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Tear in leather

Just bought my 613sh and as I was stretching I heard a tear on the back.  I checked it out and the leather ripped.  Never have had this happen before.  Is this common?  I thought leather stretches and why did this happen?  #horeshide 


Gail on 03/05/19 at 07:25 AM

Not sure what part of the jacket this is, but it appears the stitching ripped the leather. I am thinking the jacket was just too tight on you causing the stitching to rip open. Leather breaks-in but it does not stretch out if the jacket is too small. Without knowing all the specifics I can not give you a honest answer as to why, but based on what you stated about stretching it appears the jacket was too tight. Not sure what size the jacket is or your measurements are, but I know that this is a slim fitting jacket and many customers buyer smaller size jackets because they want that super tight fit. If you feel the jacket was not too small and that this was not caused by being too tight and trying to stretch it out, then you can have the jacket inspected by Schott. If you purchased from a retailer then have the retailer return the jacket to us, if you purchased the jacket from our website then contact our customer service.


Customer service:

Mh54480 on 03/05/19 at 08:57 AM

Thanks Gail, my measurments are 42 inch chest/ 183lbs/ 5-10.  I like to super tight fit and look so I ordered based on my chest size.  Which was a 42.  I love the jacket and have worn it daily since I bought it.  Which has been a month.  I wouldn't mind if I had to exchange it out for a larger size so this problem wouldn't happen.  I'll see what customer service says about it and let you know.  Thanks   

Gail on 03/06/19 at 09:50 AM

Since you have contacted customer service, they will review your inquiry. Personally it appears the jacket was too small and you were trying to stretch it out rather then returning for a larger size. Since the jacket is now damaged because it was too small to begin with causing the seam to tear I do not think they will be able to exchange it for you. 


Mh54480 on 03/06/19 at 10:47 AM

Thank you Gail for your honesty.  With all due respect I was not trying to stretch it out or do any home remedies.  I just ordered the scout shirt too.  The fit was perfect.  I called customer service and spoke to someone and all she could tell me was stop doing home remedies and stretching out our jackets.  Okay I understand but I promise this jacket I wasn't intentionally doing that!     

Mh54480 on 03/06/19 at 11:01 AM

If you guys can't do anything about it fine.  I guess I would learn from this and realize that I shouldn't order motorcycle perfecto jackets from you guys in slim fit and order standard fit instead.         

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