good note of these informations. So I'll just be careful about the weather report and keep my umbrella to hand. I preferred ask the waterproofing question to be sure because someone told me about the use of Acrylic copolymer spray... Thank you again.

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